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  1. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    So what are the GOP going to do following Bush's brutal call for Trump and the crux of his policies to (essentially) go fuck a cactus? I mean, know what Trump is going to do, but how are his PR yesmen going to spin it?
  2. sonic 3D blast director's cut (20??)

    Amazing what porting game assets to an entirely new engine that runs on exponentially more powerful hardware allows. If only Naka hadn't been so foolish to program Sonic 1 to run on a Sega Genesis when he should have used the iPhone 5 as the target development platform. I imagine if Burton wanted to make the absolute most amazing definitive version of Sonic 3D Blast that he could have possibly done to the extent of a Taxman level remake, he wouldn't be working from the Genesis version in the first place. Because they were hired to port the games to modern devices using Taxman's new game engine instead of just running on an emulator. That's something Burton might have been able to do to as well anyway, since (as above) a more modular and much more advanced version of Sonic 3D than the Genesis one already exists and he might have the code for that as well. So now that we've gotten past the insinuation that the Sonic fan community are the only ones who can do impressive things on the Sega Genesis or enhance Sonic games released on the system, what ideas are Taxman and Stealth going to contribute to a game that they probably (spitballing here, but I don't think unreasonably so) don't hold with particular reverence compared to the ones that they have already worked on and which don't clash with the ideas from someone who is pretty much literally making a Director's Cut? You're taking such issue with me saying that in this case Burton is likely in a singularly unique position that leaves him the best person for this particular task, so offer one up for me. Even Sonic CD is a fair bit dissimilar from the other three Genesis games, so how much do you think a 3rd party 3D isometric platformer share with a first party 2D sidescroller? They both use SMPS as the sound driver and have Sonic on the title. After that I'm already reaching, even just on what Burton has shown in his videos talking about the game's development. Interesting. And if Taxman or Stealth (or anyone else) thought the same, they might clash over these changes to the game; except as part of the development process instead of just as the potential end user... Carmack has fiddled with Doom and Wolfenstein 3D a few times since they released, most recently with the iOS ports that he did himself when he felt the developer commissioned for it weren't doing it very well. They both had a couple tweaks and fixes above and beyond what it took to get them running on the platform. Duke Nukem 3D's hardware accelerated renderer was written by Ken Silverman himself when it as claimed that it couldn't be done following the release of the game's source code. Granted that was only a decade later, but it is the basis that most of the subsequent ports (including the 360 one and Megaton, I believe) have used and Silverman has tinkered with BUILD a bit since then
  3. sonic 3D blast director's cut (20??)

    Of completely unrelated games that the Sonic fan community had exponentially more knowledge and respect of then they will ever have of Sonic 3D Blast; which even then is still likely less than Jon Burton has when it comes to tweaking a game he created himself using the actual source code and actual development tools that he still has. And what would they contribute that the original developer working with the original source code and the original development tools that he made himself not already be able to do? Generally of Sonic 1, Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 and to a lesser extent Sonic CD. Because of difference of opinion of what constitutes a proper re-imagining of the game in question. It's his director's cut, being reshaped in a way that he thinks is better. Taxman or Stealth may not agree with his ideas therein or (based on how much of a whipping boy 3D Blast usually is) may not think it is something worth doing at all, and (again) most likely can't do anything on a technical level that he couldn't already do. For someone who accuses people of not reading... Yes, that's generally how forums work.
  4. True. Sega released three games that were at least as damaging to the franchise as anything that was ever in the Bubsy series but then didn't do the proper thing and die of shame in response like Accolade did.
  5. sonic 3D blast director's cut (20??)

    It actually was. Because, once again, my charge was that I don't think Taxman or Stealth could contribute things that would be an "exciting addition" over and above what someone who already has unparalleled access to and intimate knowledge of the original design of the game in question would already be able to do. Artwork maybe, but he's already shown off assets that he might be able to get back in the game that were cut. We can already expect some "cool enhancement," because the person who designed the fucking game in the first place has promised and showed off some that he's done within a week. Anything those two, or any other significantly skilled member of the fan community, could contribute would likely amount to differences in opinion for game design rather than anything that he couldn't do himself on a technical level (again, working from the original source code that he wrote in the first place). It also defeats the purpose of it being a "Director's Cut" a bit, if the creative drive is being heavily shaped by people completely outside the original development process. I don't think the Genesis version has the color pallette to have made this anything but a chore, though. Those fucking green ones in Rusty Ruin, for example, might as well turn invisible if you ever lost one; to say nothing of chasing down small sprites in an isometric platformer with obscured areas. I'd say it is in improvement hinging on how rigidly they go back to Sonic.
  6. sonic 3D blast director's cut (20??)

    Yes, seriously. This is the original developer of the game working from the actual source code and development tools used to create the game (that he seemingly primarily wrote himself in the first place) when he was part of one of the most technically proficient developers of the 16-bit era; improving the game in ways that he personally found it deficient as well as external feedback he heard since it released. This is such a unique situation that I don't see what people in the fan community with little directly comparable knowledge of the game in question could contribute over him even if they have done other things that were impressive in their own right. It would be similar if Naka decided he wanted to take a crack at some sort of super version of one of the original games. Put another way: There are a million source ports of Doom and Wolfenstein 3D, and plenty of people who understand how those games ultimately work. The ones John Carmack himself had a hand in are much more interesting than almost all of them.
  7. Sonic Forces Fixes Physics

    Sonic Genesis also occasionally did things that looked quite a bit like the classic games. You could even spin up Sonic 4 footage that made it look like a reskin of Sonic 3.
  8. sonic 3D blast director's cut (20??)

    I'm not sure how much more those two could do over one of the original developers working from his personal copies of the original source code.
  9. Sonic Forces TGS interview

    You forgot "technical proficiency"
  10. Sonic Forces has Denuvo

    That's too bad.
  11. nice cover photo 

  12. Who are they going to teach? Themselves?
  13. I like how for the past few months Sega just can't stop fucking up everything they touch. What fucking idiot do they have running their marketing department this year?
  14. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    And here I thought the standard was if someone acting for one of thee groups "seriously injured someone". I was unaware there had to be a quota of violence carried out by a single individual before it counted. That's strange, because I read a long string of people making that exact charge this morning.
  15. Sonic Forces is Rated E10+...

    Remember when Shadow the Hedgehog got an E10+ when Shadow swore every other line, blatantly killed mainline characters in some of the endings and spent literally the entire game shooting bleeding humanoid creatures with actual real life handguns that even made actual real life handgun noises? Then remember when Sonic Unleashed got E10+ because the ESRB thought the werehog was kinda scary looking for kids to handle?