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  1. Yes I support this. Hunter X Hunter is muy bueno!!
  2. Love this song so much!!

  3. Anybody have an anime (or more then one) that they think are truly overrated? Curious about this.
  4. Honestly, I think my balls are gonna explode if tuesday does not get here any faster.
  5. This quite difficult for me to say but damn its a tie between S3 & K and Sonic Adventure for me. Though I love Sonic '06's OST tons.
  6. NOOOOOOOO!!! I LOVE YOU REN!!!! !!! ahh man. But I understand. Do what you must bro! Gonna miss ya man! Honestly I like what I heard from you so far, it was sick!
  7. Really looking into getting a Wii-U soon hopefully!

  8. Its my favorite console of all time next to the dreamcast. I was a genesis kid growing. I prefer it over the SNES if I was forced to choose. I love from the classics to the very obscure.
  9. Sonic Lost World is looking cool! Might have to get a Wii U Soon.

    1. FromASloth


      >wants one so much

      >can't afford it

      >the struggle is real

  10. I thought the same exact thing.
  11. I saw the Multiplayer. Looks super cool! Looking forward to it.
  12. Well I decided I love Speed Highway At Dawn too much so if it hasn't been picked, I'll be doing that. I have 3 so far. Mega Collection - Options Extras Sonic CD JP - Wacky Workbench (PAST) SA 1 - Speed Highway At Dawn =P
  13. Jazz is my remedy.

  14. God created me to piss off weaboos.

    1. Tara


      not sugoi desu -_-

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


      UR A TRUE HERO! ;A;

      *gives Urban a Purple Heart of SSMB*

    3. Urban Flow
    4. Cyrus


      If God wanted weeaboos to live in peace, he'd not have created UF!

    5. Urban Flow
  15. GTA V you are too pretty

    1. C4k3


      Drink up!

  16. I have the collectors pre-ordered so I am just fucking hyped as hell man.
  17. Alright well I call dibs on Options, Extras theme from Sonic Mega Collection and Wacky Workbench Past JP for now.
  18. Sign me up homie. Ill let ya know what songs ill be doing later viz.
  19. I am trying to figure out who breaks the record for visiting profiles most, Felix or Chaos Warp?

    1. Kiah


      It's a close call, but I think it is Chaos Warp from what I've seen :P

    2. Frogging101


      Chaos Warp for sure. He's everywhere, man. EVERYWHERE.

    3. Blue Wisp
    4. Kiah


      Yeah, Chaos Warp, as I have already declared him my SSMB stalker lol. Felix is a close second, and I do mean close :P

  20. I booted up my Genesis and played Sonic 3 since it was the first sonic game I played.
  21. Yeah this could super awesome and then it could be bad. Any who, I hope its great, love the first one.
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