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  1. Oh gawd, yes. Another developer friendly system to take advantage of in the future. The game industry just keeps getting kinder and kinder to indie developers.
  2. Any recomendations? I've never played ANY of those games, and it's quite a large series if I remember correctly. A vertical shooter with Adventure elements. Imagine this: With This: The level scrolls upwards, while the character interacts with the environment to progress. Unlike link though, you dispatch enemies with flurries of shots, meanwhile dodging their own bullet curtains. It's an odd blurring of genres that will take a lot of work to get them to work together, but I have plenty of time to work on it while I finish off my G.E. Between different examples I see that I have choices with how I want to handle the perspective. I didn't really plan it out at first (which is why I'm redoing all the art now.) but I like the sort of 3/4 or 4/5 view here. It's more interesting than directly overhead, though Zelda gives an interesting option of purposely being inconsistent with the perspective when it comes to floors, walls, and characters, just so you can see more things from better angles.
  3. Well, it'd have to happen eventually. :I After working on a couple tabletop/board games, I'm now working on designing an ios/Android phone game, and the art (which I'm drawing myself) has been giving me quite some trouble. And so, I'd like to know if anyone has any suggestions of good looking 2D games with a top-down perspective I want some references to help me out. For example, I first thought of the Legend of Zelda games: All help is appreciated, thanks. :3
  4. @ Palas/ Hella Jeff YEEEEEEUPS. That's the one. It's the site that got me into game design. Ah, memories~. Thanks alot. 83
  5. A few years ago I found a website that listed and analyzed the elements of the classic sonic games that made them such good games. That was ALL the site was about if I remember correctly. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I've tried googling around for it, but my search results don't bring up anything remotely close. EDIT: Site has been found. Thanks for all the help!
  6. Unless the game is like "Sonic Runs Faster Unleashed", I think it should be fine. If we think back to the days before SRFU, the pace used to be alot slower (though faster than most other platformers). Having the camera back up, or pan around a little when entering a section of level that prefers it won't throw you around too bad. EDIT:And Unleashed-on seems to prove that even at top speeds, if the game intends to devote to a massively different camera angle for a while, it doesn't hurt your brain.
  7. In real life, these are what I would look to for inspiration
  8. Perhaps part of the issue here is also what "a Sonic game" means to people. For newer fans a fast platformer will do just fine, but us old timers (lol, I'm only 18) feel the need for those spinning/rolling gimicks. The next Sonic game could be "Sonic Adventure With HD Graphics, And No Glitces, And A New Story, And Just Two Playable Characters, And Good Platforming, And Decent Ammounts Of Speed, And Branching Paths, No 2D Sections, And No Rolling Unless You Count The Spin Jump." (BREATHE) Some would soil their pants on the spot, and talk about how Sonic is back. Others would whine that it isn't really Sonic except for him being on the box, and that the lack of rolling makes it Mario with jet skates.
  9. Oh boy, this topic went fun places. I won't argue with anyone that Generations was a decent if not good game, but I cant be the only one who craves what was lost after 1995. I suppose whether or not a gameplay experience like that gets made again doesn't matter much, but as a fan who got into things way back when I'd sure like to get more of that. Generations seems to be toted as the best 3D Sonic experience to date, and after playing it I really just wanted go back to Sky Sanctuary over and over to find the different paths. It had nice 3D platforming, but it was trying so hard to be fast that the platforming sections kept abruptly ending. And sadly Mario kind of has 3D platforming down at the moment, so some sonicy twists on that would be nice. My problem with 3D Sonic is that he has different main abilities and level design. It's a different sort of game than I was playing back then, so I don't entirely even want to compare them anymore. Though it's not a massive sin if it's fun I suppose, seeing how well Metroid Prime turned out and that changed alot in that series. Nobody is afraid to associat those titles, probably because they were well recieved. With Sonic on the other hand, my brain is insisting that 3D Sonic games are a seperate entity.
  10. Well notice my example was Metroid and not Crash Bandicoot. If you need your character to move a funny way that normal creatures don't, then having them suddenly change shape can certainly fix that problem. Having your heavily armored Space mercenary crawl quickly and backtrack through small spaces all the while making fantastic jumps from a crouched position might be a little hard to not look at funny. Take a moment to be rediculous, and make your character turn into an autonmous marble for the sake of fixing the problem. It's the same idea as making the Werehog's arms stretch. I don't entirly see the problem because I'm pretty sure the room is there. Mario is what I call a "vanilla" platformer, in that it mostly depends on the basic run and jump formula and after that it just trys to run as many different places as possible becuase it has the room for it. Thing is, Sonic also probably has space for that sort of thing since a physics based gimmick that depends on the shape of the environment leaves more room for creativity than say a glide or climbing ability. And even then, we've seen that not every gimmick need be based around the character's main abilities, or even touch on them at all. So long as it's a side diversion, it's pefectly ok to nom an alien and suddenly project yourself as a laser beam if the game has every intention of getting back to what you came there for: running, jumping, (and if you are Sonic: rolling). EDIT: And to say Sonic hasn't tried his fair share of wierd gimicks... well I'm sure anyone who posts on here could list them from memory by now. We've been begging Sonic to STOP gimmicks for a bit, get his bearings, and then begin experimenting again. Experimentation is in the far flung future though, seeing as even generations is considered "not quite there yet."
  11. I see the direction 3D sonic games went something like Super Mario Bros. 2. Is it wrong on it's own? Well I suppose not, but why is Mario's face on it? The fact that I was expecting the same stomping/fireballing experience from the other games made it incredibly hard to accept. Nintendo's good at that. It seems to be working quite well for them, considering Mario Galaxy 2 was a Mario Galaxy expansion pack with Yoshi. Yet looking at it's reception it would seem quality is prefered over variety. (Though to their credit, the whole Mario Galaxy series WAS a stab at variety. Just a little easier. Much like in Metroid, having a character that can turn into a ball solves a whole bunch of nonsense. And New Super Mario Bros. Wii is still selling for $10 more. Staying around for a long time and making your place (essentially proving your worth) will get you enough respect to sell 2D platformers with no shame. And though Sonic only pulls slightly more respect than Rayman when compared to the likes of Mario, being consistent in creating good games in a certain style for a while will get you credit with the consumers. (and Sonic's prices are allready droping quickly anyway.) This was essentialy the most important part of my post. If I was head of Sonic Team, that's the direction I would take. Make 2D Sonic the main thing, and keep fiddling with 3D on the side to see what happens. If 3D Sonic can work, we'll get there eventually. If not, at least critics can't bash us too hard for taking wonky design choices in our mainstream games. (at least, not as likely to) I keep pointing to Mario as an example, but I it's not really wrong to do so seeing as they are doing so much right. I like that even though Mario 64 wash a smashing hit, and 3D Mario has thrived since then, they havn't forgotten about 2D gameplay. And when Mario gives up the z-axis it's for fun's sake, not out of desperation.
  12. This post is not a reply to anyone in particular, but mostly just a general response. Yeah ok, rolling physics yadyada. We know that Sonic's unique platforming style comes from rolling, slopes, and changing your speed/momentum. No matter the angle, that should remain true or it's not a "Sonic game" anymore. Mario Kart has the plumber on the cover, but we know it's not a "Mario Game" in the same sense that Super Mario World is. Thing is, I don't even remember Sonic Adventure doing much of that. There may have been a couple of smooth transitions from floors to walls in places where the it wouldn't spin the camera out of controll, but that's about it. 3D Sonic games, other than being fast (whatever that means) havn't done much to include Sonic's unique brand of platforming outside of running up a wall. Think back and try to remember how many times rolling or using the spindash seemed like it was what the level designers had intended you to do at that point. 3D Sonic has little semblance to 2D sonic, to the point that if Sonic Adventure has been released as "Rocket Robo" there's a chance nobody would have said anything beyond "This is fast. I remember playing another game that was fast too, but bluer." and that would be the end of that. Imagine playing pinball in 3D. My image looks a little something like golf. Now what I AM saying is that Sonic is better suited to 2D since his primary mechanics thrive there. 3D isn't an inherent evil, but it's not 1999 anymore so there's no reason to cater to people who want to see their character from all angles. Capitalizing on what works would be at the very least cost effecient, and instead of Sonic 4 episode 2 we should be seeing Sonic Adventure 3 episode 1. When I think about it, perhaps looking to golf for insiration is what 3D Sonic needs, or rather something like a skatepark. Those are some good examples of real life rolling and physics playing out in 3D. And this bit IS directed at one person: People are a little afraid to buy 2d platformers today, just like how you'd think a new black and white movie wouldn't be worth your time. But if Rayman Origins 2 was released, the skeptecism train would already have come and gone. Anyone who enjoyed the first wouldn't be half as afraid of the sequel wasting their money.
  13. Um.... I.... I started playing Sonic games coming out of the Genesis era, and entering the Dreamcast. From that perspective, all I can say is that it's starting to seem that they are AFRAID to make Sonic slower, as though they fear the response they would get from a game that doesn't use Sonic for going as fast as possible. By no means do I want a Sonic labyrinth, but what's going on right now can only "improve" so much. It's headed in a different directions than the classics, and can only be good in a different way, and definetly not better. And story.... well as long as it's not like 06, whatever. Storybook, Unleashed and Colors weren't that bad, and while I'd prefer something a little stronger like Adventure 2, that's not the most important issue. Still, they tried out some random stuff, and it was rather welcome to me.
  14. Personaly, I think that's a bit of a flaw in Sonic's moveset. The inclusion of so many moves causes them to be usable in only a single situation, and out of that context... well, why would you ever slide if there wasn't a small space blocking your path? I'd much rather Sonc kept only about... 2 of those moves as constants that levels were actually built around, and the others all ended up being generic platforming moves that you could choose according to your tastes, or for finding particular secret paths specific to certain stages.
  15. Sonic woud simply need one set move that you cannot change, and tadah, that's all you need to base the levels around. After that you just have to make sure that the other abilities don't break the levels that are designed around that one move. How do we know that works? Um, it was sort of how S3&K worked. The spindash was a common move all 3 characters could, and probably HAD to use due the fact the levels were built around it. Flying and gliding were cool, but optional. Well, there you go. Customization is safe so long as the levels are based on SOMETHING that will always be there, and the other moves don't break the design.
  16. The storybook series, in my opinion, was a pretty cool idea. If you have more than one team around, eh, why not? Take a setting the characters have no business being in, say "screw the cannon", and shove them all in. It's like a fan-fic for the developers. But it didn't just have to be story books, Sonic could have gone to any number of wierd settings. Where/when would you put Sonic? Don't feel like you have to be limited by giving Sonic a reason to be there. He can be running by a different name like the other storybook characters if you like. I would want to take him into space. Not like Mario Galaxy, but with space ships/stations and the like. I'd like to keep planets as uninvolved as possible, with the levels all being large mechanical constructs. This would take a little creativity to make diversity, but it's possible. For example: Lv1-Generic Spaceship. Lv2-Techno City inside a dome. Lv3-Abandoned Ghostly Spacestation. etc. And if the game had any gimic, I suppose it would be the ability to carry items in an inventory for puzzles. The settings here are more conducive to enclosed areas, so I feel some minor puzzles would be appropriate. Just made this all up on the spot. So, how about you guys?
  17. I'm getting to the point where I really think you can't make exciting level designs around the fastest speeds without them becoming quasi-QTEs. When speed shifts from a move in your arsenal to your main mode of transport, how do you interestingly impliment it into the level design? ChaosW.'s opinion: Make Sonic fast-ish like in Adventure, and then give him a move like the Spindash or boost and make sure the levels demand their use, or at least encourage them.
  18. The spindash was added because Sonic was slower than felt convenient. He was still fast in Sonic 2, but his speed built up with difficulty. How fast does Sonic NEED to be? Not very much at all, so long as he can platform. He just needs the ability to gain momentum WITHOUT moving through a long stretch in order to take advantage of physics based level geometry. Remember in Sonic 1 when you had to back up to beat a loop-de-loop? If you can't count on your player having constant access to an ability, you have a hard time building a level around it. Designs that actually take advantage of speed in interesting ways would need long stretches in front of them, and don't you dare screw up or you will need to back up and do it again. Imagine if Mario had to charge up his jumps. Is level Geometry a term? If not, I'm gonna use it as one now. Thanks Scar.
  19. My only problem with Shadow is that he changed. His original personality is the one I fell in love with, and that Hedgehog, just like everyone says he should, died in Adventure 2. The thing parading around now is a different character, with a different personality. There was no restoration of memories followed by him moving on from the past. No, their version of moving on from the past was beating up an alien, and leaving it at that. Oh, what I'd have given to hear the line "So you remember everything? Welcome back Shadow." at the end of STH. Nope, they just kind of accepted the new guy. I really wish that HAD been an Android after all, as the new guy will never quite be Shadow to me. Don't get me wrong. I don't hate the current Shadow. He's cool. He's just not... THE Shadow.
  20. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, ok. That's the beauty of it. You don't like them? Happilypass over it without a second thought. The great thing is that stuff like this almost seems like an afterthought in an allready solid setup, only adding. They should never push out more important stuff.
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