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  1. lol

    1. MarioAmigosYT


      welcome back on a horrible time, please go back to sleep

    2. Thigolf



    3. LongcrierCat


      Welcome back. The fanbase is imploding. 

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      No, @Thigolf thats just his body. He's still dead on the inside where it really counts.

    5. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Hey Azoo. Had blast, Ultimately Smashing Bros with ya yesterday.

    6. TheOcelot


      Our lord and master returns!

    7. Thigolf


      Aren't we all, Blue Blood, aren't we all

    8. SupahBerry


      Please continue to trample Sega with Sonic Islands and other projects in hopes that one day they finally get their's.

  2. Dla1z1-UUAArrdN.jpg

    Sonic Islands' SAGE 2018 demo is out! Check it out. Download is in the video's description.

    All credit for this build's major assets (programming, game and level design, modeling) goes to Steve Taylor / ShtankTank. Tho I will say I helped with game planning, (lots of) beta testing, level concept art, and that nice logo up there.

    If everything is recieved well enough, I'll get to join Steve on stretching our muscles in making something a bit more ambitious. 😎 In the meantime, enjoy sage2018 boyos.

    1. TCB


      Our savior

    2. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Oh neat. I've been hearing about this. Time to finally try it out.

    3. Rusty Spy
    4. TheOcelot



      You and Steve have done a fantastic job. I had a lot of fun playing the demo and experimenting. Lots of positives. Keep at it!

      Image result for batman thumbs up


    1. SupahBerry





    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Back from the dead, are we?

  4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    1. LongcrierCat


      It's a really good movie that nerds hate for some reason.

    2. blueblur98


      did you just-

      did you sign in to your account just to post this

    3. Wraith


      Star Wars Episode VIII

    4. Speederino


      Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    5. KHCast



    6. Adamabba
    7. Shaddy Zaphod
    8. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      One of my favorite HISHE episodes.

  5. >Blaze gets top priority beside tails, knux and amy

    > lemur girl actually looks great

    > Sonic's probably not gonna join the resistance 


    1. Marcello


      I was surprised about it being Blaze, too, but I guess it really shouldn't. Of all the post-Classic characters she seems to be the most well-received one. Even on places like NeoGaf/Resetera I often see people talking about how much they like her.

    2. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      I'm pretty sure Blaze isn't going to be a regular, so I wouldn't get used to it.

    3. RedFox99


      Hopefully she isn't worfed like in the comics.

  6. real talk: if mario went a whole decade and a half of being pretty dang bad, them dropping it to move in a direction more focused on matching it's previous qualities would be nothing but a good thing.

    (granted that doesn't mean throwing away every idea they could come up with during that time, but yall should all know that good and well)

    1. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano


      Paper Mario's been bad for half a decade, at least; It's high time that subseries abandons its sticker-focused direction and goes back to being a real RPG again.

  7. Oh yeah guys, look at this

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      NO WAY



    3. TheOcelot


      Dear Sonic Team this is how you make good and fun physics.



    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Sonic Team couldn't possibly play that with its lack of boosters and scripts.

    5. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @TheOcelot: Azoo didn't make this tho :V


    6. azoo


      that's right, I didn't

      alone, that is (all programming cred to partner-in-crime steve taylor / shtanktank)

      see yall @ sage 2018

    7. Ferno


      runnin it back again with that good shit

    8. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      YO WHAT

      YO WHAT

    9. TheOcelot



      Image result for intrigued gif


    10. Shiguy


      People have suggested before that Sonic should be taking inpiration from other things to form a consensus of understanding how to translate genesis level design into a 3D enviroment. Utopia demonstrates the physics this demonstrates how to translate a focus enviroment with those physics, and i'm not saying they should steal EVERYTHING from this but if this were a different Sonic Team i'd probably say "Look at this, get an idea of what X games do, look back at a previous attempt at physics based 3D, work on it godammit, work on it"

    11. Wraith


      This is his engine guys

      and yeah I'd say it feels a little better than Utopia. gasp

    12. SonicWind


      Great work, the both of you. Definitely gonna try this.

    13. Inkling Cooper

      Inkling Cooper

      @azoo Is there a download link to try this?

    14. azoo


      not yet. won't be for a good long time. give it roughlyyyyy.. a year.

      i'll update every now and then though. sorry for the wait, i've got too much irl to worry about this all the time like i used to. adulting and career carving, and all

      it will be worth it though. i promise.

    15. MegasonicZX


      Oh man azoo, I didn't know you were part of the dev team for this, good job man, you guys are doing a great job.

    16. JosepHenry


      The camera seems weird.

      Otherwise it seems to work well. Good job! Gonna try it by myself.

    17. Inkling Cooper

      Inkling Cooper

      So, will this be a complete game eventually, or is it just a test?

    18. Diogenes


      oh yes, this is the good stuff

    19. TheOcelot


      Looking forward to it, azoo

    20. azoo


      demo with a few levels and features. can't promise much.

      also this is actually a lot farther along than just this video, this is outdated by a good two weeks. anyways s'all i got, i'll update when we both agree to share new things from here on out. peace


    21. Ferno


      @azoo so you technically understandably left this forum due to forces and to focus on your original stuff, but you're also now keeping a foot in the fanbase door to try and keep momentum based platforming alive in hopes that sonic team will see it some day? Mad respect from me tbh. Most of us just talk and talk, but this is putting action behind that talk. Just don't let it affect work on your original projects too much and maintain a balance. As always I'm rooting for you from afar in all you do.

    22. azoo


      thanks dude. really <3

      honestly i can't let this be undone because this subject has been itching me for years and years. sonic hasn't been what i and others have wanted it to be for a very long time (if in some ways, ever), and noone (especially sonic team) is going to fix that for me. so, it's a DIY project at this point to make it come true, one that i ran from for a good few years after it failed the first time, and here i am doing it again because i can't get away until the itch has been scratched lmao

      oh well. shtanktank and i will do our best to make something (even if it goes unfinished), just to say it's been done. fingers crossed it turns out palatable.

    23. Alex2Beta


      Shit, that looks really good, even got a wall run!

    24. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      You've already heard this from me in person, but


      I believe in you

      This is great

      I loved this

      It's perfect

      Don't let your dreams be dreams

    25. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      @Joseph Henry with the lot of fangane projects like this, especially in pre alpha stages like this, the camera is not automated and is controlled manually by the devs.  

    26. Osmium


      It's people like you that give me faith in fans controlling Sonic's future 

  8. Uhh.. is Sonic Team gonna be okay? I know the series will, but is the company behind them doing alright? Because I honestly don't know where the staff behind Unleashed - Generations are at. Are they working on other Sega games? Are they even still at the company? Wowee.
  9. Sonic's one of the highest selling video game franchises of all time, and internationally popular. Bad sales and critical reception will not kill the series, but rather redirect it. Also, I emboldened the last paragraph just to emphasize my point, since it seems it's being missed: don't do it first and foremost to change them or anything, do it to save yourself the trouble. No one should use their money, time and energy on something that will only bring them down. You're only hurting yourself.
  10. Hey, by the way y'all. If you don't want to support Sonic Team's current decisions (especially after learning basically everything there is to know thanks to the game leaking early), then there is an easy way for you to make your opinion known: Don't buy it. If you stop buying bad games, they'll stop making bad games. In the words of Jay Sherman.. Granted, if you do want to see Sonic Team take this path, then buy it, sure. But if not, do not bother. You already know what you need to know about the game. Still intrigued anyway, but don't want to support them? Use a service like Gamefly or Redbox to rent it (one game a month on GF is like $15, so you get it for a month for half price (more than enough time to play it and send it back)). Sure, GF or RB bought the game to distribute through rental, but your payment is going to them, and not Sega. Just don't buy it. It's as simple as that. And while there's no telling if it'd make a huge difference in sales (let alone the future of the franchise), do it anyways for yourself. Don't waste your time, energy, happiness and money on something that's only going to leave a bad taste in your mouth and a feeling of disappointment. Do the right thing.
  11. The gameplay seems extremely dumbed down and simplified for young children to complete without issue (as if Colors or Generations were challenging, heh), the game is founded on ideas that kids age 8 - 12 would find entertaining, and the plot uses enough of the characters and story groundwork to be entertaining to said age range but not interesting enough to leave an impression on anyone else. The presentation is built around trying to make a rubberhose cartoon character in a bizarre and whimsical video game series come off as action anime as possible (from the edge to the war to the friendship-centric plot to the narmy vocal themes and weirdly picked credits music), and the plot revolves around congratulating the kid who put themselves in the shoes of the custom character. It doesn't really take the time to emphasize any of the conflict in the game in a meaningful way, the characters never have any meaningful moments, everything happens but without explanation, and ends without fanfare. Just as in LW, the good guys win, the bad guys lose, and we close it up with yet another retread, and that's that. The game, despite claims of it being made by "the team that brought you Sonic Colors & Sonic Generations", is really just made by Sonic Team in general.. kind of. There's a large amount of outsourcing and different companies that had their hand in the making of this game, almost as much as Sonic Team themselves. And I'm almost certain that whatever part ST's crew actually had a significant hand in for this game, that it was mostly the Sonic Lost World team; as it's reflected in the gameplay, the art style, the writing style, the choice of emphasis for the villains (Zavok gets a lot of almost unnecessary focus), it goes on. This isn't me tearing into the game really either, just straight observations. I hate to be that guy, but I kind of want this game to fail, and if there's anything I fear, it's reviewers being complacent about it. On one end I don't think they will, considering Oddysey has just absolutely shown them up (as well as Sonic Mania (ESPECIALLY SO even)), but on the other I worry that because of it being a pretty clean game, critics aren't going to care and just let it slide. Then again, LW got 5s and 6s across the board, but then again again, that still left it getting a PC port and that same team having full reign on the next title. I don't even know. All this is kinda why I gave up several months ago. Glad to see others are starting to understand why. Well, not glad, but you know what I mean.
  12. Really glad we had that expository text to cover some much needed story groundwork there, ST.
  13. You're not jumping the gun at all. Mania may have been the brightest star in the series in a long, long, long time; but the Advance and Rush games were critical darling side-games while the franchise's main series sunk to it's lowest lows. Also to anyone saying "why do people think Forces is the next 06", please take a deep breath, get out of the Sonic bubble for a sec, and look outside the box. It's as clear as crystal. And while it definitely isn't as glitchy as that game (not many games ever will be), this is easily the worst game design in a main series title since that game, by far. There isn't a single thing about this game that says to players "we cared about making this" but rather "you liked ____ so here's ____" brand focus testing, and it's as transparent as from the plot to the concepts to the very gameplay you end up watching for 45 out of the 60 seconds you get to play in the demo. And with this game releasing not only during the same year as Mania but also a week after Super Mario Oddysey, Sonic Team's about to get a reckoning unprecedented. I'm almost expecting Mania to do like Rush did to them after 06, and influence the next "era" of Sonic, once the team gets restructured and the battle plan changes again. It's definitely coming. The forecast says it all.
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