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  1. Here's the SEGAbits written and video reviews (same content): http://segabits.com/blog/2018/07/14/sonic-mania-plus-review-worthy-of-an-encore-ps4-xbox-one-switch-pc/ I gave it an A+........ out of A+.
  2. Interview with Tee Lopes: 


  3. I interviewed Tee Lopes for an hour about his career and Sonic Mania's soundtrack! Really cool guy. http://segabits.com/blog/2017/09/13/swingin-report-show-89-sonic-mania-tee-lopes-composer-interview/
  4. SEGAbits Review: http://segabits.com/blog/2017/08/14/review-sonic-mania-ps4-xbox-one-switch-pc/
  5. There is an in-game in-universe explanation for how you get from Zone to Zone. Various members of the dev team have already said it is longer than Generations and shorter than or on par with S3&K in number of Zones. So doing the math thats more than 9 but less than or equal to 14, right? Not spoiling what I've seen, just laying out what was already revealed.
  6. Having played (nearly) the full game, I can say that most are likely not spoiling because a lot of the fun comes in the surprises. I urge people to ignore spoiler reviews and especially those channels, like GameXplain, that try and post the "every easter egg" videos as soon as embargo is lifted. I was debating how much I'd reveal in my review, but after the end of the second zone I decided to not spoil a lot in my review.
  7. Regardless of TMNT rights, classic Archie reprints show that IDW has a working relationship with them, so should Archie need to be involved at all there is already that professional connection.
  8. I really do think that SEGA and Archie had talks in the Fall of 2016 and things didn't work out, they went their separate ways, but contractually neither one could comment on the situation, disparage the other party or give the license to another publisher for a set amount of time (6 months?). SEGA has since signed with another publisher (IDW most likely, or KaBOOM! Studios) and the series will continue with a #1 issue but the old numbering will continue much like IDW's Walt Disney Comics and Stories which displays both the new number and the ongoing number. IDW already publishes some TPBs for Archie (TMNT Adventures and classic Archie) so I could see them signing a deal to continue the reprints. Also, I could see Genesis of a Hero and Sonic Mega Drive: Overdrive not seeing their individual final issues published, but they will give the full stories trade paperbacks.
  9. New interview with Aaron Webber from yo boys at SEGAbits
  10. I interviewed Cook & Becker CEO Maarten Brands, discussing the art book and the process they go through in working with SEGA on their projects. Give it a listen:
  11. Somebody on YouTube is telling me the comic is back in April because "SEGA forgot to sign their license again". Is there any truth to this? I think the phrasing "forgot to sign their license again" sounds very amateurish and something a child would say when attempting to explain how license agreements work. I cannot imagine something as simple as "Oh! I forgot to sign the license! That is why there was a delay!"
  12. My letter was published in that god awful Super Special issue, lol. Edit: Did a SEGA News Bits featuring my thoughts on the whole thing:
  13. FYI, seeing new solicits does not mean the cancellation is not happening. It is entirely likely that Archie and SEGA agreed on an end date/issue number and they will continue to release solicits and issues until this, with a proper press release as the final issue nears. Note that subscriptions are 12 issues, and with their removal from the store it is likely that the series ends in less than 12 issues. Some are treating the possible cancellation like it was a wrench thrown into Archie at the last minute, but it is far more likely that this was a decision made in a more professional manner and that given their long history together - despite Archie's many f*** ups - they agreed on a way to end their relationship so as to not leave loose threads or anger fans.
  14. I doubt it. Sonic licensing has really been on the ball, I would not be shocked if SEGA has been meeting with other publishers and the reason for the cancellation is that they already have somebody in mind. It's bad business to let a license for a comic end with a dedicated fanbase and not have a plan in place.
  15. Look, I love Archie Sonic comics. I got into the series with issue 0, I remember buying issue 1 at a gas station in South Dakota on a road trip. I followed the series and every spin-off until around 2001, and have since dived back in with Ian Flynn's run. Despite the years of baggage and bad decisions, both in contracts with creatives and in storytelling, I've enjoyed the series and what it has become. But Archie has also been very very frustrating, which we all know why so I don't need to type it all out again. I honestly feel that Mega Drive was almost a test run for what a Sonic comic series could be should SEGA continue on without Archie. We could potentially see a classic Sonic series of comics in addition to the ongoing Ian Flynn 252 reboot era, should all characters and storylines carry over. Also, depending on the new publisher, we could see a return of the trade paperbacks with better paper stock and better contracts and planning to get us all the missing issues. I dislike Ken Penders, but imagine if another publisher found a way to give us those old issues in trade paperbacks? Archie and Ken mix like oil and water, but a new publisher may be easier for him to work with so that we can get past the messes of the past and see some pre-252 stories published again. Archie has shown that they are changing as a company, and I do not think Sonic is their future. The Archie Adventure line died out. The Archie Action line dried up to essentially become the Sonic series. Outside of Sonic, they are not dealing with licensed comics. Archie is best left without the license and we really deserve something better as fans.
  16. I news'd it on bits and included some thoughts of my own: http://segabits.com/blog/2017/01/17/rumor-archie-comics-cancelling-sonic-the-hedgehog-comic-series/ My opinion: Archie Comics has screwed up time and time again with the Sonic line, between poorly written contracts with creatives, lawsuits, cancelling successful lines like Sonic Boom and Mega Man due to Archie’s own financial struggles, postponing trade paperbacks due to ongoing lawsuits and financial struggles, and pushing the Sonic comics to the bottom of their list of priorities as they focus on their upcoming Riverdale TV series and their rebooted Archie line. The latest Sonic comics, for example, have banner ads for Riverdale on the covers. Since last year, SEGA has really turned things around with the Sonic brand. The Sonic social media accounts are incredibly popular thanks to the efforts of Aaron Webber and his team. Licensing the Sonic brand has seen a huge uptick, with multiple branding books for the different branches of the franchise. We’re seeing some really quality merchandise from Cook & Becker and Kid Robot. Sure Archie Sonic comics are firing on all cylinders in terms of story and artwork, but I just think that the brand deserves better when it comes to a publisher. SEGA likely sees this too, and as the contract for the license is likely up for renewal, SEGA has finally decided to not continue with Archie. Thus, the cancellation that we are seeing play out. Does this mean that Sonic comics are no more? Maybe, or it is more likely that SEGA will go with a publisher that treats licensed comics with much more care. I can easily see Sonic the Hedgehog comics happening with a publisher like Boom! Studios or IDW. Interestingly, Sonic comics writer Ian Flynn also does work for IDW with their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics. Should Sonic find a home at IDW, it would be relatively easy to reassemble the team. As for numbering, it should be noted that IDW is not against continuing the numbering of a long running series. Disney Comics & Stories, which began in 1940, is still published today by IDW. Despite being the series seventh publisher, they still continue the numbering with the series in the 700s. Also worth noting, IDW handles trade paperbacks for several Archie Comics series including classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics, which existed as an Archie Adventure Series alongside Sonic in the 1990s. While this is sad news, if true, it could lead to great things in the long run should SEGA choose another comics publisher with more stable contracts, higher quality trade paperbacks and the option for some really wild crossovers.
  17. SEGAbits review is up: http://segabits.com/blog/2016/10/06/review-sonic-boom-fire-ice-nintendo-3ds/ I'd say it's late, but we received the code the night before release and wanted to give it a proper review. So I'd say it is right on time.
  18. European fans should take note that the Collector's Edition appears to purposefully not include Mega Drive OR Genesis on any of the items. The console Sonic is standing on is not branded Genesis or Mega Drive and the SEGA logo is in place where the UK Mega Drive & SEGA logos are. The cartridge is called a "SEGA Cartridge". So it appears that they made it a point to design this with Americas and Europe in mind.
  19. Here's the audience reaction we recorded for Project Sonic 2017, I loved when people started yelling "THE RESISTANCE!"
  20. I managed to catch the audience's reaction to Sonic Mania, much cheers for Heroes (lol), Classic Sonic and 3 Playable Characters:
  21. Here's a hands on first impressions vid from George and myself, with footage courtesy of Neo Hazard with Bartman at the controls.
  22. Hi all, I wanted to give a heads up on a Sonic & SEGA community event I'm co-hosting with the Galloping Ghost arcade just outside Chicago in Brookfield, IL. Galloping Ghost Arcade is America's largest arcade, with over 500 classic arcade machines. I discovered the place about two years ago (they opened in 2010) and have visited as often as I could ever since. I got to know the owner and suggested that SEGAbits and the arcade join forces for an event. They hold a yearly SEGA Week, featuring ten ongoing SEGA tournaments over the course of a week, and I suggested we add to that and have the final day be a SEGAbits Saturday. With SEGA 3D Classics Collection releasing and Sonic's 25th, I chose April 25th to 30th to celebrate both, as well as the many other SEGA anniversaries happening this year. So here's the happenings: • All week long you can play and post scores for the ten games selected for the tournaments, the games will be SEGA titles and will be secret until the event kicks off on Monday • Monday will see the reveal of some new (old) SEGA classic arcade machines • Saturday will see more reveals of new (old) SEGA classic arcade machines including a BIG ONE (literally, it is a big machine) • Sonic & Knuckles Rock the Rock champion Chris Tang will be in attendance all week long • Saturday will also feature a kid's only Sonic tournament featuring SEGASonic the Hedgehog (Galloping Ghost is the only arcade in America to have this to my knowledge) as well as the recently acquired Sonic Championship aka Sonic the Fighters • There just might be the occasional surprise challenges in which a certain goal needs to be met, if you win you get something (a Best of Sonic book, digital copy of 3D Classics Collection, a shirt) • Special signage placed throughout the arcade noting anniversary titles and 3D Classics titles, complete with some trivia The arcade is $15 to enter and play all day, with all games available. No quarters needed. Some former Gottlieb and Midway developers are friends of the arcade, so you can actually buy some cool signed prints at the counter from the creator of Q*bert. They occasionally show up for events like this, so who knows if you might bump into one of them. More details can be found here: http://segabits.com/blog/2016/03/30/join-us-for-sega-week-at-galloping-ghost-arcade-in-brookfield-il-april-25th-to-30th/ http://www.gallopingghostarcade.com/
  23. I can confirm that that is my Big the Cat figure at the end of the game. My extent of contributing. Since I had an inkling of what was coming, with the help of our web designer Shadi we went ahead and added a special plugin for today at segabits.com It's a one time thing, so if you miss it you will have to clear your cache/cookies/fish. Can't wait for the full game.
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