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  1. Yeah, the actual alternative is you can take a break from this thread instead of this tone policing shit you're trying to pull at everyone else. You want to blow everyone off and talk shit about people taking issue with it, go do it on Twitter or something.
  2. You mean Smash 4, which wasn't trying to sell characters to people in advance? Forgive me if I don't find it relevant to a discussion about literally exactly that. People have been complaining, justified or not, about the choices in the pass since it started. Not just the characters like with 4, but specifically that the way they were sold to them means that they were on the hook for them even if they sucked (which, congratulations, Nintendo fans. Welcome to the previous console generation). That will affect whether they will line up to pay for a second one. It has happened with other games before, unless the implication is supposed to be that Smash fans specifically are too stupid to learn their lesson the first time when other fans of other companies who have been doing season passes far longer are not. To say nothing if people start thinking that Nintendo are including DLC characters in Smash for the same reason that Sony included characters in PASBR, but fixated on Fire Emblem for God knows what reason.
  3. Writing off all of the future DLC because of this is a bit much, yes. Writing off buying into another Fighter's Pass when the last entry was phoned in and/or deliberately antagonistic seems much less so. I don't think it's outrageous to think that efforts to try to get that sweet season pass money a second time around may have been seriously hampered by this Direct.
  4. Watches stream for 30 seconds Ah, yes. Figures. Closes stream
  5. "It's very disrespectful that people keep requesting that Sega just port the Taxman versions instead of adding random stuff to this other unnecessary version."


    Never change Era.


    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Step 1. Take the most feature complete version of the games, built to run natively on a pretty much any piece of current hardware.

      Step 2 (optional). Add cool new features.

      Step 3. Release it on pretty much any piece of current hardware.

    2. Sean


      Sega is the dumbest company ever

    3. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Maybe there's just something about the way the Taxman remakes were done that SEGA would rather have M2 make a definitive version as a port instead? 

      I dunno, just spitballing. I mean it's clear M2's stuff will become the definitive versions. 

    4. Thigolf


      Sonic 1 AGES wasn't the definitive version of S1 so why do you assume the AGES version of S2 will be

    5. TheOcelot


      Only releasing the SEGA Ages version on Switch (and not on PS4, Steam & Xbox1 consoles) is even dumber.

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      M2's versions are emulations, subject to many of the hardware limitations of the originals, including a locked 4:3 aspect ratio, slowdown and whatever other bugs they don't bother to fix. I can't look at any version of Sonic 2 that still has an entire row of bugged out pixels constantly along the bottom of the screen in Emerald Hill and call it "definitive". 

      EDIT: Oh wait, jokes on me right there because apparently M2 did fix that glitch specifically for the 3D version. I wonder how they did it though, and if the problem will crop up again for the AGES version. Not that there isn't a slew of other little bugs that should have been fixed over the past 25+ years.

    7. Sean


      Did they ever fix the spin dash not damaging enemies in Sonic 1 when you're charging it up

    8. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Nope. That's still in the Switch version 

    9. Sean
    10. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I don't want to infer that M2 are lazy, because they do some ports and emulations. The S1 spindash in particular though... They didn't implement it correctly to begin with and haven't gotten around to correcting.

    11. Sean


      They're probably also not going to put in Tails' Sonic 3 flight into Sonic 2 because of course they didn't in the 3DS version

    12. Tracker_TD


      M2's Sonic ports are bizarre weaknesses in their lineup, given usually they're the best of the best.

      Maybe it's because compared to some of the other games they do, there isn't as die-hard a community around those specific games in Japan, but it is puzzling - especially stuff like the Sonic 1 spindash bug, which I can't believe they didn't catch. Either way, I still go back to M2's version of 1 now purely on the basis of the Drop Dash, and I feel like having the Mega Play version on offer is nicely suited to handheld play given its shorter length. But I feel like the reason for M2's version is more consistency than anything, and I do wish they'd just release the TaxStealth versions somehow. 


    13. TheOcelot
    14. Tornado



      Oh wait, jokes on me right there because apparently M2 did fix that glitch specifically for the 3D version. I wonder how they did it though, and if the problem will crop up again for the AGES version.

      Sonic Team themselves fixed it with Sonic 2 and Knuckles, so M2 possibly just copied that.

  6. Sega would probably require Sonic Team's awful version though.
  7. You know what's truly, stupefyingly astounding about this? It's only been two months. Game Freak knew they were doing this. If they had fucking said, from the fucking start, "We have a great expansion planned that unfortunately will not be ready by launch that will have all this stuff and include most of the missing content, for free!;" most of the ire directed at them and the increasingly desperate sounding bullshit that they dumped out over the last three months before release to justify the design decision would have automatically been null. Not all, of course, and there's still a chance that this will be as half assed as the rest of their output (nevermind drawing even more ire to the yearly release schedule) but they absolutely would not have been under the same microscope as the fall wore on. That's how awful they are at this. I think only Polyphony Digital are worse. Even as it is they managed to screw this up, because now it's spreading like that "now you have to pay $30 to get Pokémon cut from SwSh" instead of what the paid portion actually entails.
    1. Supah Berry
    2. Milo
    3. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      He deserves that for not realising buying all those toys is no effort when you have magic/soldiers and you're on the king's tab. 

  8. Toy Story 4 is kinda... Not that good...




    1. Tornado


      Rebooting Bo into a particularly sassy Disney princess archetype even though she looks and acts completely different from before is particularly transparent hack writing.

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Do you mind if I do a Rex Dangervest hijack on this? Will do anyway soz. 

      I think it would have worked better if her character change has been more drastically influenced by her circumstances. Getting lost like that could definitely be something that forces a character through drastic changes, but Bo didn't seem like it bothered her that much since all she did was go "Ah well, gotta adapt" and went on with it with a completely different personality. Emmet's change was more drastic, effectively becoming his complete inverse, but it's made clear that his isolating experience traumatised him massively and his new personality is almost a response to the causes of that trauma. That combined with madness since he also had to deal with learning the reality of LEGO, something Bo doesn't have to do with the different rules Toy Story has in general.

    3. Jack in Space

      Jack in Space

      Bo sucked in previous movies, so I see this as an overall improvement.

    4. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Its always with the opposite extremes with characterizing a woman these days. You go from a satellite damsel in distress to an ultra woke, independent and OP Mary Sue action girl.


      Middle ground is for chumps.


      (I'm making it clear that this doesn't reflect on my thoughts on Bo specifically)

    5. Wraith


      The reason Bo turned out the way she did was pretty believable imo. Of all the flaws of the movie that didn't stick out much.

    6. Enderwoman


      It is better than Toy Story 3.

    7. Stasis


      There's so much wrong with TS4 but Bo wasn't that much of an issue.

    8. Sean


      Bo didn't suck in the first two films she just needed more depth and more things to do. Turning her into an entirely different character wasn't the only solution.

    9. Soniman


      It's been like a decade, people change, I could believe it 

    10. Ryannumber1gamer


      I thought Bo was perfectly fine for the reasons others have mentioned. She was fairly eh in TS1 and 2, and with how long she'd been gone in TS4, especially having to live in the shop with Gabby running it, and her mentioning it being a bad place, it's not too hard to believe her personality ended up changing.

      My bigger problem with how badly they decided to dumb down Buzz. Not only does he end up leaving Woody to try save Forky again - the same dude who travelled miles in a city to save his best friend, loyal til the end for him - ended up being stupid enough to take "inner voice" literally, and got demoted to a fairly bit role in comparison to the other characters, and loses a good bit of the loyalty he once had to stick with Woody no matter what.

  9. You're talking about cartoon hedgehogs having sex on a fan message board, so we all know how you'd answer that question. Are we done here?
  10. Yes, we got that idea from the one person who has made a bunch of posts as long as some college dissertations that meander their way to that sentiment; but these are again criticisms that haven't really applied to Amy since Sonic X and are being measured against expectations for what her character is supposed to represent that were never really supported by anything. People didn't like Amy (in particular) in the middle of the ST USA era because Amy (in particular) stood out the most for how the entire cast had been caricatured to the point of being bad anime character stereotypes; but Amy was not at all the only one who got that criticism thrown at her. Sonic X was the worst for that overall and cast a long shadow on the rest of the series because of it for a while, but even in the handful of decently written games of that era (where everyone else would snap back to a character with actual personality traits as needed) Amy still stood out as a sore thumb for how hopelessly exaggerated her personality had become even when trying to be in a serious story. What the exaggerations were weren't the important part even though "stalker tsundere" is an especially divisive character trope. Sonic Boom also wasn't written to placate Sonic Fan J; and if anyone legitimately took Amy's personality in Boom as a pro-feminist bent they are even more desperate to chase ghosts than the ones who insist that a character hitting things with a goofy giant hammer with hearts on it in a cartoon platformer series is directly analogous to actual violence against others. She was a borderline straw feminist who was attempting to pass herself off as the only sane person in the group instead; and her only adhering to her "empowerment" ideals when it was convenient for her to do so was acknowledged as being part of the joke in-universe.
  11. I still have to wonder how much stuff many of the people in this thread have experienced that Amy has been in that has been made in the past 15 years. I suspect you won't be getting a response from this member.
  12. "A year and a half later, and I just wanted everyone to know. Amy is still offensive. To women."
  13. I couldn't give any of a shit about anything else they made
  14. Did they think Ultimate was suddenly going to become ASBR 2?
  15. This is a little bit before my time as a PC player, but Half Life was one of many many games that all came out at around the same time that all benefitted from hardware acceleration. What the original Half Life was not (that some contemporary games actually were) was a game that required hardware acceleration to play. This, however, is after I got into PC gaming; and from first hand experience (I built my first computer to play it) I can say this isn't comparable. First of all, Doom III (and to a lesser extent, Far Cry appropriately) was the Crysis equivalent of the time. It was far more demanding than Half Life 2 was, was technically more impressive than Half Life 2 was, and was better looking (albeit with an ugly art style) than Half Life 2. Second, Half Life 2 was dramatically friendlier to shitty systems than the above two games were. Valve went out of their way to make it run well enough on DirectX 7 if you had fallen for nVidia's shitty business practices of the time and gotten saddled with a GeForce MX card; and the main common complaint about Half Life 2 performance were the infamous Source loading times.
  16. Sonic Boom was a failed attempt at a reboot released exclusively on a failed, since-discontinued console that was farmed out to an outside studio. 5 years ago. What interview material could possibly be given about it, and how much unsold stock is going to shift for a Wii U game in 2019 even with a price drop?
  17. "Pokémon Company International has decided to threaten legal action against people who were sold a game before street date, hoping to make themselves look even worse after lying to the public blew up in their face immediately before release."

    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      Wait, seriously? That’s incredibly heinous.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @Noodle Panda You were just talking about sarcasm, and this is satire. "Hoping to make themselves look worse after lying to the public" isn't real.

      Legal action against leakers who are under NDA or whatever is justified. But if they're seriously going after the people who were sold copies of the games early as the rumours say, that's just unfair. In some ways I do think that it's kinda scummy of people to leak everything online just because they were lucky enough to get the game early. Really they're not doing anything legally wrong though.

    3. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      @Blue Blood of course I knew that part wasn’t real.

      The part that is real is still scummy if you read it as “they want to sue anybody who bought it before street date, whether they leaked anything or not”.

    4. Thigolf


      Lol Gamefreak

    5. Perkilator


      Well, I mean, it's not like getting it before street date is any better than hunting down anyone who did it (not that I'm defending the latter). It just gives people leeway to ruin not only the surprise for the people who wanna play it, but the secrets the devs wanted to keep until enough people played the game where it was safe to openly talk about them.

    6. Thigolf


      If the game stores put them out, people are free to buy them. Don't blame people for playing games that stores put on shelves because they can't read fucking release dates, lol.

      Also, if the games had actually a big amount of content or anything that would've made people super excited for the games and would incline more people to pick them up, they wouldn't need to hunt down anyone in the first place (need to with huge quotation marks, of course)

    7. Tornado


      the secrets the devs wanted to keep



    8. Kuzu


      Developers don't like having their shit leaked to the public. Regardless of how you feel about Game Freak, they're not unjustified in doing this.

    9. Thigolf


      Yes they are, go after the stores for all I care, the end user shouldn't be blamed, let alone fucking sued because they did a normal ass purchase.

      Cry me a river, literally millions of people still bought your game, it's getting good reviews, and Gamefreak throws a tantrum because a small percentage looked at it beforehand, boohoo.

    10. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @KuzuThey're pretty unjustified when it's innocent consumers. If the game is sold to you early, you're not breaking any laws or contracts. It's a dickish thing to leak out all the spoilers, but something I hope wouldn't stand up in a court of law. The fault  should be squarely on anyone selling the game before the street date.

    11. Tornado


      Developers don't like having their shit leaked to the public. Regardless of how you feel about Game Freak, they're not unjustified in doing this.

      It's okay. Game Freak made their money anyway. The checks they wrote won't bounce.

    12. Kuzu


      If they're not under any contracts, then yes, they are technically innocent and I don't think there's a case there. It really is on the stores for breaking the date.

    13. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Remember that time when Sonic 4 Episode 2 was accidentally released early and in beta form on Steam? It was only SSMB that banned the leaks; SEGA just held up their hands and were like "whoops our bad. But hey you bought it legally so have fun playing it and putting videos on YouTube and stuff".

      I can't believe the nerve of all those people who bought the game legitimately.

    14. Thigolf


      Maybe Gamefreak should use that time and energy to sue, I don't know, people who sent them death threats.

      Kinda seems more appropriate and urgent than suing some dudes who took their games off a shelf and onto a counter to pay for them

  18. That's probably exactly that. It's the most recent Sonic game released, and the good vibes the movie gave itself following the new trailer is probably burning up unsold stock.
  19. When you realize that scans on a Sonic archiving site are ones you supplied them in like 2004.

  20. Which probably confirms that the original issue was always that the game just wasn't done by the release date.
  21. Because it's not a story followup that such a name would imply, and the episode label has fallen out of favor in the industry at large even among developers who still essentially make games that way. Especially with how much of a disaster this very series trying to use it has bitten Valve; which is probably why they went out of their way to say it was not an episode in the link you quoted. Glad you've played it. They didn't make a story sequel to Half Life 3 to this point because they couldn't come up with something to substantially groundbreaking like they had done twice in the past. They burnt themselves out several times attempting to do something to make their mark in the constraints of the medium. They've said outright that VR and PC hardware advancing is what gave them the opportunity to try that; the spark that they needed. All of this has come up since this game was announced. The people who wanted Last Jedi to be Luke killing motherfuckers with a lightsaber for the entire movie were going to bitch regardless as soon as it was clear it wasn't Gordon and Alyx using Portal guns to shoot cinder blocks at zombies on the Borealis for 30 hours. I mean they could just be lying and they are trying to force sales of their VR headset by forcing a Half Life game to it, but I wouldn't think they'd tank their brand reception for a game that will never sell that well anyway. Not every Wii game was horseshit "waggle to press B" or light gun games, either. That seems to be why Valve would put effort into designing a game exclusively around VR instead of just bootstrapping VR on top of Doom 4 or a racing game like the overwhelming majority of the games people have played would have used with PSVR. There's never been a AAA VR-specific experience, for obvious reasons. Acting like this will have to be Superhot or something at best because that's all most of the indie VR-specific games have been to this point is a massive leap. If this game actually substantially pushes the medium forward, as the original game and Half Life 2 both did, those people will have to get over it. Hopefullye it will be ported to the next gen version of PSVR where the barriers will be lower; but if the developer's vision ends up requiring a level of immersion that only VR can provide than I guess it sucks to be the people who aren't interested in that. If this game actually substantially pushes the medium forward, maybe other developers will put on their big boy pants and try something to move the medium forward instead of "MORE GRAPHICS! MORE CINEMATICS! MORE PRODUCTION VALUES!" every time they are given new hardware to play with and VR will cease to be another gimmick for Sony to copy and milk as a fad. It also sucks for the people who can't use VR due to motion sickness or headaches or whatnot (though it will be interesting to see if Valve can come up with something to mitigate that), but not every game has to be designed for everyone so long as Valve also recognizes how that will hurt them in terms of sales and such. To be blunt, this is the only criticism in the entire thread that holds any water. "It doesn't look interesting enough so far to justify the barriers to entry" is fine. "The barriers to entry means this is inherently gimmicky nonsense because all of the VR games so far have either been throwaway indistinguishable indie games or tacked-on support for VR in games that were never designed for it; so this unprecedented AAA VR-exclusive game must be automatically as well" is not.
  22. "Pokemon, gotta catch 'em all!*"

    - Pikachu, Detective Pikachu, 2019





    *Except in the Galar region

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