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  1. Well I guess that's one way to make sure Iizuka can't make any more Sonic games.
  2. The issue with the PS2 was a bit different. Sony was having such a serious problem actually producing them, even after a massively staggered launch and having the original Japanese version being cut down in functionality, that there were none to be had at all which was combined with the massive amounts of hype the system had and really high demand; but other consoles were readily available everywhere. I believe the problem in that case was specifically poor yields when manufacturing it; and happened throughout I think March of 2001.
  3. Since I don't think we need two of these topics floating around at once, they've been merged and the title edited accordingly.
  4. In any case, it's always amusing when companies put out PR statements about something that, due to the context and company in question, no one even remotely believes isn't just a baldfaced lie just to save face. Like when Zuckerberg or whatever trots out and says "We at Facebook care about you, the individual user" and everyone reads it and makes a jerkoff motion with their hand.
  5. Then you can kindly fuck off back to your blog. You don't get to lord your "information" over everyone as if you're Jason Schierer and then blast people with "it's on need to know information, and you don't need to know" when people dare to ask you about things you said in the forum thread you posted in. No one here is impressed with the guy who talks just to insist that he knows something others don't like he's fifteen years old on the playground (with about as much accuracy); just like they weren't impressed with it on ResetEra when they starting banning you for it. Not to be confused with that amusing time around, like... 2003-ish, where stuff about Sonic games leaked in advance because someone would upload the entire damn game onto the internet.
  6. Or they're simply noting the fact that Iizuka was heavily involved with Mania and the decisions surrounding its scope and design and working as a middleman for that team and Sega (even if he wasn't doing the work himself); and he wasn't heavily involved with Sonic Forces since he's been primarily been working in the US on behalf of Sega of America (in a role similar to what Naka was originally lured there for in 1992) since well before Forces came out while Sonic Forces was made in Japan under primarily Nakamura's eye. Iizuka has gotten plenty of deserved shit for the creative decisions on the series entries he was directly involved with where heaping ones on him that he was only tangentially related to (it seems like the main idea he had for Forces was the Avatar system) is unnecessary.
  7. It doesn't go without saying, no. Everything that has come out about Mania has painted the picture that he was significantly more involved with that than he was with Forces and basically acted as the liaison for the Mania team for pretty much everything and kept Sega off their backs, even though he's barely credited in the former and listed as a producer in the latter. This is exactly the case. I've been here long enough to remember when people were laying the blame of 06 a his feet; the final ultimate proof that the series under his stewardship had stagnated and the type of games he was making were played out and it was time for a change both at the top and conceptually. 06 being a game made at another studio in another country on the other side of the world from the things Iizuka was working on at the time. Iizuka has made some laughably dumb gaffes (primarily in the Sonic 4 era), but I think it's dramatically underappreciated that he's the only one left of Sonic Team who is willing to put up with Sega and act as a buffer between them and whatever the series does next; and I would be extremely shocked if all the stupid mandates shit and baffling marketing decisions and poor development allocation couldn't be laid entirely at the feet of some middle management idiot at Sega of Japan and Iizuka is the guy Sega trots out to take all the heat for things.
  8. No, I act like Activision taking talented development teams fresh off of working on interesting and varied IPs that were successful in their own right, rewarding them for their success by dumping them into an anonymous support role for yearly Call of Duty titles since that's where their talents will be the most profitable, then shitcanning half the staff/shutting the studio down entirely at the slightest sign of financial benefit (since the studio doesn't need to be as large or creatively focused if it's just making stuff for CoD), is something that Activision has done for over a decade now; and if Toys for Bob somehow breaks up the streak started by Raven Software, Treyarch, and Neversoft (or the Infinity Ward collapse following MW2) it would be basically unprecedented. In fact, it's a particularly odd rebuttal for you to try and make when Activision also just did the same fucking thing with Vicarious Visions just a few months ago immediately after THPS 1+2 released to it's own high acclaim and sales success (so Tracer's ass can be more perfectly rendered in Overwatch DLC, presumably); to say nothing of the reports following this that Toys For Bob has already had a massive brain drain very recently, likely not being a coincidence that it happened in lockstep with this repositioning as a support developer.
  9. And Toys For Bob's reward for making a well received new entry in the Crash series after the well received Spyro remakes? The Call of Duty mines.
  10. That's completely irrelevant. Zimmerman called the police first too. Zimmerman also lived in a state with a wonky Castle Doctrine law (Ohio having just gotten a shiny new one at the beginning of this month). Did you insist that was self-defense at the time, even though it likely actually was? Bryant came out of the house with a knife, or was given a knife as she approached the other girls. She closed the distance between the first person she attacked as the officer was getting out of his car. As soon as the officer approached, she lunged at the other girl with it. None of that is self-defense; and while perhaps the argument could be about Stand Your Ground laws once again leading to someone dying unnecessarily, I suspect that the argument for why they are viewed as problematic/racist isn't because they only allow white people to kill black people on their driveway after police have arrived on scene without the police intervening. By who? We don't have the full context of what happened before the police were called or Bryant's role in what was going on/what happened to her before she called the cops; and AFAIK there hasn't been a video of it released even though it most certainly exists. But we do have a video that starts a few seconds before the officer arrived on scene, from an angle that shows way more than what his bodycam did. We are able to actually see that she was a good twenty yards from the people that she attacked when the video starts, likely even inside the house. She either came out with the knife in hand or given it by the guy in the hoodie. Certainly neither of the people that she tried to stab were jumping her when the police showed up, or were involved in any active confrontation with her. The first person she attacked was even actively moving away from her as Bryant was walking towards her. So? Is there some special version of a knife that doesn't make it a deadly weapon when wielded by a minor to attack someone? Is there a special rule on the books that says you can attack someone with a knife in front of police officers if you're a minor and called them beforehand about it? Did she have some sort of flashing sign that noted that she was only 15 and was the one who called them in the first place that the police should have seen before responding? That perhaps makes the situation more tragic, but it doesn't change anything regarding the officer's response; nor does the fact that she was the one who called the police. She immediately started committing attempted murder in front of a police officer. After he attempted to grab her from the first act, she got away from him and ran towards another person and did it again. Now, I will note that a taser might have been a better choice for the situation, but: This is patently absurd. Shooting the dirt is going to stop someone mid-stabbing motion? Shooting someone in the arm or leg (which no one is ever trained to do in any firearms class anywhere because it's extremely difficult to do) is going to accomplish anything other than hitting the person Bryant was trying to stab, upon which they will be stabbed anyway as well? Or you hit the correct person in the moving limb, at which point they continue to stab the other person anyway? Again, I'll allow that a taser might have been the better option in the circumstance showed, but shooting someone in a limb is dumb Hollywood fantasy that wouldn't have stopped what the officer was trying to stop Bryant from doing even if he had hit her and only her. The cops who gave Rittenhouse a handjob for what he did at that protest aren't the cops who showed up on the scene of a fight in after being called for it and immediately saw someone attacking someone else with a knife. Like with the Castle Doctrine laws, I'm pretty sure that the outrage with the response Rittenhouse got from police after murdering people at a protest isn't that everyone also wants black people to get a slap on the wrist for murdering people. Not all examples police killing suspects are Eric Garner or George Floyd. Not all examples of police shooting suspects are like Jacob Blake, where half a dozen guys just stood around waiting for an excuse to shoot him instead of even trying to physically restrain him from leaving before things got to that poine. Desperately clinging to the notion that they always are anyway, and that police responding to situations by opening fire are always acting in the wrong, is no more helpful to the discussion than when people insist that the system can't be racist because #alllivesmatter #bluelivesmatter. This is a tragic escalation of violence that led to someone losing her life, but it wasn't the police who escalated it to a deadly situation. It was the person who, upon seeing police roll up at her house after having called them, decided that trying to stab two people in front of them was the correct option.
  11. You're making this post in a topic about bringing Sticks back. This point is a meaningless non-sequitor.
  12. Considering the original one was a refresh of a shoe commercial starring someone who was incapable of delivering any lines without looking like he was reading them off a teleprompter, it's very impressive that this one is looking particularly cynical on WB's part even in comparison. Like even the usual rolleyes "I can't believe they are removing *thing X* from this movie because of fake Twitter SJW outrage" reactions aren't really so eyeroll-worthy when it's clear that the utmost important thing for the creative process of this movie is whatever is the most creatively bankrupt decision they could possibly make to make sure they cast the widest net possible to keep people interested in *BRAND*. For fuck's sake, at least Space Jam was about Michael Jordan and was a Looney Tunes movie, loaded with comedy talent and had writers who were well aware of what kind of movie it was and made aside glances taking the piss out of itself. Not a movie that just happens to have LeBron James in it and happens to have Looney Tunes in it but the real important thing is that you are reminded about all of the great WarnerMedia properties available for streaming on HBO Max. The plot synopsis they've given so far for this one is so generic and banal you could replace LeBron James with Sylvester Stallone and you've basically made a sequel to Over the Top.
  13. Chauvin was just convicted on all three counts he was charged with. 2nd degree murder, 3rd degree murder and manslaughter.
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