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  1. Knux has gotten brolic as fuck!!

  2. This was the first Sonic title I played and I am glad I did. The Sega Genesis was also the first console I owned. Man all I can say is memories. I am became such a Sega fan when I realized that they also made games like Streets Of Rage and Gunstar heroes etc. Good times back in the late 90's for me. Sonic 3 is my fav. (and knuckles too)
  3. Well here is one of the songs I arranged. Did the Special Stage from Sonic 1. I love the original so much. I'll inbox the download for MP3 tomorrow Jeff http://youtu.be/L5sv4h4RWsI
  4. I don't mind some Fan service in the sense that it doesn't ruin the show. Is that too much to ask? I say this for shows that start with great premises. Thankfully, there are shows that can provide some interest. Not as much as before but nonetheless. Of course, when we think about it overall, that stuff is real popular over there in japan. Meh. It's whatever I suppose, I have been getting into a phase where I don't even watch as much as I used to.
  5. Miyazaki says the problem with anime is that its full of Otakus. Agree or not? I personally do, and mainly because I don't consider myself Otaku by any means whatsoever. These days it is hard for me to find an anime thats actually worth a damn. Like less and less interesting shows are coming out. Sometimes when there is one, it ruined by excessive fan service (where most of the animation budget and frames go, sadly) and weak plots. Humanizing is also becoming less aparent. But of course these are all preferences. And people wonder why alot of my favorite shows are stuff from like 10 - 15 years ago. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2014-01-30/miyazaki/the-problem-with-the-anime-industry-is-it-full-of-otaku
  6. I love the thought of the idea But yeah I am gonna have to agree with the others. Of course with that said, new or not, everyone should be treated with respect. That is something I can agree on
  7. I agree, I think people are really working hard on there songs so maybe the inactivity is sort of needed. How strange, but I kinda admire it.
  8. Sonic 1's Special Stage music is something I loveeeeeee.

    1. goku262002


      Neh, give me Sonic 3's anyday.

    2. Klinsy
  9. Well its not your typical anime, we can start with that. The show and setting has a more western approach. Actual references to things in western culture are made as well. Tons of Gunplay, swearing, philosophical and moral topics. Though nothing extremely deep nor little in amount, its just right. I guess I can safely say its not a show for everyone.....is it that a bad thing? Hell no, because the show does exactly what it wants too. It just doesn't care.
  10. One of my favorite things about the show is that it really is as good as the manga. Probably because its quite faithful to it. Except for a few parts from the manga but nothing actually important. Like this one page where they show her taking a shower and she is naked etc.
  11. HELL YEAH!!! But aw man....they are gonna censor alot since I mean the word " Fuck " is thrown around alot.....and by alot I mean every few sentences. But at least its on!
  12. I didn't watch Space Dandy, but if its all about Fan Service then I'll pass.
  13. Is Kill La Kill just full of Fanservice? Because thats all I hear about the show. Sucks because that turns me away from it. What a waste.

    1. SuperLink


      turned me away from it for a while too, but it is possible to ignore it and it eventually got too good for me to care, but I don't know if everyone could get past it.

    2. PSI Wind

      PSI Wind

      Watch episode 12. Trust me, only psychotic people will get turned on to what happens in that episode.

    3. Candescence


      Well, the fanservice is only a fragment of a show that's, well, completely fucking bonkers. I love the characters, the action, the humor, and the animation, among other things. The fanservice is merely icing on top.

      Incidentally, there's quite a bit of manservice too, so it's equal-opportunity fanservice.

    4. Urban Flow

      Urban Flow

      I'll see when I can give it a shot.

    5. Chaos Warp

      Chaos Warp

      There is fanservice, but it actually ties into a plot point and theme of the show

    6. SuperLink


      ^not very well

      the show would easily work without said plot point, it doesn't really add much.

    7. Urban Flow

      Urban Flow

      Fanservice that ties into the show? Wow that sounds kinda ridiculous to be honest :( But i'll try it

  14. I wish the majority of anime fans thought like this though Because in the end it really makes the normal fan look fucking stupid.
  15. Weebs really get defensive when you tell them you don't like Angel beats, Clannad, or even Sword Art Online for that matter. As I noticed today with my brother's friend. Lets just say that I laughed alot as he tried to convince me that Angel Beats was like the best thing ever made. Now don't get me wrong we all have our preferances but don't get in a bunch if I tell you if I don't like it and you ask me about it. Even with reasons behind it against Otakus or weaboos (guessing an Otaku is pretty much a weaboo or another word for it) its like talking to a brick wall ha ha.
  16. So whats a " True Gamer " again? haha because apparently true gamers don't plat GTA or COD or even anything remotely popular. Some people I swear.

    1. Urban Flow

      Urban Flow

      *Play (oh well, its not like gamers don't play games they like right?)

    2. Cola


      there is no such thing as a true gamer

    3. goku262002


      True gamers play minecraft.

      All day.



    4. SuperLink


      a true gamer is someone who enjoys playing video games

  17. I think GTA is fine. It's an exaggeration. Hell, videos games are an exaggeration. A good one at that. If parents or whoever thinks the games are too violent or filled with tons of profanity then don't let your child play it. There are ratings on games for a reason. Besides, games are a nice way to entertain yourself and relive stress. It shouldn't be used as a blueprint for a school massacre.
  18. Out of all the new shows in the whole chart, only Nobunaga the fool seemed interesting to me. The Lupin & Cased Closed movie should be sweet too!
  19. Urban Flow


    I usually play games without resorting to any sources of help because I like the challenge. I usually start games on the hardest difficulty too. Though I am pretty good at games in general so eh there is that. I use cheats in games like GTA, its like when I feel like screwing around. Though I like getting achievements on Xbox so even if I did cheat or use cheat codes the game disables the achievements so there is that. I am not really against it but I don't do it when it comes to serious playing. Like if I got stuck on a puzzle in a game and there is a cheat to skip to the next area, I would totally put my self that challenge in figuring it, even if it took days. Its working my mind that I enjoy really.
  20. Gonna be blunt. Ya need variety like Xtreme said, Or else you are gonna sound like everyone else on Yotube or at least for the most part. So I know you are still learning, which is good, but if you wanna expand your music, then you must keep trying your best in expanding your knowledge of it as well. Keep on practing man and I am sure eventually you will get to where you wanna be I like the chemical plant mix btw. Cheers. Hopefully I didn't come off as harsh.
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