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  1. I'm not going to lie. When all this ActiBlizzard stuff started blowing the fuck up (especially after Activision's atrocious initial handling of it), I had assumed that Bobby and his smelly underlings were all being GAMERS to everyone who worked there and that they were dragging Blizzard down with them.



    Not, uh... the opposite of that.

    1. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Oh god. What else has been revealed through that shitstorm?

    2. Dejimon11


      Yeah I honestly don’t know how to respond to any of this. Because it’s a lot of take in.

    3. Graystripe2000


      were all being GAMERS to everyone who worked there and that they were dragging Blizzard down with them” 

      Uhhhh... could you explain what you mean by that?

  2. Realistically with these specs this is Valve tossing a bomb into the market of people who like their Switch as a secondary gaming system but have grown sick of how hopelessly underpowered it has become in the past couple years. You aren't going to be playing Cyberpunk on it (so to some extent the storage space is rather immaterial), but the indie market that the Switch was basically given when Sony forced publishers to stop releasing games on the Vita? They're going to eat this up since they already probably have those games on PC. The homebrew scene who port RetroArch to everything who have had to put up with piss poor sparse official releases on Switch? They will flock to it as well. The people who may have a decade and a half rolling Steam library and this can probably play anything they might have bought up through the PS4/Xbone generation? They can get a handheld form factor without having to rebuy all of their games. With Valve's promise that it can have Windows put on it, it might legitimately eat into the 2 in 1 market as well. If they can keep the build quality up higher than the neverending disaster of the Switch's life as well I think it's considerably safer to say that they can put a dent in Switch sales and retention going forward than Kotaku or whatever claims. That isn't to say that I think Valve is going to sell 50 million of the things, but there is definitely enough of a market niche after Nintendo decided that announcing a new Switch model that doesn't do anything to address the problems with the Switch (for more money!) that I think it can have some legs underneath it.
  3. Honestly, I don't think there's any competition. There are scores of games that fully used and were designed around motion controls despite that making the games unplayable unplayable (a la Red Steel), countless waggle fests where the entire game was just minor variations of basic hand motions but the games were shovelware minigame collections/PS2 ports to start with so who cares, a few games that were built around them and were perhaps somewhat unintuitive/clunky but charming and make it work reasonably well and immersive (like the Wii version of The Godfather, or the No More Heroes games, or some of the sports games), and a small handful where it's absolutely an improvement over any other ways to play (Resi 4, Metroid Prime). The most offensive/gimmicky ones (and the ones that perfectly encapsulated why the "motion controls are the future of gaming" mocking condescension became so common so quickly) always were the ones that were entirely high quality exclusive Wii gaming experiences that were 100% built around using a normal control scheme, but then randomly and deliberately had some piece of shit unintuitive barely responsive waggle functionality mapped to one or two game actions that you had to do frequently and functionally ruined them for no reason. Both Mario Galaxy games. NSMB:W. The Zelda Wii games. DKC:R. Those were the games that made motion controls look terrible. Those were the ones that made it clear that motion controls and the system itself were just a fad. And Nintendo was usually the ones publishing them, and I'd argue Nintendo themselves were the ones who changed the narrative of the Wii into being an elaborate gimmick people lapped up for a few years, then went back to playing things on PS360.
  4. see?


    it's canon


    1. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Wrong hand poses though. 😜

  5. This is good, because Battle on the Edge had a much better beginner level than Power Edition, Chum's Gum > JC Eagle and I only knew of the buggy hacked version of the Hornet Classic in BotE that the Supermodel developers got running which apparently controlled like shit. Can you 4-1-4 in turns on it like you can in Power Edition or does it tell you to eat shit for trying to do so like the Daytona 2 cars do?
  6. I understand that the window for SCUD Race coming out to consoles disappeared the second it wasn't a launch title for the Dreamcast, but it's insane that Daytona 2 never got a home release of any kind; and I am all for the shit that Daytona 2001 got for not being a port of Daytona 2 even if it had played well (which it doesn't, since it doesn't even play as well as the Shutokou Battle games that Genki obviously used as the basis of it).
  7. lol Serebii going on a Twitter rampage regarding "See what those few months did people? Stop judging games based on early release trailers!!!!" when the bit of it shown off in the Switch OLED video looks nearly fucking identical to the thing that looked like shit in February. "Look they added 12 polygons to the trainer's backpack completely different graphical style PROOF."
  8. I think Unleashed is a good enough game aesthetically, and modern enough from a target development platform that's in the timezone of modern graphics, that it doesn't need to be dicked around and "remastered." Just port the fucking thing to modern consoles/PC and charge $15 for it or whatever. The 360 version that has already been tweaked somewhat to run on the Xbone should be reasonably straightforward to just port without trying to ruin the graphics by having some nobody studio change them away from the original artistic intent into what they think looks better in the 2020s. If Sega want to lie through their teeth and act like rereleasing a game using PC version graphic settings is enough to consider a game "remastered" like EA did with Hot Pursuit 3 a couple years ago, that's fine by me as long as they actually leave the game alone.
  9. It's Fortnite but the art style is even worse, it costs more and you don't even get a game to play.
  10. Colors is also the only Boost-era game that is exclusively trapped on an older generation console.
  11. Literally takes two seconds to take a screenshot of something. Windows key + Shift + S, Control + V. Also: They don't. Those words are completely slaven to marketing departments; used interchangeably by both the people making the games and the gaming public at large even when one blatantly would fit better than the other.
  12. It sounds like they are a standard B-team porting studio; like the ones who made all of the PS3 collections of PS2 games and who were called in the do mop up work a decade or so ago. If they keep getting work in that avenue instead of being relegated to a support studio it at least suggests that their efforts are "good enough," if nothing else. Sounds like Mass Effect LE was received well.
  13. You're trying very, desperately hard to gleam imagined meaning from one sentence in order to look right when it's already been explained to you. Yeah, we're already showing screenshots of how much worse the lighting looks in the thread about the game. Nice try, though! Man, even by your standards this is quite a sentence. lol I like how you think these words have established ironclad definitions in your rush to make up an argument to apply to a post that you misread and are looking increasingly fucking stupid trying to save face over having misread. And yet still no understanding of the words you posted yourself. I expected very little. They provided very little, for seemingly no reason since they were the ones who set up the announcements at the time they did. lol credible leaks Yes, fanstic. Something that wasn't known until well after the video was shown off (oh hey maybe they should have shown it off when they had something to show). Do you think that's a feather in your cap, or...? Bunch of screenshots in the thread about the game that show how much worse it looks. And I don't really care. You're not grasping a point about a game being emulated looking better than when they do a bad job remastering it when there's fucking screenshots posted comparing the two and an entire thread discussing it, why do you think I'd care to litigate the issues with EGS and its role in the PC game industry? Right. They wanted to show stuff that they had to clarify isn't what they are actually releasing hours later. It's almost as if I noted that they should have waited until they had more to show in my original post, which you still seemingly lack the comprehension to understand. Imagine being this mad because you were made to look like a fucking idiot on an Internet forum because you don't bother to read something before throwing a fit about it. I called you a piece of shit because you're a piece of shit. You, once again, saw a post saying something you didn't like without even actually comprehending what it said, then went on some humongous smartass tirade regurgitating stuff that isn't news to anybody posting without even stopping to realize that you eventually started making the same points as the post you went into a shitfit about in the first place. Learn to read before trying to use an internet forum.
  14. Piracy has always existed. Nothing he said had anything to do with piracy.
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