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  1. Tornado

    Why the Modern Sonic Stories Just Don't Work

    The amount of stuff you don't care about but still feel fit to make that known could write a long ass book.
  2. Tornado

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Huh. Justice Kennedy is retiring.
  3. Has fair use ever been a thing in the EU to begin with? In the US the concept is already frequently misapplied as it is as a defense against copyright infringement, but I'm not aware of any provisions in European law that is even similar in the first place to US Fair Use doctrine as actually written that the EU can vote to override with these new rules. As I understand it, European countries have always operated on a short list of specific things that are allowed to be done with copyrighted works by those other than the rights holder; as opposed to the US law which is ultimately just a list of four deliberately subjective criteria that have to be analyzed on a case by case basis to determine whether copyright infringement took place.
  4. Tornado

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    There are treaties against putting nuclear launch platforms in space, be it in low earth orbit like Russia had in the 1970s, actual orbit like a satellite launch platform, or on the moon. It's also forbidden from parking any base on the moon for non-peaceful purposes. Everything else is fair game; but regardless in the 21st century parlance "space war" refers more to the ability to disable or destroy satellites used for surveillance, GPS and communication (be it from lasers or missiles or whatever) than it does the 60s and 70s idea of using it to shoot missiles at the Earth.
  5. Tornado

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    They handled most research, development and testing until NASA was formed, at which point it was mostly all pulled from the Air Force (and the parts of ARPA that still was researching space flight) and transferred to that agency. It also went out of its way in the early years (when it still had a budget and could afford to do it) to exclude many of the personnel that had been in the Air Force programs of the same aim; and Neil Armstrong had to fight his way back into it. The Air Force does still have an arm that handles things in space, like launching surveillance satellites and tracking military incursions of other countries; but presumably (I say because Trump probably never thought that far into it anyway) the idea is to either separate it or replace it entirely with its own branch of the military rather than a save to another; where it would have its own budget and development goals and not be a slave to budget wrangling the controlling service branch needed to sacrifice to buy more F-35s or whatever. It's an idea that's been floated since Bush was president, always forgotten after the news cycle because it's dumb and something more important buries it (when Rumsfeld proposed it, it was interrupted by 9/11).
  6. Tornado

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    NASA is primarily and deliberately a scientific and exploration civilian agency rather than a military one (that isn't to say that they don't do things of military importance or handle the heavy lifting for branches of the military who need help in that area), and things typically under the purview of the Air Force are different enough conceptually from doing things in space that they were already deliberately separated being in charge of most space missions once already. Of the things he was talking about there, the idea to create a new a new agency to specifically handle military operations in space is by far the least stupid part of it.
  7. No I don't. The Sonic OVA has a decent amount of aesthetic trappings that directly relate it to Sonic CD in particular and the Genesis games as a whole in broad strokes, but that's about the extent of it. The characters don't act the same, the setting is blatantly and bizarrely not the same, the overall plot is nothing like the Sonic series ever did either before or after, the tone and the characters that aren't from the games could be plopped directly into a contemporary anime and no one would notice. And, even when the series proper got peak "rip off shonen anime that was popular five years ago" it still never had the amount of generic anime sexual humor that the OVA has in half the scenes Sara is in. The reports of the OVA's faithfulness to the source material have always been dramatically overstated. It's not SatAM levels of "slap Sonic characters in what might as well be a different show", but it's also not anywhere near approaching something like Street Fighter II: The Movie. Nothing in it has ever suggested it couldn't have been made by someone with only a cursory knowledge of the (Japanese portion of) the franchise at the time. We're not talking about outside of the Sonic franchise, though. For a Hollywood movie about Sonic to be so quickly written off because it is being made by people in Hollywood instead of under the eyes of the ones who made, the implication that the Japanese people more in tune with the franchise would automatically do it better needs some sort of backing. Not only is that company in question Sega, but the last media push they were directly involved with literally was the exact thing you were talking about. Front and center. Perhaps even the best example ever of such a thing in an adaptation. Not every game is based on a platform series with anthropomorphic animals. Some movie adaptations absolutely would work better as a "real world" one; since they already have a real world aesthetic. Shitty movies like Max Payne and Cradle of Life weren't bad because they took something that already had a realistic aesthetic and went the full distance with it; and most of the Hollywood adaptations of videogames have been based on properties that did. The concept of a videogame film did not start and end with Super Mario Bros.' and Double Dragon's insane Hollywood adaptations. Also, while something like Ratchet and Clank would have been quite an abortion had they tried to adapt that into live action (not that it is really much better than, say, Doom), following a series' aesthetic so closely or having such involvement of the people who should seemingly know better doesn't automatically make something good. SNK had a large backlog of dogshit adaptations they helped with of their series long before Hollywood got their hands of The King of Fighters. Street Fighter II V is easily worse than the Van Damme movie. The Resident Evil movies are pretty bad on critical levels, but let's not pretend any attempt by circa-last decade Capcom to instead make their own following games more closely would have been better or been as successful. This could not be less true. Sonic Team and Sega doing a shit job of it for the past 15 years does not preclude the idea that a Sonic game could be used to tell a story on a conceptual level; and even if it was a zero sum game the gameplay hasn't been anything spectacular in that period of time either. Why would a wider audience automatically accept Sonic in 2018? The old SoA canon is dead and buried and hopelessly dated besides, and the things the series has had since that change over have generally just been a running joke. They presumably want people to go see this, and aren't an Uwe Boll tax scheme. Hi. Welcome to the Sonic franchise. I see you're new here.
  8. Tornado

    Why the Modern Sonic Stories Just Don't Work

    You made a thread with a clickbait title to basically say "watch this video", then a couple posts later you disagree with your own thread premise and chalk up you even liking Adventure-era stories to nostalgia.
  9. The Japanese who were in charge of The Chris Show Starring Chris from inception to completion? Let's pump the brakes here asserting that hack writing is any more in tune with source material just because of the country to person who is a hack happens to live in.
  10. Tornado

    Why the Modern Sonic Stories Just Don't Work

    So why make a thread contending otherwise?
  11. Tornado

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    When he did the summit thing with Kim Jong-Un he pledged to stop joint military exercises with South Korea indefinitely and immediately, pending North Korea continuing to play ball. He didn't warn South Korea he was going to make that concession, but even on top of that didn't warn the Pentagon. However, the response I've seen so far hasn't always been focused on the fact that Trump once again made a foreign policy change without actually consulting anyone. Instead I've seen a distressing amount of focus on the idea that it is a prelude to leaving the region entirely and screwing South Korea over, as if a direct US military presence is the only thing keeping North Korea from sending China a text saying "let's invade now, k?" That's a decent bit too close to Team America for my liking.
  12. Tornado

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    I sure wish so many of the responses to Trump's bungling of the offer to North Korea to suspend joint exercises with South Korea didn't sound so much like pro-Bush Administration talking points.
  13. I'm of two minds about Artisan's. It's the first bit of music that hasn't just sounded like an inferior early mix of the original tracks. They got experimental a bit to evoke their new level imagery, and I do kind of like that. On the other hand: It's still worse.
  14. Tornado

    Battletoads (2019, XB1)- Croaked and alive again

    Forward inertia from the arcade era, probably.
  15. Tornado

    The Elder Scrolls VI

    The G1nder Scrolls, coming out eventually probably.

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