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  1. Yuji Naka Joins Square-Enix

    The last thing I'm going to take Naka to task over is bailing out of that sinking ship.
  2. Sonic Mania is a long ass game

    1. VEDJ-F



    2. Josh


      wouldn't have it any other way

    3. Ferno


      love me a good buffet game over a $40 - $60 happy meal

    4. Bobnik


      add another one to "que"


      I mean, even if you go for all the bonus stages on the first and maybe second playthrough AND for all the Chaos Emeralds, it's not that long of a game

      Unless you're one of those crazy people that can replay a game 10+ times without any sort of fatigue, to which I salute you.

    5. Depression Kong

      Depression Kong

      would you rather it be 3 hours long with little to no replayability

    6. Bobnik


      I'm talking pure length tho, no matter the replayability, unless you're technically forced to replay to get to the proper end of the game (ala Nier Automata).

    7. A Checker KING heavy engin

      A Checker KING heavy engin

      It's a good long game.

    8. Izuku Deku Midoriya
    9. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      could use less reused zones 

    10. TheOcelot


      "Sonic long ass Mania"

      Same amount of acts as 3&K but feels slightly longer.

    11. JezMM


      Honestly, I feel it does have weaker sections that drag a bit, but I think 12 zones is about the right amount (even though, my first time through, Titanic Monarch felt like a penultimate zone to me for whatever reason and the final boss took me by surprise - granted I wasn't keeping track of how many zones I had gone through either, if you had told me it was the 12th zone I would've been surprised there were that many lol).

    12. TheOcelot


      Some acts to drag on a bit for me, like Titanic Monarch, SS act1 & FB act2.

    13. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I've clocked over 168 hours into this game.

      It's not just long, it's good.

    14. Josh


      I only got 50 hours on it before I got tired of it but by modern sonic standards that's pretty good so

    15. TheOcelot


      *Checks  Steam* 107 hours

      *Checks PS4*  Doesn't say....

    16. Bobnik


      28 hours

      Compared to Gens' 47 hours not counting ~10 hours on not-so-legal-version of the game


    17. superman43


      Steam... 214 hours... I can smell that some acts drag for a bit too long, but then I played 3&K and it feels... well... it´s better in terms of originality (of course !) but in terms of replayability I think Mania wins. 


    18. superman43


      Just a note... Normally I replay stages like this:
      S1: Green Hill, only sometimes others

      S2: Emerald Hill - Aquatic Ruin/Casino Night

      S3: (normal gameplay) up to the end of Marble Garden, (level select) Hydrocity, Marble Garden, sometimes Ice Cap

      S&K: usually all stages, but sometimes I select Flying Battery and play from there

      Mania: there are some parts... 
      1) Green Hill - Flying Battery

      2) Stardust Speedway - Hydrocity

      3) Oil Ocean - end

      The game is fine, but... Press Garden lacks glance with act 1 and somehow playing that one is not that much fun to play. Mirage Saloon: "Sky (or Train ?) Chase" can go to hell. 


  3. The Possibility of Sonic Adventure HD

    To make a remade Sonic Adventure game in 2018 that isn't hopelessly outdated would require a game so dramatically different that it wouldn't really be Sonic Adventure anymore. There are fundamental flaws with the game that the series immediately improved upon (not to say Adventure 2 doesn't have it's own, different problems, mind) that I'd say were really only let go back in 1998/1999 because you could count on one hand the amount of purely 3D platformers that were actually better by that point and OMG DREAMCAST SEGA'S BACK.
  4. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Since the current in thing in Hollywood is now to publicly shame anyone who has ever had anything to do with someone accused of a sexual crime until they renounce working with that person (because #metoo), even if the accusations was a he-said/she-said decades ago and have been known for decades as well, I wonder if Hollywood types will finally stop jumping to the defense of actual-convicted-statutory-rapist Roman Polanski .
  5. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    If Sega makes an edict that the line for game universe characters allowed is drawn at Sonic, Tails, Robotnik and Amy, and there were a bunch of rumors and vague statements that made that appear to be the case before the comic came out, would you still be shouting from the rooftop about how everyone should give it a chance?
  6. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    It's saying that popular Democrat rebuttals to Trump (in the face of still-nervous GOP members acquiescing) haven't evolved much from when Hilary spent most of the election cycle doing the same thing even though Trump has only made it easier and easier to do so.
  7. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    "Those characters served their purpose" is a hilarious excuse for a franchise where "shitty friends" has been a go-to meme outside and within the fanbase since at least the fallout of STH '06.
  8. Other than "Sonic Team is continuously incompetent", I don't really know what point you think you're trying to make here. If you're trying to (once again) argue that Sonic Team keeps trying to make course corrections in response to critical reception, you should actually know what the reception of the games in question you're talking about were. ... They just released one a couple years ago. When you said it last time it was considerably more accurate.
  9. No, I think he says that as if Sega occasionally doesn't much give a shit if they do or not.
  10. Yeah, we just covered this. Mania exists because the Sonic 1, 2 and CD remakes by the same development team did very well and got great press. We can reasonably determine this to be the case, since people in the know on Retro all but came out and said when the former two released that if they do well it will lead to good things. Mania does not exist because of Sonic 4 Episode 1, which had an absolutely horrendous reception months before it released that led to Sega going into a panic mode and delaying it for half a year; and actually had a direct sequel that was a complete flop because at that point the jig was up about how terrible Episode 1 actually was. We can reasonably determine this to be the case because of the 7 years of time between Sonic 4 and Sonic Mania even if we do ignore the Episode II that did, in fact, exist.
  11. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    And I'd like to see TailsTellsTales attempt to correlate that to "people are hurting like never before since the great depression" instead of just repeating how "Evil" it all is. There have been periods of serious economic strife for blue collar and no collar workers in the past. Is 2018 more "hurting" for those groups than the 1970s, when the industrial sector of the Northeast collapsed? The 1980s, when the domestic-built auto industry began to collapse? Last decade when the housing market collapsed?
  12. Digital sales are much easier for publishers to keep track of than retail sales. The only thing publishers can reliably get retail data for is sell-in; and everything beyond that is only estimates that are usually tabulated from market research firms like NPD for internal financial reports. Digital sales are (more or less) automatically sell-through. The distinction is particularly important for games released right before the holiday rush, since just because a company dumps a shitload of copies onto store shelves doesn't mean they are going to end up in the hands of the consumer; nevermind the price required for the game to get the consumer to take the plunge. Forces probably isn't as bad as some other games of 201 (Gran Turismo Sport is probably the biggest example of the year of sell-through not approaching sell-in), but the discounted price from the start probably had something to do with that and that does affect Sega's bottom line.
  13. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Let me rephrase that: I'd be impressed if European countries had the balls to call him out over sentiment hanging in the air over most of Western Europe. If the government of France (which last year celebrated its "triumph over fascism" because the openly fascist candidate only received 16% of the overall vote when the one who ultimately won received 18%) wants to talk about how much people from Trump's "shithole" countries should be welcomed with open arms worldwide, it should take a nice hard look at how popular the Shengen Area is in the EU following the fall of the Syrian government (that France precipitated even more than the US did this time, for that matter). It's a pretty shitty attitude to have towards people living in countries that didn't ask to be cared about only insofar as it directly benefits developed Western nations to do so, but it is not at all a Trump-specific or American-specific viewpoint. It was a major reason the UK left the EU entirely even though it wasn't a Shengen state and had a natural border. Hungary and Bulgaria even built walls. The main thing that can be hoped for is that Trump's continuous ability to "tell it like it is" keeps horrifying people who have to bend over backwards to not admit that they thought the same thing until it was put out there in the bluntest way possible.
  14. You know, it's entirely possible that I actually read all of your post, but didn't quote it because I felt it added no additional relevancy to the point in hand. Food for thought. Yeah, it's pretty shitty when people tell others that they should return a game they bought because if they don't then they're actively contributing to a perceived problem. But at the end of the day no one does need to care if people feel insulted by implications of that sentiment mostly because their feelings are diametrically opposed. That's extending the argument in favor of the game in question to the extent that it carries its own implication that even the perception that Sonic Team would be rewarded for not caring is an issue. You want understanding? Time after time after time after time has shown that the only circumstances where Sonic Team/Sega bothers with an actual course correction is when dealing with abject highly publicized failure. Sonic 4 led to Sonic 4 Ep 2 led to just giving up trying to cash grab classic series nostalgia with half-assed coats of paint. The bloated, increasingly tenuous attempts to dick ride the good times of the Adventure series culminated in STH '06, whose completely toxic reception caused Sonic Team to start mostly from scratch with Unleashed when even ShtH wasn't enough to fully tarnish the the series. The less said about Sonic Boom, Sonic Team's transparent but ultimately-too-chickenshit-to-go-through-with attempt to reboot the whole series to hide from its reputation, the better. That's the viewpoint of the people who want Forces to fail; and that context and the context of Forces' development makes whether or not the game is an irredeemable mess of ShtH or just a decent-but-ignorable release in a series with a bunch of them be ultimately irrelevant. Couple that with the Sega's handling of the franchise as a whole in 2017. If someone truly likes Sonic Forces and actively supports having elements of it that are unique to it return in the future, great. Good for them, legitimately. People can like crappy games, people can like mediocre games, people can think great games suck. One of my favorite games in the series remains Heroes, and at the end of the day that's not terribly much better of a game and certainly wasn't any less of a dead end for the series than Forces probably will be even if there was actual passion behind it. That doesn't make their opinion any more valid than those who think Forces is an aggressively mediocre, cynical product showing off the worst of Sonic Team even if the game itself isn't as drastically poor as its reputation suggests; and if "you" feel that someone's core beliefs for the series in 2017 are based on how Sonic Team seemingly doesn't really give a fuck but are repeatedly rewarded for it anyway carries the implication that it reflects badly on you for buying in anyway and thus are insulted by it, then that isn't really that person's problem.
  15. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    I'd be impressed if European countries had the balls to call him out over it. Oh? That's certainly interesting to hear. How so? Yeah, you said that already. That theoretical money wasn't being used to do so before the tax cuts. There's no reason to act like that theoretical money would have automatically done so had the tax cuts died in Congress; nor that the tax cuts preclude the ability to do so until 2026 or whenever the tax cuts ultimately expire. That's not what an effective tax rate actually is. How about this: You want to call it "downright evil" or "vicious", instead of "probably unsound economic policy following extensive investigation that suggests it would be" let's put a number on it. What are the sliding scales of "Evil"? Are 1950s levels of (largely cosmetic) taxation the gold standard; where all of a hundred people probably actually paid the 91% marginal tax rate, the country went through three recessions in a decade despite effectively controlling the world's industrial base, the lowest income tax rate was still 20% and the income tax laws were written so even moderately well-to-do people could create actual legitimate tax shelters?