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  1. Mega Drive Mini announced. "It's ATGames... :("

    YM2612 wasn't documented terribly well when it was new (which is why a lot of US-developed Genny games sound same-y sometimes), and Sega wasn't consistent in how it was even installed in the system over the years.
  2. Would you change/fix Shadow origin?

    Shadow is actually for real schizophrenic and Maria and Gerald never actually existed in his life; but he was so dangerous and GUN couldn't do anything to kill him so they threw him in a tube for fifty years. Don't let Iizuka see this.
  3. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    I can understand throwing a fit about Robert E. Lee or Jefferson Davis statues to a certain extent, but it's just amusing Nathan Bedford Forrest is a hill people want to die on in 2018 when he's currently most known for "founding the KKK" and "being Forrest Gump's namesake, where it was also noted that he founded the KKK".
  4. If Sega dumped a bunch of money for celebrity stunt casting it would be a fairly good indication that the movie isn't worth watching.
  5. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    I think, much better than Nancy Pelosi and her confederates complaining that Trump my not have acted within the spirit of the Team America rules set up after 9/11, they might want to try repealing those and replacing them with something that doesn't just let a President wander into a country, blow shit up and make vague motions about "terrorism" to justify it to Congress after the fact.
  6. Sega doesn't have the development capability/talent to support a game console, even if they did have the money. It would be like a second coming of the Jaguar.
  7. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    It probably wasn't a thought out strategy, since Trump keeps making it clear that he wants to leave the country right up until Syria keeps forcing everyone's hand. If Russia decides that enough is enough and actually tries to plead a case (instead of vague sabre rattling) Trump could be in real trouble (though I'm assuming France at the very least wouldn't have contributed to this at all if they didn't have an out for that situation). But it also doesn't take much effort for major world powers like France, the UK and the US to hurl missiles and bombs at factories in countries that can't really defend against them; so a long term strategy isn't really needed for now so Trump probably is going to try and bask in a good approval boosting war against an indefensible boogeyman as much as he can. Certainly if it can make him look like he's no great friend to Russia in the process.
  8. How does Shadow compare to other video game Anti-Heroes?

    Bubsy was less obviously a clone of something already on the market than Shadow was following the release Jak II. Iizuka could not have made that more clear.
  9. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Except that's not really true; and not terribly relevant even if it was. Syria having chemical weapons and that being unacceptable internationally is not something that they are just now being taken to task over; and certainly not the first time the issue has been raised in the region in general. Other areas being potential threats or the US doing business with countries having a "subpar human rights records" is not something that invalidates Syria having chemical weapons it claims to have gotten rid of years ago and using them to fight their civil war multiple times since it started; even ignoring the questionable stability of the Assad government to begin with and the fact that the groups they are using them against in their civil war include a major terrorist organization that would probably love to have them itself. It should not be amazing at all that people are widely supportive of actions against a country saying it doesn't have honest-to-goodness working WMDs anymore after international sanctions just a few years ago and then using them anyway. It should not be amazing that people are buying into the government's reasoning that they are doing so to protect people, since it's not news (and hasn't been news for over a hundred years) that chemical weapons are very bad or that Assad isn't Mother Theresa. And since the US actually has a decent amount of international support this time since it currently looks all the world like Syria is deliberately daring international response, this is probably the most valid use of military action the country has exercised since 2002. Russia can get fucked if it wants to claim the high ground on the matter just because they want to shield Assad since it is anti-ISIS; just like the US could get fucked in the 1980s when it did the same thing for Saddam vis a vis Iran.
  10. Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    When Sega puts "Ages" in front of a release, it usually means that it had at least a modicum of effort put into it. Not necessarily to its benefit/worth the effort (like that awful remake of OutRun), mind, but we shouldn't expect a Virtual Console/NES Classic situation with it.
  11. Mega Drive Mini announced. "It's ATGames... :("

    So if I'm understanding your post correctly, the wide not-buying-because-it-is-a-nostalgia-cashgrab-copycat-of-what-Nintendo-already-did-twice audience of this new system is: People who don't own a PS2, Wii, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbone, PSP, PS Vita or even a PC made since 2003. Who lack the technical knowhow to type "Sega Genesis" into the respective app store of the smartphone they (presumably) also don't have. But still know enough and care enough about emulation accuracy to know that all of the other officially-licenced-by-Sega plug and play versions of a console that peaked in popularity 25 years ago aren't good enough for their refined palette, so this (assumed) better one will finally fit their needs? The big appeal to this in 2018, when Sega releases something to this effect on a constant basis, is literally nostalgia and nothing else. That is why it is the second novelty miniature version of the console that Sega has made since Nintendo did it with the NES Mini to wild popularity. That is why Sega has provided similar access to games on the system for nearly every game console released in the past twenty years. You don't need to construct a bunch of absurd hoops like the cost of a new PC vs the cost of this system when it launches to try and pretend Sega is serving a greater purpose with it this time.
  12. Mega Drive Mini announced. "It's ATGames... :("

    No one in the history of PC collections has bought a PC to play a Genesis game collection, and since Sega released one all the way back in 2001 even if someone's only current computer is a Pentium II running Windows 98 they can still play one. Cost effectiveness is not a real argument here. You mean like a Dreamcast, Windows 98-era PC, a PS2, a PSP, a PS3, an Xbox 360, a Wii, a PS Vita, a Wii U, a Windows Vista-era PC, a PS4, an Xbone, or the half dozen plug and play consoles that Sega has already made since partnering with AtGames a decade ago (including one that literally looks identical to this one)? The NES and SNES Mini had a point because Nintendo always did games individually. Sega releases a new Genesis collection every couple years.
  13. Mega Drive Mini announced. "It's ATGames... :("

    If it was something that actually encompassed the Genesis' life, meaning it included a best of selection from the entire system's available library, I would be all over it. It would legitimately be refreshing if Sega acknowledged that even the 32X was not such a miserable failure that there was nothing on it worth ever seeing again, nevermind the Sega CD; or that they were not the only ones who made titles for the platform. Since that is what Nintendo did with the Mini series. Of course, instead I'm sure we can expect the usual suspects and little else. The worst versions of Ecco and Ecco II. The Sonic games sans CD or Chaotix. The Streets of Rage games. Gunstar. Golden Axe games. Columns. Altered Beast. Toe-Jam and Earl and maybe II. Perfectly adequate emulation.
  14. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    So, uh... Why?
  15. Mega Drive Mini announced. "It's ATGames... :("

    Wow! A way to play my favorite Genesis classics in one collectionif I somehow don't own any of the major consoles released since 2000.

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