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  1. Since Sonic Team screwed us out of a Shadow boss in Sonic Forces, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

    I decided to remix a familiar tune from SA2, although it's not one you'd expect.

    Check out my remix of "Shut Up Faker!"

  2. 20 hours ago, Tony Caline said:

    My thoughts under the spoiler tag, since, being release day, I'm sure some folks don't want to be spoiled just yet, I just want to be extra cautious / courteous.

      Reveal hidden contents

    Honestly, as a whole, my biggest disappointment with what I'd seen so far has primarily been how the whole of the Eggman takeover was presented. It's heavily implied he "took over", but we don't ever really get any glimpses of what that's like. We don't see what it's like in the various locations to be under the iron fist of The Eggman, there's no streets covered in pro-Egg propaganda, there's no crazy amount of flashing lights, neon signs, or anything where he's showing off his Empire's colours, his face isn't really on much of anything, and there's hardly any sign at all that he's securely fastened himself into a seat of ultimate ruling power, it's very much a "Well, we said he took over, so he did, that's all we need! And we're going to keep saying this directly without ever truly showing it, so that way, you can just kind of imagine how serious this actually is." - We don't even see him actively take over the world, we just get a text blurb about it. Not to mention, even when visiting cities and residential locations where he supposedly took over, everything is under attack as if he's still in the process of trying to conquer everything, so it never really feels like the stakes are that much higher than normal. It just feels... typical. And for a scenario like this, everything should be farthest from the status quo.

    I think my biggest change would be to give the story that much more of a centered focus around Eggman - how the takeover actually happens, what the resistance is actually doing versus what is implied that they are doing (because we don't even really get to see much of that, either, we're just told the Resistance is a thing that exists, and is "fighting back" without really showing us beyond a flashback where Infinite just kind of won the fight), what Eggman is doing with his newfound power over the 99% of the world he actually has taken over (because, seriously, the world is huge, but I guess all of the levels we see take place in that 1% that he hasn't taken over? That's not particularly interesting, why not visit places that were overtaken to liberate them? And, again, if that's what's going on with the stages presented, they are basically liberating places that are currently in the process of being attacked/taken over, so...)

    As another big change, I would probably take the focus off of Infinite entirely. This is an Eggman takeover, why did Infinite get to basically be the key ingredient to making it happen? Why is there a fake Metal Sonic amongst a fake Rogue's Gallery? Why didn't we have the actual Metal Sonic? For that matter, why was there so little focus on Eggman's actual robots in a game like this where he conquered the vast majority of the planet? Why not bring in other Metal robots into the mix? What if the story followed Sonic and Co. hopping from place to place liberating conquered towns and cities from the clutches of crazy Eggman Robots? I mean, even the Hard-Boiled Heavies are an idea for something like that, y'know?

    A story focusing on an Eggman-takeover should have strictly been about that, but the way it is now, the narrative feels rushed and all over the place, and it never feels like they were doing anything differently with the scenario than they have done already. The focus is on Infinite, whose backstory and other elements just do not work well at all, and it just feels so out of place with how Eggman feels like he would take control of everything. Honestly, he would've usually just stuck with the actual power source in question, rather than attach it to some kind of not-machine with sentience and an attitude.

    The story as-is, I feel, is pretty much a squandered opportunity, and considering the circumstances, I don't think this is a concept they'll really revisit again. This kinda stuff, when it comes to wasted potential, hurts a little bit to think about.


    Fuckin' nailed it.

    Adding on to all of that:

    • Make the Avatar less "important". I know he's the big playable character and all, but the way they went about it is so...fanfiction that it hurts. Seeing the side characters say things like "you're our only hope" to a kid armed with nothing but a grappling hook and some random wisp technology just makes no damn sense to me.  I'm not saying to cut the rookie entirely. I personally think it'd have been more interesting if the Avatar fought the war on a different battlefront, focusing on uniting his people to stand against the Eggman Empire in the areas that the main resistance can't reach or something like that. You'd still get the accomplishment of helping out Sonic without it being shoved in your face, plus it'd give the OC some depth and a real sense of purpose to be there.
    • Make Sonic's friends more prominent. Seeing as just about all the side characters present are just as strong/talented, if not more so, than Sonic is, they should've been able to do more. (I mean, Silver alone could've liberated an entire area with his broken PK powers). There was virtually nothing in the story that the Avatar did that any of Sonic's friends couldn't have accomplished. Also, it would've helped so much more if the resistance's efforts were more pronounced. The concept of a resistance force isn't bad but I think it was totally mismanaged. I had a chat with a friend a few months ago about our ideal Resistance leadership lineup and we came up with Tails as the Brain and Anti-Eggman Tech Division Leader, Knuckles as the Frontline Assault Commander, Amy as the Delegate and "Voice of the People" and Shadow as Head Commander and Tactical Planner. Something like this that'd play up all of their strengths to bolster their efforts. On a related note:
      • FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SONIC TEAM, PLEASE FIX TAILS. There's absolutely no goddamn excuse for Tails to be acting the way that he has based off of his previously established actions (I mean, it was just a game ago where the little fox was bragging out of inventing complex shit outta toothpicks so what the fuck happened there). You would think that Tails would've been the first person to jump up and say "Let's get the heck out there and save Sonic!" but he's literally the most useless character in Forces. Charmy the Bee got more action than Tails. I mean, shit, he broke Sonic out of fucking prison once before. In that same game, when Eggman (nearly) killed Sonic, Tails started a motherfucking shootout. In space. In a windowed room full of explosives. After that, and hell, his role in the classic games, you can't fucking expect me to buy that Tails just gets depressed and cowers in fear at basic bitch robot mooks and fucking base form Chaos after that.
    • Just axe Classic Sonic. He had no bearing on the story and had just about no reason to be there. Corporate meddling at its finest.
    • The last thing I have, which is pretty much a problem that Sonic Team has had since 2010...Explain the goddamn setting better and expand the plot threads. Why were the wisps there? What did the whole world takeover thing look like? Why doesn't anything look like it's been taken over? Why were the "four returning villains" such a big hype seller point when they amount to jack shit in the story? (still can't believe that two of the four "returning villains" didn't even get boss fights they just got wrecked in like 2 seconds). What was the point of the Nullspace if Sonic and the OC could just run really fast and escape? WHAT WAS EVERYBODY ELSE DOING AND WHY DID THEY HAVE TO RELY SOLELY ON SONIC AND SOME RANDOM KID OFF THE STREET?!

    It sucks that they couldn't even bother to flesh out such a promising plot idea and just slapped the whole thing together like that...There's no cohesion, no depth, no structure, no sense of urgency or direction, and most importantly, no soul...just like the last 3-4 Sonic game stories.

  3. So July 1st will be somewhat loaded. As stated above, big-ass boxer Balrog is coming!


    Here's the lowdown from Capcom Unity.


    His playstyle in Street Fighter V puts the focus on his devastating punches, and with the use of his V-Trigger, he can chain these attacks together to deal serious damage. He also has a few cheap attacks up his sleeve to keep the fight in his favor, so don’t let your guard down for a moment!











    V-Skill: KKB

    A unique move that twirls his body while moving forward. While activated, you can dodge projectiles as well as string together attacks. You can even activate KKB before a special hits you, allowing you to be a technical inside fighter.



    V-Trigger: Crazy Rush

    A chance to be the aggressor when activated! Steam rises from his body and allows you to string together specials like Charging Buffalo and Bursting Buffalo.



    Critical Art: Gigaton Blow

    Unleash the fury from your fist with this simple, yet destructive critical art. It can be connected with various moves. Make sure to include it in your combos.

    He'll be added, along with schoolgirl ninja Ibuki and the Cinematic Story Mode in this update. They've also been confirmed EVO legal.

    And that's not all... a new stage is coming too!

    Kanzuki Private Beach



    With a matching Karin premium swimsuit ;)


    Will be available for that update too.

    Rival Schools fans peep the background...notice any familiar faces?

  4. Well, I finished my next original rap song


    I present to you, "Wrecking Crew". Recorded live from my bedroom. Unlike my previous song, "Master Me", this one's a lot less serious and a lot more braggadocios and fun freestye-ish kinda spittin'. and I love it. 


    I’m erratic, unorthodox, peculiar and strange
    Exotic, watch out I might bite, case of the mange
    Nothin but range in my tastes, absorbing all I hear
    And synthesizing it to fabricate flavor for your ear
    Sound waves run with the force of a Craig Mack Truck
    Leaving wreckage in my wake with this rap stuff
    Demolition derby, duck and cover run and scurry
    From the one man wrecking crew, get dusted ‘till your vision’s blurry

    Forgive me if I’m wordy, but I prefer verbose
    Or loquacious, what no patience for chatty boasts?
    Excusez moi, Princesse, French Links
    Check my bravado, though I’m never going extinct
    Can’t keep your eye on the birdie? Fix your binoculars
    Maybe one day you’ll spot me in the wild with the popular
    Or you can miss me with that racket, like badminton
    Keep it counterfeit like a pair of shoes that’s mad stiffened

    Unless your soul’s stolen, guess you’re footloose
    Halfway crooked walking, unlike the rooks do
    Feelin’ shook too? Now that’s a bad match
    Like rollin with a moped tryna mess with mad max
    Sad sacks get mowed down with reckless abandon
    Playin tag with a road hog, leave you breathless and pantin
    Hack-hackin like an asthmatic
    Crack addict with crack in his jacket stashed in his knapsack

    Set up for a harder choke than B. Rabbit’s first battle
    Better off rollin Goose Creek’s highways with a boat and paddle
    Row row rowin, life is dreams full of astral projections
    Like Scrooge hot under white collars, yuletide on the seventh
    Spirit of rap’s past, present and future
    Nah, I’m reppin’ rap’s crass peasants and troopers
    Soldierin’ on until I get about 100 backers
    Forget your petty labels, no consideration for that factor

    Also announcing a new Rap EP titled "UNmastered the Art" coming hopefully later this year. My previous song will also be on it.

  5. "Mike Tollis is a jerk" is a running gag within one of my friend circles. I do the music thing and "Mike Tollis" is the name I go under when I make beats (specifically trap beats). When I started the project, I lied and said that Mike Tollis was some jerkass who makes decent music and keeps bothering me and they actually bought it for about a month before I revealed that I was doing something new.

  6. "HyperParadise" by Australian duo Hermitude is probably one of the best instrumental albums I've ever heard. I'd definitely recommend this entire album, especially if you like sick beats. For starters, these two songs are ones I used for my fake Toonami bumps on my YouTube channel.





    Introducing my latest project, The Hip Hop Grimoire EP: BlazBlue Beats. This is a collection of quick hip-hop beats I made sampling various songs from the BlazBlue franchise. With the exception of one song, I put this together in approximately two weeks, and am releasing it today, in celebration of the series' main character, Ragna the Bloodedge's birthday. It's free to download from Bandcamp so check it out!

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