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  1. I mean I don't see a problem with it being a Wii-U. But I do know what Azure is talking about. My main concern is BlazBlue characters being in my fucking Guilty Gear Okay I kid, I kid. I like BlazBlue.
  2. I am just glad that people can't give me flak for buying an Xbox One or saying something stupid like "you are not a real gamer". If the game is good I'll play it no matter the system really.

    1. Sixth-Rate Soma
    2. Strickerx5


      Yeah, still going to hold off in till the price drop. *coughornexthaloreleasecough*

    3. Urban Flow

      Urban Flow

      @Soma I think you missed the word "GOOD" LMAO

    4. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      Wario Land was for the Virtual Boy! >:(

    5. #AR


      The previous idiocy of Microsoft didn't stop me from being interested in Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, Crimson Dragon, and Fantasia.

    6. Urban Flow

      Urban Flow

      @soma I guess heh

    7. Amomynous


      I'm usually a lot more interested in the games than the console, but I have been thoroughly put off the x-box one

    8. Urban Flow

      Urban Flow

      @AR Sunset OD looks awesome, I mean its insomniac so I am sure it will not disappoint

    9. Amomynous


      I usually buy whatever has the best games, but I have been thoroughly put off the X-Box One to an extent where I don't think that would save it.

  3. Well I am just looking forward to launch day! All of my XBL buddies I play online with alot agreed to purchase an Xbone.
  4. I agree pretty much. The irony of the topic itself is just killing me right now. Its not making much sense at all.
  5. So fucking hype for MGS V!!!

    1. TheOcelot
    2. Crow the BOOLET
    3. Urban Flow

      Urban Flow

      People who don't like Metal Gear maybe? ha

  6. What do you call a nun in a wheelchair? Virgin Mobile.

    1. Urban Flow

      Urban Flow

      Somebody said that, I was just dying of laughter.

  7. Thank you Solkia for posting this:

    1. Solkia


      but I didn't :o

    2. Urban Flow

      Urban Flow

      Really???? oh well you did now. Man what the fuck am I on.

  8. Ran out of likes, fuck. I agree!
  9. Exactly. If people were saying stuff like, "oh if you buy an Xbone you are supporting microsoft and their fuck you-anti-consumer machine policies + you are shame to gamers" how can people still complain now that the DRM is removed?? Why would it be a bad thing if I bought the machine now that they made a big change to something that received quite the backlash? I don't get people sometimes man. They know they fucked up, they fix it, and then now some folks still find a way to complain.
  10. Good Microsoft, good!

  11. This is a good day for Microsoft.
  12. Great post Indigo! I however am still confused/anxious about Xbox One being sold by Gamestop. I mean the whole used games/DRM deal....ehehe I dunno. I mean if the CEO of Gamestop said he was looking forward to Xbox One pretty sure already knowing the DRM policies beforehand. Every part of microsoft is saying something different when it comes to DRM. I mean I am getting the system, because I personally like Xbox and have a good time on Xbox Live especially, but they need to set the record straight. Because its all mixed messages to me at this point.
  13. I wanted to go to the movies but its so freaking hot outside and I do not have a car. Damn!!

    1. DemonShad716


      I feel your pain bro.

  14. Yeah I dunno many people who have seen Gungrave, but I as well suggest it. It was pretty good how the characters played out and well I first took note of it because of the author of trigun.
  15. Sega usually delivers excellence with music. Good to know Ohtani is back, sure getting unleashed vibes from that song actually.
  16. The part where young toguro kicks the living shit outta elder was hilarious, it gets me every time I rewatch the series. I just wish alot more shonen took a look at Yu Yu in terms of pacing, because 112 episodes is a good amount and won't drag out, especially since the show is so well written.
  17. Yeah that is true. I actually have Substance for the Xbox.
  18. I think I fell in love with Quiet even though I know not much about her but she reminds me of Sniper Wolf. Apparently a quite pretty girl named Stefanie Joosten, who is a model and actress plays her (and well her appearance is used too). Sweeeeet. She has a twitter as well where she uploads some of the sessions for the game and what not. https://twitter.com/stefanieGMJ
  19. Who here are really big into Metal Gear? I just wanna know hehe don't wanna feel alone.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


    2. DocAzure


      You've got me!

    3. Urban Flow

      Urban Flow

      haha good! OCELOT!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT NOW LIQUID!!!

    4. KHCast
    5. Da Blu Hedgie

      Da Blu Hedgie

      As of now only rising, 3d gave me a horrible impression already.

    6. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


      *Ocelot shoots himself and flash forward to his funeral*


    7. Urban Flow
    8. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Egoraptor knows about his Metal Gear. lawl

    9. Urban Flow

      Urban Flow

      I remember watching that the first time so fucking funny.

  20. I think I drink too much water. I need to be careful.

    1. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      hyper-hydration is a thing, but that only happens with a serious overdose of H2O

    2. Urban Flow

      Urban Flow

      ah okay I see

  21. This was one of the first games I played on my Genesis along with Sonic 3 & Gunstar Heroes. I actually like this game alot. It was graphically impressive for its time I will admit. The music is fantastic too - both versions. If I choose, definitely Genesis, but the Richard Jaques compositions on the sat urn are top tier as well. Who knows, it probably is nostalgia bias (like Dr. Crusher said) x10 since I played it on actual genesis. Good times
  22. Watching people get upset over the Xbox One is pretty entertaining I must admit.

    1. Urban Flow

      Urban Flow

      Youtube comments. hahahahaha

    2. Komodin


      Watching people try to defend its more... questionable aspects is more entertaining to me.

    3. Milo


      The most amusing though is undeniably the new fuckups M$ does everytime a new report on Xbone is released.

    4. Urban Flow

      Urban Flow

      yeah I went to IGN and there are articles that are no where near anything about xbox or micro and its mentioned lmao

  23. Whatever the hell happened to Tekken X Street Fighter? That is still being made right? I hope so really.

    1. Wraith



    2. Urban Flow
    3. Wraith


      lol no I'm just fucking with ya. It's still in development.

    4. SuperLink


      naw it's still happening, Harada is just putting loads of thought into it because lots of fans criticised SFxT. Tekken Revolution is supposedly a bit of a focus test for TxSF.

    5. Urban Flow

      Urban Flow

      Don't scare me like that you cunt....hehehe

    6. Urban Flow

      Urban Flow

      @superlink GOOD!

  24. I know people have been calling it Red Dead Metal Gear, but I don't really give a shit. I trust Kojima and thats that.
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