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  1. A little bit disappointed they couldn't at least get it running at 60fps but the preview builds were a pretty good indication of that already. Still, if it is at least a stable 30fps, this is miles better than getting another Gens3DS or Lost World 3DS. Here's hoping they can at least manage that, because the amount of framedrops we've seen in the previews is unacceptable.
  2. I initially thought on double dipping for PC and Switch, but I might just wait until we get some confirmation about how the Switch version runs, and if it's acceptable, I might just roll with that on release and get it for PC later from a steam sale or something if I enjoy the game enough. If the Switch version looks like it's struggling hard, I'll get in on Steam day one. Either way, I'll get it day one in some way. Even if nothing I've seen so far has really impressed me, I'm expecting to find some enjoyment from this, much like I've done with every 3D Sonic game I've played so far.
  3. I did notice the trees and greenery looking really simple in the modern gameplay, but I just thought it was a draw distance thing and they weren't too noticeable anyway so I didn't care too much but looks like it might be a deliberate decision. So what, is this anniversary a celebration of all the different art styles Sonic has had so far and now they're sticking them into one game? Looking at modern and classic gameplay back to back is so damn jarring.
  4. Honestly, the translation seems to be pretty accurate here. My Japanese is far from perfect, but here is my direct translation of the lines. Each line is a translation of one picture: Haa... Haa... Hey Sonic... Right now, somehow I get this feeling... The real... Ultimate life... You... might just be it...
  5. I did a speedrun of Skeleton Dome in Secret Rings. Super happy with this run ^^ https://youtu.be/YYrzJmrVl2k

  6. I really love how the plaza and it's surroundings are just littered with Miiverse-posts during the splatfest. It really livens the place up.

    1. Alluusio


      Works really well with the neon aesthetic as well.

  7. Wow. I honestly wasn't expecting another Boom game. And the game looks just as dull as Shattered Crystal, too. We're already at the point where Sonic games have some seriously bad reputation and this isn't helping. Even if it does manage to sell, I have a feeling it will do the series more harm than good.
  8. I gotta agree with Nepenthe here. I always thought that the teleporter was only made after he first got into Ark. Surely there must be a receiver in place as well for the teleporter to work properly, like how a radio receives radio waves. So naturally Eggman had to first travel to Ark by some other means to set the receiving end up. That's what the space ship is for I think.
  9. Man, I think that was a pretty solid direct. Really excited to see Fatal Frame being localized and I'm actually looking forward to SMTxFE too. 200cc in MK8 looks really amazing as well. I always found the game to be too restricting with the gliders being absolutely worthless and shortcuts practically nonexistent. I really hope Lakitu doesn't pick you up as soon as you get out of bounds in 200cc mode since there seem to be opportunities for some crazy shortcuts. Wow. I never thought I would get interested to play MK8 again but this really blew me away.
  10. Wow, the 200cc stuff actually looks fun. I always did find MK8 pretty underwhelming so I'm really looking forward to this.

  11. A couple of years back I picked up a Game Gear with Sonic 1. It was quite a nice experience, honestly. The game was pretty smooth and still plays rather well today. The music was surprisingly good compared to some other Sonic games on the system and as a simple platformer it performed well enough, even if the physics and level design certainly weren't up there with the Mega Drive version. Chaos emeralds were also hidden inside levels instead of special stages, which was pretty cool and you saw a map of the island between levels so you could see how the zones fit together. In my opinion this is the Game Gear game that has aged the best. It keeps things simple enough and doesn't push the hardware so much that the game starts to suffer from slowdown and other nasties, which I found to be the case with some other Sonic games on the Game Gear. And it also has Sonic sing the credits theme. What more could you ask for?
  12. I wasn't initially too big on this. I got Monster Hunter 3 for Wii and played it every now and then. I didn't touch the online at first and just played the single player mode, and picked up possibly the worst starting weapon, the Great Sword. I remember being very frustrated at first and it took forever for me to learn to use the weapon and every new monster I encountered took at least 10 tries for me. At least that's what it felt like. Once I got the basics down and headed online, it was a blast though. I quickly clocked in 200 hours of game time. The servers shut down though but that didn't matter since MH3U was released just before that happened. I got it on release, literally staying up past midnight, waiting for the game to go up on the eShop. It was easy to get into the game this time around, since I had some experience from MH3. It was a bit easier as well and I think it's a pretty good starting point for someone who wants to get into the series. I made it through the low rank with no armor at all since the character actually had some defence even without armor, unlike in other Monster Hunter games I've played. I think I've put close to 700 hours into that game as of now, and only stopped playing it since MH4U just got released. I will probably go back to it every now and then though. I suppose I have to say something about MH4U as well. I've broken the 100 hour mark, but I've hardly even gotten started. I would've much preferred to see the game on Wii U or some other console. The 3DS is alright, but I don't like the touch keyboard that much, and you can't really chat during quests either. I don't find the 3DS XL that comfortable, even though I do have the circle pad pro and it's just harder for me to pick up and play as a result. The game has been fun though and feels a lot smoother than MH3 or MH3U ever did. Movement isn't quite as stiff, but you still have to time your actions properly. I suppose that is what puts a lot of new players off. I know I had trouble with it at first. But I've now grown to love it. I absolutely love the amount of depth in the combat system. There's nothing quite like landing a heavy blow to a monster's head and stopping its attacks, making it flinch or lose balance and fall over. If your weapon hits a weak point, it sort of gets stuck for a second before it keeps going and it really gives the impression that you're dealing a ton of damage. I could ramble about this all day but I think this is good enough for now. Oh and I also love how MH4U actually has friend requests, so now you can add people to your friend list without having to type in friend codes on the 3DS too. Capcom does what Nintendon't.
  13. The controls took a bit of getting used to and I suppose that is the main turn off. I didn't think it was very much fun on my first playthrough at all. After I got hang of the mechanics the game got better but then another flaw emerged, Very few of the stages used the parkour mechanics in any meaningful way. It was almost always faster to just spindash through so unless you just like fooling around the parkour doesn't really do anything except by in a few predetermined locations where it's mandatory. It's a fun game but just reeks of wasted potential.
  14. As much as I'm not a fan of the direction the series has taken recently, I'd be lying if I said I haven't enjoyed pretty much every Sonic game I've played in some way. None of them have really lived up to my expectations and there are plenty of things I'd change given the chance. However, in many cases I've come to find enjoyment from things I would've never expected. Sonic games, to me, are games you can't fully appreciate on your first playthrough. The games are often so short and have so many different mechanics that you can't really master them all just by playing through the game once. Same goes for the level designs. When I was playing secret rings for the first time, I swore it was the clunkiest and most flowbreaking game I have ever played. It played nothing like I would've liked and I just wanted to get it over with so I could move on to other games. After some time of coming back to the game just to pass some time I unlocked more moves and got a better hang of the mechanics. Now the game I thought I'd never touch again is actually my favourite of the Sonic games on the Wii. I admit, the games alone wouldn't really do much for me without the community. I am a speedrunner and there was a time when I would go to sites like The Sonic Center and constantly keep on eye on how my records held up in comparison to other people. I've even had a couple of world records in some games. I'm not as enthusiastic about it anymore but usually when I pop in a Sonic game to play, I try to find new ways to get around the level and beat my old records. By speedrunning I was able to have fun with games I would've gotten very tired of otherwise and no other game series has really given me such an incentive to play competitively and explore the mechanics of the games in so much depth. That is one thing every Sonic game so far has succeeded in and is probably the one thing that will make me keep coming back to Sonic time after time again. As for Sonic outside the games, well. Years ago when I was a huge Sonic nut, I tried to embrace every bit of it. I watched all the TV shows, looked up fanart and even did some myself. SatAM, to me, was one of the greatest things ever. Now it's hard for me to watch through even one episode. I don't really care for Sonic Boom either. The character designs I've loved so much have changed for the worse in my opinion. Same goes for the characters themselves. Fanart, eh. I haven't really been actively looking it up recently, much less done it myself. I love the character designs as much as ever, but I've kind of lost interest in everything that isn't official or "canon". I just don't have the time I had back when I could just fill my entire life with Sonic. I'm not that worried about the quality of the games anymore. I trust Sonic Team enough to believe that they can make games I enjoy. However, the time when I was feverishly anticipating new Sonic games has long passed. I still like Sonic and want him to keep going. Whenever I see him in merchandise or advertisements it puts a smile to my face. I still remember years back when I was in an electronics store and they were demonstrating the HD televisions with Sonic Unleashed. It made me realize that he is still popular and has good enough public image that he is being used as a way to promote new technology. It really made my day.
  15. Wow, I wasn't expecting this. We usually get left out on stuff like this so it's great to see Nintendo do this. I've already preordered the game from Amazon UK though so maybe I should cancel that and just buy the game from Finland, since the UK version probably won't contain the PIN code required to get the free game.
  16. I don't really understand how games work on the more technical side, but does smaller file size mean shorter loading times? Because one thing I really love about Mario Kart games is that the loading times have always been nearly nonexistent when playing in single player. I'd love to see this game keep that up.
  17. I love how Luigi is again the one who's left out here.
  18. After what happened in Heroes I really can't blame Sonic for locking her up. Anyway, judging it from a purely artistic perspective the picture does look nice. Though Sonic kinda needs both of his hands drawn here since they're so big that you really can't hide them behind his body. But other than that, pretty solid work with the proportions.
  19. Alluusio


    I always admired that 'Sonic approves' profile pic you had. Didn't know you had an art topic. I really like how expressive and dynamic your art is. If there is one thing I can criticize you for, it's that the perspective is sometimes a bit off. You do seem to have a pretty good sense of perspective which doesn't make it too obvious but it's still noticeable. Other than that, there's really nothing else I can say. You seem to have the direction you want to take your art figured out and it's looking great! Obviously you're still getting used to drawing with a tablet but you'll get better the more you do it. Same goes for things like shading which still aren't quite there yet. Just keep drawing and trying different things. Try coloring some backgrounds too! Looking forward to seeing more. Keep up the good work!
  20. Oh man that would be like the most ironic thing ever "Sonic Boom is another fine addition to the Wii U library. This is sure to sell some consoles." >Game releases >Game gets average sales >Instead J&D games start selling like hotcakes. >Nintendoomed again!
  21. I know. I was just surprised that Sonic doesn't look that weird with pants on. Even if it is a lazy photoshop.
  22. That actually doesn't look as bad as I thought it would. Though I imagine that's mainly because it makes the long legs seem less obvious.
  23. Knowing that this will be a seperate thing certainly lifted most of my fears. But now I'm starting to be cautiously optimistic again. Oh god I'm not setting myself up for another disappointment am I? D:
  24. Tails is the only redesign I genuinely like. Everyone else just seem off to me in some manner. That is emphasized even more by the trailer. Sonic's long legs look really weird and Knuckles... well he looks just as weird as he looks on that CGI render. Also this is still in development but the characters aren't anywhere near as expressive as they were previously. Really hoping they fix that since character animations were really excellent in more recent Sonic games. Eh, I dunno. This is a lot to take in at once. I always enjoyed Sonic's design for how simplistic and streamlined it was. This is a step away from that. At least other characters are playable now. Eh, I'll give it a few days. In a lot of ways this seems more like the direction I wanted Sonic to take. The story seems bigger, more characters are playable and are present in the story. On the other hand the designs are far from what I'd call preferable and it translates into the overall artstyle too. This seems far more like something you'd find in any adventure game than something you'd expect to find in a Sonic game. I'm a bit iffy on the dubstep too but I hope the music will be just as awesome as it has always been. Yeah. Lots of conflicting thoughts on this one. Also, really disorganized post but I'm just not sure what to think of this. My apologies.
  25. Welp, guess it's time for me to unleash my entire Hourly Comics project at once again. It's in the spoilers tag again. Done in the same unbelievably lazy format as last year though the art is a bit more consistent this time and the jokes are a bit less lame. Enjoy! Oh and also I was sick for the entire week and still am so I thought I'd make that clear though I think I did make it pretty clear in the comic already. Looking forwards to next year.
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