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  1. Die-Hard

    Participated 20-29 days in the 30 Days of Video Games for 2014

    • Awarded
  2. New Appearances 2013

    Stopped Albert Wily's plans for world conquest during the Holiday 2013 event.

    • Awarded
  3. Hunter of Mavericks 2013

    Foiled Sigma's plans at least once during the Holiday 2013 event. Does he ever quit?

    • Awarded
  4. Toughest Puffball Gold 2013

    When Popstar is being invaded by the darkest of energies, you answered the call! Given out during the Holiday 2013 event for feats of epic heroism and determination.

    • Awarded
  5. Toughest Puffball World 2013

    Popstar is always in peril and once again it was up to you during the Holiday 2013 event to save it.

    • Awarded
  6. Whip it Good 2013

    You outran the saw blade during the Holiday 2013 event, but what of the wall chicken?

    • Awarded
  7. Shooting Star Showtime 2013

    When evil befell the Valdi System during the Holiday 2013 event, you were there to vanquish it!

    • Awarded
  8. Brawler

    Participated in the SSMB Brawl Tournament.

    • Awarded
  9. Hardcore

    Participated 20 times in 30 Days of Video Games

    • Awarded
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