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  1. Rayman 2 is one of the best games I’ve ever played and will ever play so I’m sad it’ll never get the follow up it deserves. RIP

    1. Soniman


      Rayman 3 literally came out tight after though 🤔

    2. Jango


      Which of the 10 versions you played?

    3. TheOcelot


      I played Rayman Revolution (PS2), which I understand is best version.

      I like Rayman 2 but 3 is better.

    4. Jango


      During my childhood I only played the PS1 version which I heard is the second worst (the N64 being the worst of all). Since I didn't knew any better, I loved that game neverthless. It was when my friend from middle school told me he also had Rayman 2 and, at the time, I didn't understood why his version of the game had all those unique levels, power-ups and even a cooler world map. It was because he owned the DC version, which was way better, almost like a definitive edition.

    5. azoo


      @TheOcelot Rayman Revolution is not the best version of Rayman 2 at all (the added hub and reworked pacing is just.. bad), it’s very much the N64/PC or Dreamcast version that’s the best. And 3 is not REMOTELY the better game. lmao 

      Unless we’re speaking specifically gameplay (which WAS a step up, Rayman controls great in 3). The tone and presentation of 3 is way off, feels like an attempt to pastiche the Shrek vibe of “edgy / self aware fairy tale parody” vibe that was present in the early 00s, weird celebrity VA for globox and all. Plus the game only sees the return of less than half of the 2 cast; with the only ones remaining being ones they could make annoying and smarmy like they did.. a lot of 2’s charm to me was the genuineness of the characters,the mystery of that world and the ever rising stakes at hand, so for the immediate sequel to make a kinda mean spirited parody of it all feels kinda bad man. 

      Also the level design takes a backseat to the combat pretty hard. A lot of 2’s shining moments come down to the platforming as well as its atmosphere. In 3 they kinda replaced half of the platforming with enemy hordes, and the atmosphere is kinda spoiled by characters dropping one liners everywhere. I wouldn’t have minded either the combat or one liners nearly as much if they didn’t actively omit those platforming or quiet atmospheric moments tho. 

      @Soniman I don’t hate Rayman 3 (I think it’s one of the better platformers of that era and it’s still pretty good) but I think a lot of my desire for Rayman 4 comes from the hole in my heart left unfilled by 3 lmao 

      @Jango N64 version is identical to the Dreamcast version but with lower quality music and textures.. and a couple less mini games. It’s the same as the original PC release bar the music basically.

    6. Jango


      Really!? Well damn, I though the N64 version was a port of the PS1 instead. I guess the PS1 version indeed was the worst of all hahaha I still had a blast tho'. I'll never forget that final boss or the Cave of Bad Dreams.

    7. azoo


      I still like the ps1 version too. It’s lacking in a lot of ways (the added VAs are uhh not worth the disc space they used up lol) but it’s still largely the same game, and the team that (Ubisoft Shanghai) made it added quite a few nice things despite it all. There are a few Rayman 1 enemies and concepts that make a return in it that I found cool, and the added bonus 2D beta of the game being unlockable was dope. Also Ly being your guide instead of Murfy just made more sense lol.

    8. Soniman


      I'm kinda bitter because I only played Rayman 2 ps1 and do hearing they removed damn near half the levels blew my mind because now I feel like it's almost a Unwiished situation where I didn't get to experience the real version of the game. This is only in hindsight of course because I didn't know that when I played it as a kid and had a blast 

    9. Jango


      I completely forgot Murphy wasn't in the PS1 version AT ALL. When I first played Rayman 3 I was like "Dafuq is this guy?".

      Also, I liked Rayman 3 a lot aswell. Still waiting for Ray4. It actually was going to happen, but they cancelled it in favor of Raving Rabbits (F).

    10. azoo


      Murfys kinda pointless honestly lol, and at this point thanks to his condescending tone in 3 and annoying missions in Legends I wouldn’t mind not seeing him in a future title. Give me Ly any day over him LOL 

      also @Soniman I highly recommend emulating the N64 or DC version someday. One of the few games I’ll give a perfect 10 

    11. Jango


      I goooootta do this too. My only time playing the DC version of Ray2 was at this friend's house and we barely played 2 levels because he wanted to play something else instead lol. All I remember was the world map which was identical to Crash 1 and a golden glove power-up which didn't existed in the PS1 version. I was like "bro, I've never seen this!". It was at this moment that little Jango learned about console differences.

    12. azoo


      DC versions map is interesting.. I kinda like the Hall of Doors map from all the other versions more tbh, but the island is neat too. 

      Also again I don’t dislike 3 at all, it’s a game I still enjoy and I grew  up with. It just pales in comparison to 2 in all ways but controls and maaaybe art direction (tho in that regard they’re very similar). 

      A Rayman 4 would need to top/match 2 or at least be closer to it / better than 3 to be worth it so I’m kinda glad in hindsight raving rabbids didn’t end up that game. Feel like a wiimote waggle combat game like they intended woulda been the series black sheep much like the game itself ended up being lol 

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