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  1. It will be very interesting to see if the GOP will tear itself in half for once after the Amash impeachment calls. It seems like they are trying to throw up the wall they usually do whenever someone breaks rank, but Romney in particular seems to have given it more credence than he probably intended with his response to it.
  2. The only words that can be responded to are the ones you write.
  3. To add on to that: Or, as it actually was: Here's characters who have always been from the comic you're reading, more or less fulfilling the roles they normally do, in this multi-IP crossover with the comic you're reading.
  4. This is a legimately excellent list now. I don't understand how SCE would work, though.
  5. Pixel art as a budgetary and stylistic choice is fine. Pixel art because you're trying to dickride the NES (or, more rarely, the vague "Super Gentendo" style that was more common the previous console generation but subsided a bit; except for the glut of Symphony of the Night clones) was already played out and creatively bankrupt when Mega Man 10 did it in 2010. That's because of trends, though, and I can't honestly say that the "hopelessly sterile polygonal interpretation of 2D artwork" that peaked around that same time (think Rocket Knight) was any better. If you actually commit to the style, like something like Shovel Knight or Mania did, it comes off as much more sincere.
  6. It's like you're physically incapable of intellectual honesty in debates. That member explained why they thought her flaws were of little consequence to her character as presented. The person immediately before did as well, and at great length to boot. Someone making a "lengthy explanation" for why they disagree with someone is not the "being presented with clear evidence" stick you tried to beat people with. It seems like you had quite a problem with that so far, considering your insistence that her character arc/flaws are as fleshed out as the ones Luke went through and repeatedly going to the "the only reason people feel different about Rey is because she's a woman" well when people attempted to disagree. That's before we get to your post where you called the member out for disagreeing with you after you considered it settled. It's like you're physically incapable of intellectual honesty in debates. No one said she was "an obscenely perfect woman," least of all before you decided to wander in here and try and link people not thinking Rey had much character depth with the supposed inherent misogyny of the term used. It's like you're physically incapable of intellectual honesty in debates. I wasn't the one who wandered into this thread calling arguments dumb/sexist as if it was a ironclad rebuttal in itself; then doubled down acting as if someone having the gall to still disagree with you on something was "incredible." I suspect you won't, but as long as you knock this condescending bullshit off for why your subjective interpretation of a character in a multi-billion dollar movie franchise is the correct and culturally enlightened one, I don't really care.
  7. Okay, I'll make this simple for you, just so you can't miss the point so much this time that you end up in space: You can either argue the contrasting viewpoints points in good faith, or you can ignore them as the rantings of some alt-right sexist and not respond to them. What you will not do, and I don't care how many circle-jerking likes your posts have been getting so far, is dismiss people arguing against you as hypocritical sexists rantings and strawman whatever points you failed to understand in this discussion because it fits your argument better to do so. Do you understand? Shit like this: There isn't a context in the world where this post as a response to the people in this thread that have been attempting to engage you with discussion doesn't make you look like an arrogant fool. He "insists" because he doesn't believe you have actually supported your argument; just like you insist seemingly because you want everyone to be impressed with how super woke you are by calling out people on a message board for using a fandom term describing bad character writing. Repeating something doesn't make it true. One doesn't need to be part of the hexagonal alt-right Reddit Trump-voting conspiracy to think that Ghostbusters 2016 fucking sucked. One doesn't need to be sexist to think that Rey's character flaws are nominal at best.
  8. You can also argue in good faith without acting like anyone who disagrees with you has another arm coming out of their ass, for once, or don't bother at all.
  9. The main thing is that they need to offer *something* that makes them unique, especially something that mainstream games used to cater to. It doesn't even necessarily have to be first, as AHiT showed against Yooka Laylee. As noted above, just look at the Metroidvania genre. There's Bloodstained, there's Shovel Knight, there's Shantae (generally). Then there's 14000 other same-ish games that no one will look at no matter what store they are on. Even if all of them were 100% passion products worth playing (as opposed to the more cynical way the follow the leader market works in mainstream games), they will never be able to all have their time in the spotlight. The market is generally pretty good at only popularizing ones that are actually good, but it still can't do the same for all of them. It's inherent to the market. Yooka Laylee may have been turned into a huge internet darling (until it actually came out, at least) that got the YouTube celebrity spotlight virtually from announcement, but AHiT had already had a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign and made the YouTube rounds well before that point.
  10. Jon may have racist views, ProJared may be a baby rapist, PBG may be a pro-baby-rapist, Channel Awesome may have been loaded with child groomers. None of them have ever been spokesmen for Sonic games like Arin, though.
  11. Well, it could be worse. Of all of the scandals to befall Jon and his friends/former friends following the fallout from those Twitch comments by Jon a couple of years ago, only one of them suffers from being Arin.
  12. Before he started doing profound video essays about how Racism In Games Is Bad to the extent that he became respectable enough that people dump his videos in message board posts to make their points for them, Sterling cut his teeth doing exactly what I outlined. Sterling trying to make a point about creative bankruptcy in the Hollywood design process rings more than a little hollow in the context of his months long, public-humiliation-of-Deviant-Art-users tirades against people who hated the OW THE EDGE creatively bankrupt Donte, or the similar ones against people who pointed out how creatively bankrupt Sonic 4 looked from day 1. It instead sounds from what others have said (because, again, I'm not watching a video that was posted in this thread with nothing more to its contents than an "I agree with Jim" tacked on the end) more like he's not alright with it this time because he didn't like it either.
  13. I would have thought, since you quoted my post, that you had read it. The context I provided seemed pretty straightforward, though I can understand it may be confusing to people who have only been paying attention to him since he became a Serious Journalist Talking About Important Things.
  14. Yasuhara was the only one at Sega who actually gave a shit about whether Sonic was being attached to things that were any good from 1994 to 1998. I'm not giving Sterling views, but can I assume he is staying consistent with his past views on the subjects of character design changes for new audiences; calling everyone who took issue with the movie entitled whiners and insulting anyone who came up with design improvements?
  15. Naka is fucking savage

    1. TheOcelot



      "I came to see the movie name Detective Pickchu with the children. The kids seemed to enjoy it, and I thought it would be nice to be able to feel like this when I watched Sonic movies in a better movie than I expected"

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