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  1. I think you can do something with Blaze and Silver's friendship in the present day, with them having no prior knowledge to each other's existence, but doing it in a way that refers or implies referral back to what it was before (unfortunately the thing Sonic Team wants to do every time they share screen-space) is only leaving baggage from something a lot worse, and is ultimately not worth it. Also changing her design and powers in 06 would've been better, but I still think my point I made beforehand still heavily irks me, that her entire life and relevance is fabricated from an existence where she didn't really have much of a purpose. If we had the chance to rewrite 06, I wouldn't try improving it at all; rather either removing her altogether from Silver's story or just rewriting the whole thing completely. It's just a lost cause to me. Not worth the salt, in more ways than one. lol
  2. Yeah. It just feels wrong because it feels like an afterthought. Like they felt some kind of half-baked compulsion to put Blaze in the new title, and tied her entire existence to events related to the new guy just to justify it. Her whole universe and backstory gets minimized with a footnote that none of it exists without fitting the mold of her greater purpose as "that sidekick who stood around and did nothing except for a last minute Let Me Sacrifice Myself For You bit". Ugh, it does her so dirty as a character lol. I mentioned most of my problems with it above, but I also think the other big problem I have with the whole idea is that Blaze's character design seems to imply some sort of royalty. She's got a sophisticated looking coat, a golden necklace / collar, a forehead jewel (and a hairpiece that you can assume is made of the same material considering the color and shininess), and a royal kind of color scheme (a deep purple and gold), and the very way she talks or poses herself has that sense of elegance or poshness to it. It's all very apparent in her character... including when she's in 06.. It just doesn't sit with me right that these design elements all made sense when she was royalty from the get-go in Rush, but make no sense when she has those aspects to her design prior to becoming royalty. There's just so much to her character's sense of purpose being undermined here.
  3. Maekawa didn't write Rush (it was SA1's writer, Akinori Nishiyama), rather he just commandeered the whole vessel when writing her into 06. Maekawa has also said and wrote some pretty dumb stuff on behalf of the Sonic series, too, so I feel like anything he says can be decided on a case-by-case basis whether or not it's worth caring about.
  4. It's a pretty middle of the road game. The visuals and music are fantastic, some of my favorites in the past ten to fifteen years besides Unleashed. Whatever there is of the 3D gameplay is pretty decent fun too, though there's not much. The rest of the game is non-offensive, but pretty dull 2D sections. The story and writing gets the most criticism, and it deserves it, but it was a very welcome change at the time I guess? Sonic Colors is overall pretty good, and I like it okay! But I see why opinions have turned around. People were desperate for a Sonic game with no frills then, and were very quick to call it Sonic's best outing since SA2, or even earlier, just for that reason. The big hype around it's gameplay or whatever also seemed to stem from how none of the general public played Unleashed due to judging it by it's Werehog and swiftly dodging it, even if said game kind of has it beat in every department besides brevity lol. I think that led to a sort of pedestal placement that was unwarranted, even in the eyes of the developers themselves, since they considered it a smaller, more children-oriented production to tide Wii users over as they made Generations for the HD console owners. In turn of these events, Sonic Team realized it gained such overwhelming praise (for doing some pretty basic stuff, mind) that they decided to try to ape those vibes for every following game in hopes it would go down as well. It.. clearly didn't. It's a weird situation that kind of came from a bit of overreaction. I feel like it was wrong for people to overhype that game as hard as they did, but I also feel like it's wrong to judge that game in a sort of bitter hindsight. It's just a neat little game. Nothing groundbreaking. I mean, you could argue that it could've been groundbreaking (and I would agree given how cool the ideas the game offered were), but that's another argument. Sonic Colors. It's fine.
  5. a7948f5e9c5512d4a1c4f2021045b00e.png

    it's this easy to make the ps5 controller not look silly. me doing all the dirty work for these companies with their controller designs. smh

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      You're right

      We need the boomerang looking controller

    2. Berry Xmas

      Berry Xmas

      That looks more like a plain white controller wearing a wrestling singlet

    3. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      @Crow the BOOLET I loved the boomerang controller design and am sad that it both never came to fruition and that everyone else in the world hated it.

  6. bd59141109443d65f9b280a9db6ce96b.png

    uh oh

    1. Ferno


      they played the long game for 20 years, pretending to be out of the business but they were with us the whole time

      the whole tahm

    2. Diogenes


      the sega xbox, or sexbox for short

    3. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      The Sexbox Series X.

      The SeXbox SeX.

    4. iambitter21


      The SeXbox SeX: only for $399

    5. Berry Xmas

      Berry Xmas

      SeXbox: Wet Dreamcast

  7. Can confirm, was one of them. Speaking of, I know this opinion is pretty popular amongst the outer fanbase / non-fans but don't know how deep fans respond to it, but holy shit I don't know why Sonic Team thought constant in-game dialogue was a good idea from Heroes - 06, and why they've thought for LW and onward that it should make a comeback. I mean if we have to have dialogue in stages (which I'd prefer not), I'd accept it if it meant anything towards pushing character interactions or a plot, but 99% of it in any of these games is the characters either directly explaining to the player how things work (Heroes and 06 tutorialing you to death and repeating phrases ad nauseum), or saying a bunch of fluff that means nothing at all (NPCs in Forces saying war junk / congratulating you for nothing, LW having the D6 do stand-up in the bg). It's almost never clever or purposeful in it's appliance, and the frequency that it pops up just turns it into an active nuisance. I guess my point of why I bring it up is because Sonic fans deep deep in the fanbase don't seem to mind the in-game dialogue, if not fully accepting it as part of the game too. Most people outside of that circle seem to find it irritating though, so I guess it's just one of those things where people who are just really into the characters (like, more than the games themselves) don't mind it as much as others do? I dunno.
  8.  the best 3D Sonic engine is made in Roblox.

  9.  Sonic 2 will be free on Steam starting this friday for.. some reason.

    1. Thigolf


      Sonic Tuesriday

    2. TheOcelot


      Sonic 2 remake confirmed.

    3. Ryannumber1Santa


      Taxman Port confi-


    4. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Nice, it'll sit pretty right next to the free Sonic 1 copy they gave me for delaying Sonic Mania that I'm still salty about

    5. Berry Xmas

      Berry Xmas

      Well, I can hang on to it till they eventually get around to making Westside Island Revisted.

  10. You're dodging my point where I believe any attack moves in a 2D game feels kind of redundant, and I have yet to see an argument on what moves would work, so of course people are going to assume you mean the Advance moveset. What are you trying to play here, lol.
  11. I only really get moving the Drop Dash to another button for a 3D game, since it'd make sense that the button you use to charge a Spin Dash does the same thing in the air. But again, that's 3D games. lol
  12. There's no really good point in having more than one button in a 2D Sonic game, at least with the intent of attacking. Combat moves ie the Advance games are nice to have as an option, but I don't really think they add anything like they do in 3D games, and giving them reason to be effective would only slow the games down. It's best to just keep it simple.
  13. I understand using more than one button but why on a shoulder button? Anyways, I feel like the Drop Dash has way more potential for utilization than the Instashield does, so when you make me decide between the two I'm gonna pick the former. The IS lets you dodge hitboxes and get an extra bounce, which is very nice, but I think in a game more about slope traversal (like Sonic tends to be) a move that makes traversing said slopes easier is the better pick, which the DD is. I feel like there's a way to combine them, at least. One method a lot of fan games do is make the IS turn into a DD if held, but I've always thought that releasing a DD to do an IS would have a satisfying timing to it, plus have a proper visual cue (Sonic slashing out the excess energy he pent up from revving a DD).
  14. (looks at the past wall of status updates) crash stadium 

  15. The bosses, as everyone has said. I think the biggest offender is Flying Battery Act 2's. I remember on my first experience sitting there as it carved through my lives, because the game kind of does a poor job of implying what you need to do to damage it, and when you do figure it out the hitbox is so small that it's hard to bounce him into the spike-wall, until you learn the exact rhythm it's looking for. It's tedious but easy enough when you do learn, but getting there is.. oy. What a mess.
  16. They can just make a 3D Sonic game with gameplay better than okay + a complimentary gimmick and that'd be alright with me. I'm not even picky at this point, just give me a 3D game that doesn't suck and I'll eat.
  17. Alright, so that interview with Nagoshi (in case noone read it) says this: So in short, there may be "recent, new gameplay styles" in newer Sonic titles, and that seems to lean towards the idea of utilizing online, or smartphones. Fun ideas I'd be interested in and seem like reasonable concepts: A picture-taking mode Missions like in Mario Odyssey Tagging/commenting like in Splatoon or Mario Maker The return of leaderboards / online racing Chao Garden App with online functionality / connectivity to a main game Online co-op Things I wouldn't like to see but since this is Sonic Team I wouldn't count it out: Something either massive-online or battle royale based with customizable characters as the focus again, like many many games are these days Trying to make a major title be a smartphone exclusive game, since the portable market has all but moved wholesale over to them I really wouldn't want to brush off the idea that online or smartphone utilization couldn't be a good thing, especially if following in the footsteps of Mario or what have you, but I'm too used to how Sonic Team tries to follow and focus-test trends and what they waste all their time on developing instead of making a good Sonic game, so I can't help but speak what I consider the worst-case scenarios as a possibility. ESPECIALLY after Forces seemed to be of decent success for them, despite the.. erm, everything about it.
  18. It's been nearly 10 years since the last 3D Sonic game. Time really goes by fast huh

    1. Ferno


      don't you mean like, nearly 12



    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Unleashed and Black Knight were definitely the last 3D Sonic games. Since then, we've had had 2D Sonic games with 3D sections, a Mario knock-off and the second-coming of the PS2 era kids TV show/movie licensed video game.

      Unless you count Dash and Forces Speed Battle. Those are 3D games that are still going strong with updates and a range of playable characters.

    3. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Also that racing game. Yeah, it was a thing.

    4. JezMM


      Now that I think about it, 2006 was the last main series game with platforming gameplay that offered full 3D gameplay for the entire experience.  (Secret Rings if we're not being super nitpicky and saying the side-stepping areas in that game don't count as 2D gameplay).  Every other 3D game since has had some 2D segment at some point (though if memory serves, none of Black Knight's are in mandatory levels, I guess.  All the same, hey guys, remember when Black Knight had 2D sections where the movement still only allowed you to run forwards to the right and walk backwards to the left!?!?).

    5. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      There has actually only ever been 2 REAL Sonic games. Chaotix and Rivals 2. Everything else is just Chaotix and Rivals 2 minus everything that made them special.

  19. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/09/ubisoft_appears_to_tease_rayman_project_deletes_post_after_fans_get_too_hyped i'm gonna scream i hate my LIIIIIIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    1. KHCast


      Ubisofts gonna make a Rayman game. They’ll do anything at this point to bury the allegations and get people hyped. I called it with Scott Pilgrim, and I’m calling it here 

    2. azoo


      I don't think we're getting a new Rayman game 

    3. KHCast


      Never said it had to be new. I just think they’re gonna go for obvious easy brownie points and do something with it in order to cynically move the conversation. I can see them Re-release a bunch of old Rayman games for current systems or something 

    4. Dejimon11


      Don't worry if they do give us a Rayman game I ain't giving them a free pass for all their shit. I'll buy it because yay Rayman but changes nothing. 

    5. KHCast


      If they do it, I’m just straight up buying used period. 

    6. azoo


      if they do it i'm buying it because it's rayman and that doesn't mean it was made by bad people

    7. KHCast


      No, but that money goes to the top, the employees that actually made the game already would have gotten paid. So again, I’m buying it used if it happens 

    8. azoo


      i'm buying it because it's rayman

    9. Dejimon11


      You buy Kingdom Hearts and that money goes to Disney 

    10. KHCast


      Part of it, and fair to a degree, but Ubisoft literally had executives choking women. The moment physical assault shit like that comes to light in regards to Disney or Square, and is revealed to be the common atmosphere around either company, you can bet I’m officially done with that bullshit. At least when it comes to buying their products new. (Plus I protest Disney in a myriad of other ways already, so KH is my exception typically.) Ubisoft just pushes things way too far for me more than any other company. 

  20. I hope Rayman ends up like Megaman post Inafune, where the people who cared pick up the pieces and continue forward without their self-proclaimed auteur holding them back. Wouldn't be surprised at all if Michel's shittiness to work and indecisiveness was why Rayman just disappeared.

    1. Berry Xmas

      Berry Xmas

      Even with one stuck up auteur holding them back gone, someone just as stuck up could easily take his place I'm afraid. I wouldn't put them to do that to Ubisoft Montpellier, especially as they're still in the middle of a heavy "AAAA" title. It's better the Rayman staff hightail it out of there after BG&E2 and start their own shit-free company then pull a Yooka Laylee. 


      But honestly I don't know who to even trust in Ubisoft anymore, higher up or otherwise.

    2. Ferno


      Michel was hard to work with? Tbh while I consider myself atleast a casual Rayman fan I'll admit that I didn't know the creator's personality that well if at all.

    3. Sean


      I'm not the biggest fan of Rayman 3 but it had enough good ideas to convince me that Ubi doesn't need Ancel to make a Rayman game

    4. Ferno


      The only thing now though is if they'll even make another Rayman at all. Other than Rayman 3, Ubisoft hasn't seemed to wanna touch Rayman by themselves unprovoked unless Ansel spearheaded Rayman projects himself like he did for Origins and Legends.

    5. Sean


      I'm not expecting to see Rayman ever again. Prove me wrong, Ubi

    6. Ferno


      Time for Rayman Mania

    7. azoo


      @Ferno Michel supposedly left the industry on little notice because it was about to go public how much of a shitty dev he was to his creative teams, and was the main reason why BG&E2 has never come out because he'd hold them back so hard by having them remake things over and over.

      @Sean I'm with you there. Rayman 3 is def.. a bit mixed. But I think it's enough proof that there's people at Ubi (or at least was) that could carry the torch. Probably a lot better than he nowadays, considering. lol

      God I just want him back. Rayman 2 is a GOAT game and I need more people to play it. siiiigh

    8. azoo


      (when i said him i meant rayman btw not ancel LMAO)

  21. e5b1ff8117a35b4bdc90be331c35026e.pngSCOFF its my job to fix EVERYTHING around here!!!!

    1. Sean


      Sonic's forward-facing sprite from 3D Blast always had strong "Kirby crawling out of Sonic's face" vibes

    2. azoo


      yeah it's bothered me for ages LOL

    3. TheOcelot


      The one on the left looks like assface Sonic.

  22. OH SHIT ITS HAPPENING. Sega just filed for a domain name for what appears to be a new Sonic gahahaha gottem

    1. Berry Xmas
    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      That sounds like a weird way to name the sequel to Segagaga but okay.

    3. Indigo Rush
    4. Ferno


      when was the last time a sonic game got domain-leaked? Lost World? Geez Sega's almost too good at preventing leaks now

    5. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Its a remake of Sonic Labyrinth! The game everyone asked for!

    6. Ryannumber1Santa


      How obvious can you be with fake leaks?

      Everyone knows that Sonic is just a fever dream

    7. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Sonic fources episode 3 confirmed.

    8. The Tenth Doctor
  23. i know the dream is dead but I cannot say enough how much I want a rayman 4

    1. Dejimon11


      Never give up. They'll find a way to make Rayman relevant with a crossover with an already established IP

    2. Jango


      Hey, it only took 22 years for Crash 4, so there's hope for Rayman!

  24. Big agree with everything here. I think if Sonic in 3D is gonna be something really good, we have to stop thinking so much about going fast and more about being a good platformer. It's been on my mind a lot these days that I would've heartily accepted a Saturn-era Sonic game even if he moved at the speed he does in Sonic Jam, granted you could use slopes and rolling/Spindashing to go a bit faster. Sonic doesn't necessarily have to be a super-fast game to be appealing, not even remotely to me. It's just gotta have moves that are fun to do and evoke that feeling of speed. Landing a drop dash in Mania may not always launch you at the highest speed possible, but it certainly feels satisfying to do, doesn't it? That's the point of it all, really. To feel that little burst of speed when you get it, not to be fed it so often and in such a surplus that it loses it's meaning. Let super speedy areas be a treat. After all that's how Sonic CD handled it, that's how 3K handled it, that's how Mania handled it, and i can hear the lone classic purist wincing now that's how Sonic Adventure and Adventure 2 do it. Intense speed has always been a spectacle, a reward for making it through level design preceding it, and doubled down if you know how to utilize the physics well during it. That's what sends that adrenaline and serotonin to your brain receptor whatevers. That's the magic. And yes, I am also implying that minor automation / guard-railing is not a bad thing either. It doesn't need to be excessive (and you don't gotta tell me how overboard the 3D games have went with it, dude I already know), but I think the insistence that loops or any convex/inverted surfaces are strictly supposed to be obstacles you have to overcome has ruined a lot of the appeal in fangames too. These things I feel should be as easy as they are in 2D for a player to grasp, and for two reasons: 1 ) It keeps Sonic gameplay from becoming this abstract or dizzying challenge where you sometimes occasionally fight not falling out of a loop. These things are as easy as "hold right with enough speed" in the 2D games. Remember that these are baby games that children play, c'mon now. 2 ) Loops or slopes that emphasize that often have any cool camera angles omitted, which makes the spectacle of running around them kind of pointless. Running around loops and looking at nothing but the floor in front of you is boring as SHIT I want to see the LOOP!!!! UGH Anyways I think I've rambled about everything I can on this subject now. Maybe.
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