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  1. My Sonic Mania Collector's Edition order from Amazon is now showing a September release date
  2. I realize Sonic games are no Skyrim or Witcher 3, but could a collection of all the modern games even fit on a PS4/Xbone disc? Anyways, I wouldn't mind seeing more sonic collections. In fact, I'd like to see other separate collections in addition to that one: 1. a classic/middle age Sonic collection for PS4/XBone/Switch. It would be Sonic 1-Sonic Heroes (and have Sonic CD included as well), with features not seen since Sonic Jam (A museum hub world, with various images, music, and videos from 1991 till 2003/4 [whatever year Heroes came out). And maybe include the Master System versions of 8-Bit sonic games as well. Perhaps they could have Sonic 1, 2, and CD be the Taxman remakes instead of their original versions. 2. A Handheld sonic collection for the 3DS and/or Switch, including the Game Gear games, the Advance trilogy, and maybe the Rush series if it could fit. 3. A spinoff Sonic collection for the PS4/Xbone/Switch. It would have various spinoffs from Sonic's career, including ones like 3D Blast, Spinball, R, etc and maybe some of the more obscure ones like Knuckles Chaotix, SEGASonic, etc
  3. I actually preferred Generations' the best because it was the only one that I never felt like rage quitting when going after the best ranks. But, I also enjoyed SA1's faux-rank system because it was a rank system without a rank system. You just complete the task and the reward was given to you, without there being an additional grade on top of it. You do the A-Rank requirement? You get your A-Rank emblem, without worry of "You completed the goal, just not good enough!". I just feel that with the proper ranking system of all the games starting with SA2, it could get too strict at times. Except with Generations with how easy they made it.
  4. July 22nd is my birthday. I wouldn't go though, I live on the other side of the country, plus I would rather read about events like this than spend money to go because I'm cheap like that.
  5. I tried finally finishing my iOS Sonic collection a few weeks ago and S4 Episode 2 was gone back then from the App Store in the USA
  6. On the waiting for the official USA release... If real life was Sonic CD, I would be Sonic left idle for 2:59. I'm about to jump down and give the player a game over screen
  7. Edit: I am very sorry, I misread the title. Didn't realize this was exclusive to 2D sonic level design
  8. my heart tells me Scratch and Grounder, but I don't care who is best to be honest. I have nothing against Orbot and Cubot
  9. Yeah, it is definitely a bad game. 2/3rds are awful [mechs being far clunkier than gamma, treasure hunting being a complete butchery of SA1 knuckles, plus the fact that they both have ZERO place in this franchise to begin with] and even that good 1/3rd is just a watered down version of SA1's Sonic [controls are still fine aside from the annoying 'put every move to one button, but everything else about sonic is watered down there]. I would classify the first Adventure as 'alright' at best. Half of that game is good, while half is bad, but both the good parts of SA1 and the bad parts of SA1 [minus the fishing] are better than the good and bad parts of SA2 respectively. In fact, I think that good half of SA1 to be the closest SEGA has ever gotten to a definitive 3D Sonic experience in terms of being like the source material. Gameplay aside, I also think SA2's attempt at being dark and edgy helped pave the way for them to go completely overboard with it in Shadow and 06. Obviously, SA2 isn't nearly that dark compared to those two, but still I think it was there where they first crossed the dark line of dark vs cartoony [compared to Colors crossing the cartoony line. Sonic isn't a melodrama but at the same time he isn't a PBS cartoon either. I think there needs to be balance between the two]. I can definitely say SA2 has a better presentation than SA1 and while I don't think its soundtrack beats CD, SA1, or S3&K, it is still fantastic.
  10. Such a shame they are not releasing these awesome games on consoles like CD's remaster... Great remasters, (I have them on my iPad) but nothing makes platformers on touch screens any good to me. I hate touch screen controls I still hope they give Sonic 3 & Knuckles some love and remaster that and make it even more awesome than the Sonic 3 Complete rom
  11. Only if they removed the out of place crap like treasure hunting, shooting, fishing, karting, etc and replaced those levels with ones that actually play like Sonic levels. I wouldn't mind playing as Knuckles, Rouge, Eggman (Actually, I think he and Gamma can be the exception and keep mech shooting, since it actually fits their characters and there is still platforming in those levels), Tails, Big, and Amy in these games if they played like a Sonic game should, but if they keep their out of place gameplay, that would be a dealbreaker for me in any full-on remakes. For example, with Tails, take him out of that clunky mech and keep his levels (mission street, etc), just alter them so that Tails can go through them without a mech. As for Knuckles and Rouge, replace their levels with levels more like a true Sonic games' levels but in the same location (in the desert, inside the Pyramid Base, outside the ARK, etc) and do this: Instead of checkpoint post, checkpoint post, goal ring, have each checkpoint post be an emerald piece, key, or whatever the plot is wanting you to find. However, instead of those things being just floating in the air, have them be inside something you have to dig into or defeat. And if you die after that point, you respawn where that enemy or landmark was (but the enemy wouldn't be there and the Landmark would be empty) and you keep that thing you got already. As for Karting, I guess those can't be replaced. Oh well, at least they are short. I do think they would need a lot of refining in the control department and maybe make the other missions less BS [i'm sorry, but the way missions like 'don't hit the walls' and 'don't hit any traffic' are right now, they are unfun and pretty much unplayable to me] And then there's Big... I guess the only thing I can say is make him play like his Sonic Heroes self and make froggy be in that green bubble like it was in Gamma's Emerald Coast. One other thing, I would LOVE to see Sonic be able to go through Hot Shelter. Not even change the plot, just have a menu option to let you choose a character and a level and basically be a free roam [for lack of a better term]
  12. Well, the adventures are filled with those garbage alternate playstyles that don't belong in the series like treasure hunting, shooting, fishing, chao gardens, and karting and colors and generations have the shallow boost gameplay. So really, I don't know. Since adventure 2 dumbed down all the gameplay from the first (why it is so popular when it is clearly inferior is beyond me), and I think Adventure 1 actually has a good half, I guess i'd prefer 1/2 of the first adventure as well as colors simce it is the least boost-y of the boost games. Though i'd take the inevitable improved sequels to Lost World to both
  13. As much as I dislike the post Sonic Advance 3 DIMPS, we won't see any changes there... Taxman needs to keep doing what he does best. I REALLY want to see him do a remaster [or whatever it's called] of Sonic 3 & Knuckles as well as porting the Sonic 1 and 2 remasters to XBLA/PSN/eShop. He doesn't need to make a full game
  14. I just want them to improve the formula from Lost World. I think there is so much potential for it. I'd also like to see them try to make levels with the sheer number of pathways as Lost World's, but on flat ground instead of tubes (there can still be tubes, but I want flat ground too. Also, get rid of the auto-scrolling and 2D segments. The padding only drags the game down
  15. Let me preface my list by saying this: I understand perfectly why they are bad Sonic games, and I agree with the reasons why they are considered such. However, I can find ways to have fun with them. The top reason would be pure rose-tinted nostalgia, since the games I grew up with are bad games. I'll specify any other reasons if I need to. (so maybe I have a wrong definition of guilty pleasure, but it's the definition I use). I'll go ahead and list the games I do like without it being a guilty pleasure: Sonic 1, 2, 3&K, Advance 1 & 2, Rush Adventure, Sonic Adventure 1, and Sonic Colors 1. Sonic Adventure 2. The most overrated Sonic game out there imo, and the the game that started many of the issues that eventually led to the dark age of Sonic. This (and a hand me down Sonic 1 on the Genesis, but I never played it until I was much older and could appreciate 2D games that wasn't Pokémon) was my first Sonic game. This means, as terrible as the treasure hunting and the shooting (and EVEN the speed levels compared to SA1's) is, my rose tinted glasses can let me enjoy the game. I would still give this game a 5/10 review if I did it objectively [it wasn't until 2012 that I played it after a long time not playing it and realized just how bad it really was]. 2. Sonic Heroes. Another one that I like mainly out of nostalgia. Plus the music and graphics are still gorgeous to see/hear. 3. Sonic Lost World. I do not understand a lot of the criticisms, but there are some I do agree with. I disagree completely with the complaint about the speed and the level design. Both are just fine. Now, the controls are really wonky quite a bit, and the formula needs work [just like with Unleashed's boost to win, it only got better and I think LW's will too]. But I enjoy the level design, graphics, and music enough to where I can have lots of fun hunting down alternate pathways. 4. Sonic Advance 3. I don't remember a lot since I hardly get to play it now that my GBA and DS Lite no longer work, but I remember enjoying the team gimmick despite the annoying level design. 5. Sonic CD. Basically the same as Advance 3, absolutely hate the level design, but I can enjoy it thanks to the outstanding JPN/EU soundtrack.
  16. Why is it that they refuse to port them to consoles too? I hate using touch screen controls for games like this, making Sonic 1's awesome remastering by Taxman unplayable to me, and more than likely Sonic 2's as well I'd even buy the games on XBLA again (I have the port, but even if they have to release the remaster separately instead of updating the current port available, I'd still buy it)
  17. I take it there is still no word to patch (or release as a separate title) the Sonic 1 and 2 Taxman remasters to XBLA/PSN? As cool as the sonic 1 port is, touch screen controls are never good
  18. Don't get me wrong, I love the throwbacks. But as a game, I don't like playing it
  19. SA2 because of the (already mentioned) fact that 2/3rds are crap that are out of place in the series, plus that they were made even worse here than in SA1. Plus even the Shadow and Sonic levels (despite being relatively the best in the game) are not really good. They are watered down SA1 levels that are nothing more than "hold forward to win, do a homing attack chain, hold forward to win". And yet so many treat it like it's the best thing since sliced bread. Also, I put my vote on Generations, even if I think Seaside Hill Modern and Planet Wisp Modern are the two best levels in 3D Sonic as of 8/25/2013 (which will likely change this October if Lost World is as awesome as its looking). Everything else is just meh with the same shallow boosting, the terrible "Classic" Sonic levels, and the bosses (though I do like Perfect Chaos [unrelated note: ironically, I think the console version is a million times better than the handheld version, yet Biolizard and the Egg Emperor from the handheld version are my favorite bosses in Generations] in it) are atrocious.
  20. I think a lot of that has to do with SA2 still having its followers, plus that people like to vocalize their criticisms on games that are praised too much. For example, everyone knows Sonic 06 is bad, so it isn't talked about as much, but SA2 is still treated as one of the best things ever, so people like to justify their criticisms more by talking about its flaws more.
  21. I hope they focus a lot more on the tube gameplay style, but continue to innovate it, and maybe include its gameplay in a non-tube environment. This game looks like the closest we've ever gotten to a true Classic Sonic in 3D I've been waiting for since S3&K, and I think that they could continue to add more elements that were featured in Sonic's source material such as other playable characters who play like Sonic, but with unique abilities. Also, yes graphical updates. And I think despite the fact that the tube levels seem to have 10+ ways of going through them (which is something from the classic games that Lost World is giving to us that I love most: TRUE alternate pathways that aren't simply two hallways with a fork in the road), I think if they take the tube's gameplay but adapt it to a non-tube environment, they could have even more pathways in the levels. So basically, keep the tubular gameplay, but go further with it. I hate the boost, but I wouldn't mind seeing a more limited version of it return, like maybe give it only to Blaze. In fact, here is my dream Sonic game cast: 1. Sonic, doesn't have any Sonic-only abilities, except he has his Wisps. Has access to Super Sonic when the emeralds are acquired. 2. Tails, has the spin dash like Sonic but can also fly. Has access to Super Tails when the emeralds are acquired. 3. Knuckles, has the spin dash like Sonic, but can also glide, dig, and climb walls. Has access to Super Knuckles when the emeralds are acquired. 4. Amy, has the spin dash like Sonic, but uses the Piko Hammer to attack enemies. 5. Blaze, as fast as Sonic, and has the spin dash [or did she have something else in Rush?] like Sonic. She also has a more limited boost than Sonic in Unleashed-Generation. 6. Maybe include Cream the Rabbit as the game's easy mode. Has the spin dash like sonic, and can attack like Sonic, but also has the ability to order Cheese the Chao to attack an enemy from a short distance. And also, there could be a set of "darker" characters. Not sure if it'll be best as an expansion/DLC, unlockable, or selectable right from the start, as they'd play the same as the others for the most part (as in, almost be a reskin of one of the previous 6 mentioned). 7. Shadow, plays the same as Sonic, but maybe be similar to a "Hard Mode" of Sonic's playthrough. 8. Wave the Swallow, plays like Tails, but without the ability to go super. 9. Rouge, plays almost exactly like Knuckles, but would fly slightly different and not have a super form. Instead of simple gliding, she could have a flying similar to Batman in the Arkham games. She'd fly with more of a decline, but have the ability to do a nosedive, then pick up some additional altitude by pointing up. And also have the ability to latch on to a ceiling (maybe fly a little bit, then do the altitude gaining move to latch on to the ceiling, jump off and repeat said move) to go through what would have normally been a bottomless pit with a roof too close to the bottom to fly/glide through as any other character. 10. Espio, I know he isn't an anti-hero or villain, but he'd play like Sonic (minus the super form), but be able to turn invisible for a limited time to go through otherwise impassable obstacles and sneak by an enemy to attack from behind [like he could sneak behind a group of {maybe three} enemies, then be able to do the kick attack from Lost World and knock out all three before the enemies know what hit them] 11. Silver, plays like Blaze, but also have a super form, and the ability to pick up an enemy and throw it at another, but unlike Sonic 06, he can attack enemies like Sonic too and if he does the psychokinesis attack [pick an enemy up and throw it at another] the enemy explodes, allowing for a small group of enemies in the area to be taken down at once.
  22. Yeah, this highly overrated game is mediocre at best. Unlike in SA1, the out of place alternate gameplay styles take up the majority of the game (2/3rds instead of half), and even the Sonic/Shadow levels are not that great. The Sonic/Shadow levels are extremely linear, very little depth to them outside of "run forward, do a homing attack chain, run forward some more" as they got rid of multiple pathways for the most part, and the game is quite a bit more automated than SA1 was. It is basically Unleashed without the Boost To Win (only saying the "To Win" part because the game reminds me a whole lot more of Unleashed than Colors or Generations). The Treasure Hunting (out of place in a SONIC [which is a platformer series] game in the first place, so that's already a huge negative) is EVEN worse than in SA1 thanks to the excessively large levels and the radar which is a lot worse than in SA1. The Mech Shooting is boring, though I'd much rather play it than the Treasure Hunting. Although I am glad there's no time limit. I don't like the Chao Garden leeching off the main games' $$ and Time budget in any main series game it has been in (which is in SA1 and 2). Really, aside from the great soundtrack, the ONLY thing I like about SA2 is the nostalgia I get from it because it was the first Sonic game I got outside of the copy of Sonic 1 I had since I was a tiny kid. Which, TBH, since SA2:B was the first major Sonic game on a Nintendo console, I think most of SA2's praise is nostalgia rather than the game's actual quality. Overall, I'd give the game (SA2) a 5/10, or a 6/10 if I'm being generous. Disclaimer: I think it is not a great game, nor a good one. But I CAN still play it, unlike 06 or Shadow or even Unleashed.
  23. It also mentions "or while supplies last" Does that mean if I do not preorder, I might still get lucky and find a copy of this bonus edition? I already have four games preordered and I can't afford to have ANOTHER game preordered, but I will have the money by the 25th of October
  24. Sorry if this is in the wrong place... Okay, on the PSN Sonic the Fighters release, you press start when Amy's highlighted to unlock Honey. That works fine, but when I do the same for sonic and bean, metal sonic and eggman (respectively) do not unlock. Is my download glitched, or is there some special thing I need to do to unlock them? I'm going crazy, the internet has ZERO info on this...
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