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  1. Oh wow it's Sonic Advance 3.

    1. Osmium


      This is the kind of thing I could watch all day. 

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Hack into to Sonic Team's computer and force them to play this video on loop until they actually learn something from it.


      (Considers that they might get the idea that people want more automated Sonic with Rube Goldberg design)

      On second thought...

    3. Solister


      These kind of videos remind me of this:


      Oh Yeah, the good days...

      The Incredible Machine by Sierra. A Classic DOS/Early Windows game, not much sure how popular it was but a game which defined my childhood. Keep wondering if those artists had a past in common with this game.

    4. Milo


      It took me a minute to realize what the Advance 3 reference meant with the video, but yes lol

      That labyrinthine Rube Goldberg layout would be perfect for that game

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