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  1. My Sonic Mania Collector's Edition order from Amazon is now showing a September release date
  2. I realize Sonic games are no Skyrim or Witcher 3, but could a collection of all the modern games even fit on a PS4/Xbone disc? Anyways, I wouldn't mind seeing more sonic collections. In fact, I'd like to see other separate collections in addition to that one: 1. a classic/middle age Sonic collection for PS4/XBone/Switch. It would be Sonic 1-Sonic Heroes (and have Sonic CD included as well), with features not seen since Sonic Jam (A museum hub world, with various images, music, and videos from 1991 till 2003/4 [whatever year Heroes came out). And maybe include the Master System versions of 8-Bit sonic games as well. Perhaps they could have Sonic 1, 2, and CD be the Taxman remakes instead of their original versions. 2. A Handheld sonic collection for the 3DS and/or Switch, including the Game Gear games, the Advance trilogy, and maybe the Rush series if it could fit. 3. A spinoff Sonic collection for the PS4/Xbone/Switch. It would have various spinoffs from Sonic's career, including ones like 3D Blast, Spinball, R, etc and maybe some of the more obscure ones like Knuckles Chaotix, SEGASonic, etc
  3. I actually preferred Generations' the best because it was the only one that I never felt like rage quitting when going after the best ranks. But, I also enjoyed SA1's faux-rank system because it was a rank system without a rank system. You just complete the task and the reward was given to you, without there being an additional grade on top of it. You do the A-Rank requirement? You get your A-Rank emblem, without worry of "You completed the goal, just not good enough!". I just feel that with the proper ranking system of all the games starting with SA2, it could get too strict at times. Except with Generations with how easy they made it.
  4. This reminds me, it is a shame we never got the Taxman remasters of Sonic 1 and 2 on platforms that aren't smartphones. The only place we ever got those were the absolute worst places for videogames. And we never got a remaster of 3 at all... I still hold out for a Mega Drive collection to include them and Sonic CD's remaster, but I guess it will never happen.
  5. 1. Sonic 06 had a good soundtrack 2. Sonic Unleashed has great graphics and fun daytime stages 3. Sonic Adventure 2 has a good soundtrack and decent controls and good graphics for its time 4. Sonic Lost World has decent level design for the tube levels 5. Sonic Heroes is absolutely gorgeous for its time and has a good soundtrack There are other games I find bad, but only these five can I think of good things to say at the moment for.
  6. July 22nd is my birthday. I wouldn't go though, I live on the other side of the country, plus I would rather read about events like this than spend money to go because I'm cheap like that.
  7. I think nostalgia is the only saving grace for the Adventure games. The first one is the better of the two, but they both have so many problems that no way can I call either of them good Sonic games, much less good games in general. I think that is because while 1/6th of the characters play exactly like Sonic [being Sonic himself], 1/2 of the game still manages to more closely play like an actual sonic game instead of SA2's 1/3. Tails plays just like Sonic in SA1 minus two details [having the time limit of another person going after the goal, as well as smaller levels]. Tails plays nothing like Sonic in SA2 Amy also plays like a, while vastly inferior thanks to her being extremely slow, regular platformer. If SA2 had 3 characters be regular platformers instead of just Sonic and Shadow, then I think SA2 would get more of a pass like SA1 gets. Plus sequels are supposed to improve aspects of the prior game not make the same mistakes and then some more [like making the radar system of treasure hunting even worse].
  8. I tried finally finishing my iOS Sonic collection a few weeks ago and S4 Episode 2 was gone back then from the App Store in the USA
  9. On the waiting for the official USA release... If real life was Sonic CD, I would be Sonic left idle for 2:59. I'm about to jump down and give the player a game over screen
  10. Edit: I am very sorry, I misread the title. Didn't realize this was exclusive to 2D sonic level design
  11. my heart tells me Scratch and Grounder, but I don't care who is best to be honest. I have nothing against Orbot and Cubot
  12. Yeah, it is definitely a bad game. 2/3rds are awful [mechs being far clunkier than gamma, treasure hunting being a complete butchery of SA1 knuckles, plus the fact that they both have ZERO place in this franchise to begin with] and even that good 1/3rd is just a watered down version of SA1's Sonic [controls are still fine aside from the annoying 'put every move to one button, but everything else about sonic is watered down there]. I would classify the first Adventure as 'alright' at best. Half of that game is good, while half is bad, but both the good parts of SA1 and the bad parts of SA1 [minus the fishing] are better than the good and bad parts of SA2 respectively. In fact, I think that good half of SA1 to be the closest SEGA has ever gotten to a definitive 3D Sonic experience in terms of being like the source material. Gameplay aside, I also think SA2's attempt at being dark and edgy helped pave the way for them to go completely overboard with it in Shadow and 06. Obviously, SA2 isn't nearly that dark compared to those two, but still I think it was there where they first crossed the dark line of dark vs cartoony [compared to Colors crossing the cartoony line. Sonic isn't a melodrama but at the same time he isn't a PBS cartoon either. I think there needs to be balance between the two]. I can definitely say SA2 has a better presentation than SA1 and while I don't think its soundtrack beats CD, SA1, or S3&K, it is still fantastic.
  13. Im wondering if it was just simple budget, space, and time constraints. Either way such a shame they never released a game like this
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