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  1. Pretty sure it's a H-anime (I mean the figures that come from the series are all cast off/x-rated so I don't know) It's about dominating and discipling students or something lol.

    Well I'll be damned, guess I'll cross that off the list that stuff isn't really my cup of tea.

  2. I love collaboration releases. They really seem to spark the musician in me, and others especially those on these forums, to really push the envelope on their work. Count me in, with a promise that there'll be no disappointment here.

    I agree with this so much!!

  3. So I've been watching Yu Yu Hakasho for the past couple of weeks and I gotta say this is a pretty awesome series. I remember Cartoon Network showed this during the toonami block many years ago and I liked it but unfortunately I never knew its name because it was in Japanese. The characters are great, the pacing is good and its just well written there are a few things that I felt that they won by dumb luck or easily won a fight without any effort. It doesn't really ruin anything most of it is actually funny and cool. And if there's one thing I have to say is that the theme song kicks ass just listen to it

    How come nobody talks about this show? Besides the fact that its old and its over

    Its a perfect example of a good shonen. The writing is awesome to me. I think more people should watch it.

  4. Take it as a cue then, go get the original show and watch it. It's dubbed, if that makes any difference, and the actress who does Asuka is obcessed with the character and has her room filled with NGE merchandise.


    ... that's all I know about the eng dub, really :V I first watched this when I was like... 10? 2002, I think. There were DVDs with the Portuguese dub and the Japanese one, and I remember renting them and recording the episodes on VHS since my tv set was set up like that. Good times. Not a bad dub for the time, I think. Maybe I'll try finding it to show my 13-year-old nephew.


    Yeah thats around the time when I first watched it. The dub was actually pretty decent and I like how the voice actress for Asuka had some german accents instilled in the voice. Sounded rather cool hahah XD

  5. Honestly Ground Zeroes is really just for fans like you and I. Do I think its fair to charge 30 bucks for a prolouge? Not really, however, its true, if you play Metal Gear just to play it and have no mind for the story, characters etc, then its kind of waste for ya. I played all of them and know the story leading up to 5. I haven't even played GZ yet, but I am so psyched to do so.

  6. Hi guys. Been a while I haven't check this thread up. Had a lot of music studying.


    ANYWAY just a quick question: When will the album be released?


    I still have some doubts that Jeff haven't gathered all the songs I submitted for TSSMA '13. Just please someone tell me ASAP if he probably did it already. Gotta clear up my SoundCloud space...

    We are not sure, but usually if Jeff hasn't said anything is either he is probably putting stuff together or busy with Uni or school of the sorts. So I guess until he makes a post here we will know for sure.

  7. I don't mind some Fan service in the sense that it doesn't ruin the show. Is that too much to ask? I say this for shows that start with great premises. Thankfully, there are shows that can provide some interest. Not as much as before but nonetheless. Of course, when we think about it overall, that stuff is real popular over there in japan. Meh. It's whatever I suppose, I have been getting into a phase where I don't even watch as much as I used to.

  8. Miyazaki says the problem with anime is that its full of Otakus. Agree or not? I personally do, and mainly because I don't consider myself Otaku by any means whatsoever. These days it is hard for me to find an anime thats actually worth a damn. Like less and less interesting shows are coming out. Sometimes when there is one, it ruined by excessive fan service (where most of the animation budget and frames go, sadly) and weak plots. Humanizing is also becoming less aparent. But of course these are all preferences. And people wonder why alot of my favorite shows are stuff from like 10 - 15 years ago. 



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