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  1. Japanese franchise largely made by Japanese people and usually ripping off (subtly or otherwise) existing Japanese media.
  2. Cruis'N Blast is very, very good. A bit shallow even by the standards of the franchise, but it is seriously fun.



    It's too bad Daytona 3 looks so shit or we could have a renaissance going.

    1. Gabe


      I love World, so I'm really like to try out Blast. Too bad the producers don't do console ports of their arcade games. :/

  3. Nintendo is playing a very dangerous game with the Switch, and we won't know whether they will be forced to replace the 3DS on the market until we know how well the gamble pays off. I suspect that the Switch will sell better than the Wii U, but there's little doubt in my mind that the Switch cannot effectively replace the 3DS and unite the company as "one" like Nintendo is angling for. I'd expect a true 3DS replacement to occur anyway in a few years, Switch or not; or at the very least a repackaging of the New 3DS as a standard and paring down the unnecessary fluff models surrounding it. The Vita's corpse is long since rotten enough that it can't effectively threaten it, and the system has enough of a base and is powerful enough that Nintendo can ride it out for a good amount of time by taking advantage of the lower development costs and cheap hardware; if not as long as the original Game Boy.
  4. Man, Nixon at least waited for his second term.
  5. The main difference is that if you went fast in Advance 3 the game fucking killed you for it almost immediately. Advance 2 only usually did it if you weren't paying close attention (Sky Sanctuary and Egg Utopia sticking out as the biggest examples). But seriously, there was definitely a difference between how momentum was handled between Advance 2 and Advance 3.
  6. You mean like how they kept playing Hyper Street Fighter II? Which added dozens of "new" characters, all sorts of fun little settings options and tons of customization and had a console release on the lead console of the time that was even packed in with Third Strike? You mean like how they kept playing Turbo HD Remix, the game this Switch version is obviously sourced from that the fighting game community hated everything about? The obvious basis for this Switch rerelease whose art overhaul the fighting community hated, whose character balance changes the fighting community hated, whose mere concept and the way Killian justified the execution thereof the fighting community hated? Because I know you're just here to correct some misconceptions, but there have been two full blown new iterations of Super Turbo with major changes released since the Dreamcast port, yet somehow the Dreamcast version is still the only version that gets played short of building a Supergun. It's certainly possible that another version of Super Turbo will this time be the one that everyone flocks to and overthrows the 17 year old Dreamcast version, but there's little reason to actually believe that. I'm saying that 1996 is about as late as people would realistically care about a standalone port of Street Fighter II with some gimmicky bonus stuff added on (incidentally, the same gimmicky bonus stuff console ports of Street Fighter games had around 1996) with the amount of reverence people in this thread are acting like it has. Yes, if you strip absolutely all that pesky context surrounding this title with the 3DS version of Super IV, it is quite similar indeed. I mean, all you have to do is ignore how even at the time of Super IV 3D's release, the game this Switch version is sourced from was already older than Street Fighter IV (nevermind Super); and how it's been 6 additional years since then; and how Super Turbo was already a 14 year old game even when Turbo HD was released; and that the Switch isn't the same thing as the 3DS just because it's portable; and that Turbo HD was originally made as part of the SIV marketing train rather than to stand by itself; and that...
  7. Which would hold more relevance if there was any reason to believe that hardcore players will stick with it beyond the year or so that Capcom hypes it. It's still not 1996. SSIV 3D, a port of a year old game?
  8. They added a feature from a 1996 game and a feature from a 1997 game in their 2017 revision of a 2008 enhanced port of a 2000 port of a 1994 revision of a 1993 remake of a 1990 game? So what happens when fighting game players (inevitably) abandon it in favor of Dreamcast Super Turbo again?
  9. That completely new balance and game setup looks suspiciously like an in between beta of Hyper Street Fighter II and Turbo HD Remix; with what sounds like horrifically compressed voice samples from CvS2 or SFIV thrown in for flavor. It even has some of the same shading errors on the HD character sprites. Plus, far be it from me to crap on Switch exclusive games, but I'm not sure it's 1996 anymore.
  10. At least they stopped before they repealed it to realize that they didn't know what to do afterwards.
  11. It's not an "arbitrary gender split." It's "narrative focus." The series has over a dozen male characters. Since the storylines of the classic titles have been irrelevant for nearly twenty years now, the three playable characters who happened to have games revolve around their actions also happen to have been the only ones to have shown super forms; to the extent that the fact that they could do so also happened to be major plot points in their respective storylines when it was first revealed. The series really only has three repeat female characters. Whether that is considered a problem or not, only one of them has ever really been very relevant to a game's story and directly comparable to the one the series is about, and that one also happens to have had a form like the super forms as well. It's doubtful this game franchise, that spent a good decade ripping off every shonen narrative device in existence, merely coincidentally had it so the characters that were most like cliched shonen protagonists are the ones who have specific kind of shonen-y story set pieces occur to them. Hence why the series is called "Sonic the Hedgehog" and not "Amy Rose" is relevant. If Sega wanted to dip into the Adventure 2 well again, I don't doubt they could come up with another female character with a super form equivalent for everyone to be surprised about just as soon as they would a male one. Word of God doesn't really mean dick in this series and never really has, so someone from Sega saying "only male hedgehogs can be super" doesn't mean much; even assuming it is an official statement that was interpreted correctly.
  12. No, that's the kind of thing that actual world governments would do and have done in real life. As is the other things outlined in your post about Adventure 2's plot. What is the title of the franchise again?
  13. So what part of, say, Advance, made it so it only understood Sonic 2 or whatever insofar as it needed to to be a cheap nostalgia grab?
  14. There's probably a ridiculously strict definition of "understand" at play here.
  15. New Homestar Runner?



    : O