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  2. (clears throat) 3DS GETTO DA ZE~! But I have no games . . . ;A;

  3. Fuck me I forgot my password for TVtropes. I WANT MY OLD LAPTOP BACK~~~~! T~T

  4. My female cousin is making herself a harem. Of girls.

    1. Chaos Warp

      Chaos Warp

      lesbian harem?

    2. Sixth-Rate Soma
    3. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      how do i react to this

    4. KazunaRei


      It looks that way.

  5. My uncle is having a nostalgic fit from watching The Transformers.

    1. Felix



  6. That feel when you feel something crawling on your foot and its a big roach.

    1. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      That feel when you feel something crawling on your foot and its a big lion.

    2. buba


      I don't know that feel.

    3. The KKM

      The KKM

      That feel when you feel something crawling on your foot that you lost in Vietnam

    4. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      ...goddammit KKM wins.

  7. Never burp and sneeze at the same time. Body gets all confused when you do. ;w;

  8. Modern plz Mama-Kiah~! And and my favorite questions were the ones where I gushed about Sonic Colors. xDD;;; And one the with the Fav Sonic Level Trope. And the one where I gushed about Sonic music. And the ones when I gushed about AoSTH. @w@ Yeah them. This was fun~. If I actually played games I'd try the 30 Games thingy but meh. OH and Soniko the badges are delicious looking! 8D Love them!
  9. Bonus Round~! 8D Or would this be Extra Stage? My favorite Modern Soundtrack is Sonic Colors hands down. I'm a border line rabid Colors fangirl if you couldn't tell by now. xDDD;;; Just every theme in that game tickles my ears. And the different styles for the planets so they fit is wonderful. I adore the soundtrack. ♥♥♥ My favorite Classic Soundtrack is Sonic 2. Mm~ I like all the themes in that game, my favorite being Mystic Cave. And my best friend huh? Well that would be Wooly, cause he's the one bothering keeping up with me off the site. XD
  10. *trips into topic* Okay okay I'm here~~~! And I got my story mash-up~! o/ Yeah~~.Okay so~ Fatman is doing what he does best, looking for stuff to rule the world and again comes across some of his Grandfather notes on something called a Gizoid. Naturally he sets out to find the robot but alas no matter what he does it won't activate for him. In a fit of pique he throws the Gizoid into the ocean and goes back to his usual plan, find the Chaos Emeralds. Enter Sonic and friends who find the poor bot washed up on Emerald Beach and take it under their care. Slowly Emerl, named by Sonic, takes on the quirks of the group and abilities. Meanwhile Eggman has located where the Emeralds are, in the hands of several different characters around the world. In an effort to bring them all in one place he decides to host a tournament, all you need is an Chaos Emerald to enter! So of course Sonic and friends go so they can get the emeralds away from Fatman. They have one Emerald and decide to let Emerl take part in the tournament in their place. There Emerl ends up taking the abilities of Bark the Polarbear, Espio the Chameleon, and maybe the rest of Team Chaotix, Fang the Sniper, and Bean the Dynamite. Seeing how powerful Emerl has gotten Eggman jumps at the chance to take him. But Sonic jumps in to stop him. He ends up fighting Metal Sonic. Emerl holding all the Chao Emeralds watches the fight, copying Metal Sonic's fighting style ends up over loaded by all the data his absorbed and uses to Chaos Emeralds. Sonic finishes his fight against Metal Sonic just in time to see his transformation. He and everyone else try to stop Emerl but are beat down. Eggman gloats and tries to control him but is taken out too. Emerl takes a newly built Death Egg and goes to space. Conveniently he left the Chaos Emeralds behind so Sonic goes Super to follow. They end up fighting on the Death Egg destroying it in the resulting battle. Emerl is taken down and falls to Earth with the shattered Death Egg. Sonic watches him goes mournfully. He hopes that one day, if Emerl isn't too broken from the fall, that they can meet again. *beams* Okay that's what I got! AND I AM DONE~~~~. Let's see how many days I was here . . . 25 days! Unless I miss counted. =w= Well this was fun! Thank you for this Doctor I had a blast~! Now I can go back to lurking. xDD;;;;;;;;
  11. DAY 30~~~~~! 8DDDDDDD A Sonic story fusion huh? *blinks* *blinks again* *blinks a third time cause I can't even* Um okay that's new. *squints at clock* Yeah I'll be back in the morning~. It'll suck either way. But I need to think about this . . .
  12. Day 29~! XD Character I'm most like huh? Well *stares blankly* Uh shy characters? *looks at character list* Hmm Blaze huh? Yeah Blaze. Meeting people face to face makes me cringe and do a about face to get out of talking with them. Blaze is alot braver than me for sure. xDD;;;; And Cream apparently. I tend to look for the best in things, unless its something they truly gets on my nerves, I can be utterly naive about things as well. Amy as well, her fangirl tendencies at least. You should see me when I come across an author who writes the most delicious yaoi on the internet~. @w@ *shot* . . . ow. Ah Sonic too. His inability to stay in one place is how I tend to act when I actually leave the house, unless there's something keeping me in place I'll wandering all over a store. =w= I think that's all. ONE MORE DAY LEFT~! 8DDDD
  13. Day 28~! 8D Who needs a Spin-off game huh? BLAZE BLAZE BLAZE BLAZE SHE LIKE SONIC BUT WITH FIRE AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS~? ALTERNATE PATHS~~~~~~~! O/ *cough* Ahem yes yes Sega should/could totally give Blaze her own spin-off. Fire is a pretty versatile ability to work with. You can burn open new paths, light things to active stuff so things will go boom, Blaze can float by pooling her fire at her feet, and with how fast she runs you can pretty much wreck anything in your way. She doesn't even have to boost~. Umm well Sliver is in the same boat. Y'know his game play would be good too, if he played like he did in Generations, but with a limit on what he can do. And give him a height limit as well so you can't just fly over everything. Yeah~~~~.
  14. Whoa I almost missed a day! D8 Thank goodness I didn't~! Anyway Day 27~! XD Fav Not!Fatman Baddie huh? Yeah I'm gonna go with Metal Sonic's OVA self. He was too cool is the OVA. Honestly if I go to it watch it's because of him and his fight scenes with Sonic. He can give Sonic a run for his money. And like what everyone said about him. xD;;;;
  15. Doctor it's good to see that you are better. XD Welcome back~! So Day 26, my best Sonic hype huh? Well I'll have to go with Generations. As I've said repeated in this topic, and I'm sure you guys are tired of me saying it xD;;; I got back into Sonic thanks to Sonic Colors. It was right about ah two or three months, I really can't remember when, after I played it that I showed up in the TVTropes forum right around the time the Generations trailer came out. I was all hyped for it, not so much for Classic Sonic, but for the fact that I could immediately play another good Sonic game. And make my love for him even deeper. XD Yeah~~.
  16. I'm so fat, but I'm too lazy to exercise to lose the weight. *rolls on floor* Hau~~~~~ I'm such a fatty.

  17. Watching Space Jam. It is putting me to sleep.

  18. What's the best 1-Up sound?

    1. DocAzure


      Sonic CD, just for the little "YES!" at the end.

    2. Dizcrybe


      I'm partial to Sonic 1's, thought SA1's makes me a bit nostalgic for some reason.

  19. Day 25~! 8D Sonic friends huh? Welll~~~ over on TVTropes I'm close to X2X, through I haven't touched the forum there ever since I came here. xDD;;;;; And here I'm friends with Jeffy~, through we haven't spoken in a while and Wooly, who IMs me and never finishes his school work by sending me random things and music and I give him Touhou stuffs in return. He yells at me about me constant reading of stories of guys doing things to each other and not practicing my drawing. I laugh and try to bring him over into the dark side so he has to beat me with sticks to make me stop. We spam faces at each other and have long periods of silence then he yells again wanting a story and I try to write one out for him but I make typos and it confuses him so I stop to cry in a corner while he spams faces back. Yeah we bring out the silliness in each other. :3
  20. Day 24~! Was scared I'd miss this one. ;w; Anyway Sonic cameo huh? Well I'm gonna parrot the most of you guys and say the Progressive Commercial. The one that makes me smile like a complete fangirl. He's so cute in it. :3 Oh and this little guy. From Yoshi's Island. Yup~.
  21. Day 23~! :3 . . . *scratches head* Haa~~~?! What an around about question that is. I think my brain broke a bit reading it. Well in any case let's give it a try~! o/ *clears throat* This is in no really order, so first game is~~ Sonic Shuffle Number 4: Space Encounter Oh this is a lovely theme for space, I remember this song from the Picture Taking minigame and it got stuck in my head. I honestly think the best part is from 19 to 35 seconds. Number 3: Pig City This is a timed minigame theme, it plays during Sonic DJ, where you have to collect rings on a big record player. Ah it's very catchy and I can't help but to dance along with it. Number 2: A Silver Drop Oh this is nice theme as well. It feels a bit spacey and mm I just love it alot. Its a very good theme. Number 1: Wave Taste Best theme in the game hands down. You can't convince me otherwise so don't try! XP This is my absolute favorite thing from Shuffle it is too good and catchy and hnnnnnnnnng makes me smile. *gropes theme* Yes~~~. Sonic Advance Number 4: Neo Green Hill Act 2 Not to say Act 1 is bad but I prefer Act 2 more. Its so chillax and soothing and it gives you that beach like vibe and it still works when you get to the lush little jungle part and yeah it's really good. Number 3: Casino Paradise Act 1 I can't remember what Act 2 sounds like but it doesn't matter~ cause I like Act 1 moar~~. You get a feeling you really are in a casino with this theme. Yes yes. Number 2: EggRocket Zone It's a pretty atmospheric theme all soft at the start becoming intense when you go into the rocket. Mmm~~~~ yes this is a good one. Alot I love the background before you go into the rocket. ♥ Number 1: Angel Island Act 1-2 I can't choose between the two so I lump both together. Yes yes this is best themes for me in that game. They're both ever so lovely~~! ♥♥♥ Honorable Mention Ice Mountain Act 1 Sonic Advance 2 Number 4: Techno Base Act 1-2 Yeah I'm lumping things together again cause I fail at picking things. But the themes are both very good and you get the techy feel from them both. Number 3: Hot Crater Act 1-2 I'm seeing a pattern here . . . *coughs* Amyway~~ Hot Crater really makes me wanna go fast as soon as I hear the first beats of the themes and like it's all BOOOOOSSSSSTTTTT~~~~~ GOTTA SPEEDRUN THIS ZONE GOTTA GO STUPIDLY FAST FASTER FASTER! *coughs* Ahem yes. Number 2: Sky Canyon Act 1-2 Yup still ain't picking one~. So this place, this may cause you to rage quit depending on how tolerant you are about Bottomless Pits. But the music is so good I never care if I fall in one. And I never do not really. I find myself to be very good at this zone. :3 But the themes gives you an airy kind of excitement that I adore~~. Number 1: Music Plant Act 1-2 We need more shit like Music Plant in the series, design wise and music wise. Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes this zone's theme is most definitely gets the point of a musical zone across yesyesyes love love love these themes both of them hnnnnnnnnnng~! Okay last game~! Sonic Colors Number 4: Asteroid Coaster Act 2 It's still rock but softer and mmm~~~ so good. Love it~~~. ♥ Number 3: Aquarium Park Act 3 Dem drums at the start. Dat beautiful piano. But mostly dem drums. ♥♥ Number 2: Sweet Mountain Act 2 Such Jazzinss it's the best and the best part of the theme is 1.07 onto 1.30. BEST PART OF THE THEME. ♥♥♥ Number 1: Planet Wisp Act 3 Best theme in the game~~~~~~! It is you can't tell me otherwise. I will not listen no no no I won't. Yesyesyes I love love love this theme its so upbeat even through plays in the acts where Fatman has taken over completely by covering most of the area with his machines and metal. I imagine him hitting back looking over things with a smug smile. Haha~. I just love this theme~! ♥♥♥♥
  22. Day 22~! 8D Ah top three level types huh? . . . *bites thumb* Um that's honestly somewhat of a hard question. *squirms* Hmmm~~~ Okay I think I got them . . . *clears throat* Number 3: City Tropes Yeah running through the city trying my best to survive is fun. City levels tend to give you the atmosphere of a city, with the cars, and the tall buildings, the little shops, the roads, and billboards. I like it quite a bit. Number 2: Amusement Parks Tropes *gropes Music Plant* Mm~~ these places are too fun. I adore wasting time making music in Music Plant, and fooling around in Casino Paradise. When playing Sonic 2 I also try to get my ring count over hundred, only to be denied by Fatman and his cheating/rigged Slot Machines. These tropes are best for when you have nothing better to do but have fun. If the timer doesn't catch you first. xD Number 1: Ruin Places *nuzzles Sky Canyon and Angel Island* Hnnnnng yes I love levels like these. There always seem to be lots of hidden paths to go on and things to find. And they tend to have the best music too. :3 And background~! I could stare at the background of Advance's Angel Island for ever~~. @_@
  23. Day 21~! XD Favorite Sonic Show Theme huh? Yeah I gotta go with Gotta Go Fast. I'm a sucker for cheesy shit like that, since I kinda grew up watching 4Kids dubs and stuffs. If there was one thing they got somewhat right it's the themes for the shows. :3 Funny I've been singing the theme under my breath for the past few days. xDD
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