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  1. 63yb74J.png

    I made a tier list thingamabob. Miis have default specials, by the way.

    1. Wraith


      The fuck are mewtwo and ganondorf doing below Bowser I will fight you

      Actually the fuck is Samus doing anywhere outside of the bottom who let her out of there


      Why is Link in D Link is great


      Lucina and Marth are basically the same they shouldn't be so far away


      the fuck is this man

    2. Felix


      @Wraith Samus has better results than any of the other bottom tiers. Even a player here in Florida has been cleaning house with her. She's nowhere near bottom five as it is right now, not to mention she has two methods of breaking shields and a combo that does up to 42% damage. She's still flawed and struggles against a good amount of characters, but she's definitely not horrible.

      Also Bowser is better than both Bowser and Ganon because he doesn't die at 60% like the former and can actually approach unlike the latter. Not to mention he has a command grab that kills most characters in the 80-90% range. He's still not that good, no doubt.

      I can see your point about Lucina and Marth, but for real nobody really plays Lucina so we can't say for sure. I probably should've put her higher anyhow. LInk is also good but there's no real way to say he's better than any of the other characters above him because again, nobody out there plays him much. And the fact he's slow and combo food gives him a pretty stark disadvantage against rushdown characters like Falcon or Meta Knight.

    3. DiamondX


      I dont think you can really make a tier for the characters. It matters how you play as them. Someone can beat a Meta Knight with a Jigglypuff and so on.

      Well, i cant really tell as i dont have a wii u or 3ds, or brawl...or melee

    4. Athena Cykes

      Athena Cykes

      1. Why is Mario 5th best character in the game?
      2. Why is Dedede so high?
      3. Why is ROB not higher?
      4. Why is Ryu not S-tier?
      5. Who let Samus out of bottom tier?
      6. Why is Fox 6th best in the game?
    5. Red Cap

      Red Cap

      @Felix Samus doesn't have better results than all of the characters in that tier. Palutena and Bowser Jr do more on a far more consistent basis in harder regions.

      Roy is not better than Luigi, move him below Mega Man. Put Olimar behind Mega Man too, Scatt has been putting in work with Mega at nationals lately.

      Sonic and Ryu need to be S.

      Swap Ness and Yoshi's places.

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