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  1. I'm kind of concerned because that's something from Sonic X.

    And the timing by the actors is perfect.

    And the jokes are well written and land.

    And it's legitimately pretty funny.






    And not even just because of Ortiz.

    1. Tornado
    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      For as bad as Sonic X got, it had legitimately good and even funny moments at various points. I still think quite a lot of the jokes in the Cruise episode is funny too. I don't like how they felt the need to shove in the whole old people and "learning to relax" lesson, but things like Sonic legitimately getting desperate and devious enough to begin playing up his friends' personality aspects I found was legitimately kind of funny.

      Especially when it came to convincing Tails if robots could think. I love how they display this idea that despite the fact Tails is a mechanical genius, he's still eight and still pretty naive. Sonic convincing him of the X-Tornado feeling lonely just comes off like a big brother who tricked his brother into thinking something silly was real.

    3. Forte-Metallix


      Even a broken clock is right twice a day. (Or when the Chaotix are involved)

    4. Ferno


      im mad that the video cut out the part later on where the ship has like 15 hammers in it

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