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  1. TFW you look away from the TV for five minutes and look back just in time to see a closeup of Ash's ass. D8 Disney plz this is a children's show! Put that away or at least stop showing his butt like seriously it was almost a full minute and ass ass and ass damn. 

    Ash's ass is THICC *shot* 

  2. TFW you look at yourself in the mirror and think: "Holy shit I'm cute!" <3 

    1. TCB


      Ha i wish

    2. Celestia
    3. FriendBot


      Not gonna lie, I do look good.

    4. CottonCandy


      I get that sometimes.

    5. kirby1up


      I'll just leave this here

      Image result for fire emblem robin looks in a mirror

    6. Toa Axis

      Toa Axis

      Everyone tells me I'm good looking but I'm still not sure :/

  3. Pain.JPGHurt.JPG

    Guys what should I do. D:< And I'm not even looking at the other DLC. 

    Why do I play this game again?? ;A;

    1. goku262002



      This basically.


    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET



      (9) EYE AM DA STRONGEST! (9)

  5. I had fun today. It was nice to be excited for Sonic stuff again after nothing for a year for me. (has no Wii U to play nor wants to play Sonic Boom) 

    I can't wait for more Not!Generations 2 info. :3333

  6. Guys I started playing Pokemon Go and I can't find anything :| I seem to just miss any Pokemon that spawn. 

  7. Someone fucking kill me. I spill soda on myself and after I clean it up I start coughing and throwing up so now my throat feels like shit and my nose feels like shit and I'm hot and I just want to go back to the way I was before I spilled the drink. 

    Plz put me out of my misery. orz

    1. Failinhearts


      Yikes. That's awful.

      Hope you get better soon.

    2. Kiah


      I understand you are understandably upset but please don't say things like that. Just take it easy and get some rest at the very least. I hope you feel better soon. 

  8. You were one of the nicest people I ever met on the internet. I'll miss you dearly. Komo I'll never forget you. 

  9. I need like 25$ dollars. D: I need more space for Kancolle for the Fall Event~. orz

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Ships are too gosh dang big to put anywhere! D:

  10. This song about 3 mins in I don't know the name of. If anyone knows the name could you tell me~? ;A; It reminds me of a Touhou remix and I wannnts it~~~~~!
  11. This is me, on a scale of 0 to -10 how bad is this vid?
  12. I need money to make my ship base bigger in Kantai Collection. DX I'm almost at the default max for how many ships you can have.

  13. That feel when you wake your cat and it gives you a dirty look. >.>

  14. Does anyone here play Kantai Collection? The game where war ships are turned into moe anime girls.

    1. spinny


      I played Kancolle a couple times in the past. I could never really get into it but maaan I love the character designs. Cute stuff.

    2. Silencer226
    3. Nepenthe



    4. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


    5. KazunaRei


      I'd like to play it but all that Japanese is killing me.

    6. PSI Wind

      PSI Wind

      I do. You are aware in the process of getting into it right?

    7. KazunaRei


      Yeah I know what I have to do its just ALL DAT JAPANESE. @_@

    8. PSI Wind

      PSI Wind

      Kancolle Wik + Kancolle Viewer or Command Center (I prefer Viewer so you don't run the risk with API) is your friend. After a few weeks, you start going into a rhythm of sorts on what to do. Places like the Kancolle reddit and tumblr users who have been it for awhile (the latter are my friends so YMMV) are great helps as well

  15. Guys I voted for Amaterasu for Smash. :3

    1. Klinsy


      Nice, boss!

    2. Tails spin
    3. Dejimon11


      The wolf from Okami

    4. KazunaRei


      Main Character for Okami.

  16. Hey guys is it possible to redownload something I already bought? Cause my PS3 download of Okami shat all over itself.

    1. #AR


      as long as you're on your account, you can download/re-download stuff, just go into the download list on your account settings.

    2. DBZHedgy


      You should, if you purchase something on PSN it should still be up for Download in your download list

  17. *deep breath* NOOOOOOOOOOO MY PS3 DOWNLOAD OF OKAMI HAS SHAT ITSELF. *cries in corner*

  18. Wat. Please stahp. I don't know what to think anymore. (cries in corner)
  19. I would like to remind everyone that 100% Orange Juice is shit and should never be played.

  20. Omochao wants me to blow things up. Guys what should I do~? DX Also I found a second Emerald Shard and it played this Chorus of Pumpkin Hill.
  21. Omochao keeps talking to be about dynamite. I think he's trying to tell me something but I'm not sure what it is . . . Also I found my first Emerald Shard! It played Keys the Ruin~.
  22. I'm so fat. I ate too much and I feel like I'm gonna explode. D:

  23. tfw you heard you family knocking at the door but you can't let them in in case they end up stealing something.

    1. Oscillo


      My family tend towards this.

  24. @_@ Ooh~~ that's lovely. Though I hope I can choose what my free game is. *notes that New Leaf isn't on that list* Of course I'd be fine with taking Pokemon and Tomodachi but I'd like New Leaf as well.
  25. I should be writing my crossover. Instead I'm fumbling around trying to get game music. ;w;

    1. Komodin


      Multitask, my dear!

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