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    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      If I can’t unlock Wolverine in Overwatch 2, there’s gonna be problems

    2. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Oh yeah, Overwatch 2. That thing amazingly isn't just a myth.....yet.

  2. The Sonic 2 decompiled port cannot be run any wider than 504 wide without breaking it (technically runs at 505, but odd numbers also break the rendering), which is near or makes no difference to 2:1. Some phones (Sony's in particular) have a greater aspect ratio than that, so I wonder if the mobile version is broken on them?

    1. Tornado


      Sonic 1's decompile truly doesn't give a shit though. I was fiddling around with it at 2000 and it ran perfectly fine; except over 600 it breaks screen locks for boss battles.

  3. She missed the Mystic Cave pit!

  4. lol Korone unlocking Super Sonic and coming to the realization that it actually just makes the game much worse.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      Small brain is thinking Super Sonic makes the game easier.

      Big brain is realising Super Sonic makes everything so much worse. Annoying 5 second loop music, impossible to do precision platforming... but you're fast and invincible, so it's all worth it.

    2. Harkofthewaa


      And even better, you have no control of the transformation unless you deliberately get hit to stay below 50 rings.


    3. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Hard mode before hard mode existed in the Sonic series.

  5. Possible that this was from a store bundle instead of the official Sega one.
  6. Tornado

    AMERICA: 2020

    It certainly seems like Twitter is finally dropping a hammer down on his Tweets. A bunch of the ones he made after the riots were deleted, and he's not allowed to do it.
  7. Tornado

    AMERICA: 2020

    It's a real shame that these Trump shitheels that wanted to force the US to be a banana republic weren't dealt with like a banana republic would have.
  8. I think you need to actually play something made in the past two decades instead of getting these absurd hot takes about an entire genre of games. "3D games may not have much substance, but there's certainly a lot of style and flair to them,"? "Well most of the ones after can barely be called platformers"? "2D platformers seem like they've become a timeless genre in of themselves, while 3D platformers come in and out of style"? The fuck? Even the biggest, highest production value 2D Platformers with the longest playtimes and the most things to discover (and ignoring the Metroidvanias), your Super Mario Worlds and your S3&Ks and your Rondos and your Popful Mails, didn't have as much stuff as an average 3D one from just a few years later; and the overwhelming majority of them were not like that anyway. Certainly not in the wake Sonic left, when you had shit like Awesome Possum where the entire extent of the game's existence was copying Sonic's style and slapping whatever in after. And platformers with combat being more important aspect of the gameplay than the platforming itself have existed functionally just as long. Ghosts 'N Goblins came out less than a week after the first Super Mario Brothers did. And not every 3D platformer had the long term reception of the Sonic Adventure games and DK64, either. The reason that there are 500,000 generic interchangeable SNE-sque indie platformers on Steam is not because of inherent nostalgia/timelessness to a genre most game players nowadays probably never experienced to begin with. It's because they are cheap to make and can still be reasonably be made by one guy. Also, this genre roulette crap that you've predicated most of your arguments on were things that most platformers had already stopped doing by the time the PS2 came out; because games (including Sonic Adventure and Spyro 3 and Donkey Kong 64) had already been getting shellacked for it in reviews by that point even when the games were still very well received. The collect-a-thon gameplay itself being the entirety of the experience is something that people were growing annoyed with in Rare platformers before Rare even stopped making them, and games that deliberately leaned into it heavily later on (like SM64 DS and Yooka Laylee) were torn apart for it when they came out. This is all shit that effort was being made into making it so there was more to the gameplay than jumping to a place to collect a thing so you can get to the next platform to collect the next thing even when Rare was putting 400 minigames and padding the game out with arbitrary character abilities in their games. Sometimes it actually unlocking new character abilities adding a Metroidvania elements to the level design or by focusing more heavily on action mechanics (or both); so the core gameplay loop itself was the rewarding part rather than just a means to collect more shit to pad the game out. You're not describing 3D platformers as things you're taking umbrage with in this thread. You're describing the design ideas of the Sonic Adventure games and Donkey Kong 64 specifically did that have aged infamously poorly; and expanding the problems those games had onto the rest of the genre when they didn't even fully apply to their contemporaries. I didn't give two shits about the Big fishing levels or the DK arcade minigames when I was playing Spyro 2; and if I boot up AHiT or Crash 4 I'm not going to care that Yooka Laylee was dumb enough to bring them back.
  9. I'm not so sure how many of these criticisms of 3D platformers apply to the ones made after the industry course-corrected hard away from the Rare house-style when DK64 showed how awful a game structured like that could be.
  10. I think the creativity allowed by the shorts format they did with Mania was already being stretched thin by the time the TSR shorts were made, when most of the episode would be characters milling around not doing anything of note until one of them makes a meme face. To try and stretch that out into even the 90s "seven minute segment x3" structure for a single episode of a television show would be an extremely tall order.
  11. In the US, Sega sold the farm on the 32X in the second half of 1994 and directed a lot of their advertising and development money towards that when it was dead by January 1995, at the expense of the base Genesis and the still selling Sega CD and even the Game Gear. They completely abandoned everything but the Saturn in the summer of 1995 when there was still a solid year and a half of life left in the console generation (moreso in Europe, where Nintendo never had the market dominance to begin with). Nintendo having a couple of years of mop-up duty made them win out in the end, but does not reflect the reality of the market as it was from 1991-1994 and especially 1992-1993; where Sega went from having maybe 5% of the market to being the market leader entirely at Nintendo's expense and entirely to Nintendo's surprise.
  12. Tornado

    AMERICA: 2020

    "I know what to do. Let's have Trump take part in a rally for the two GOP candidates in the Senate runoff. That will make sure his base comes out in force to support those candidates, and hopefully temper the thoughts that the election won't be fair and that the GOP candidates have no chance of winning so they might as well not bother voting" "FUCK"
  13. "It definitely was all over the place like it is now, but I'm not going to provide any further context or information." Police departments having SWAT teams is not the same thing. The federal government funneling money and equipment into police departments for the War on Drugs, while similar in concept, was not the same thing (there were also significantly more restrictions on things then, as well as actual oversight regarding who was allowed to have what). That the 1033 program being so thoroughly abused now was originally established in 1997 is also not a smoking gun. You can also easily tell this is the case when a lot of the more blatantly unnecessary things that act as community lightning rods, like when university rent-a-cops are given anti-mine vehicles and small towns get federal grants to buy APCs to protect pumpkin festivals, is involving equipment that was first developed and procured during the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq and has been dumped on the civilian market as US involvement in those areas has drawn down; plus the fact that by the late 1990s the US military branches didn't have that much stuff sitting going unused to begin with to give away to police agencies as borne out by how underequipped they all were during the start of Operation Enduring Freedom. "Other stuff definitely showed it, but I'm not going to provide any examples." The fact of the matter is that regardless of military transfer programs existed prior to 9/11, regardless of if police forces had access to military hardware prior to 9/11, and regardless of if the War on Drugs was an initial catalyst for even rinky dink towns in Florida to get a crate of M16s that they probably never used; 9/11 was the catalyst for the situation we are in now. Billions of dollars were dumped each year into police departments under the guise of fighting terrorism following 9/11, proportionately moreso in places where the only thing people do all year is grow corn that needed none of the money at all; and that was even before the federal government started just giving police departments basically anything they wanted because the military didn't need them anymore after mostly pulling out of Afghanistan and Iraq. 9/11 is the reason cities that would struggle to fill a hockey stadium have Humvees and MRAPS. 9/11 is the reason that the slightest mention of an armed suspect could have the entire police force respond in tactical gear and fatigues. 9/11 is the reason that there's so little accountability over who actually gets and needs what that the GAO was able to get over a million dollars in weapons and equipment by providing a fake police department with a parking lot as an address in their procurement request.
  14. A lot of media did what? Make commentary about militarized police forces before they became a commonplace sight? Every podunk town with more cows than people didn't start getting AR15s and decommissioned Army equipment and piles of federal funding to vaguely fight TERROR until after 9/11. Sonic Adventure 2, a game that prominently features a fictionalized UN peacekeeping force (meaning not police) that had so much thought put into it's real life allegorical comparisons that they fly prisoners around in Soviet attack helicopters, does not feature a critique on a militarized police force. Maybe you could argue it was some kind of nebulous US policy stand-in since the main government in the series is basically the US, but it was about ten years too late/2 years too early for it to really fit as a Team America style pastiche either. Sonic Adventure 2, a game that came out in June of 2001, also notably preceded 9/11. This take is even worse than what Tristan did a few months ago. It's as bad a take about real life politics as when someone on this forum claimed that Shadow's experiences in the series is similar to that of minorities in the US and thus if you don't like him you're racist.
  15. Tornado

    AMERICA: 2020

    Michigan's (GOP) state senate leaders told Trump to fuck off after his meeting with them about overturning the popular vote when it comes to selecting electors.
  16. CD is a truly fascinating window into both the conceptual foundations of Sonic 1 as well as the dramatic contrast between the Naka-led direct sequel to Sonic 1 and the Ohshiima-led direct sequel to Sonic 1. As a game it's pretty eh, even though the Taxman remame fixes a fair few of its niggles; but as an experience it's a very interesting one.
  17. Tornado

    AMERICA: 2020

    Same deal as last thread, different president.
  18. It's all over. Trump even dropped one of his frivolous lawsuits.
  19. They absolutely annoyed the fuck out of Trump (his demon spawn children even threatened legal action, which is like step 1 in the Trump playbook), and he didn't get re-elected. So... While absolutely a bunch of Bush Administration cronies banding together to antagonize Trump for the past 9 months is a "The Enemy of my Enemy is not my Friend" situation, not everything is an elaborate conspiracy aimed at undermining something. Even their supposed ulterior motives of wanting to use their newfound fame for standing up to him to launch their own interests in the next election cycle is pretty small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.
  20. lol gatekeeping save backup behind a PS+ subscription.
  21. Since Trump literally did the first thing while he was in office and has done the second thing for decades as a matter of policy (since you do not commission major factories out of China to make goods for you without working through the CCP), you should try painting a better target. Biden politically over his career has largely been somewhere in the ballpark of where Bush was, minus the religious baggage that frequently dominated Bush's presidency. That may change after finally taking the presidency (he wouldn't be the first person to run for President and dramatically swing around his views once he is the active nominee), but you'd do better for being taken seriously if you weren't acting like he's a super-commie. The fact that he wasn't and blatantly wasn't (and that Harris also isn't) is precisely why he was chosen for such a high-stakes election in the first place; because it made it so Trump couldn't reasonably throw the typical GOP boogeyman at him (or her) and have it stick.
  22. Jordan on the fadeback... AND THAT'S THE GAME. Nothing further, your honor. Though in the interest in fairness of the very fine people on both sides, let's hear what the GOP has to say:
  23. It's amusing that Sony burned up a bunch of goodwill by pissing people off for gatekeeping Spiderman on PS consoles.


    For a game that will be dead for months by the time Spiderman is actually added.

    1. Wraith


      They're probably contractually obligated to add that content too so they have to devote resources to keeping this dead game running for another half year. 

      Just an embarrassing shitshow for all parties involved. 

    2. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      It is unbelievably karmic what happened with that shit show of a game.

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