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  1. This thing was never going to have an optimal battery life while not costing a fortune. 3-5 hours is the estimation you look at with competing hardware whenever you're using it at max capacity, and the Switch is, well, dedicated gaming hardware. It's not good but this element to it was somewhat inevitable and it's essentially having to deal with reality. Having said that i imagine it'll be mitigated with third party or even first party battery pack replacements and hopefully portable chargers. If Nintendo don't have one of those they'd be committing a major blunder.
  2. I dig it. I also like how Nintendo announced it the way it had to be. After the months of mixed messages in regards to the Wii U they had to nail the first impression for this one, and they did it in three minutes without confusing the message. We know what the console is. We know what it does. We know who it's aimed at. The only questions that remain are "how" and "what games will we see on it". The former isn't something that needs answering in a formal capacity, and the latter is something we have a fairly vague idea of based on third party relations and footage shown. Main issue with Wii U's reveal aside from the idea itself not being as enticing is they just crammed too many details into it's initial reveal, which ended up being saddled with way too many questions they couldn't satiate even over the course of a year and a half. People didn't even know if it was a console. This on the other hand, being summed up in three minutes, and being five months away from release, already has a laser-pointed effort. If they keep this up, they'll be gold. No matter what you think of the console itself it's hard to see this in any way, shape or form as a bad initial reveal. Oh and I like how the video is already bordering 10 million views and had some insane trending on social media. Who's the person that said you need a live conference in order to kick off a reveal with a bang? Can't believe Nintendo of all people managed to make people forget that RDR2 was a thing that was announced yesterday.
  3. In which I spend 20 minutes talking about the best game on Sega CD


    1. Gabe


      I haven't completed it (yet), but I'd like to complement that your video is a pretty great watch so far. Rather impressed on how you've covered quite a bit of Snatcher's development and history as well as the background and signature style Kojima's other games in such a small amount of time (only seen the first five minutes). I get the feeling you probably had more to tell in both instances but had to withhold it from your narration due to time constraints.

    2. Wraith


      Late but I'm going through your videos now and they're great. The DKC one really resonated with me. Keep it up.

  4. SAGE 2016 subforum is live. If you want to discuss any of the games or events going on, feel free to do so over there.

    1. Cyrus



  5. Topic back open. We're still re-evaluating things internally here, including some actions taken and future disposition/openness/recourse. May or may not be more public disclosure on what that entails in the future, but we are looking into creating a better atmosphere. For now let's all be a little chill yeah? As an aside, as of this morning the topic has been pruned of yesterday's hoopla so as to not distract from the conversation. Have a good day fellas.
  6. Sigh. Right let's get a little for realsies. No one likes to be made an ass out of. It's not really fun for anyone. In fact it can be pretty demoralizing on both ends of being a member and a mod. It's honestly a pretty big fucking tragedy that it got to this point where I see both members and staffers at each other's heads for the most seemingly mundane reasons and I'm honestly not sure where that communication fell apart and devolved into all of this. Passive aggressiveness or even just aggressiveness in general can be tolerated to some extent but quite frankly I'd have expected far more civil responses when it came to both sides no matter if it tests the patience of the people here. Making an ass out of yourself because of a hedgehog is not exactly anyone's idea of a good time, is it? It's easy to hide behind that thin veil of the feeling to provide some sort of justified response but it's really about time this stops. Especially in this topic of all places - a topic dedicated around a game that by all accounts should stand as a testament to how the Sonic fan base should be proud about something for once. Instead it just feels like we've regressed backwards. I just don't know dudes. It's not fun. Going to lock this topic for perhaps an hour or so because it's clear everyone here needs to cool down. Things here really beg for re-evaluation and I will be talking with staffers about general disposition from here on out. Come whatever may we shouldn't have to devolve to this point and if we have to reconsider staff attitude, so be it. If anyone has any questions feel free to forward them to me in a private conversation, since it's clear things need some working out.
  7. In which I spend 30 minutes raving about why Viewtiful Joe is great


  8. Good video. Can't get mad at him bringing up the Sonic Cycle since he's an admitted outlier to the series who only just started dipping his feet into the miasma of it all.
  9. In all honesty, I think I'm more excited about the circumstances of the game as opposed to the game itself. Considering the amount of dues that the Sonic fan engineering community had to pay to get to this point it's incredibly satisfying to see it pay off and feels like all the more of a victory for the fans Thing is I've felt that since the Sonic community has done such a stellar job in building up that, I almost feel like it's spoiled itself in a way. Among so many quality fan games such as After The Sequel, the community has gone to the extents of almost remedying the issue of the constant "lack" of a classic Sonic experience. To that extent, as a game itself I'm not sure I'm going to be any more excited about Sega fully getting on board with an official project of this caliber, at least in terms of how the game itself will play and feel. On those terms, the game feels highly overdue. Though of course, that isn't to say I'm not excited about the project as I highly love how it looks so far in terms of new elements. I just get the sense that my elation towards the game may feel diminished on account of how much quality output the community itself has been responsible for.
  10. Not sure how to feel about Classic Sonic being brought back like this. I figured Sonic Mania would have been enough but this makes it seem like they don't really have much confidence in having a 3D game be carried by a solo Sonic. If all these years have been leading up to a Generations redo but with original levels, I can't say I'll be particularly excited other than the potential for a better narrative.
  11. They actually did it. The absolute mad men.
  12. Happy birthday, Carbz!

  13. Happy Birthday! 

    1. N8te


      Happy birthday, Carbz!

      lol shoot I didn't mean to put this here. I'm way too tired Dx