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  1. #AR

    Soul Calibur V

    My thoughts on SCV (and some of the other games)
  2. *watches several trailers and first two shorts* LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I FOUND MY NEXT 3DS GAME.
  3. Congratulations: You just earned a sub from BOTH of my YouTube accounts.
  4. a match made in heaven.
  5. Just watched Persona 4 episode 22. one word is running through my head right now... WHYYYYYYYYY??!?!!??!?!
  6. AWESOME! I LOVED THIS SHOW!! "The secret slime action is..."
  7. I miss the FOX Kids days.
    1. goku262002


      Monster Rancher Opening And Lyrics (English)

      Man that was a nastalga bomb haven't heard that theme in ages. God FOX kids is nothing more then fragments now in my mind wish there was a Toonami Aftermath of sorts for FOX kids.

    1. Sean


      Larger pic is where

    2. #AR


      i wish i could find one :(

    3. Silencer226


      ...Hope the West gets the costumes, the Is This A Zombie costume fits perfectly because the character actually wields a magic chainsaw. :P

    4. #AR


      "all outfits will be available in all countries :)"

      -Lollipop Chainsaw Twitter

    5. PSI Wind

      PSI Wind

      It does. Look at the last paragraph.

  8. I'd totally be down for some more regular re-runs though.
  9. I hope Type-0 HD comes out in America since we didn't get it on PSP. I really wanted to play it.
  10. I have obtained exactly 100 rep. Hooray for me?

  11. Jonny 2x4. Yeah we was somethin else. I heard that Danny Antonucci (the creator) actually based him off of someone he actually knew in the past, which makes it even more unique.
  12. TOM was one of Steven Jay Blum's best roles, hands down. But then again, Blum is a legend anyways, so pretty much anything he voices turns to gold.
  13. #AR

    KONY 2012

    I'm not sure how far this whole campaign will go, but I'm seriously hoping that this cause is fulfilled. Someone who has succumbed to scumbag tactics like that for their own personal gain for this long definitely need to be stopped. I wish I could do more, but I don't have much money. I guess the best thing we could do is continue to spread the word as much as we can...
  14. Watched a couple of vids from the DLC characters. As soon as I get the Vita version, I'm totally maining Christie. She looks like she kicks major ass.
  15. Ignore the Twilight stuff. Love this guy's music. He's the reason that I didn't completely give up on hip-hop back in 2007.
  16. Just looked it up. it isn't. never mind then.
  17. Of course, the whole Sonic thing is bullshit, but what I don't understand is how they managed to forget about THIS fucking abomination: EDIT: I was mistaken. not really a block buster never mind.
  18. Finally back from Florida. Got to see the Blue Man Group live at Universal Studios. It was EPIC!

    1. Steve


      Did you say hi to the Delorean ;^;

    2. #AR


      No I think they took it out.

  19. HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER! So apparently, her name is Labrys. She's an original character and new to the world of Persona. Sporting a Yasogami High Uniform, she claims to be the student body president. She looks like a P4 version of Aigis, mainly because they're both robots. Screens:
  20. I'd definitely be game for another Storybook game. But just like other people said, less on-rails and preferrably no weapons. If there IS ever another one, I hope it's Greek Mythology. Sonic owning Zeus. Epic.
  21. With a promising handheld like the Vita, I'm hoping that some amazing stuff will be announced. I can't wait tos ee what the future holds for the newcomer!
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