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  1. Day 30: Favorite Ending I have to say, I am a sucker for those Animal House kind of endings that let you see how everyone's doing post-game. I think it's one of the best, if at least the most entertaining, ways to wrap a story up and tie off any loose ends. With Ghost Trick, you get to see how almost every single character is now living their life for the better thanks to you. Nearly every character, including the minor ones who you just happened to pass by during your adventures, gets a part in this ending. Tied up with this are the final, biggest twists that the game throws at you, which all comes together to make for a truly great ending.
  2. Day 29: Favorite Overall Cast The cast of Persona 4 is as colorful as the game itself, which is to say their personalities are mostly yellow. I'm not finished with this game yet, but it's pretty promising so far. Persona games feature Social Links, measures of how close you are to characters. As these Social Links fill up, you learn more and more about the character's through interactions. People are usually never exactly as they seem at first, but building the Social Link sheds light on any problems or whatever they're not showing. This gives you a whole new reason to level up the Social Links, other than the gameplay advantages they give you. Plus, there's even non-party member characters scattered around with social links to fill, you get to learn about more than just who you battle with. Runner Ups: The Walking Dead: Like I've said before, great characters to drive forward a mostly-character based plot. You'll learn to love and hate and love to hate and hate to love these characters. Mother 3: There's a whole lot of charming characters in this charming game. Not much else to say about them.
  3. Day 28: Most Anticipated Game Finally the generation 3 remakes are here. It's been, what, over a decade already? Well I'm ready to see what a decade of improvement is gonna do to my first and favorite generation. I really, really want to see how they redo and possibly improve things like Pokemon Contests, Secret Bases, and all that good stuff. Plus, it's all gonna be in 3D, can't wait to see that. Other than that, runner up is new Smash Bros. because it's a new Smash Bros. for crying out loud.
  4. Day 27: Favorite Developer Probably going to have to go with Nintendo for this one. They and the studios they've got under their wing, like HAL Laboratory and Game Freak, have created a whole lot of games and franchises that I've loved throughout my life, like Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and of course Super Smash Bros. It's pretty hard to imagine what the world would be like without these games, let alone their developers. Plus their games are pretty much the reason I've stuck with their consoles so far, so that's another bonus for them. They're not exactly perfect, but it's Nintendo.
  5. Day 24: Favorite Controller It's hard not to go with the Gamecube controller. I mean, it's pretty comfortable for one thing, and its juuuuust a teensy bit easier to hold than the N64 controller. I think the best quality of the Gamecube controller is that all the buttons on the right side of it are different sizes and shapes. I feel like it's a lot more intuitive than when I switch between Playstation and Xbox controllers and wonder which button is which when I'm not looking. Plus, this wasn't only the best controller for the Gamecube, it was possibly the best controller for the Wii as well, when the console allowed it to be used.
  6. Day 23: Favorite Song This is gonna be tough so lets split it up into soundtracks. Okami Risk of Rain
  7. Day 21: Most Memorable Unlockable Smash Bros. Challenger Like I've said before, Super Smash Brothers Melee was one of the first games that my brothers and I played together. And what a better way to top a match off than to have one of these screens show up afterwards. I think it adds a whole new level of hype when you're looking at whoever won the last match and hoping they manage to KO the unlockable, or if you're the one who won, having their eyes on you. It's also a nice way to end any of the challenge modes that Melee had. As long as you don't screw up and disappoint everyone.
  8. Day 19: Favorite Antagonist Handsome Jack - Borderlands 2 Handsome Jack is probably the definition of cartoonishly evil at first. But instead of this being a bad point, they turn it up to eleven and make him one of the funniest antagonists ever. He's sarcastic, childish, and he basically calls you every five minutes to either let you know exactly how dead you should be or just to mess around with you. He's done some incredibly awful things, but you can't help but like the guy. Eventually he gets some serious moments, but he still takes some time to mess with you some more during some late-game sidequests.
  9. Day 18: Favorite Protagonist Leon Kennedy - Resident Evil 4 Possibly the best incarnation of the best Resident Evil protaganist. Leon Kennedy has got it all. He's got a leather jacket that people in real life have spent hundreds of dollars on, he's got tons of weird, cheesy, and awkward jokes and one-liners to tell everyone, and he's got the ability to suplex cultists so hard that they die. When the president's daughter is in danger, Leon Kennedy will bungle through the mission and somehow make it out alive. Really though, he's way more of a character than many of the other Resident Evil protaganists, and his sarcastic quips during dialogue with other characters made the scenes way more entertaining then they should've been.
  10. Day 16: Most Tragic/Saddest Moment The Walking Dead Season 1 Ending Spoilers Other honorable mentions Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Ending Spoilers Mother 3 Ending Spoilers
  11. Day 12: Fondest Next-Gen Experience Our first home console was an N64, but we never actually got many multiplayer games that I could play with my brothers on it. The games we had with multiplayer usually had it as a side-thing, minigames and stuff like that. I blame both my lack of video game store browsing and having no magazine like Nintendo Power to look through at that point in my life for not having the classics that others grew up with. But once we got the Gamecube, that's when things really started turning around. We finally got games we could play together like Super Smash Brothers and Mario Party that we had never gotten to play before. These games were incredibly fun to play with family and friends. Plus, this was when we started renting stuff, when Blockbuster was still a thing, so we got to try out a lot of games on it that I remember fondly, like Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles and Custom Robo. The Gamecube was really a game changer for me and my brothers.
  12. Day 9: Favorite Boss Ornstein and Smough - Dark Souls AKA The Dynamic Duo, Oreo and Smores, Drake and Josh, Ninja and Kami, etc. If there's any one boss that everyone remembers from Dark Souls, it's these two guys, and for good reason. Both of them deal hard-hitting attacks that hurt your character pretty badly if they land. Alone they wouldn't be as much of a threat, but you have to face them together, making them probably one of the hardest bosses in Dark Souls to face without help. Once one of them goes down, the other one gets stronger and gains new attacks, making the second half of the fight much more tense than it would otherwise be. Beating a boss in Dark Souls is a good feeling, but beating Ornstein and Smough was probably the best feeling in the game. Plus they've got one of the best boss themes in the game.
  13. Day 8: Favorite Ability Reflecting It shows up in a few games, like the Pyro's Airblast, the shield from Bastion, reflectors in Super Smash Brothers, and who knows how many RPGs. I'm talking about the ability to negate an enemy's attack and have it blow up right in their faces. Sure, you can just attack someone normally, but there's just something inherently more fun about hurting an enemy with their own attack, not to mention how much more tactical it feels. Plus, in games where the enemy can dodge it like TF2, managing to land a reflected shot and kill an enemy with it is incredibly satisfying.
  14. Day 7: Least Favorite Level Lynarii Desert - Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles This shouldn't even really count as a level. It's a huge, huge desert filled with enemies, some of which can only be hurt when damaged by certain kinds of magic that you need to collect. You don't play this level to get to the end though, it's actually a huge puzzle too. You have to use a certain kind of magic on certain landmarks spread throughout the vast desert in a certain order, which you either have to guess based on clues given to you throughout the game by this one guy, or just look it up online. Even if you look it up it's still not great, since you still need to go across this huge desert filled with annoying enemies, which is further slowed down by the need for someone to carry the chalice. It's just not a really fun level at all.
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