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  1. Milo

    Happy birthday!

  2. (Video/music)

    I made this boss theme for Infinite because he could've had some edgier stuff to match his edge

  3. I think Infinite could've had edgier boss music than the stuff he had so...I did this. Original Infinite boss music by Mike Tollis is now up on YouTube!
  4. Since Sonic Team screwed us out of a Shadow boss in Sonic Forces, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I decided to remix a familiar tune from SA2, although it's not one you'd expect. Check out my remix of "Shut Up Faker!"
  5. Since Sonic Team screwed us out of a Shadow boss in Sonic Forces, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

    1. #AR


       forum post here

  6. https://youtu.be/Bxr92kjMKaE

    I regret absolutely nothing but also regret everything in the world

  7. Fuckin' nailed it. Adding on to all of that: It sucks that they couldn't even bother to flesh out such a promising plot idea and just slapped the whole thing together like that...There's no cohesion, no depth, no structure, no sense of urgency or direction, and most importantly, no soul...just like the last 3-4 Sonic game stories.
  8. Something that had to be done. I've always wanted to do a Sonic themed rap, especially one centered around my favorite character in the franchise. Try and see if you can catch all the little references I threw in. You can download it here: https://soundcloud.com/amplerenitence/knuckles-wildstyle
  9. I did a Sonic Mania Knuckles rap
    I had fun with this and I hope you all enjoy it https://soundcloud.com/amplerenitence/knuckles-wildstyle




    So I made a little chill trap song inspired by Sonic Mega Collection and I just wanted to share it here

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      Yep I can hear the likeness. Nice one

  11. 2010: "Fuck the 2D game (Sonic 4), the 3D game (Colors) looks great!" 2017: "Fuck the 3D game (Forces), the 2D game (Mania) looks great!"

    I love the Sonic fanbase

    1. #AR


      (For the record I ain't blaming the fanbase for anything specifically I just wanted to point out that parallel.)

    2. TCB
    3. Milo




      (And in both cases, the 2D game wasn't being directly developed by Sonic Team. Though they did call the shots on Sonic 4's design decisions, as opposed to largely leaving Taxman and his group alone for Mania).

  12. Does everybody still hate sonic forces

    1. FriendBot


      Does indifference count as hate?

  13. So I might drop two Sega related musical projects this year: one Sonic EP and one Anarchy Reigns mixtape

    1. TCB


      Did you just say ANARCHY REIGNS

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