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  1. Here's the SEGAbits written and video reviews (same content): http://segabits.com/blog/2018/07/14/sonic-mania-plus-review-worthy-of-an-encore-ps4-xbox-one-switch-pc/ I gave it an A+........ out of A+.
  2. Interview with Tee Lopes: 


  3. I interviewed Tee Lopes for an hour about his career and Sonic Mania's soundtrack! Really cool guy. http://segabits.com/blog/2017/09/13/swingin-report-show-89-sonic-mania-tee-lopes-composer-interview/
  4. SEGAbits Review: http://segabits.com/blog/2017/08/14/review-sonic-mania-ps4-xbox-one-switch-pc/
  5. PC and Switch are being sent out later than PS4 and Xbox One.
  6. To me comparable equates to equal or lesser but might make up in other areas, not sure he'd use it if Mania were longer. "Longer than S3&K" would be a selling point otherwise.
  7. There is an in-game in-universe explanation for how you get from Zone to Zone. Various members of the dev team have already said it is longer than Generations and shorter than or on par with S3&K in number of Zones. So doing the math thats more than 9 but less than or equal to 14, right? Not spoiling what I've seen, just laying out what was already revealed.
  8. Having played (nearly) the full game, I can say that most are likely not spoiling because a lot of the fun comes in the surprises. I urge people to ignore spoiler reviews and especially those channels, like GameXplain, that try and post the "every easter egg" videos as soon as embargo is lifted. I was debating how much I'd reveal in my review, but after the end of the second zone I decided to not spoil a lot in my review.
  9. Regardless of TMNT rights, classic Archie reprints show that IDW has a working relationship with them, so should Archie need to be involved at all there is already that professional connection.
  10. I really do think that SEGA and Archie had talks in the Fall of 2016 and things didn't work out, they went their separate ways, but contractually neither one could comment on the situation, disparage the other party or give the license to another publisher for a set amount of time (6 months?). SEGA has since signed with another publisher (IDW most likely, or KaBOOM! Studios) and the series will continue with a #1 issue but the old numbering will continue much like IDW's Walt Disney Comics and Stories which displays both the new number and the ongoing number. IDW already publishes some TPBs for Archie (TMNT Adventures and classic Archie) so I could see them signing a deal to continue the reprints. Also, I could see Genesis of a Hero and Sonic Mega Drive: Overdrive not seeing their individual final issues published, but they will give the full stories trade paperbacks.
  11. In the SEGAbits interview, Aaron seems to say no to animated cutscenes in Mania – this does not, however, mean that there will not be animated intro our outros like in Sonic CD. (This is speculation on my end based on what Aaron said).
  12. New interview with Aaron Webber from yo boys at SEGAbits
  13. I interviewed Cook & Becker CEO Maarten Brands, discussing the art book and the process they go through in working with SEGA on their projects. Give it a listen:
  14. Somebody on YouTube is telling me the comic is back in April because "SEGA forgot to sign their license again". Is there any truth to this? I think the phrasing "forgot to sign their license again" sounds very amateurish and something a child would say when attempting to explain how license agreements work. I cannot imagine something as simple as "Oh! I forgot to sign the license! That is why there was a delay!"
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