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  1. I really hope that it's another short. Night of the Werehog was 11 minutes of pure animated awesomeness!
  2. Personally I think Kirk is doing alright. he's got the feel right, all he needs to do is work on the execution a bit more and he'll be perfect! considering he's been doing Shadow for a year, he had a pretty good start.
  3. Yeah I think it'd be good to have the original song in parentheses or something. It doesn't really matter to me, but it'd be better for the listeners probably.
  4. I guess I'll submit Burning Ghetto. I improved it a bit form the original take, and I did all that I could do with it.
  5. Alternate levels I would've chosen (Preferably for DLC) Sonic 1- Scrap Brain Zone I think that this stage would be interesting to add in. Considering the traps and obstacles, it could be a challenging act for both Sonics Sonic 2- Metropolis Zone This stage has some freakin' awesome music in it. oh, it's also one of my favorite stages in Sonic 2. Pretty tricky. Did I mention the music is awesome? Sonic 3- Ice Cap Zone I thought this would've been the bonafide choice for a Sonic 3 stage in at least one of the versions, but whatever. I mean, come on! It's one of the most popular stages (and one of the best)! Sonic Adventure- Twinkle Park I wish this stage would've made it in. It's one of the most visually appealing stages in the game. Also, I'd love to see the Rollercoaster part in redone HD. Maybe a Twinkle Circuit section at the end for good measure. Sonic Adventure 2- Metal Harbor Flying Bomber Jets Galore! Another awesome stage with awesome music, and the missile launch would be perfect for Modern Sonic. Also, a rerecording of "Can't Stop, So What?" would be AMAZING! Sonic Heroes- Grand Metropolis/Power Plant This stage is probably one of my favorites in Heroes. Since Seaside Hill included Ocean Palace as well, Grand Metropolis would include a bit of Power Plant. Stage gimmick thing would be the Lava chase at the end. Sonic 2006- Kingdom Valley The only other stage that would be interesting to recreate from this game. It's got great music, and Act 2 would be amazing with the Mach Speed Section, considering it's the best looking part of the entire game. Sonic Unleashed- Chun-Nan/Dragon Road This was my second choice for a stage from Unleashed. I absolutely love this stage. Also, to enhance it, since Rooftop Run had confetti and balloons everywhere, I kinda imagined a Chun-Nan New Year's Theme (have the stage set at night, more fireworks, decorations everywhere) Sonic Colors- Starlight Carnival Ok, seriously. Why wasn't this stage on Generations. I was thinking that would've been in at least one of the versions. I definitely would've preferred it over Planet Wisp. I mean, come on! This stage is absolutely freakin' GORGEOUS! One of the best stage songs in the game as well! This stage in HD and Stereoscopic 3D would be orgasmic! Bosses: Classic Era Rival- Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel (various) A wanted poster ain't enough. This guy needs to come back as a villain. It would make sense for him to be a rival since he's been a couple Game Gear games as one of the main villains. Music: Nack the Weasel's Theme (Hub World), Casino Night (Sonic the Fighters) (Boss Theme) Classic Era Boss- Mecha Sonic (Sonic 3&K) Could definitely be a boss. He may be the smallest boss, but he's still one of the last bosses. Also, great chance for an epic remix. Music: Sonic 3 Major Boss theme (Hub World), Doomsday Zone (Boss Theme) Dreamcast Era Rival- Emerl (Sonic Battle) I definitely haven't forgotten about his guy. An awesome character that had an untimely death. His turn was inevitable, since he was created as a weapon of mass destruction. This battle would be against his Ultimate version. Music: Colosseum (Hub World), Final Battle (Boss Theme) Dreamcast Era Boss- Some sort of GUN Robot (Sonic Adventure 2/Shadow the Hedgehog) "This game of tag is boring! I'm outta here!...Hmph, finally decided to show up, eh? OK, BRING IT ON!" I could imagine the first boss of SA2's Hero side (Bigfoot) getting a major upgrade and becoming much, much bigger and more powerful. Music: Doss: Diablon (Shadow the Hedgehog) (Hub World), Boss: GUN Mobile (Boss Theme) Modern Era Rival- Captain Whisker & Johnny (Sonic Rush Adventure) Honestly, this is the only idea that I could think of for a Modern Era Rival lol. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though. I could imagine the battle taking place across a huge fleet of Pirate ships. For comedic effect, the ending battle cutscene could be these two being shot out of a cannon lol. Music: Boss Theme (Hub World), Boss: Captain Whisker (Boss Theme) http://images1.wikia...90px-F-Zone.jpg Modern Era Boss- Eggman Nega/F-Zone Boss (Sonic Rush) Kinda surprised that he didn't appear as a boss in the 3DS version, considering the fact that Water Palace made it in. Also, who wouldn't want to hear a remix of Bomber Barbara? That song is sexy. Music: Wrapped in Black (Hub World), Bomber Barbara (Boss Theme) OR: http://images1.wikia...lis_concept.jpg Modern Era Boss- Iblis (Sonic 2006) Since 06 has no boss representation in either version, Let's add everyone's favorite rock-chuckin' fire monster to the fray! I would probably prefer the Phase 3 Iblis as a boss, but either one could fit. (Phase 3 would be more grandiose though. Music: Boss: Iblis (Hub World), Boss: Iblis Phase 3 (Boss Theme) I know there's not much difference in between the two, but whatever.
  6. THE DOOM/LOST IMPACT (SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG) Dammit. These damned levels. Especially during the "Kill all the enemies" missions. Dammit, dammit, dammit. Soooooo fucking unbelievably confusing. Never before have I uttered "I swear I've been here before" so many times in one stage. Freakin' 20 minutes on each level during my first playthrough. Played them once, never touched them again. Good Freakin' Riddance.
  7. Alrighty. I'm back with my new ish. First off, lemme say that pitch shifting is a bitch. My first track is my remix of Red Hot Skull, called "Burning Ghetto". I think this one could've turned out better, but I guess it's ok. Listen to "Burning Ghetto" here: http://soundcloud.com/alien_renegade/red-hot-skull-remix The second track is another remix that turned out better. It's actually a remix from... Who'da thunk, huh? lol Well, yep, since we have a couple of remixes from Sonic Rush, I decided, "Hey, why not do one from Rush Adventure? It's got awesome music too!" Anyways, After finding the original sample through an unexpected chain of YouTube videos, I made a remix of the stage music from Haunted Ship (my favorite stage personally). I call it "S.S. Spectral" (because y'know, spectral means ghostly *instantly shot for bad pun*) Anyways, I'm much more satisfied with how this one turned out. Listen to S.S. Spectral here. http://soundcloud.co...de/s-s-spectral HOORAY FOR SUCCESSFUL PLAN B'S!
  8. Red Hot Skull mix is almost done Sounds kinda bad. So I'll probably have a (most likely) better backup track when if it doesn't make the cut.
  9. Favorite level/stage/area... damn this one's hard... Well, I have a couple... THE SPACE COLONY ARK (Sonic Series) For one, there's a freakin' cannon in it, so that's cool. Also, I enjoyed a couple of the stages that took place here (Lost Colony, Final Rush/Chase for example), and I loved trying to stop it from crashing into the Earth in SA2 THE CRUISE SHIP (Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3) Awesome freakin' level. Very large, and you can pull awesome combos around the whole ship! Also, there's nothin better than impressing bikini babes to get more points XD SHIBUYA (The World Ends with You) Being (obviously) based off of a real area in Japan, Shibuya was beautifully recreated in this game. The area is essential to the plot for many reasons (mainly character-wise, but I'm not going to go too in-depth into it for those who haven't played it). Also, since Shibuya is a trendy place, they implement that into the game perfectly, with certain brand names being stronger in certain areas, depending on how it stands with the trends.
  10. No lengthy anecdote for this one lol It's a great way to play with friends and family! It's also amazing to have said friends and family play along to songs that everyone knows (with a whopping 3000+ songs, there's something for everyone, even the pop lovers). Laughs will ensue, especially when there's a mediocre player or someone joking around and trying to play expert XD
  11. Alien/Renegade... For one, it's my musical hobby/act moniker. I guess I picked the "Alien" part because I incorporate electronic influences in my music. Also, socially, I'm kind of an "outcast" (and thus, I'm friends with a lot of "outcasts"). The "Renegade" part comes in because considering my environment and the stereotypes surrounding my race (I'm black. lol), it's kind of a statement of refusal to become a part of the typical. ...or something like that i guess.
  12. PRESS START. OMEGA BOOST. CARRY OUT YOUR MISSION CAREFULLY. Maaaaan I loved this game. Definitely one of my favorite mecha games. Simplistic and arcade-y, but still great for short bursts of fun! and also: One of the best fighters and definitely an underrated gem. I was slightly glad to see Kyosuke and Batsu make appearances in Capcom vs. SNK 2 and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom respectively, but come on, there needs to be a 3rd Rival Schools game already!
  13. The Magic Hands in SA2. Talk about an absolutely friggin' useless power-up. Seriously, it didn't even have a purpose in the game!
  14. I guess my favorite game series has to be: I'll start by saying this...I...LOVE...this...series. The Tony Hawk series was a great memory from my childhood. I remember getting Pro Skater 2 for the PS1 (it was one of my first games for it) and I was absolutely enthralled in it for years (until my disc broke ). The unrealism of the series has been criticized by many, but I think it's what makes the games so damned fun. I always loved seeing the crazy 10 million point combos that people would pull off in that game. But I think that one of the most important parts of the game for me was the Soundtrack. This game (with small help from MTV, y'know, back when they actually played MUSIC) helped give me my first taste of Rock music. Also, The Tony Hawk series is responsible for introducing me to some of my favorite musical acts today, such as Bad Religion, NOFX, The Living Legends, and most of all, Public Enemy (I remember my dad, who is a huge PE fan, smiling brightly when I was able to rap to most of Bring The Noise at age 9 XD). I love these game's soundtracks so much, that the majority of my YouTube channel (supersonicZ16) is dedicated to my favorite songs from the games. The combination of the awesome soundtrack and fun-as-hell gameplay caused me to start buying all of the old games once again (save for Pro Skater 1 & 2, since they're not on the PS2) Of course, every series has it's bad points. And these bad points for me were Ride and Shred. Activision was VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRY peripheral/milk happy during that time, so those games pretty much sucked. Other than those two, I pretty much enjoyed every game in the series to some extent (hell, I even enjoyed Project 8 and Proving Grounds). I didn't completely lose faith in the series exactly, but I definitely had the "stick-with-the-old-games" mindset for a while. After 2010, I started to wonder if the series would return to its roots. I remained optimistic but extremely skeptical due to Activision's recent track record. And then...during the VGAs, I jumped for joy and had the biggest fangasm of my entire life. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD, featuring old levels and controller gameplay, is coming this year. I can safely say that it's one of my most anticipated games of this year.
  15. My least favorite game (that I've played) has to be... As much as I liked Yu-Gi-Oh! back in the day, this game was utter garbage. I don't think there's anything that I even remotely like about the game...
  16. Bad Box-Art Megaman would basically guarantee a purchase from me lol XD
  17. I can imagine a big indoor coaster based off of Starlight Carnival. When the ride starts, the coaster will go up a track slowly and enter through a room/tunnel, like the beginning of act one (complete with an upside down turn). After a couple of seconds, the end of the tunnel will be reached, and the fun starts. The coaster enters on to a glowing purple track (like the light path) and big movie screens on the walls surrounding the track would show all the big spaceships in the sky. Many twists and turns later, we enter "The Lightspeed Parade", which is a fast drop through a "warphole". That's all I can think of for that lol. -King Boom Boo's haunted house. Full of those pesky ghosts from Sonic Adventure 2. -A ride based off of Crazy Gadget from Sonic Adventure 2. I can imagine the coaster being twisted in a lot of different ways. -Dr. Eggman's Game Zone- Arcade attraction
  18. Damn economics/Literature homework. This semester, although it's my last one in high school, will be the death of me.

  19. You're welcome! Pleasure to be a part of this project!
  20. Pokemon: -Finishes Gym Battle -Tries to go to the Pokemon Center to heal Pokemon with 10 HP left -out of nowhere...GARY MOTHERFUCKING OAK! also: Gamer playing a game for hours on end, saved only once or twice Parents: It's time to go to bed! Gamer: Alright, I just gotta find this save point- Parents: No, now. Gamer: But I gotta save first! Parents: No excuses! Turn it off or else I will! *hand on plug* Gamer: No... Parents: Last chance! Gamer: No...No...No, No, NoNoNoNoNonoNoNoNo- Parents: *unplugs game* Gamer: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-
  21. #AR

    PS Vita

    Already got mine pre-ordered. First edition bundle too. It's got potential. I hope it does well.
  22. Yo! I'm Alien/Renegade. Sonic fan since age 5 and still goin' strong! Also a big fan of anime. I make music as a hobby, but I hope that it'll be a career someday!
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