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  1. I was a pretty big Sonic fan back then, would sit and draw and obsess over Sonic when the only non-game content was the instruction manual and magazine articles.. Started reading Archie Sonic when they released their first issue, started watching both Sonic cartoons when they premiered.. and they all felt like good adaptions for what we had at the time.. Sonic had a cocky attitude in what little personality was shown in the games and US artwork.. Robotnik was this singular human entity that transformed animals into robots and nature into factories and chemical plants.. This show was releasing alongside AoSth and Archie Sonic, which both had plenty of whacky tantrum inventor Robotnik, in retrospect this show feels like it missed the mark there, but during it's time I felt more like this was just an aspect of his character.. Like just a grumpier more serious version of those other incarnations rather than a completely different character..
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  3. I know of this one that someone's been working on.. ( I was also working on one myself but.. not sure if I'll ever get back to it..)
  4. When I first watched it, the Blaze mention felt like he was trying to cover his tracks.. Someone wrote that they were excited and needed to catch up with the comics.. Aaron responded that the old comic storyline wont matter, that it's a fresh start, but if you know some of the original old characters then you might see some faces you recognize.. Then suddenly started talking about Blaze.. It's a really odd transition.. To someone whose been a fan of Sonic since the genesis days, as Aaron also is, Blaze doesn't seem like an old character at all.. She was introduced in the last console generation.. o.o; and she isn't exactly a character that would jump out at me when discussing elements of the Archie and IDW comics.. If he did just mean game characters then it was worded pretty badly.. >.>;;
  5. Aaron kind of hinted at them on the last Sonic stream... I think? ..and IDW tends to say "stay tuned" when asked about them, which just makes it sound like they don't want to spoil the surprise.. Otherwise the typical answer to that sort of thing is that they don't have plans yet.. and if it was an issue that required further discussion from Sega then they could have found a way to make their answer more uncertain.. This is getting confusing.
  6. GDC usually posts videos.. Wish I could go, I live so close but tickets are really expensive..
  7. Aye.. Comixology had them up for pre-order too.. It doesn't actually charge unless they release so there wasn't any harm in them keeping them up..
  8. The individual issues are still on amazon.. but I've noticed digital products seem to linger on amazon a bit longer than elsewhere before being taken down..
  9. Eh.. my first guess was that it might be the chicken from Sonic's band in the Sonic manga and early Sonic game concept art.. *edits* as I've gone back and seen DabigRG already mentioned!
  10. Well.. All the Sonic archie comics are no longer being sold on comixology now.. >.>;
  11. So.. does anyone know if the issues are going to be taken off comixology in the new year?
  12. My saddest moment was picking up issue #50 after taking a break for 20 issues.. I thought it was the end of the series and my nostalgia was pretty strong at the time
  13. Sonic gets a lot of blind hate in general and MLP gets a lot of blind hate in general.. but it's very common for me to see people who enjoy MLP also enjoy Sonic.. (Just not always vice versa)
  14. There's Sonic-like anthromorphic animals in the MLP world.. and on screen stories of magical teleportation to alternate dimensions.. o.O: I think a crossover is probably inevitable, they share a lot of the same fans..
  15. Yeah, they were just plain fun. Not laugh out loud funny, but I still find it a lot more entertaining than a lot of the the later, more serious comics..
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