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  1. I really liked the rival battle against Shadow in Sonic Generations. If only it lasted longer...=)
  2. theres barely bad Sonic Songs out there, but Chronicles managed to do it. I really dislike that soundtrack.Ugh. The music doesnt even sound sonic at all.
  3. You know, theres lots of fun sports and minigames they could let them do. But I'd love to see them make a platforming game with all those iconic sega characters. And all vilians uniting to finally defeat the good guys like Sonic. Personally I dont really mind if they dont make one in a while. id rather have them actually continue those franchises. Lets face it, they never even do anything with those franchises anymore. they just apear another time to go racing or to go play tennis and afterwards theyre going back into Sega''s closet, never to be seen from again.
  4. Hmmm...I like most Sonic bosses really! =) But yeah there have been some pretty bad ones. Its kinda hard to say. I personally dont really like the dark gaia boss from Sonic Unleashed Wii. But I cant say its the worse. The worst has to be the rival battles. they never really worked that well. You usually had to spam the homing atack, or it was just too easy. Sonic Adventure had that for instance. Just jump on knuckles 3 times or so and your done. Sonic heroes was just spamming the homing atack for those team battles. and later titles never did it right either. remember those mediocre bosses from Sonic and the Black Knight? They did it right in Generations though. Whoa, I made my post a bit long, didnt I? sorry, couldnt help myself I guess...
  5. I have a bit of an issue with logging in. I just managed to get myself registered, but whenever I go to another page, I am not logged in anymore. And when I try to log in again it says this: ERROR: Invalid username. Lost your password? Its verry annoying. I cant respond to the news and things like that because of this. Can someone help me? sorry if this might be a noobish question but it does annoy me. =( It happens on the pages with sonic on the plane. Can someone give me a hand. Im completely new to this forum and im a big Sonic fan! EDIT: And I hope its okay to post my question in this topic.
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