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  1. Well, it's not really news at this point that Trump is racist. And while this is the first time he attacked a congressman on that basis, it's not the first time he's gone after a congressman in such a way either. And if the GOP wasn't going to stand up for McCain after Trump spent months smearing him on Twitter after he died, they certainly aren't going to stand up for Democrat congressmen with an occasional chilly reception even in their own party. Beyond "Oh, what's he done this week," I think we're well beyond the point of people at large being used to it.
  2. He's also, for whatever reason, the only one with any long term experience with the franchise that Sega hasn't worked to try and chase away.
  3. No. I think they should replace Takashi Iizuka and Sonic Team and replace them with a new untalented team.
  4. I'm amused because they took made it a tie in to the movie held on the pedestal as perhaps the one thing that truly tried to make the Scooby Doo series go beyond the schlocky fun that it had been trapped in since the beginning. The movie that realized that EVEN THE IDEA of character development in a Scooby Doo property was just insane, but decided to completely run with it anyway as the framing device for much of the plot. And then they made it look pretty much like an episode of Scooby Doo Where Are You anyway. It's not good when you can tell from the thumbnail of the trailer alone that they missed the point. Frank Welker is increasingly a treasure to the franchise though. Even the shittiest of these movies it seems like he's the only one who knows what he's in and has fun with it (probably because he knows he's the only one who they couldn't just replace with increasingly bad soundalikes).
  5. Username checks out. Because Tangle Good Sally Bad.
  6. So there in fact is no difference to warrant a change in that viewpoint now.
  7. Perhaps let something other than Huffington Post comment sections shape your view of character tropes in media. It's a rather outdated trait for a character to have since nowadays France is the de facto bully in world affairs that the US doesn't bother getting involved with; but not at all one that morphed into turning Bush-era right-wing sentiment (which was mocked even at the time) into popular American opinion either for against. Nor was it ever exclusively an American character concept in the first place. Nor was Antoine really much like he was in SatAM for too terribly long after SatAM ended anyway. And, again, the majority of people who play Sonic games or read the Sonic comics in 2019 aren't going to be ones who were having strong political opinions about current events circa-2003. It's hard to kick a field goal when you move goal posts to the moon.
  8. This would be more of an argument if the comic had been cancelled when Penders was still working on it rather than long after deliberate attempts were made to line it up more with the games. And then it was rebooted. I imagine the overwhelming majority of the people buying IDW weren't even alive for Bush era politicking. Since, you know, FREEDOM FRIES and shit like that was over 15 years ago.
  9. We should have Chris in the games then too.
  10. I was told for literally a decade that the comics characters should stay in the comics. It was practically treated as a tautology around here for a decent amount of time. I don't think anything has warranted a change in that viewpoint now.
  11. I would have thought that they would have gone the other way with it, honestly. Make an nVidia Shield kind of thing permanently docked.
  12. I mentioned this early in the thread, but I guess it bears repeating: CTR is not the only worthwhile entry in the entire genre just because at the time it was new it was somewhat more skill based than MK64. It is not so much better in quality that it is beyond comparison to any game ever made before or since. People have not been standing around looking up to the sky and pleading with God for the past twenty years after CTR originally released because they only had highly lauded games in the Mario Kart and ASR series to play and their life therefore had no meaning. Regardless of whether STOP HAVING FUN tryhards have/had put it on a pedestal that can nearly touch the moon, the overwhelming majority of "people" who bought CTR bought it because they had a Playstation and that was the best kart racer on the platform. It would behoove you to stop treating it as if it was an officially sanctioned E-Sports title (or whatever) beyond reproach and assuming that everyone else treats it the same way. I "advice" you to mind your own damn business. If Pawn had felt the need to say something to KHCast directly for his behavior in this thread beyond what he already said, he would have done so.
  13. What if the next Disney live action remake has everyone be black and everyone be gay...



    But more importantly isn't a wretched dumpster fire like all of them have been.

    1. KHCast


      Okay now you’re asking too much man, let’s calm down.













      A good live action remake movie just isn’t feasible at the moment so we gotta take what we can get 

    2. Polkadi~☆


      smh entitled snowflakes, when are they gonna learn we’re not getting good live action remakes

    3. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      Better idea: make a diverse cast like that in an original film doesn't shit all over an existing, timeless classic and further push 2D animation out of mainstream cinema, even if it's bad.

    4. Milo


      *raises finger*


  14. Seems like the two were made for each other.
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