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  1. Tornado

    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    I'm amused by this if only because Rachael Lillis voiced like half of the characters in Slayers' dub. Lina did show up, but not in that bit:
  2. Tornado

    Media that Traumatized You as a Kid

    They shouldn't have showed NGE on Toonami, and I probably shouldn't have watched it when it ended up on AS a year or so later. That's stretching the definition of kid a bit, though, I suppose.

  4. No he wasn't. Knock this shit off and debate in good faith or don't waste everyone's time typing shit like you're a time-displaced NeoGaf member from 2008.
  5. yaqyc73w


    Today in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Haruhi gives Kyon The Business while Nagato quietly reads her book.

  6. I'm kind of creeped out. Watching Super on watchcartoononline on my laptop. And my TV asked me if I wanted to watch it on Crunchyroll.

    1. tailsBOOM!


      Me reading that:

      Image result for screaming cat meme


    2. Ferno


      do you have your TV's smart features on?

      i think some smart TVs actively listen to real-life conversations and other sounds in the home, even when turned off (but still plugged in.) the TV can then use the acquired data to give you tailor-made ads

  7. 882.gif

    I'm caught up with the latest meme, right?

    1. Ferno


      that was a meme that i refused to get into because i missed how it started and the constant confusion made me mad af

    2. tailsBOOM!


      Someone needs to do Steamed Hams: Bowsette and Ugandan KNuckles the Ultimate 2018 Meme Edition

  8. Tornado

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    I'm not making a new thread about it, but Cosby is probably going to die in prison.
  9. It sounds an awful lot like what Telltale did was equivalent to what Maxis was doing twenty years ago that caused them to collapse and EA to buy them out; where they do something popular that makes them somewhat well off and known, and they completely go off the fucking rails to try and capitalize on it and stretch themselves way beyond too thin in the process.
  10. I've been playing this for much of the weekend after Sean bought it for me. It's truly pretty amazing. It's such a delightfully charming labor of love that I think hasn't been replicated by anyone else in the genre since the PS2 years (saying that while making it clear that I haven't played a Mario game since Galaxy 2). It was advertised as a collectathon platformer like Rare's games, but it really doesn't play like one and I think it does it a disservice to call it one when Yooka Laylee was much more of one and suffered from all of the problems those games were known to have even by the time DK64 was new. The controls and camera are much better than anything Rare ever accomplished, as is the level design. The philosophy behind them and character abilities opening up more of them are a lot more like Insomniac's best games (the first level in particular feels a lot like Going Commando, especially as you get more abilities) then the "throw shit in big mostly empty worlds and let the player find it allt" Rare stuff; and the controls can match the best Mario games (they feel like Sunshine mixed with Going Commando). The aesthetic and sound design is also fantastic and also very Insomniac/Sunshine-y; and the voice acting is all really great as well. Plus, me and platformers have a bit of a thing. I play all of them like I'm doing some sort of pannenkoek video if possible, and the game absolutely allows you to play that way. I did a tricky bit of pixel perfect jumps on small platforms that took twenty minutes, then found out after I got where I was going that there was a string of like four platforms if I came from the other direction that used one of the advanced abilities that I didn't check first. There are achievements for dicking around and exploring, sequence braking, the works; and the levels absolutely are so open ended that if you're really good you can play the game in a completely different way than intended, using a lot of the kind of stuff you see in Mario 64 speedruns. Dive recovery even seems like it's as fast as using the sprint ability. It's really, really good.
  11. 677.jpg

  12. 632.jpg


    The math checks out.


  13. I'm kind of concerned because that's something from Sonic X.

    And the timing by the actors is perfect.

    And the jokes are well written and land.

    And it's legitimately pretty funny.






    And not even just because of Ortiz.

    1. Tornado


      I'm afraid.

    2. Ryannumber1Scarer


      For as bad as Sonic X got, it had legitimately good and even funny moments at various points. I still think quite a lot of the jokes in the Cruise episode is funny too. I don't like how they felt the need to shove in the whole old people and "learning to relax" lesson, but things like Sonic legitimately getting desperate and devious enough to begin playing up his friends' personality aspects I found was legitimately kind of funny.

      Especially when it came to convincing Tails if robots could think. I love how they display this idea that despite the fact Tails is a mechanical genius, he's still eight and still pretty naive. Sonic convincing him of the X-Tornado feeling lonely just comes off like a big brother who tricked his brother into thinking something silly was real.

    3. Fear-Metallix


      Even a broken clock is right twice a day. (Or when the Chaotix are involved)

    4. Ferno


      im mad that the video cut out the part later on where the ship has like 15 hammers in it

  14. No, it's not. We're not talking about Test Drive 5 or Need for Speed II here. R4 is one of the best racing games of the entire console generation and legitimately an excellent choice for the collection; even if it falls a bit flat due to the controller decided to include. It can easily go hit for hit with any other racer on the system and nothing on the other two systems can really even approach it, possibly to the extent of being the best racing game of the console generation that doesn't have licenced cars that someone would have to pay for; and the only game that is really definitively higher on the totem pole before the PS2 era is the second Gran Turismo game. Activision definitely isn't going to pay for that.
  15. Sounds like a lot of work that could be spent on making a new good game instead of remaking a bad old one.

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