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  1. Missed the radio show =/ Was busy unfortunately. Wish someone recorded it. I was dying to hear some other entries. Oh well no biggie. Can't wait to Download. Hope to contribute to future albums !
  2. Everything is looking nice. Can't wait to DL
  3. Alright well here is my fixed Ice Mountain mix. I named it "The Mountain Full Of Ice" just to a be a bit creative with the name instead of just putting "Ice Mountain Act 1" haha. Anyways here : http://www.mediafire.com/?6vqhkmot8mfqk6u
  4. Hey one question. Is it okay If I can make some mixing edits to my ice mountain Act 1 mix and re-submit? If its not allowed then I understand.
  5. Are you talking about mixing/mastering? Or I am just being dumb
  6. My MP3 player will be happy when this album is released
  7. Honestly, the music. Sega (in my eyes) have fantastic composers that definitely capture the sound of Sonic very well. Always keeps me interested. Infact, I really like the Sonic 06 OST. But my favorite has to be Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
  8. haha its a project I started sometime ago. I just did not know it would be that long myself! And well I decided why not submit right? I was kinda skeptical about it because I doubt any of the other entries are 10 minutes long haha but seeing as its ok, then awesome.
  9. Alright well here is my last entry. I hope the time is okay with the rules. Feel free to take a listen. MP3 Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?69y1auw3hp3hepe
  10. Add this on there. MP3 Link: http://www.mediafire...h9jbfuvxrva816m
  11. Thanks! Say, how many tracks are we allowed to submit? 3? I can probably do another one. I dunno about 3 though. I think that's a bit too much.
  12. Well I have an Ice Mountain Act 1 remix from Sonic Advance I did a while back. Can I get noted for that? MP3: http://www.mediafire...1mda70ucnruxsry
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