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  1. who let this Sum41 sounding music out of 2005
  2. I'd be pretty let down if Junkie XL is only in it with his orchestral film score style of composing. He has a storied history in electronic and big beat music, much of what would be a pretty great fit for Sonic, so I hope there's more of that than anything. Filming and producing in Georgia is entirely a matter of cost efficiency and convenience due to state tax credits. My guess is they're setting up shop there to utilize Pinewood Studios. It's pretty likely they'll be shooting on location but if there's any area they'd film in precisely because of sets and green screens, Atlanta would be it, so it isn't something I'd read too hard into.
  3. Sonic Unleashed's problems were not the same problems Forces had to deal with - mainly because Forces' biggest problem is the festering inability to iterate on an eight-year old formula which this time around couldn't be more blatantly complacent if they tried.
  4. I haven't been following this game's development/impressions actively but the realization that modern Sonic doesn't have a drift (even if it was apparently known for a while) makes it dawn on me how much the game suffers from a simple mechanic removal, even in this demo. The lack of drift kneecaps the game's level design, there'll be no way for them to actually make wider levels without compromising on the control of the game. It implies to me that most modern Sonic levels aren't going to get better and that we're looking at linear corridor level design. Not to mention, the lack of drift makes the boost formula more binary than it ever has been. I'm not the biggest fan of the formula, but I can at least attest that the previous games had a high skill ceiling when it came to momentum because of the drift itself applying more velocity. That is all but seemingly gone now. In terms of the boost formula game this seems like the most inherently limiting of the entire quadrology and there are so many missteps in this vertical slice that makes me question whether Sonic Team really understood some of the strengths of the formula, and the reasons why it could be seen as worth revisiting. To say I'm let down would be an understatement since I didn't even expect much out of the game to begin with. Classic Sonic still feels misplaced in here, and while the Avatar could have been decent, the stop-and-go mechanics they've thrown in here are so jarring and break up the action way too much. More than ever I'm really annoyed by how the homing attack doesn't transfer momentum. I don't think I ever want to use a Wispon that isn't flamethrower either, and freezing mid-air to do grappling attacks is a frustrating pause that adds up the more it happens. This demo and perhaps the game as a whole can be summed up by the beginning of Modern Sonic's level where Sonic runs headlong into a flow-breaking hint bubble that tells you how to "jump" over the raised path, despite the hint bubble being placed in such a way that you'll crash into the wall after exiting the hint - obnoxious, patronizing and really lazy.
  5. This is one of the best fighting games I've played. Capcom knocked it out of the park in the game play department, there's a level of freedom and fluidity to it where MvC3 always felt too restrictive to me due to how OTGs were a luxury for half the cast and how assist-dependent the game play was. In contrast I'm just having a blast screwing around with the active tag mechanic, everyone being able to OTG and making up my own impractical combos but fun combos. Shame that the terrible base roster, presentation and cheap PR has relegated the game to meme-status because there's a goldmine of quality behind the cracks.
  6. His powers, his chohorts and his abilities - he is literally every fucking Sonic OC rolled into one lol
  7. I'm glad Sonic Team finally put out another track that's going to be used in every Let's Play intro, combo video, AMV and "hype" video ever
  8. Happy birthday, Carbo!


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