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  1. It's absolutely fascinating, watching a playthrough of Dinosaur Planet, that they originally had everyone just do fully voiced English cutscenes on the N64 like Conker and RE2; and then when Miyamoto said "na fam, make this shit Star Fox for no reason" they threw out the original script and changed it so the early bits of Stairfax Temperatures use that awful fake language that makes the game so cringey that it's impossible to play it in front of anyone else and not die of shame.

    1. Milo


      it makes even less sense in that when you go back to SF64, all the characters spoke and are voiced in the same language. even given this is star fox we're talking about in regards to setting and occupations (when you have different animal species and travel across the solar system, that leaves a handful of variables to play with in terms of languages).

      granted, it may not have been constant dialogue/full conversations like in DP/SA; but it just makes the forced simlish language even more strange.

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