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  1. Good video. Can't get mad at him bringing up the Sonic Cycle since he's an admitted outlier to the series who only just started dipping his feet into the miasma of it all.
  2. In all honesty, I think I'm more excited about the circumstances of the game as opposed to the game itself. Considering the amount of dues that the Sonic fan engineering community had to pay to get to this point it's incredibly satisfying to see it pay off and feels like all the more of a victory for the fans Thing is I've felt that since the Sonic community has done such a stellar job in building up that, I almost feel like it's spoiled itself in a way. Among so many quality fan games such as After The Sequel, the community has gone to the extents of almost remedying the issue of the constant "lack" of a classic Sonic experience. To that extent, as a game itself I'm not sure I'm going to be any more excited about Sega fully getting on board with an official project of this caliber, at least in terms of how the game itself will play and feel. On those terms, the game feels highly overdue. Though of course, that isn't to say I'm not excited about the project as I highly love how it looks so far in terms of new elements. I just get the sense that my elation towards the game may feel diminished on account of how much quality output the community itself has been responsible for.
  3. Not sure how to feel about Classic Sonic being brought back like this. I figured Sonic Mania would have been enough but this makes it seem like they don't really have much confidence in having a 3D game be carried by a solo Sonic. If all these years have been leading up to a Generations redo but with original levels, I can't say I'll be particularly excited other than the potential for a better narrative.
  4. They actually did it. The absolute mad men.
  5. Happy birthday, Carbz!

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      Happy birthday, Carbz!

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  9. The new Doom has absolutely no right to be this fucking good after the underwhelming beta.

    Holy shit.

  10. Might just go to this one while I have the chance.
  11. Dug this video quite a deal as a means of an interesting experiment to draw parallels of first impressions in regards to each game, mostly because when you get down to it a large majority of Sonic's lasting appeal in the hearts of many is defined by it's first impressions. Moments like City Escape, Chemical Plant (not actually the first level but point applies) and the opening FMV of Sonic Adventure occupy a positive head space more than just about any other moment of their respective games and you could even argue that the inverse applies such as the gun shot sounds on landing of Shadow and the insane loading times and side quests required of 06 to actually get in the first level. I do have some problems with it but little of it has to do with the context that's being argued against the OP or the fact that Sonic Boom was a spinoff (at this point ignoring this series in a critical analysis of the franchise is a lost cause not because of it's bad reception as a game but because of Sega's insistence to acknowledge the subseries as an equal part of the greater sum - in which case it's a perfectly valid target of criticism when analyzing the franchise). The only glaring oversight that stuck out to me was the omission of Sonic's run button in Lost World as he cites the platforming as fairly solid when it is maintaining a decent tempo. That said even as someone who likes that game and enjoyed the playstyle over Generations, even I'm somewhat surprised that they would settle against a formula that worked better for them considering how fucking safe they play it as a company nowadays. Nonetheless I heavily enjoyed the video and found it fun to have everything stand in line for counting.