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  1. Depends on how nakedly corrupt the GOP wants to be 6 weeks before the election. Several GOP senators have already pledged that they will not confirm a new Supreme Court appointee, to fall in line with the precedent "established" in 2016. There's also one more (Romney) who would probably go against it even though he hasn't pledged to. That may not be enough to block a confirmation as is; but McConnell needs to tread carefully when there are several GOP senate seats that are vulnerable; which wasn't the case in 2016 when he pulled this against Obama. This also happened and was reported just before a compromise was met with the House to prevent a government shutdown; which would be disastrous for everyone but is a nuclear option that is available to Democrats if McConnell wants to tell the Democrats in the Senate to fuck themselves and ramrod a justice into the court anyway.
  2. Ginsburg has died from her cancer fight.
  3. Here you go. Get back to us when you've caught up.
  4. It's too bad he didn't run the video by you personally and specifically before he spent hours putting together a 45 minute video covering the character and her history. I hope you contacted him about the transgression so he doesn't do so again in the future.
  5. Sunshine seems to be running like shit in addition to the control weirdness and the broken visual effects.
  6. But but but GameXplain said that textures couldn't be changed if the gamea weren't remastered from the ground up. Also yes this is still half assed. This emulator won't only be used for this release (and the N64 emulator is allegedly ported from the Wii U), so the fact that the emulator will probably be good doesn't mean this release utilizing it isn't being cynically shit out with minimal effort because Nintendo knows Switch owners will buy anything.

    1. Adamabba


      literally how my brother and dad reacted to me playing this.

      also, i used to play it before i went to school too

    2. Marcello


      PS2 version, though? 


    3. A wild west steam engine

      A wild west steam engine

      That was 17 year old me. 😊

    4. A wild west steam engine

      A wild west steam engine

      That was 17 year old me.  Ahh... The days where I was naive and blind to the cynicism toward sonic games. The days where internet access wasn't easy for me to get to. I was just playing sonic games and having a good time.😊

    5. Kuzu


      ...yup, this me, my cousin and sister and my brother. It was quite thr bonding experience.

    6. A wild west steam engine

      A wild west steam engine

      Ps2 version on a ps3 system tho 😂😂😂

  8. At this point I wouldn't be half-surprised if Disney remade Emperor's New Groove; but turned it into the pretentious boring piece of shit movie that it was originally shaping up to be before the creative staff revolted against Disney management.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      The script for that is waiting in line to be greenlit; it's right behind Disney's pitch for a Seth Macfarlane live action Toy Story that'll adapt the original Black Friday script

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Heck, it'd be worse since they take out musical numbers a lot of the time meaning that kinda catchy Yzma song would be cut.

    3. Nintenboi


      If they do that, we riot.

    4. Milo


      In fairness, taking the original/early concepts of their animated films and making another film out of that would at least be a far more novel approach than the stuff they’ve done with the Lion King and Dumbo.

      That said—considering how the Disney remake train is only concerned with their biggest hits, I think we can rest easy there.

  9. I don't think Forces was ever intended to be much of anything more than the exact product that was delivered. That they seemed to have put a year into it at most, that Sega didn't bother advertising it and seemingly didn't really care how well it sold basically from the start, and that it never looked like something that anyone involved really cared about (admittedly from the outside looking in) all tracks with the game just being a test bed for the new engine they developed; and if they could release it and get some restitution in the process then even better.
  10. It's clearly a plot hole that Shadow didn't run in front of Maria after the soldier shot her, deflect the bullet back through the soldier's gun with his radiant coolness energy (causing the gun to explode and shoot all the other soldiers in the room, of course), then find a potato in Gerald's lab and use it to perform Chaos Control to whisk him and Maria off of ARK so she could instead die painfully of Space AIDS on Earth. That way Shadow would be able to be maximum cool and never have tear himself over any personal mistakes, but still have reason for wanting to kill everyone on the planet anyway.
  11. The things in that video do not support the video title; and the things in the video certainly doesn't support the charge being made in the video and pinned comment that these are "remasters" and people should stop harping on Nintendo for phoning it in. That Nintendo sat on higher quality source material and put it into this version doesn't make them "remasters" any more than any of the PSX games that were ported to Dreamcast. I feel like this sudden insistence on what a "remaster" is is versus a port is just Nintendo fans trying to redefine the word to shield Nintendo from criticism; as if there weren't dozens of games every console generation from consoles to PC (or Nintendo consoles to the other consoles) which run and look better that everyone understood was part and parcel with a port to better hardware; and is a red herring to avoid discussing how little effort is on display to begin with compared to other similar efforts from others.
  12. Far be it from me to defend the idiots who will buy anything with Mario on it and heap praise upon Nintendo for the pleasure for releasing a collection so lazy that they won't even change the button prompts in Sunshine, but SM64DS fucking sucks; and even if it didn't it would basically need to be remade from scratch to not look absolutely eye-gougingly hideous when played blown up on a television like it did on the Wii U rerelease. With a couple exceptions (and ignoring the large difference in art style in some areas compared to the original), all the new texture work that was done to offset how the DS couldn't do any of the stuff with lighting that the N64 did only barely led to something that looked better when being played on a DS screen, and it looks atrocious when put on a bigger screen that the original game's heavy usage of single color textures with lighting effects applied to them doesn't suffer from.


    Holy shit. G4 got Sessler back?!

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      I'm really, really hoping that G4 sticks to games this time around instead of what they ended up becoming.

      I'd love to see Icons make a comeback.

    2. Kuzu


      Holy shit, I might actually watch it now. 

    3. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon
  14. https://gonintendo.com/stories/368135-super-mario-sunshine-in-super-mario-3d-all-stars-doesn-t-support Sure bringing their A-Game here.
  15. Steve Blum does that.

    At the same time that Uncle Vic goes to a convention and makes fun of people wearing masks.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      Count on Toonami to spit straight facts, always.

  16. I think Bruce fighting this ninja asshole as Batman is pushing things a bit far. Like I know he wants to keep up the charade, so people don't get suspicious about how skilled Bruce is as a fighter.




    But it's very suspicious that Batman showed up to fight this asshole.

    In Japan.

    Where Bruce just happened to be.

    After Bruce was challenged by this guy.

    1. Wraith


      which batman thing

    2. Polkadi~☆


      Now hear me out, what if Bruce Wayne is Batman? 🤔

    3. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      Yeah, that story was fun but a little weird.

    4. Speederino


      It's already kinda silly that nobody puts the pieces together in the first place. Billionaire with a famously tragic past disappears for years, and comes back at the exact same time a guy in a bat costume with expensive gadgets starts beating up criminals. You just kind of have to accept that everyone in the DC Universe is a tiny bit stupid.

    5. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      @Wraith Pretty sure he's talking about the one from Batman: The Animated Series.

  17. Crying crocodile tears about how every attempt to engage a discussion with you on this matter has gone so far doesn't make your attempts to say the same thing over and over and over again and hope no one notices that you're not actually responding to what people are saying any less obvious. It doesn't in this thread. It didn't in that status update from the other day. It won't when you try to do it again like I'm sure you will.
  18. It's absolutely more obnoxious for someone to wander back into a thread pages later and start repeating the same shit that was being said on page one as if no one has responded to any of it since it was said then, yes. You're not interested in having a conversation about this any more than the times you've repeated the same statements over and over and over again regardless of how anyone has responded to you anywhere else in the forum for the past two weeks, so miss me with that shit.
  19. The She Ra show is the last one I expected to have a JonTron moment in a livestream; even as someone who never watched it.

    1. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      Wait, what happened?

    2. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      I read up on it and I'm not sure what to think. ...Couldn't "Sow" just be a farmer and not a slave as people keep asserting?

      Like, black people can be farmers, guys.

    3. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      Nevermind again. Apparently people on the stream were explicitly making jokes about slavery. Wow.

    4. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      I'm not too surprised tbh.

  20. I wonder if NSMBW's internal codename was Dress.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      That technically could be NSMBU Deluxe's codename since they tried making Peach playable in Wii but couldn't get the Dress physics right, so Deluxe was to show they've overcame that obstacle. (Even the it's used on someone else as an excuse to not make Peach rescue herself)

    2. Dejimon11


      The dress problem was pretty bullshit since Peach and Daisy are playable in Super Mario Run 

    3. Milo


      @Dejimon11 I'd imagine everyone knows the real answer was that the developers never actually considered making Peach playable by that point, but they couldn't be bothered to actually admit that when asked about it.

      "Dress physics" didn't stop the designers/programmers from making Peach playable in SMB2 USA on NES hardware, roughly two decades prior at that point.

  21. Hmm. Forgive me for my presumptuousness. I now see that I shouldn't have taken you tripping over yourself in every post in the process of parroting the same dumb shit brought up constantly as actually meaning that you believe it. Whatever you say. There's more to "brutal honesty" than just being an asshole. Perhaps keep that in mind next you jump in a thread to go on a tangent shitting on things because you think it's deserved for justification you've imagined.
  22. It's not. But that's not actually what you're doing, and you're years too late for this argument to masquerade as such. Because "the vision of the actual creators" wasn't something that manifested itself in an irreconcilable way with what was being done in the West until after the 20+ year subseries had already been created. Because "the vision of the actual creators" doesn't inherently override all adaptations of a work that deviate from it, nor is the work they create inherently superior to derivative works. Because there was so little actual content produced by the time major adaptations started that any attempt to create derivative works would have had to deviate significantly regardless; nevermind when someone sat down and tried to make a somewhat serialized TV show. AoStH came out at the same time; and beyond superficial similarities to the first two games deviated from them just as far as SatAM did. Because it took until after Sonic 2 was a major success for the people working on the main series and the series itself to be treated as anything other than an ATM for Sega to withdraw money from. Because other than maybe FMA fans, no other fanbase seems to have this fundamental problem comprehending how some people don't prefer the "prime" universe of a work and instead prefer things done in derivative versions; so whenever something like this comes up can't help themselves but attack it from all angles and tell people that they shouldn't care about it. Because when the series was at its most popular and influential the material that SatAM was working from (and indeed, SatAM/Archie itself) was just as valid and official of an interpretation of the franchise as the stuff that was being put in the manuals to the games in Japan; and it wasn't until quite a few years later that the games as they were presented in America was changed to be the games as they were presented in Japan. Because not everyone is far up the game canon's ass that they parachute into a thread barely about it to completely dismiss people's preferences for a subseries to a major franchise that ran for over 20 years because of reasoning like how it was just "western localization tactics that change things out of fear of not connecting with the people of our culture" and was made by "people none too interested in the source material." Reasoning that was played out before probably half of the members on this forum were even born. No, it's like saying that you should believe Bad Box Art Megaman actually looked like a realistic pudgy man in spandex because he was present on the box of every Megaman game, his backstory was changed to something reflect that and that art style of him was used in countless amounts of merchandise and promotional material for years afterward. Except he wasn't, and Sonic's western interpretation was. The loose "SoA canon" concept that was adapted in varying amounts from the Sonic Bible (including by SatAM) was something that not only more directly made up much of the early marketing of the franchise in places where it actually sold well, but it was something that Sega of America even made (limp wristed, almost always nonsensical) attempts to tie into the games proper. Assface Sonic and the characterization his appearance conveyed (akin to the American Kirby is Hardcore running joke) was Sonic as far as the games were concerned in the west, and was an inherent influential piece of the series' presentation in the West that Bad Box Art Megaman never became beyond being a Capcom in-joke decades later. Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 had almost the exact same story; and beyond one definitely coming afterward had no connective tissue between them. Sonic 3 & Sonic and Knuckles were linked at the hip in both storylines they had and established that it was taking place after the events of Sonic 2 but was vague enough about the details that it's never been pegged down when Sonic CD happened; because Sonic CD had a story that was fleshed out and also used cutscenes but completely unrelated to what Naka was doing in the US at the time. When did this need for the importance for canon and lore come into play, if not for the game that explicitly cleaned everything up years later? It certainly wasn't Sonic 1 and Sonic 2. That's nice, but not everyone lived in Japan in the early 1990s. I consider it functionally a reboot and always have because it threw out nearly everything that had been said about the games outside of the SoJ canon, discarded major character traits that had been established outside of SoJ's influence (and changed one character even in Japan), substantially redesigned the the series aesthetic, explicitly separated itself from the various other continuities when the games outside of SoJ's influence hadn't bothered to do so and only committed to a broad strokes fitment of the things that happened in the games prior while retconning all of the western influence on those games stories out of existence. You can disagree and that's fine, but it was a throwaway line in a post so just ignore it if it bothers you so much. Consistency, huh? How many Chaos Emeralds were there? 6? 7? 13? 14? 20? How old are the characters? How does Amy find herself always knowing where Sonic is? But no. I'm not saying that people who prefer the Japanese canon are annoying. I'm saying that the people who prefer the game canon, and then use that as a springboard to insist that any of the other canons are inherently inferior mostly because they aren't the game canon, are annoying to me. To say that things that deviated from what the games were doing was automatically worse when was a shit argument in the late 2000s, when the game series was at its absolute nadir. It's a shit argument a decade later when you bring it up for why a character shouldn't even be allowed in a game designed to exchange fanservice for money. And on top of that, you're making that argument to apply retroactively to when said subseries was first created, when the game canon was practically non-existent and no one gave a shit about it. Sonic 1's Japanese manual is "Sonic went to South Island. Eggman was there trying to steal the chaos emeralds, an unmatched source of power. He trapped animals into robots to prevent Sonic from getting in his way." Sonic 2's Japanese manual was basically the same as Sonic 1's, except it's on a different island that depending on the translation implies has different chaos emeralds, there's a bit describing how Tails met Sonic and was fascinated by Sonic's plane and how cool Sonic was, and then Eggman torched the island. That's all there was when SatAM released of the immensely ingrained Japanese true canon lore source material that the creators of SatAM were wrong for deviating from when they made their TV show; and the writers of Archie were wrong for continuing with. You could just not use a thread like this to show that characters from an old series canon are living rent free in your head. While I don't agree with the reasoning he keeps insisting to be the case, I've in comparison got no problem with E-122-Psi saying that he thinks it's fine that they show up in this game but drawing a line in the sand from them appearing in IDW or the real games. Because that's exactly what you did. There was nothing else in your first post. This is a thread about a fan campaign on Twitter to have a character put in a game whose sole purpose is to get people to enjoy the fanservice so much that they give Sega money for it after Sega had already done it for another character in another comic. People have been drawing fanart of Sally for their cause, attempting to build camaraderie about her being added to the game that Tangle was and going out of their way to insist people are not disrespectful to anyone over the issue; even in the face of a fan push that is likely futile. You saw that and absolutely used it as a pretext to shit all over everything; to say that the characters shouldn't come back in any circumstance, that people should stop asking for them, that the universe they occupied was always deficient and that it should have in fact died out long before it did. You did so in a way that strongly suggests that it didn't actually matter what the thread was about beyond the fact that people were talking about Archie characters and that was your in to complain that people still like them, Which means you missed the point completely. No one should object to a fanservice addition to a glorified gacha game. It does not harm anyone for such a thing to happen; even if you want to argue that it would if we were talking about adding them to the regular games or the IDW comics. The fact that I keep saying it is an innocuous addition to a shitty spinoff is to reinforce that none of the people that crawl out of the woodwork to stiffen their lip about the game canon should give a shit about characters from other continuities appearing in it. It makes it all the more absurd that it bothers you this much that people have interest in it. And I think respect needs to be earned. The language you use to push a viewpoint is absolutely relevant to the point you're trying to make with it. Especially so when the point you're trying to make is only tangentially related to what was being discussed anyway. Speak for yourself. I'm just as content responding to your viewpoints based on the unnecessarily confrontational way you make them and the validity of the basis for your opinion as I am debating the merits of individual characters themselves.
  23. No it wasn't. You should probably become more abreast of how much of a mess the series was before Sonic Team threw most of the stuff before Sonic Adventure out before you trot out these tired "The Official Sega of Japan True canon" arguments that people were already tired of when I joined this forum 17 years ago. SatAM was derived from concepts and ideas in SoA reference material that was created before the first game even released; and that material was just as official as anything else at the time was. It wasn't as closely related to them as other things that SoA was involved with for the franchise before SatAM/Archie released, but the derivation was still clear. Sonic Team in comparison made 4 games, two of which were directly related with actual storylines shown in-game (but were released after SatAM started), one of which was mostly related to those two with a couple paragraphs of story, then another one that was barely related and had a story basically two sentences long. Ohshima went off by himself and made his own game with a fairly fleshed out story to arguably the same extent as the final two Sonic Team games of the era, but which had fuck all to do with what Naka was doing (and was contemporaneous with SatAM regardless). Sega of Japan also had nobody studios that since haven't been around for 25 years make half a dozen random Sonic games on top of that. There was no one true complex canon until Sonic Team went back and established one eight years after the very first game came out, for a game that was practically a reboot itself. So you weren't the one who came in the thread talking about a fan effort to have them added to a shitty mobile game of all the innocuous things just to talk shit about the character and shit on the effort? You weren't the person so against the idea of them being added, even to a shitty mobile game of all the innocuous things, that you needed to label them as "generic 90's Don Bluth wannabe cast filler furries" to get your point across? You weren't the one who dismissed a 20+ year-long official sub-series because it was derived from "an american cartoon made by people none too interested in the source material" that basically amounted to ten fucking sentences printed in Japanese game manuals by 1993? My mistake. This stuff sounds an awful lot like you treading back to "But Sonic Team could screw it up" as a reason why no one should want anything ever. Those two things I listed were literally the entire reason that those two characters debuted in their respective games. Because there's very little of her INTRINSIC, IMPORTANT LORE that was even in the comics post-reboot to begin with, so it's already been done once and people already liked those characters after it happened.
  24. Sonic goes to a new location, and there's all these new characters there that haven't been in a game before. Sonic professes to knowing them from sometime in the past ("Wow, long time no see guys!") since he wanders the planet but doesn't bother explaining because it doesn't actually matter. If that's just too insane to do, he doesn't even really have to do that since characters have been reintroduced in the series as never having met the main cast before. Sega can cut me the check any time. Like Amy's fortune telling and mysticism or Vector's strong Christian religious background. She was a straight man of the group who generally mostly had pretty major flaws holding them back; especially very early in the comic/SatAM. Hell, maybe Sega writing a game with them in it could actually make Sonic display the negative character traits he's supposed to have but has shown maybe twice in the past 20 years; but if that's too insane to do she could still maintain her relationship to the rest of the FF without imposing on Sonic's incorruptibly pure pureness. Sega can cut me a check for that too. So they could uh... not do that. But hey. SatAM was directly derived from the source material, with Sega of America's blessing. The all encompassing and important "canon" that overwrote it didn't exist until half a decade later.
  25. So you're inventing problems that Sega wouldn't actually have if they ever decided to utilize those characters again for a tangent that's not relevant to the thread in the first place. Gotcha.
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