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  1. Those famous Sonic dates, etched in stone amd known by everyone, of August 15th and November 7th.
  2. plz send help i can't breathe

  3. So it turns out:

    ADV Version


    Netflix Equivalent.




    Had been worried for a little bit.

    1. PublicEnemy1


      Fuck Netflix for screwing up one of my favorite anime.

    2. Perkilator


      @PublicEnemy1 Same for Pretty Cur—oh, I’m sorry……Glitter Force.

      (*insert glitter song from that one episode of Regular Show*)

  4. Adventure 2 and STH '06 were both new games with new levels and new characters; and the fact that they were anniversary titles was a defining moment of their marketing and development (to the detriment of the latter, of course). Just because it's an anniversary title doesn't mean it's another Generations; especially in the time since Generations itself Sonic Team haven't really done shit anyway.
  5. If anything needed a translation that was more literal and dry, it was a show with a frequently incomprehensible second half littered with gratuitous mangled German, English.

  6. I wonder how badly the cast will be New Brock'd on the 21st. Already seeing people pleading to direct the hatred at Netflix instead.

    1. Perkilator


      New Brock'd? What's that mean?

      And which cast are you talking about?

    2. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      Probably Eva

  7. Maybe they can work on making a game people actually want to play before they get in on that sweet "people want to play it professionally in front of others" money. They went so far as to develop a new game engine specifically for it long before they started actually working on the game proper. Sega undoubtedly spent tens of millions of dollars on it, even amidst the tire fire that the series immediately became soon after Sonic Team had started working on it.
  8. The difference is that I don't see that as much of a problem at all. See my comment above about how sympathetic we are "supposed" to be towards Game Freak. Maybe they'll (and I'm including Nintendo in that as well) actually learn a fucking lesson if they don't have their seemingly endless supply of sycophants coming out of the woodwork to viciously defend every stupid decision they make (while buying both versions). I don't personally think this is half as bad as the shit they did, and then remade, with Gen III; and that got to the level of self-flagellation among Pokemon fans that even the fucking Sonic Twitter mocked a review about it.
  9. TSR is absolutely comparable to the CTR remake, even if wasn't strip-mined compared to All Stars Racing. It released around the same time, for the same price, in the same genre; and more importantly people will compare them when choosing to buy one. Hell, they already are. Look at the comments for a review of TSR and you'll see people saying that they want to see how CTR reviews first. And it's no one's fault but Sega's that TSR was put in such a position, either.
  10. The big picture is that Pokemon games are still being released in two versions in an age where people throw a shitfit any other time when games have enhanced rereleases instead of just DLC; and now the main selling point for people doing that in the past doesn't even apply. The big picture is that Game Freak already got their shovelware-looking "get familiar with the hardware" release out of the way. It sold ten million copies, which is a hell of a lot of money to immediately turn around and say they just can't do something when working on the real games. The big picture is that this will probably be loaded with touched up 3DS assets anyway. People acting like Game Freak are intentionally screwing people is a bit emotionally driven, certainly (though, again, two games for no reason); but the Switch is over two years old and this will be a flagship title on it. They don't get the freebie pity points they've continually got in the past when they can't even really come up with a plausible excuse for why they aren't bothering with doing something this time.
  11. Spyro 1 is the PSX equivalent to Banjo-Kazooie. The level design philosophy is a bit different, because of the differences in character abilities, but the general gameplay concept is pretty Rare-y. The main difference is the camera in all of the Spyro games was much better than anything Rare ever came up with. 2 and 3 are much closer in design to SM64; and other than being a bit short and having a section near the 2/3rd mark where the difficulty is briefly rather unreasonable, the former is pretty damn close to being just as good.
  12. That poor videogame developer behind a series that has made billions of dollars. All they wanted to do was make a sequel now even more unnecessarily split into two games that will probably clear ten million copies.. How dare the consumers pick on them for their made up reasoning attempting justify their traditional and seemingly inherent laziness.
  13. Following the reorganization of the Playstation brand from Sony Computer Entertainment to Sony Interactive Entertainment (and transferring control from Sony of Japan to Sony of America), everything Playstation related must be run through Sony's American headquarters in California instead of just dealing with the individual subsidiary of the region. In the past 18 months or so (and this is secondhand information from publishers expressing frustration, so how impartial it is is unclear), this has also seemingly meant that even if the publisher of a game only intends the game for the Japanese market it must meet the standards Sony dictates for a game that would be published on the American or European marketo. This submission process also supposedly has to be done in English; and has also seemingly been more restrictive than the ones that SCEA use to impose on the American market during the PSX/PS2 years.
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