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  1. My favorite Side character.... Hmmm.... Nooooooooooooo...not the one with the huge boobs. I mean the cat. JUBEI (BLAZBLUE) If every series had a "Chuck Norris" character, I guess it'd be Jubei. This guy is a freakin' boss. At first, he's seen as "that one cat guy that appears out of nowhere", but gets a lot more relevant as the story progresses. Believe me, A LOT... more relevant. SPOILERS BELOW. Aside from all those things, I really like this guy because he's extremely wise. He gives good advice to many of the characters that actually helps them. He's not one of the preachy types, because the guy has most likely experienced all their problems at least once. And he's a freakin' cat. XD Since there are no pictures of the next ones, I'll just straight tell you. HOWARD & KREESE (MADWORLD) Howard: "It's my favorite time of day again!" Kreese: "Ooh, time to huff some paint?" Howard: "No." Kreese: "Time to take a dump?" Howard: "No." Kreese: "Well then I give up, what time is it?" Howard: "Time for another Bloodbath Challenge!" Kreese: "Well if you need me, I'll be taking a dump while huffing some paint." Howard: "So predictable." Kreese: "OW, fucker! You shot me!" Howard: "What'd you expect, fucktard, did you think I was gonna shoot myself?" Anyone who's played MadWorld should already know. But for those who don't, these guys are the game's commentators. Nobody usually likes commentators in anything, but these two are different. Why? THEY'RE ACTUALLY FUNNY!! The duo. voiced by Greg Proops (Star Wars, Bob the Builder) and John DiMaggio (Futurama, Chowder, Adventure Time), deliver quick-witted, side-splitting comedy for the player to enjoy while killing numerous people. The awesome thing about the humor is that it never gets old. I could listen to their commentary all day. Seriously, without these two, this game probably wouldn't be half as good as it is. YAY FOR DARK HUMOR! XD lol
  2. Analytic essays suck. Dammit AP Literature.

  3. Once again, played too many games to think straight, so I'll go with recent memory: VINCENT BROOKS (CATHERINE) First off, this guy is effin' hilarious. I really like his very laid back aura (you know, when he's not having girl issues) since it reminds me of myself. Also, the way the game turns out kinda makes you feel sorry for the guy. First. he's on the fence about marrying his girlfriend, next thing you know, he's outrunning creepy-ass monsters in nightmares that could potentially kill him, and to top it all off, a somewhat clingy, very sexy temptress is invading his life, causing mental and emotional stress (since he's lying to the both of them). The way he handles his business though is pretty admirable. Most guys would've just went with the temptress and broke it off with the girlfriend, but he tries to right everything wrong that has happened (but not one of those "after-the-fact-when-it-was-over-a-long-freakin'-time-ago moments). Also, he gets an unexpected badass streak near the endgame. Since the game is based on moral decisions, his life has multiple outcomes, involving marriage, rejection, or even straight pimpin' like a BAWSE! and for some Sonic fanservice, he's voiced by Troy Baker (Espio the Chameleon).
  4. #AR


    T-Minus: 27 days until the epicness arrives...
  5. Funniest moment... ok I can think of a lot, but my favorite funnies in recent history come from this series: Seriously, aside from actually having a full-fledged story (something rare in fighting games), this game also explores multiple endings for each character: the Canon/Good Ending, the Bad Ending, and (my personal favorite) the Joke Ending/Gag Reel. The Gag reels involve random (and absolutely wacky as hell) scenarios featuring the cast. And when I say wacky, I mean wacky. From giant robots to cosplay to a tapioca-based adventure for the ages to cursed board games, these joke endings never fail to make me chuckle. Matter of fact, here's one of my favorite ones, which involves pretty much every female (human or otherwise) fawning over the main character: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ojV0WZmra4 In addition to these endings, there are also extra segments called "Teach Me, Ms. Litchi!" (which gives players a background look at the world of BlazBlue) and "Help Me, Professor Kokonoe!" (which gives players that reach the Bad Ending advice on how to get to the Good Ending). These segments are very comedic, and can definitely provide a couple of laughs, with many jokes and references that people can enjoy. (hell, they even made a reference to the infamous action of Tea-Bagging, with one of the characters stating "You can't even do that in this game!") Jokes aside, I gotta hand it to the English VA's. They did an outstanding job with voicing these characters, and their tremendous performance helped enhance the hilarity.
  6. #AR

    PS Vita

    My first games (from my order) are going to be BlazBlue and Little Deviants. I already know what's to come in BB since I'm a huge fan, and I can't wait to see how Relius Clover works. Little Deviants looks odd and I was pretty skeptical about it, but it looks somewhat fun. I'm also definitely excited for the games coming out in the near future. Gravity Rush is especially looking absolutely amazing. It's a definite buy for me when it comes out. Also, I'm pretty stoked for Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention since my friend resparked my interest in the series. Other games I'm looking forward to playing are Persona 4: The Golden, Touch My Katamari, and the odd-looking and unique Escape Plan.
  7. the awkward moment when you post a reply to a thread on a different thread -__-

  8. I thought Secret Rings was alright, albeit frustrating. I had fun playing it. Haven't played Black Knight yet, and don't really plan to unless i'm in a "for-the-hell-of-it" mood. As for a sequel, I would be interested to see what they would do next, but I doubt they would make another one
  9. This project was hella fun! Can't wait until the album's out!
  10. Damn road trips made me miss a day. Day Most difficult game for me would've been... for reasons previously stated. Anyways, favorite story would be: THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU The story in this is just awesome. One of my favorite things about the story is that the characters are more realistic than your typical RPG protagonists. These characters face problems that many people around the world have faced, and that way more people can relate to the game. Also, the storytelling was really well done. There were definitely a lot of "OH SHIT" moments for me. Also, there's an awesome use of the "Chekov's Gun" principle. This is probably the only game where I felt sympathetic about more than 2 characters. Well done Square, you made a masterpiece. *still waiting patiently for a sequel*
  11. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyup. buying this game. Bad Box Art Megaman is the best guest character in the recent history of fighting games XD
  12. Hardest Stage. I had to think way back to my childhood, back to when I had time to no-life every game I had. and While thinking of Megaman, I remembered this sonuvabitch: MEGAMAN 8- ASTRO MAN'S STAGE Goddammit I hated this stage so much. The first spot is tricky because there are platforms that disappear and reappear, thus putting you in awkward situations at times. Well, that's the easy part. After that, you enter through a large clusterfuck of buttons and doors that you need to activate to progress. Run out of a Tornado Hold, and you're screwed for the most part since there are a lot of big jumps. The area's so big, that you can't help but backtrack. After all of that, you get caught in a room that's descending into sand (Think Avatar: The Last Airbender's sinking library). After jumping like a maniac to avoid dying, then you come back to an area just like the first part. What happens after that? MORE DAMN MAZE PUZZLES! and of course, this one is a lot harder. My first time playing this, I was stuck on the last puzzle part for about an hour. At least it was sort of worth it because Astro Crush is one of the best weapons in the game
  13. #AR


    great inside look into SSX. and it's like 50 mins!
  14. #AR


    As a rising fan in SNK, I am interested in this, but I only have a couple of concerns: 1) Half the people that see it probably won't pick it up due to not knowing what SNK or the Neo Geo is. 2) The design, but looking at that, It probably won't be the final design anyways 3) The limited selection of games. I hope that more games will be available in the future (especially more of the recent ones, such as King of Fighters 2003). Either way, this looks very interesting, and it'll definitely give me another opportunity to play a Metal Slug game.
  15. I'm gonna say this quick and get it over with: I say the US one is better, but I really like the Japanese one as well. Random note: I absolutely love the US stage clear song
  16. Least favorite boss? first off, look at the guy in my signature. I really like this dude, but Evil/Dark Ash has to be one of the cheapest motherfuckers in a fighting game ever. But then again, SNK bosses are known for bein notoriously cheap Tactic in a nutshell: Distance himself -> Spam Projectile Madly -> "uppercut" move when you get too close. And as per boss fight in a fighting game, every attack is seriously powerful. What makes things worse is that one of his Supers can totally block your super meter for a long time. What makes things even MORE worse is that he has an unblockable super move which, guard or no guard, can dish out insane damage. SINOBU AMOU (KING OF FIGHTERS EX2: HOWLING BLOOD) Continuing the trend of SNK bosses, this little twerp was absolutely terrible to fight. For one, EX2 is a GBA game, and GBA fighting games are somewhat of a chore to play. You know how I said that Dark Ash was cheap? This damn dilweed is a lot more cheap. Seriously, it's almost as if he has one move, and that's a tornado that totally takes off a lot of life. He has other moves as well, of course, that are just as powerful, if not more. What makes things worse is the fact that you have to fight him TWICE. and of course, he's a trillion times more annoying the second time. TAILS & DR. EGGMAN: ROUNDS 1&2 (SONIC ADVENTURE 2) Well, these two were absolutely terrible bosses in this game. The first round can be finished in less than 10 seconds by running around and mashing the shoot button. LITERALLY. Round two isn't that much better, since you're in a more enclosed space and have to deal with those damn explosive tanks. also... let's forget this asshole move:
  17. Yeah I don't skype either, so a PM will be fine.
  18. As you can see, I like King of Fighters. Both my avatar and sig are of KOF fighter Ash Crimson. Well the sig is Dark/Evil Ash, but whatever. If you hadn't guessed, "Bon Voyage!" is one of his catchphrases.
  19. Reading novels = alright. Reading cryptic nonsense = mentally draining.

  20. First off, let's get a guy from a Fighting Game: GEESE HOWARD (FATAL FURY/ART OF FIGHTING/KING OF FIGHTERS) My favorite out of the numerous SNK bosses. This guy was a certified badass. Enough freakin' said. (Not to mention, his son is pretty cool too). SHO MINAMIMOTO (THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU) Ok, seriously, whoever's idea it was to make a boss that talks in trigonometry/calculus deserves a medal. This guy is definitely my favorite reaper in this game. Why? He speaks in math (the tasks of his week were all in math as well), He makes abstract junk heap art, and also because of 3 words... SO ZETTA SLOW!!! His boss battles are also pretty fun, especially in his Taboo Noise form. Considering how fast he moved, you hate to be careful and keep a keen eye on both screens or else you get fucked up bad.
  21. Tony Hawk's Underground 1. The mission where you have to get the gear back from the local thugs. I kept walking right into their field of vision like a moron and though "How are you supposed to beat this!?" Later, I saw a YouTube video of that part, and I felt stupid because you were supposed to avoid them by climbing on top of the houses >_> wait...you don't have to? WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-
  22. If some of the "scrapped" characters (i.e. Fang, Mighty, Bean, etc) were returning and had actual relevance to the plot of the game they were to appear in, how would you react?

    1. Big Boss (legendsneverdie)
    2. Ferno


      It'd be just like the Chaotix coming back, kewl, but not earth-shattering.

    3. JezMM


      I'd dig it, especially Fang or Mighty, but, yeah only if they are used well. That's kind of a given though, I can't think of many sane people who would want them to come back and... not be used well.

    4. sonfan1984


      It won't bother me but I would rather they use the other cast first

  23. Favorite ability form a game? ROCKET SLIDING & AR MODE (VANQUISH) Man, oh man was this game hella fun. I'm not one for shooters, but this game has to be my favorite shooter game I've ever played. I absolutely loved the futuristic look of it, and the BLADE weapons system was well organized and easily accessible. But something that really made this game shine were two of it's mechanics: Rocket Sliding and the AR mode. The Rocket Sliding mechanic is not only fun as hell to use, but very functional. It could help close the distance between you and an enemy or make for a quick escape. The AR mode, albeit nothing really new, is still pretty useful. Basically a time-slowing mechanic, you can use it for strategic aiming. It's also activated automatically by sustaining a lot of damage, thus making for a quick escape. These two mechanics (well, mainly the Rocket Slide) actually won Gamespot's "Best Original Game Mechanic" Award in 2010, and for good reasons (The game also received the "Best Game No One Played" award).
  24. Even though the controls weren't the absolute best, the game was still fast-paced fun to me. The sense of speed was pretty good, and the environments were sweet. Also, the soundtrack...GLORIOUS!!! Seriously, I found this to be more enjoyable than its predecessor by a long shot. The game was faster, didn't have the annoying air system, and no boost attack spamming. Also, I thought the gravity control was a somewhat nice touch.
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