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  1. Lnyc6Io.jpg


    I was doubting the idea and now these mockups have me liking it. Shit. lol

    1. Marcello


      I hope Nintendo can make this comfortable. The D-Pad/face buttons being right und the analog sticks isn't very comfortable on the 3DS.

      Looks nice, though.

    2. Gabe


      so it's a handheld gaming console-cum-phone

      *or tablet

  2. TtIlNkQeHlUVa.gif

    To quote a GAF user (featuring the image above):

    "How is this satisfying exactly?

    It's a linear path. if you spin, you go through gap. Then you hit the spring. Spin and you gain speed and momentum. Then you jump on another spring. 

    There's nothing involved about this. It just looks flashy. 

    This summary of Sonic's gameplay is a perfect description of that gif."


    1. Tracker
    2. Sonikku.


      i mean the speed of rollling in that zone is a little satsfying because you can use your skills to get to higher places but i have to agree that it's not satifsying enough for me personally, mainly because there's not enough engaging me to enjoy what i am doing. i am the type that loves to interact with levels on top of speed-running things. 

      edit: that user doesn't really get Sonic's gameplay overall though haha

    3. Dejimon11


      You really shouldn't let stuff like that get to ya

    4. Kabalni


      The answer is within his words

    5. Azoo


      @Dejimon11 ah don't worry, I don't. I'm just continually boggled by NeoGAF's opinions on Sonic and how bass-ackwards they are lmao

    6. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      How boring right? They don't even let you boost.

    7. Zaysho


      And then they run into a Crabmeat and blame the game because they couldn't be assed to press down to roll into a ball or jump over it.

    8. Marcello


      Earlier today, I saw someone say Ristar was bad.

      I wish I had a NeoGaf account, so I could tell them I hate their dumb poop face.

    9. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Are they rightfully tearing him a new one?

    10. Azoo


      They can't because neither side of the argument will budge, and more people than you'd like to believe on GAF actually think Sonic was never good. :v

    11. Ryannumber1gamer


      Why do I have the feeling these would be the same people who die in Unleashed on purpose to say the game is shit.

    12. Sonikku.


      probably they are the same people who would do that XD

      reminds me of a professinal reviewer who played bad in sonic lost world on purpose and said "sonic games are bad now!"

    13. MegasonicZX


      I guess to give him credit for something you really aren't doing anything parts of the stage where its just "hold the direction and see how fast you go" but I don't think its fair to say there aren't more involving moments in the game where you can do stuff like this with proper play.

    14. TCB



      yea ok buddy


    tfw you're in an article because you couldn't stop drawing bad mockups of what the NX might look like

    1. Indigo Rush
    2. Azoo


      ladies and gentlemen, introducing the O: controller

    3. Marcello


      Too Far's is the only one that makes sense.

    4. Diogenes


      it looks like a dog

    5. Dejimon11


      Fuck the NX I want a Gamesphere!

    6. Marcello


      I was reading through the NeoGaf thread and apparently the person that made the one I was talking about is actually ZombiePlatypus. It was the Tingle one. I hope you didn't get the wrong idea and think I was insulting yours or anyone else's.

  4. I laughed so hard i nearly coughed up a lung please help

    1. Person


      Lol, he uploaded it 3 times on his channel, too.

      Because that's the amount of times they played the trailer during the stream.

  5. Sonic X's opening/ending themes are way too good for that show. Sonic DRIVE is hype incarnate, TOP is rad, Mi-Ra-I has a very magical and lovable (almost nostalgic?) Sonicy feeling, and The Shining Road is such a beautiful and haunting song that it has absolutely no right being underused in an ending sequence of a flipping low budget Sonic anime, let alone one where they try to force-ship him and Amy together lmao

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      To be shine

      To be FREE

    2. Person


      Yess, hmm.

      But what about 'Gotta Go Fast'?

      I feel it perfectly encapsulates the whole feel of the 4kids dub:







    3. Azoo


      Mi-Ra-I's ending video is also very good. Something about it is just so heartwarming and idk it brings me to a better time when Sonic wasn't actually bad at all lol

    4. Invictus Ordo

      Invictus Ordo

      The truth has been spoken! 

    5. Ferno


      I've always wished some great singer/ fandubber would do a fandub of Sonic Drive, like this guy for example


  6. a54d462c3ca9aeaf914f269461adf54c.png

    NeoGAF continues to be as stellar and riveting as usual

    1. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      Let me show you a short list of peeps who are wrong


    2. Dejimon11


      Dude there's a thread on neogaf saying mario kart 8 is the worst game in the series 

    3. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      Theres probably also a neogaf thread about how Satan is a gr8 dude and Jesus is a nasty fellow who doesn't like dying for people's sins

    4. Azoo


      NeoGAF is a high quality website with people that have good opinions like "Sonic was never good", "Mario Kart 8 is the worst game in the series", and "VR will change gaming forever"

    5. Wraith


      Neogaf is like a bigger, louder version of here

    6. Person


      Pssh, whatever. I never got the "Sonic was never good" mentality.

      'Know what? I don't like the original Super Mario Bros. It's physics are wonky and it's graphically boring. Guess Mario was never good at any point in his entire existence, huh?

    7. Azoo


      no Person you don't understand Sonic was never good and the gameplay was ALL about fast but then the game made me get hit by spikes and enemies and it's not fair!! its supposed to be all about fast and the game punished me for going fast!! bad game!! also how am i supposed to beat all the levels if i can't collect all the coins? you gotta collect all the coins to beat the levels, right?

      also even when I DO go fast its not like its very impressive. like in chemical plant with that big downhill thing. i ran down it and i didn't go very VERY fast. i don't even know how you hit that path really up high, i guess the game is just broken and bad! i did exactly what it wanted and it didn't even do it right! 

      wait what do you MEAN I was supposed to hold down, holding down doesn't do anything besides slide in Mario so why should it do anything in any other platformer, this game is garbage making me do things i never should be expected to do in a platformer game

    8. Mightyray


      Isn't this the same site that got pissy about Undertale winning their best game award of all time and some of the members claiming Undertale was made by SJW's or some such nonsense?

    9. Dejimon11
    10. Mightyray


      @Dejimon11 Oh yeah that's right. They all blur together for me. hehe

  7. NeoGAF user KAL2006 gives his prediction based on this info: I'm willing to bet that (given any of this is true), he's right on the money.
  8. I think they forgot the whole "also Mania plays exactly like the classics and Sonic 4... well..." part. I haven't really posted in here since the reveal (my post was pretty huge lmao) but that's because I don't have much to say in here. I'm pretty much taken by how amazing everything is, I basically have no words other than how ready I am to see what's to come! This whole game is a dream come true. <3
  9. Medley Status: S I C K

    No really can "You Can Do Anything" come back as a main theme for Sonic? The melody to that is probably imo the most badass/triumphant theme Sonic's ever had.

  10. Not to mention, Mega Man's way of doing things works for Mega Man because they're all different robots made in different timelines / universes, and thus different characters altogether. Sonic is like Mickey Mouse; despite the various changes over the years in both design and the type of content he's been in, you're to assume that the Mickey Mouse from Steamboat Willie is the same Mickey as from the 30s/40s shorts is the same as the Mickey from the 80s/90s cartoon specials / movies is the same Mickey from the House of Mouse is the same as the Mickey from Epic Mickey is the same as the Mickey from the current Paul Rudish cartoons. Even after all this time, Mickey is still Mickey, the one and the same, in all media. And sure, you may have a Mickey from a certain era you prefer. And if they made a side-series devoted to the beginnings of Mickey, it'd probably be wonderful and a huge benefit for the franchise as a whole! But it's never meant to replace and/or separate itself from who Mickey is as a character or a franchise. In that same kind of way, there's no problem with making a classic side-series to evoke that 90s Sega feeling and the core mechanics of the original games again. Mania's a more than welcome start to that! But that's not a good reason to go for a split when the series as a whole has way more in common together than it doesn't. tl;dr it's pointless.
  11. As if you couldn't just throw modern Sonic's design in a title with Generations-esque visuals and use the old gameplay and have it work. The general public wouldnt bat an eye, and most fans wouldn't either; in fact they'd probably love it! There's nothing about Sonic's current design that tells me it should be considered a different series. The only people adamant about it are the ones upset that it doesnt align to the utmost specifics of their expectations.
  12. I feel like when people try to claim that modern Sonic diverged too hard from classic Sonic to be considered the same, its an unfair assessment. Sonic is a character subject to constant evolution since the very first game, with an art style and set of character designs that were always getting tweaked and featuring some specific quirk. Sonic 1, 2, CD, and 3K for example are all considered probably the most consistent era in the series, and even they wildly differ in visual, musical and presentation style. Maybe they didn't go far off the deep end like some later titles did, but i dont think that makes any difference to what design is used. The beginnings of the modern designs (1998 - 2002) featured gameplay mechanics and some visual flair in the Adventure and Advance titles that were undoubtedly a continuation of the original games, making the disconnect only even more pointless. The positive of having of a classic side series is that fans get to breathe new life into the core gameplay of the originals and remind people looking back why the series became so beloved in the first place, while the modern games (whilst still potentially keeping that core) can look and move forward, meaning both sides bring a sense of unity to the series. The negative is how many people will use that as a starting platform to essentially segregate the series into two blanket-statement "eras" because of a high personal bias for one or the other, which to label as brand-damaging if Sega just fullon accepts that is at least three shades of understatement!
  13. Considering Endri's connected to Xbox Live marketplace stuff on Xbone, I actually wouldn't be surprised if the game he was referring to was in fact Sonic Mania. After all, it is a downloadable title, which is where you'd find something like that. I wouldn't let that convince you it won't be different than Generations though. Iizuka seems adamant that this isn't "Generations 2" and is an "all-new experience", so be sure to keep that in mind.
  14. I honestly can't stand the separation fans (and to an extent, Sega) have made between classic and modern Sonic. I grew up with the classic and Adventure games nearly simultaneously, and it never once occured to me that one Sonic was a different series from the other. Granted, I could tell there were different character designs and art styles going on with each game, but I never saw them as actually different, you know? Sonic from 3K is the same one from SA1. He ran really fast, spun in a ball and hopped across South Island, the Death Egg, Angel Island and Miracle Planet just as he did against Chaos and aboard the ARK. And to this day, I still see the Sonic in Unleashed, Colors etc as that same Sonic. And classic Sonic is too! They're both that Sonic, even despite the gameplay and art differences at times. But people seem to feel really fixated on seeing them as two completely different entities at this point (especially amongst the purists), and Sega like it or not has somewhat capitalized on that. But even if they have, I don't quite think that's their intention. Sega still seems to treat classic and modern Sonic as one and the same. After all, modern Sonic's first game (Adventure) wouldn't even be there if not for S3K establishing stuff about Angel Island, the Master Emerald, and (in the JP instruction manuals) the story of the ancient echidna civilization's downfall. Sega tends to treat the classic design as his 'younger' self, while modern is simply an 'older' Sonic after some unknown period of time. Does this change the way marketing handles it and the way fans tend to take it? Not at all. But I think it's telling on how the developers seem to understand the characters. That said, I'm fine with classic 2D games being on the side. It suits those fans who will take nothing but that just fine, and it enriches the overall series with more great experiences. If those games want to be stories that happened in an unknown gap between Sonic 3K and Adventure, then fine by me. But I can't (and won't) get my head around it being a separate canon. That only cheapens the series' strengths and divides us all even further.