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  2. Atlus just announced on their Facebook that this game is coming out Summer 2012 in North America. No I'm not kidding. http://www.facebook.com/AtlusUSA Estimated release date right now according to GameStop is August 7.
  3. Probably a bit too eager for next year's album project. I've already got about 7 songs I'm considering to try remixing for it. O_O

    1. mikeblastdude


      Haha I'm feeling the EXACT same way.

    2. Jeffhog
  4. #AR


    My response to his uber was the black-person equivalent to a jaw dropping:
  5. #AR


    UBER MONDAY: Featuring Ty! So I take it that he's this game's Rodney Mullen? lol Also, ONE DAY TILL DEMO TIME!
  6. 2 weeks longer than we expected, but it's out now! Proud of the extremely hard work everyone put in!
  7. Looks absolutely promising. definitely gonna try maining Ms. Fortune and Peacock.
  8. #AR

    Nintendo 3DS

    My 3DS is in dire need of some playtime Can't decide between Mario Kart 7, Tales of the Abyss, or to wait and get Kingdom Hearts 3D. Damn you conundrums!
  9. Listening to a whole bunch of songs from Tony Hawk's Underground for no reason instead of doing a research paper. Yay?

  10. Planning on pulling a huge-ass Gundam Binge later on this year. I've been thinking about starting with Mobile Suit Gundam and then going up from there.
  11. oh god i would shit my pants if Derezzed made it in this game
  12. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus coming to PSN and XBLA. Hellz Yeah.

    1. HunterTSF


      Goddommot Arc, I spend all my money on the EXTEND collector's edition and now you do this? It's as if you want me to be poor or something.

  13. #AR

    PS Vita

    Just got mine pre-ordered (again, since we messed up the order before) Picked up BlazBlue and a 16 gig memory stick today, and I'll be pickin it up on Tuesday! can't wait! MORE IMPRESSIONS: Played a little bit of Wipeout 2048 as well. The game feels just like HD Fury, which I thought was slightly impressive. Took me awhile to get used to the controls during the race, but I still ended up with a 2nd or 3rd place victory I think. The weapon system is pretty interesting, and the right use of them can give you a big lead. The load times are kinda outrageous (probably about as long, if not longer, than those of Sonic 06), but it's all worth it when you enter the lightning fast races. The game is extremely fluid and looks awesome in motion. The gritty visual style as opposed to the futuristic setting Wipeout is known for was a nice change of pace and looks pretty cool. Some reviewers found it distracting at times, but I was able to navigate the tracks easily (or semi easily, since I haven't played HD Fury in months). Overall, I give the demo an 8/10. This might be a game I'll pick up soon.
  14. slowly but surely, I am becoming obsessed with the Shin Megami Tensei Persona series...

  15. #AR


    only a couple of weeks left. This game's gonna be SIIIIICK!!
  16. Game might have been mediocre, but I really like Shadow the Hedgehog's soundtrack.

    1. Phantomime


      Circus Park, Blue Falcon and E.G.G.M.A.N. FTW.

    2. LoseR


      SHTH had an amazing soundtrack.

    3. Chibinuva


      You know the rule of Sonic games: The more they suck, the better their music is (case in point: ShTH, Sonic 06, 3D Blast.)

    4. LoseR


      Sonic 06 music...


    5. Solkia


      Shitty games have amazing Soundtracks :D

    6. Chibinuva


      @Wooly: What you smoking? Sonic 06's soundtrack was freaking awesome.

  17. NEWEST ADDITION!! BLAZBLUE: CONTINUUM SHIFT EXTEND Well, I don't have it yet, but since I've already ordered it, I'm pretty sure it counts. Yep, next week, my first VITA title is gonna this beauty riiiiight here. I love BlazBlue, and I can't wait to get the (possibly) definitive version of CS. More balance changes, all the DLC characters, and last but not least, a new character! I can't wait to get my hands on it! If that doesn't count, then it'll be: THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII Best Fighting Game of 2011. 'Nuff said. Much improved over KOF XII. Great controls, very technical fighting system, and a varied cast of characters. Just...pure...awesomeness.
  18. for people that have played Scott Pilgrim: The Game
  19. #AR

    Dead or Alive 5

    Hot damn! Hitomi still looks nice!
  20. It's kinda weird. There was a game back on Cartoon Network's website a long time ago, and in that game, if you played as Double D and won, then he would throw his hat up in victory. It kinda looked like Kevin's head, but just with black hair.
  21. I was hoping that I wasn't gonna be the only one to think of Rival Schools haha
  22. GAMES I'VE PLAYED THAT MAKES PEOPLE GO "WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU TALKIN' ABOUT!?!??" OMEGA BOOST An old game from the PS1 that I first discovered in a PlayStation Underground Demo CD (remember that? haha). Fairly simple game, just shoot robots that come your way. I thought the game, although simplistic, was really fun to play. I loved this as a kid, because this was probably he closest thing to Gundam I had access to lol. Speaking of Gundams: GUNDAM BATTLE ASSAULT 2 If you were a Toonami kid/adult/person/whatever, then you should remember when Gundam found it's home there and became more popular in America. Gundam still reigns to this day, but America gets left out from pretty much every Gundam game that doesn't have Dynasty Warriors before it. This was one of those few games that made it to USA. I LOVED this game. As a fighting game, it was simple, but it had interesting graphics (for its time, of course) and had a nice selection of Mobile Suits from the original series, Wing, and G Gundam. My personal favorite (still my fave to this very day) is Gundam Deathscythe Hell. Duo Maxwell freakin' rocks. "Slash, Slash, SLASH!!"
  23. I don't write much fanfics, but i played around on the site and got this: "Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining The Fairly Oddparents and Sesame Street. The story should use an overdose as a plot device!" EDIT: just got this beauty: "Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining A-Team and Gundam Wing. The story should use a malevolent artificial intelligence as a plot device!" This thing is gold.
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