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  1. Hey people, I had a problem with my computer and was away for Spain that made me forgot this forum, but then I just remembered today and hoped that there was a thread about this game, Anarchy Reigns. I imported it, got it on day 1, played it on day 1 and fuck it's amazing. I'm on the ps3 for those who want to add me: Boo-ZAWARUDO I'm also constantly recording and uploading on youtube, you can check out my channel in my signature. Here's the last video I uploaded.
  2. I just registered for the pre obt . Can't wait for summer for this!
  3. Oh man a friend of mine showed those pixel blob a while ago where people guessed the colors, I totally didn't know there was a trailer about it. A 2D fighting rpg goddamn DO YOU PEOPLE KNOW HOW LONG I WAITED FOR THIS KIND OF GAME ON A RECENT CONSOLE ;_;. Inb4sfxtisarpgcauseofgems. Also BLACK ROSE AND KITE WOOHOO!
  4. And another tournament for us psn players next sat will be up: [media=] There's also a tournament today for european players on the psn if any of you is interested: http://shoryuken.com...ition-1.160174/ I'm currently uploading 2 sets of videos, and one of them is from the skullbats 3 where I failed pretty badly but hey it was fun and I learned stuff.
  5. Well yeah, a ton of people are going to follow how a top player plays. Buuuut I'm pretty sure most of them are going to feel the wrath of Double paired with anybody soon enough. Also still waiting for Andy Anvil as a DLC character, I would sooooo main him.
  6. Actually he was pretty much doing basic stuff and using his own basics he earned through all the fighting games he went over the years. So if it was a tournament with actual good players, Jwong would probably had some trouble, heck he might even have lost.
  7. Some more videos for you folks! Next, upload my matches from an online tournament. Oh also don't try to watch the top 8 from Shadowloo Showdown's SG tournament, it was basically free money for Justin Wong(yep he actually play this game, he uses Valentine/Parasoul).
  8. Indeed. Especially Ouroboros and nightmare legion. Not only that but nightmare legion has a bug, if it hits an assist it will continue as if it did hit your point char, which will be fixed later, but still. HAVE AT YOU! *zoooooom bionic car*
  9. Yknow what people. Screw Double, this character makes me as salty as the sea. And no it's not only for her really really freaking good assist. I'm talking about the character on point and as an assist.
  10. I thought SSBM was going to be the fun timeless game they strived to make? Or did people stop playing it these days?
  11. So I saw this game a few days ago and it got me pretty interested. I actually have played PSO bue burst on my pc, been having fun with a bunch of friends on it. Then the same friends talked about PSO2 and linked to me some youtube videos (heck one of the guy I subscribed even made 6 of them about the game) and holyyy craaaap it looked amazing, and I came when I saw how rangers played, fucking third person shooter <3<3<3. I downloaded the character creator as I just heard closed beta finished anyway and made my character, so here: So yeah I'm definitely going for a RAcast with rifle. I also did the fps test it seems that I can run the game at 20 constant fps ;_;. I've read the above post and see how it goes without all the shading stuff. EDIT: So I just set ShaderQuality to false and it litterally made the game ten times smoother. Holy crap it's awesome even if the game looks so ugly compared to how it's supposed to be.
  12. I'm happy for you Dan, don't worry about the movelist you'll know them by heart in a day anyway lol. Also I just did a combo video, enjoy:
  13. Looks more balanced than brawl. I just hope there won't be another Meta Knight. But please, PLEASE Jak & Daxter better be in this game.
  14. Huge roster in mvc2? I have no idea what you're talking about, the only characters in this game were Magneto, Sentinel, Storm, Strider, Doom, Cable, Iron Man and Captain commando as an assist. Oh wait. I forgot the game had more characters than those guys :<.
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