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  1. I'm pretty sure that this was actually made last year, because then I won't have to admit that I've been here 17 years and saved this random image to my computer just a bit after I joined.
  2. I'll note four things: The instructions for Heroes that are on PCGW are a bit daunting and unnecessary if you want to just play the game. If you want it to run on modern computers and modern resolutions, all you really need is the ThirteenAG patch and the Xbox FMV files (if you care about having the highest quality of the FMVs). Both of them can just be dragged and dropped into specific folders in the Sonic Heroes directory and you're golden. The HUD is still set for 4:3 and the menus look a bit weird because they load like they are a raw Flash file being viewed on a webpage, but other than that the game runs pretty flawlessly to at least 4k: I play it with a Dual Shock 3 masquerading as a 360 controller and it doesn't give me any issues. Most of the long list of instructions on the PCGW are prerequisites for fixing little bugs and visual glitches, but if you don't want to bother with that and just want the game running on PC at high resolution the PC version is still the best way to play it. Sonic 3 AIR is a great release by all standards, but it isn't platform agnostic. If you want to play on something other than a Windows PC (or you want to play on real hardware), Sonic 3 Complete is damn near just as good and does a lot of the same things as AIR set out to do; but it's playable on anything that can run Genesis ROMs. The PC version of 3D Blast is pretty easy to get running as well. Whether that's the definitive version depends on how much you personally think the changes in Jon Burton's director's cut of the Genesis version are necessary versus the updated graphics/sound of the 32-bit release. Kega (and probably other emulators) can run the Game Gear versions of the 8-Bit Sonic games at the Master System resolution. On some games this has very mixed results as the developers may have used that essentially overscan area to dump garbage data (and indeed there are occasional visual glitches in the Sonic games in places like the title cards), but the Sonic games in particular benefit greatly from it. Since the Game Gear versions were otherwise the better versions when they were on both consoles, this basically fixes the main issue with them and makes them the best ones. Main thing is that the HUD is a bit off when doing so.

    1. KHCast


      Literally forgot the NBA finals were even happening 

    2. Dejimon11


      With what happened this year it's justified. 

    3. Demonic Frenzy Ultima

      Demonic Frenzy Ultima

      Yeah I may not be into Basketball that much but with what happened recently, I say good for them

  4. PACK IT IN FOLKS. ELECTION OVER. Trump has secured the important Taliban vote.
  5. There's something darkly hilarious about some dumb bitch in the Trump Administration trying to throw shade at Biden over failing to control a pandemic while she is quarantined after being infected with Covid by Trump himself.
  6. When I said it was not optional, I meant it was not an option to do something else. In a few days, you can try again to post examples of members doing the things in this thread you've repeatedly accused them of.
  7. Inconsistent capitalization, giant block paragraphs containing rambling thoughts, all caps sprinkled throughout for no reason. Your lack of editing shouldn't be your biggest concern. You are the one who wandered into this thread, and seemingly even joined this forum, purely to say shit like this: If you don't want to get treated like an asshole, stop acting like an asshole. You don't get to act like an asshole, then act surprised and offended when people respond to you for being an asshole and pretend your motives were pure. Your spicy takes about SatAM, which is over 20 years of various story and character changes and one full reboot removed from the comics as they were when they ended, are irrelevant to this thread; as are your attempts to get people to justify liking the comics or characters to you. Understand?
  8. No it's not. For someone who has now gone on multiple different tirades about how this is just a big group of people trying to shut down opinions of a minority (including leading off with it with your first post), you don't seem to have any clue whatsoever about what those people are actually saying even after multiple people have specifically told you what they were. Shockingly. Yes you were. You wrote an atrociously formatted, poorly edited dissertation about how stupid it is that people still like the characters from something that isn't the mainline Sonic games, and now are trying to backtrack way the fuck back into pretending that all you actually were doing was asking a question about why people like them. You're not slick, and if this is how you're going to present yourself in your first four posts I wouldn't bother unpacking your bags.
  9. As it pertains to lives, how many Sonic games in the past... Let's say twenty years have had it where lives are actually a limiting factor? Even ignoring how superfluous they seem in the boost titles (with Eggmanland being the exception that proves the point when it absolutely buries you in extra lives to prevent you from having a game over), the only game that seemed structured in a way that sorta necessitated it was Heroes. Other than Advance 1 and maybe Advance 2, all of the handheld games had levels that were flooded with rings and/or were menu/hub driven as well.
  10. You weren't engaging in conversation, just like E-122-Psi wasn't. You were regurgitating stupid shit from the first page of this 16 page thread as if it was a profound point, even though there are indeed 16 pages of people pointing out that points ike "Freedom Fighters being in a Sonic game completely destroys the sanctity of the series" is grandstanding nonsense that takes ten seconds to think through. And 16 pages of thread that I know you saw, since you burned through the entire thread throwing likes at everyone who pushed the same bad faith arguments; and you framed your first post in this thread as if anyone who's hadn't bought into those arguments in this thread as being disrespectful. I did. That's exactly why I'm asking, and why I specifically said what I said. Yawn. That didn't work when E-122-Psi tried it. Try another one.
  11. Everyone else covered things pretty nicely, but I'll address the elephant in the room: Which ban dodging member are you? I ask because you're clearly one of them, and the sooner we get this over with the sooner you can make some other account to spam up a bunch of navel gazing threads with posts devoid of any real introspection but dressed up as Devil's Advocate arguments.
  12. So at the end of the day, they just added another sword character.

    1. Zaysho
    2. Winston


      Well, he has brown bricks too. 

    3. Demonic Frenzy Ultima

      Demonic Frenzy Ultima

      and a Pickaxe iirc.

      And a potato.

  13. "Identity politics" and "condemn groups like the KKK" are a bit different...
  14. I'm amazed that he's even worse at this than he was in 2016.
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