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  1. Hey full disclosure if Sonic can't Spindash/roll or boost and it's just combat then this game is going in the dumpster. Like right then and there. Just wanted to say that real quick lmao.
  2. Honestly everything about Rangers sounds like a promising shakeup, but I really hope the combat isn’t as prevalent as they said by the time we see it. Sonic and combat has a track record of being part of the worst games in this series, and the only one who didn’t do it straight terribly (Unleashed) was both ill-fitting and still not anything great.
  3. Probably more so from Utopia than anything else outside of BOTW.
  4. Something like that in size but just for one zone, and then having multiple of those in a game would be dope.
  5. I never said I was better than console gamers. Also, the only inconvenience of the PC versions I brought up is that it's not on a console. Every game on that list can currently be played by even potato computers, and most modern controllers can be connected to your PC via Bluetooth. If you want these games just to have on a console, then sure go on ahead, but I don't see why the stance needs defending beyond that. Anyways.. If this game collection featured bonus content, spiffy menus or a wide array of new features then maybe I can see the worth of me purchasing it, but otherwise there's no point in my eyes. But this collection's relevance kind of lost me on not including SA1/2 for the modern generation, let alone some of the more obscure spin-offs. And yes, while those are on PC too, they've been rereleased far less than the Genesis games, and are arguably as relevant to the series' identity. You'd imagine they wouldn't get shafted, and yet..
  6. Rangers leak from several months back being real should’ve been obvious. Colors, Lost World and Forces are all really dumb sounding names that don’t roll off the tongue super well, Rangers fits right alongside them lol 

    1. TheOcelot


      First they started making bad games and now they come up with bad names.

    2. Soniman


      Sonic Unleashed doesn't sound dumb at all?

      Tbh I never thought about the names thry all sound pretty standard to me besides Lost World which just makes no sense when you say it out loud.

      Sonic Heroes is also a weird one because they say that shit IN-GAME even though it makes NO SENSE outside the context of a game title 

      Wonder why they just didn't do a "Sonic the Hedgehog : Subtitle" format 

  7. If it means anything, I imagine Sonic moving as fast as or a little bit faster than the horse or bike should be fine, no? That’d be slower than boost gameplay, but more than enough otherwise.
  8. I have too many questions with what we were given.. What is the art direction for this game? Will everything be extremely samey in visuals, or will the map have different biomes and tropes throughout? Will the environments be imaginative and filled with crazy stuff like loops etc still, or will it be a standard open world map? What about the human girl ghost character, or whatever she is? Is it Lah, or some expy of her? Is it a return to Sonic having a human girl companion in the SatSR/BK anime style, or will she remain cartoony like the standard Sonic Unleashed and onward humans? And who are the “Rangers”? Are they the Wisps we see a glimpse of in the Rise of Wisps trailer, or are they new characters altogether? Are they a group Sonic joins? Are Tails, Knuckles, Amy etc involved with this? Is this even in a world Sonics been to before? Korok like rock creatures implies something possibly alien.. And does any of this have to do with Eggman? Is he even in this game? The boss mentioned seems to be completely unrelated to Sonic standard, and combat might imply non-robot enemies. Speaking of, what are we talking for combat? The return of homing attack shenanigans like in LW, or something like Boom was, or something new altogether? How the fuck does a skill tree work in Sonic? And what kinda gameplay style even is this? Do we boost? Do we spin? Do we both? Do we neither? This is the most fascinating and baffling thing to happen to Sonic in a long time. I’m not complaining btw, I’m more than happy for a shakeup. But also holy shit, dude, who knows how long we’ll be in the dark on this. Could be for just a few weeks, could be til next March like it was with Forces. There’s so much to wonder..
  9. overall i'm not impressed, but not thinking its the worst thing in the world. the teaser was nothing, gives me vibes of something i'm not gonna care much about (getting big wisp AND phantom ruby expectations from it), so i'm gonna have to wait and see on that. colors port looks atrocious. collection going by that 3K widescreen update news is okay. overall not a good stream, but if you're okay with what was shown then that's fine.

    except the colors port i cannot get over that holy shit lmao

    1. Jack-al


      I am actually more excited for the remaster than anything else, which says a lot.

    2. Lord-Dreamerz


      Outside of the new cartoon shorts, it is the same for me. Nothing impressive revealed yet.

    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Give me the Shadow drip necklace!

  10. Fans just ported Sonic 1 and 2 to PC. Also Sonic 3 AIR exists. Even with them possibly doing the widescreen after all, I don't have much reason to believe it's worth the money. But yall do you, I guess. I'll be playing this for freeeeee.
  11. 200.gif

    sobering at least

    1. Kuzu


      You have to sober yourself? 

      I've been zen for years 

  12. Laser (wisp) focused to make me unhappy. lmao
  13. There is 10000% no reason to buy this collection in this day and age. Not a single one.
  14. E2aIOkjX0Ag11GH.pngE2aINBzX0AoPD9W.png

    Sonic Colors Ultimate visuals vs original.

    1. Thigolf


      Jezuz fucking christ

    2. Dejimon11




    3. VisionaryofSUPER


      Um. I kinda like those visual changes. Aside from the blurry resolution I rather like how it looks aesthetically.

    4. azoo



      unreal engine 4 LIGHTING NEEDS TO BE REBUILT (3 unbuilt object(s))

    5. Polkadi~☆


      constant pain

    6. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      It’s probably not finished yet.

  15. Colors Ultimate has some HORRIBLE lighting dude. Like. Wow. WOW. Also Sonic 3 and CD roms with widescreen 1 & 2. Hilariously unprofessional looking. I'm amazed, gg guys.
  16. colors ultimate looks nasty. collection looks hilarious. teaser was nothing

    glad i kept myself sobered on this (slurp)


  18. Expect no new game.

    1. Endy



    2. Polkadi~☆
    3. TheOcelot


      Expect no game

    4. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


  19. Aaaallllllright. So nothing happened there, basically. Cool I guess?
  20. Disappointed but not really phased because nothing really happened, so ok lol

  21. USDA proposes final clearance for catfish from Vietnam, China and Thailand  | 2018-09-19 | Agri-Pulse

    They Should Announce It Now

  22. Thats not a wider res, it's stretched. Look at its size compared to S2 below it. For extra proof.
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