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  1. Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me~!

    1. Sean


      Everytime someone makes a reference to this, I read everything in Billy Crystal's voice for the next five or so minutes.

    2. Jeffhog


      Bom, bom, bom, bom!

    3. Tornado


      @ Sean: I know that feel bro.

    4. -Robin-


      Thanks, Sean. Now I'm doing that too.

  2. >AP Lit essay due tomorrow >started 30 minutes ago >have no idea what topic is about >almost bedtime >challengeaccepted.jpg

    1. Neon


      >has a week off to chill

    2. Old dead account

      Old dead account

      >Do that all the time

      >Still get at least a B

      >Like a baws!

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      i wish i did. got a physics paper and project due this month.

  3. My most anticipated video games of this year! SSX (2012) I've been excited about this game since it's announcement back in 2010. I loved the SSX series, my first game being On Tour. Then I played tricky and had a freakin' blast. When this game was announced, I was stoked to see what they would do with the game. All through 2011, I followed the game's development and my hype grew exponentially after every trailer. The numerous delays somewhat saddened me, but didn't keep me downhearted. The only thing it did was increase my want for this game even more! It's coming in a couple of weeks, and It's probably gonna be one of the best games of this year! TONY HAWK'S PRO SKATER HD If anyone remembers my post from WAAAAAAAAAAY back when it asked what my favorite game series is, I said it was Tony Hawk. I absolutely love these games (Ride and Shred being the obvious exceptions). Since the majority of my recreational YouTube channel (supersonicZ16) revolves around this series, it only makes sense that I'm excited as hell for this game. Matter of fact, when this game was announced 2 months ago, I had the biggest fan-gasm/nostalgia-gasm I've ever had in my life. Damn, this made me extremely happy. This game is exactly what I've wanted for a long time: an HD version of the original gameplay WITHOUT the damn board controller. I'm extremely psyched for this game. I REALLY hope they don't screw this up... GRAVITY RUSH/GRAVITY DAZE This game's already out in Japan, but doesn't come out until May in America. I've been eyeballin' this baby ever since the big VITA announcement blowout after E3. I saw the trailer and was greatly interested in this game. I actually got to play a demo of this game at my local Gamestop, and now I'm VERY excited to buy this game. The utilization of the VITA's features are well executed (I found myself using the extra features like the touch screen and gyroscope more than the original button commands a lot haha). Not to mention that the art style is excellent, and the game looks absolutely beautiful in motion. This is definitely a contender for Best Handheld Game of the Year in my opinion.
  4. "Now all we have to do is go up the-WHAT HAPPENED TO THE STAIRS?!?" "My parents took 'em down 'cuz I am grounded." "...That's disturbing..."
  5. In 2009 it was people like Michael Jackson & DJ A.M. In 2010 it was people like Guru (from Gang Starr) and Ronnie James Dio In 2011 it was people like Nate Dogg & Heavy D And now 2012's list begins with Whitney Houston R.I.P.
  6. Scott Pilgrim
  7. WHAT'S MY FAVORITE CONSOLE!?!? Well, for me, it has to be: SEGA DREAMCAST here you go Dissident. lolol Even though it didn't last that long, this game had an extremely impressive line-up. Jet Grind Radio, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Skies of Arcadia, Soul Calibur, Project Justice, the beloved Sonic Adventure 1&2, and a whole crapton of awesome games found their homes in this marvel. Not only did this system have awesome games, the hardware was amazing for its time. This beauty helped revolutionize consoles today, holding features such as Online Play, Voice Chat, and Downloadable Content before Xbox Live was born. The VMU, the memory unit of the Dreamcast, was also pretty notable, as it even doubled as an add-on along with a memory unit. Featuring minigames or even easily accessible HUD options, the VMU was definitely more than just extra save spot. If you recall, there was a utility for it that could help bolster one's Chao collection in the Sonic Adventure games (The GCN versions utilized this feature as well, connecting with the GBA's Tiny Chao Garden in Sonic Advance). The DC's graphics were amazing as well. Many games had amazing visuals, notably Soul Calibur, which received critical acclaimed for being way ahead of its time. Even today, the game still looks stunning. Fighting games received arcade-perfect ports, even beating out a lot of PS1, PS2, and Xbox versions. Unfortunately, the system was discontinued in 2001, but the Dreamcast definitely raised the bar and left its imprint in video gaming history.
  8. Ok, I'm gonna probably be the prime oddball of today, but actually my favorite genre of video games is... THE MUSIC/RHYTHM GAME Being the music lover I am, I absolutely love these games. It's a great way to play a video game and at the same time hear awesome music, but on a more interactive level. It's also great way to play with others because almost ANYONE can pick up and play one, due to the easily adjustable difficulty levels. It's also a really good way to discover new artists/songs. There are several great artists that I was too young to hear of that I discovered through these games, and I think that's awesome. Something else I like about Rhythm games is that they're very creative. I love it when developers create new ways to play. Sometimes the result can be absolutely wacky but still come out as a great game. Some of my favorite games in this genre are: DJ HERO 2 A lot of people though that this series would fail, (sales-wise, it kinda did) but DJ Hero is very unique and gives a great challenge as well. The in-game original mash-ups from over 100 licensed tracks are very creative, and, for the most part, all sound awesome. The game has great visual flair, giving the feeling that you're clubbing for real. Plus, the game has friggin' Deadmau5 in it. lol DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION The game that gave the Rhythm genre it's start. The game that caused many to spend countless dollars in an arcade. The game that also gives a great cardio workout. Yep, DDR. Almost everyone liked to play this game. It had awesome music, and the game was simple, yet advanced at the same time. This game's popularity prompted the creation of a freeware game that's also popular (Stepmania) ELITE BEAT AGENTS Remember when I mentioned wacky rhythm games? Yeah, this is a great example. This game features a somewhat small setlist. but the gameplay is quick and fun. The game's got a lot of style, featuring extra wackiness (like a football-style babysitting missions) and also, an extremely heartwarming tale of a girl wanting to see her father again (I remember many of you guys put this as one of the saddest VG moments a couple of days back). Similarly to DDR, the game's success (primarily in JP since the series is Japanese anyways) prompted a freeware game based off of it (Osu!).
  9. I want this game.
  10. #AR

    PS Vita

    Don't have a PSP (anymore, since mine done broke on me) so the UMD thing doesn't really affect me. For the most part, the overall idea isn't very effective, since the whole PSP line-up isn't available online, so there will probably be people that can't transfer several of the games they have. For the most part, I think people would've been better off just keeping their PSP. I do agree that Sony's advertising/marketing strategies are less than ideal though. It's a great piece of technology, but the execution of their marketing needs improvement I guess.
  11. #AR


    STILL so very Hawt. February is a great month to be a gamer. PS Vita, Jak & Daxter Collection, and this game to close it all out. Awwwwwwwwesommmmmmme.
  12. best Street Fighter related moment ever.
  13. FAVORITE ART STYLE! Well for me, I kinda got a thing for games with Cel-Shaded graphics. I have no friggin Idea why, but I absolutely love cel-shading (when done right of course). Everyone has probably seen a cel-shaded game in their life. There are a couple of them that have already been posted. (Great examples include Okami and Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker). Other well-known video games with Cel-Shading include Sly Cooper, Street Fighter IV, Tales of Symphonia, Viewtiful Joe, No More Heroes, and the pioneer, Jet Set Radio. One of my personal favorites that was kinda forgotten is: AFRO SAMURAI Yep, bet some of y'all forgot about this. Based off of the anime movie with the same name, Afro Samurai is a classic style beat 'em up featuring Samuel L. Jackson and all his awesomeness. The game itself is alright, but there were two very notable things about it: The awesome music by RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan and the art. There's a very manga-ish style in it, and the game goes into black and white while in focus mode. In motion, the game is really fluid and looks awesome, ESPECIALLY in focus mode. I also love the fact that blood kinda splashes on the screen when you're racking up a huge combo. That was a nice touch. The backgrounds look very nice, and complement the mood of the game. This game has got a lot of style. Stylish moves, stylish graphics, stylish music, stylish...uhhh...hairstyle? I guess.
  14. #AR

    PS Vita

    it sucks that USA is gettin left outta that...
  15. O_O wow. I knew I heard that name before.
  16. #AR


    DJ Shadow, Foster The People, of course Run-D.M.C., looks good... Wait, did I just read The Herbaliser and Zion I + The Grouch on that soundtrack list??? I don't even know if there's any way they can make that game any better now.
  17. I've been sitting here trying to rack my brain thinking of a song i could pick. After careful deliberation, I had to go with this one... AWAKENING THE CHAOS ~ THEME OF V-13 & /\-11 (BLAZBLUE) One note: Even if you haven't played BlazBlue in your entire friggin' life, I REALLY want you to listen to this song. It's just absolutely brilliant. It's...just...5 minutes of perfection. Daisuke Ishiwatari really outdid himself with this song, and considering the awesome shit he made Guilty Gear and the already epic shit in the Blazblue series (look up White Requiem, it's really close to being my favorite song in the game), that's VERY friggin' noteworthy. I definitely applaud him for this amazing work of art. I mean, this song has one of the most interesting style/genre merges I've ever heard in a song: operatic chorus mixed with shreddin' metal. The way he combines the two, it just creates perfect harmony. The vocals completely complement the instruments in this song, and comepletely gives off the feeling that shit got REALLY real, but at the same time, it exhibits and grand scale of beauty. Beauty and Badassery: a VERY difficult combo to pull off musically. And so far, this is probably the only song I've heard to pull it off. The first time I heard this song, I actually came close to shedding tears it was so beautiful. Sometimes, I will find myself in the gallery mode of BB just to hear this song about 3 times. As a matter of fact, everytime I finish playing BlazBlue, I listen to it in the gallery mode before I turn it off. And it even fits with the whole boss battle motif. I can picture a whole entire anime-style scene going along with this song (Blazblue, Y U NO HAVE ANIME!?). The boss's arrival, power-up, the epic freakin' battle, the calm afterwards, and a final catastrophic event to top it all off. If you've played Blazblue all the way through (at least Calamity Trigger), then you can see where I'm coming from, since most of that happens in the game anyways. As Sonic would probably say, this is the B.B.M.E. Tails: What? Sonic: BEST...BOSS...MUSIC...EVER!
  18. One of the more recent things that made me feel proud to be a Sonic fan was participating in the SSMB album collab. I love it when fans with a common interest come together to create something awesome, especially when it's in the form of music.
  19. I was really trying to avoid sonic references, but I can't resist for this one: First off is the Sonic Unleashed intro for obviously stated reasons. Next is: SONIC VS. SHADOW (SONIC ADVENTURE 2) I just love this cutscene. This has got to be one of the best buildups to a boss battle ever. The music. The dialogue. Their actions. They just all worked together and unified to create something awesome. That's all i can say. INTRO (DRAGON BALL Z: BUDOKAI 2) This...this right here...this is one of the many childhood remnants for what I like to call the "Toonami Kids". I was one of these kids, and was, and still am, a huge Dragon Ball fan. I played pretty much every Dragon Ball game i could get my hands on, even some of the terrible old ones (coughcoughcoughUltimateBattle22coughcoughcough). This game, although admittedly one of my least favorite DBZ games, had a friggin epic opening. Just watching it before posting this reply gave me multiple chills. The animation looks absolutely fantastic (and constantly makes me ask "WHY IN THE HELL WASN'T DBZ KAI ANIMATED LIKE THIS!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?") and the music is awesome as well. Every time I see this, I instantly get reminded of the good ol' days (mainly '99-04) and it just makes me feel completely happy inside... I miss Toonami so much... :'(
  20. I'm rooting for the team with "New" in the name. Anyone wanna bet me? >:)

  21. Least favorite character.... OOH! I have an idea! HOPE ESTHEIM (FINAL FANTASY XIII) I didn't really care for the majority of the characters in this game (probably except Sazh), but I couldn't ignore this kid. I mean, everybody hates the whiny bitch character in games/movies, right? Well, this is the resident whiner here. This guy, is just...ugh. His logic is very twisted (to the point of me facepalming repeatedly) and he's to thickheaded to actually shut up and let some logic flow into his brain. His depressing attitude kinda pissed me off too. I know somethin bad happened to him, but still, how much more emo can he get? and gameplay wise, he's not really useful either. I usually tend to keep him out of my teams unless I need a tiny bit of magic. And he fights with a boomerang that looks absolutely gaudy, even for Japanese weapon standards.
  22. Werk dat sucka 2 deth

    1. Celestia




    2. McGroose


      cum own naow

    3. Jetronic


      the war would end

  23. #AR

    PS Vita

    I actually got to play a Vita for a little while today at a local Gamestop, and here are my thoughts. The system feels pretty confortable and overall, the design is fine. Didn't expect the analog sticks to be so small, but the size is just right. Not too small, not too large. Only a few gripes, such as the left analog stick being a bit too close to the D-Pad (I'm going to be playing BlazBlue a lot, so I might get tripped up a bit) and the D-Pad and buttons feeling somewhat odd, but I'll get used to it after a couple of hours of playing. The menu interface is really organized and looks pretty slick. I like it. I also checked out the demo for Gravity Rush. I had a blast playing that game. The Gravity controls are fun to use, and the graphics and art style are stunning. Definitely can't wait to pick that up. Overall, it's pretty damn sweet. Can't wait until I get mine!
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