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  1. Could you cover All Hail Shadow? I recreated the instrumental myself and was going to sing over it for the album, I cant seem to get my vocals sounding on par though.. Do you have a reasonable microphone/studio set up for recording? If so I'll send it through
  2. I'm coming back to contribute to this album! I'll have something finalized tommorow so I hope I'm not too late, Aplogies for missing last years album after contributing to the first 2. I'll be back!
  3. EXACTLY! I want to be excited but for what? It's annoying cus I'm not trying to hate, I'm honestly a MASSIVE Sonic fan and will stick by him through almost anything but I shouldn't have to wait this long. They really cant just release a single image releated to the new game? You know that 1 image could spark pages after pages of specualtion and bring something fresh to the table. I get that but because the wait has been so long inbetween games It's more acceptable, i'm not saying it's fair but it's more believeable. I want a new Metroid too but I know from the past this is just how it goes. Sonic on the other hand is used to getting a lot of news about him. One thing some people have said to me on the IRC aswell, Which I would like to clear up. I am not asking for the game to be released any earlier, I dont care if the game takes until 2017. I really really don't, If that is what it will take for it to be good and mindblowing then go ahead and take that long but please don't leave us in the dark any longer. Are they really trying to tell us there isn't ANY asset from the game they can release, or tease without hurting the reveal? BullS**t. I'd be happy with a single Enemy Design or a 30 second clip of music from the game. Or even a shilloute like what they did with the Sonic 4 Needlemouse teaser.
  4. Sorry but what was the point in the convention again? I know they said no new game announcement would be presented but seriously not even a tease for specualtion? All the numbers just meant another convention? You expect me to fall for it twice? No. This going to sound like I'm bitching but please hear me out that's not my intent, I genuinely feel let down and led on. Sonic Lost world was released October 2013. So I waited all of 2014 with no news but thats fine, hey it's only a year. Then 2015 came and they said to us, I quote, 2015 was meant to be "The year of Sonic". With a name like that I expcted a game announcement, and what did we get? Sonic Boom. I'm not going to go too deep into wether Sonic Boom is bad or not, I didn't like it personally but if you did then great It just wasn't something to do with the main Sonic series. Especially when the last game we got was Lost World, I mean c'mon, really? I completely understand that rushing a game just to meet some peoples needs is completely out of the question, I just want a teaser video or even just a single image! I feel like I've been played for a fool and this convention happened for the simple fact to try and round up some hype in the Sonic Community and generate some new fans/get old fans to get interested in the series for when they do announce the new game. Which is a good marketing and promotion teqhinique but not when we've been waiting since 2014. Then when he said there might not be an announcement at the 25th Anniversary event either, Why are we even bothering? For the longest god damn time now I've been waiting... waiting... waiting... and for what? I'm not trying to hate here I gues I am being a little impatient, but I've waited more than 2 years now and all I want is the slightest hint of information about the new project.. Don't we deserve that? I have no doubt what they are going to announce will be amazing and I have faith in SEGA/Sonic Team for that.. I'm just saying i'm one of those fans who's hype has started to plummit and I'll be excited when they announce it yeah, but I probably wont be anywhere near as enthusiastic about it as I would of been mid 2015/ very early 2016. We've stuck by Sonic/Sega/Sonic Team through the thick and thin, through the glitched full and unfinished games, when it seemed there was no hope we still stook with you, so you knew you wasn't alone. I never stopped loving Sonic but I mean this with all my heart and it hurts to say. After waiting so long, being teased and teased but with no new info. Metaphorically, I don't feel like Sonic loves me anymore. I refuse to be teased and treat with no respect after we stuck by you guys, You cannot just make us wait two years with nothing new AT ALL. Thank you SEGA for giving me the greatest video game character and all of the fun memories, I respect and love you for that. Though I cannot forgive you for this.
  5. You know I'm going to be on this! need to sit and think hard about 4 tracks to remix. Do we get 2 collabs on top of the 4 solo tracks? So 6 tracks in total? If it's only 4 tracks all together then that kind of sucks :/
  6. I'f your not a fan of the beehive level then at least its only ONE level. The other levels are non-automated by the looks of things, (There maybe 2 or 3 more automated running levels).. I can see why people would wan't the graphical style from Unleashed/Generations back, i agree it does look gorgeous, But I think SEGA is trying to make a style that reminisces on the classics and the adventure series a little. Personally for me, this cartoony style screams SA1+Xtreme. I think the problem with Unleashed/Generations is that there was some gorgeous graphics and areas but because of the on-rails nature of the game you couldn't go and free roam and explore the world fully and see all of its potential. It seems with Lost World there is a lot more freedom and I'd rather have simpler graphics and be able to explore the whole level. I think we should let Sonic get back onto his feet with this game and let SEGA concentrate on exploration and level designs, Then look at better graphics later down the line. I'm happy that Sonic is finally starting to get good again, It's been a long road since Sonic 06. I think all the games from then up to now have slowly been letting Sonic find himself again and remember why we loved him so much, and we must remember that massive changes NEVER end well. So just let Sonic take footsteps on the road to recovery from game to game and we'll have him back in no time.
  7. Personally from what I can see I think these new characters fit the colorful, cartoony and abstract feel that the game is trying to create. People complain that there's too many Sonic characters nowadays, So doing something like this seems a good idea because these new characters will probably be in this game and this game only. Kind of like the Wisps. I think if they took some inspiration from Megaman and made each of the characters give you a new ability when you defeat them in battle (Or befriend them if there allies), It'd be really cool. Then as you progress through the game you get stronger and stronger and feel even more ultimate when you reach the final boss. I will admit the characters don't look very Sonic like, But who am i to judge when all I've seen is silhouettes, maybe when we see the actual 3D renders and see how they've been Shaded and Textured they might look pretty awesome. ​On a side note, Can't we all just respect each other's opinions? It makes me sad that there's so much arguing and hate when this is supposed to be somewhere we can all come to share our love for the blue blur :/ We've all got different ideas of how the perfect Sonic game should be and SEGA can't please everyone. Instead of just saying "Thats a stupid idea", Can't we try to see peoples opinions from their point of view and respect them?
  8. Unlike other ports I'll be getting this because it's being built from the ground up, Am I right in saying the current Sonic 1 on Ios is a genesis emulator? One of the things I liked about the Sonic CD port though was it had a 2xres filter on the graphics which made them look smoother and slicker, It doesn't seem like we will be getting that this time round though which is a shame, I know it's only something small but it really does give the game a fresh and modern look to it. I'm looking forward to the remastered soundtrack, It may be using Sonic 4 instruments but I they sounded pretty awesome in Episode 2, Just the actual melody composition was lacking, So hopefully the soundtrack should sound great because the arrangement's are already there. All in all I'll be buying this port and will be getting the Sonic 2 port too. I really hope it does lead to a Sonic 3 and Knuckles port, Knowing SEGA we'll have to buy each one individually though, There best be some lock-on support !
  9. Yeah I have the original discs, I've had my SA1 and SA2 Dreamcast CD's since a young kid and the gamecube version I picked up a couple of years ago.. I just chose to back them up and emulate them so I'd always have the original discs tucked away in there boxes, The dreamcast games mean a lot to me since I've had them a long time and I'd prefer them to be safe and only needed if I lose the backup on my PC, Then I can back them up again.
  10. I've backed up both versions on my pc as image files and can play them either using NullDC and Dolphin.. Both have 720p widescreen features that create close to the same result as the new port
  11. Sorry I couldn't make it to the show Rexy I have just finished listening to the downloadable version though and it was a great show! Thanks to everyone for there kind words ^^ There's some real awesome work here guys, Can't wait to hear the rest of the album :')
  12. If this new Port brought something new to the table like extra unlockables or some new missions to do then I would of bought it, But it's a port, Thats it. Apart from widescreen support (and not even in some of the CG Movies), some life icon changes and higher quality models in 2player it's the exact same as SA2 Battle. I absolutely love SA2 but I already have the original Dreamcast version and the Gamecube version so I don't see in any point in spending my money on it.
  13. Cant wait for this! Well done to everyone who contributed, It's been a massive achievement for us all
  14. Why thankyou Rexy I thought the original sounded a bit empty instrumentation wise so I thought to myself "If I was to do the music for Sonic 4 how would I approach it"
  15. Damn, I missed the show I bet no-one recorded the whole thing? If they did I'd appreciate it a lot if you'd send it my way !
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