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  1. i miss the good old days of 2008 when you could just hack into sega's ftp server and steal all their assets and post them online like a month or two early


    1. Thigolf


      Or 2010 when the entirety of Sonic 4 Episode 1 was just leaked

      Good times

    2. Jango


      Or 2012 when a near finished build of Sonic 4 Episode 2 leaked online

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @Jango That was the weirdest thing though. It didn't leak online. SEGA themselves put S4E2 Beta 8 up for purchase and download an Steam themselves. Everyone who got the game early did so by purchasing it legitimately and normally on Steam (until cracked versions did the round later, but that's standard practice). Sure it was an accident on SEGA's part, but it was legit. It was official. There was no foul play, as is implied whenever you say "leak". SEGA just put it on digital shelves early for a few hours. It always bugged me that TSS and SSMB then banned footage, screenshots etc of the beta when SEGA themselves were so open about it. They were like "well we fucked up and aren't going to remove footage or penalise anyone who happened to get the game early because this is entirely our fault and not the result of an attack or any other malicious behaviour". SEGA were so fair in the way they handled it. 

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