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  1. Watching Space Jam. It is putting me to sleep.

  2. I need a nap. =3= I'm such a little kid.

    1. Kiah


      Not really. I'm 30 and I need naps all the time. In fact, I need one right now...:P

  3. What's the best 1-Up sound?

    1. DocAzure


      Sonic CD, just for the little "YES!" at the end.

    2. Dizcrybe


      I'm partial to Sonic 1's, thought SA1's makes me a bit nostalgic for some reason.

  4. Day 25~! 8D Sonic friends huh? Welll~~~ over on TVTropes I'm close to X2X, through I haven't touched the forum there ever since I came here. xDD;;;;; And here I'm friends with Jeffy~, through we haven't spoken in a while and Wooly, who IMs me and never finishes his school work by sending me random things and music and I give him Touhou stuffs in return. He yells at me about me constant reading of stories of guys doing things to each other and not practicing my drawing. I laugh and try to bring him over into the dark side so he has to beat me with sticks to make me stop. We spam faces at each other and have long periods of silence then he yells again wanting a story and I try to write one out for him but I make typos and it confuses him so I stop to cry in a corner while he spams faces back. Yeah we bring out the silliness in each other. :3
  5. Day 24~! Was scared I'd miss this one. ;w; Anyway Sonic cameo huh? Well I'm gonna parrot the most of you guys and say the Progressive Commercial. The one that makes me smile like a complete fangirl. He's so cute in it. :3 Oh and this little guy. From Yoshi's Island. Yup~.
  6. Day 23~! :3 . . . *scratches head* Haa~~~?! What an around about question that is. I think my brain broke a bit reading it. Well in any case let's give it a try~! o/ *clears throat* This is in no really order, so first game is~~ Sonic Shuffle Number 4: Space Encounter Oh this is a lovely theme for space, I remember this song from the Picture Taking minigame and it got stuck in my head. I honestly think the best part is from 19 to 35 seconds. Number 3: Pig City This is a timed minigame theme, it plays during Sonic DJ, where you have to collect rings on a big record player. Ah it's very catchy and I can't help but to dance along with it. Number 2: A Silver Drop Oh this is nice theme as well. It feels a bit spacey and mm I just love it alot. Its a very good theme. Number 1: Wave Taste Best theme in the game hands down. You can't convince me otherwise so don't try! XP This is my absolute favorite thing from Shuffle it is too good and catchy and hnnnnnnnnng makes me smile. *gropes theme* Yes~~~. Sonic Advance Number 4: Neo Green Hill Act 2 Not to say Act 1 is bad but I prefer Act 2 more. Its so chillax and soothing and it gives you that beach like vibe and it still works when you get to the lush little jungle part and yeah it's really good. Number 3: Casino Paradise Act 1 I can't remember what Act 2 sounds like but it doesn't matter~ cause I like Act 1 moar~~. You get a feeling you really are in a casino with this theme. Yes yes. Number 2: EggRocket Zone It's a pretty atmospheric theme all soft at the start becoming intense when you go into the rocket. Mmm~~~~ yes this is a good one. Alot I love the background before you go into the rocket. ♥ Number 1: Angel Island Act 1-2 I can't choose between the two so I lump both together. Yes yes this is best themes for me in that game. They're both ever so lovely~~! ♥♥♥ Honorable Mention Ice Mountain Act 1 Sonic Advance 2 Number 4: Techno Base Act 1-2 Yeah I'm lumping things together again cause I fail at picking things. But the themes are both very good and you get the techy feel from them both. Number 3: Hot Crater Act 1-2 I'm seeing a pattern here . . . *coughs* Amyway~~ Hot Crater really makes me wanna go fast as soon as I hear the first beats of the themes and like it's all BOOOOOSSSSSTTTTT~~~~~ GOTTA SPEEDRUN THIS ZONE GOTTA GO STUPIDLY FAST FASTER FASTER! *coughs* Ahem yes. Number 2: Sky Canyon Act 1-2 Yup still ain't picking one~. So this place, this may cause you to rage quit depending on how tolerant you are about Bottomless Pits. But the music is so good I never care if I fall in one. And I never do not really. I find myself to be very good at this zone. :3 But the themes gives you an airy kind of excitement that I adore~~. Number 1: Music Plant Act 1-2 We need more shit like Music Plant in the series, design wise and music wise. Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes this zone's theme is most definitely gets the point of a musical zone across yesyesyes love love love these themes both of them hnnnnnnnnnng~! Okay last game~! Sonic Colors Number 4: Asteroid Coaster Act 2 It's still rock but softer and mmm~~~ so good. Love it~~~. ♥ Number 3: Aquarium Park Act 3 Dem drums at the start. Dat beautiful piano. But mostly dem drums. ♥♥ Number 2: Sweet Mountain Act 2 Such Jazzinss it's the best and the best part of the theme is 1.07 onto 1.30. BEST PART OF THE THEME. ♥♥♥ Number 1: Planet Wisp Act 3 Best theme in the game~~~~~~! It is you can't tell me otherwise. I will not listen no no no I won't. Yesyesyes I love love love this theme its so upbeat even through plays in the acts where Fatman has taken over completely by covering most of the area with his machines and metal. I imagine him hitting back looking over things with a smug smile. Haha~. I just love this theme~! ♥♥♥♥
  7. Day 22~! 8D Ah top three level types huh? . . . *bites thumb* Um that's honestly somewhat of a hard question. *squirms* Hmmm~~~ Okay I think I got them . . . *clears throat* Number 3: City Tropes Yeah running through the city trying my best to survive is fun. City levels tend to give you the atmosphere of a city, with the cars, and the tall buildings, the little shops, the roads, and billboards. I like it quite a bit. Number 2: Amusement Parks Tropes *gropes Music Plant* Mm~~ these places are too fun. I adore wasting time making music in Music Plant, and fooling around in Casino Paradise. When playing Sonic 2 I also try to get my ring count over hundred, only to be denied by Fatman and his cheating/rigged Slot Machines. These tropes are best for when you have nothing better to do but have fun. If the timer doesn't catch you first. xD Number 1: Ruin Places *nuzzles Sky Canyon and Angel Island* Hnnnnng yes I love levels like these. There always seem to be lots of hidden paths to go on and things to find. And they tend to have the best music too. :3 And background~! I could stare at the background of Advance's Angel Island for ever~~. @_@
  8. Day 21~! XD Favorite Sonic Show Theme huh? Yeah I gotta go with Gotta Go Fast. I'm a sucker for cheesy shit like that, since I kinda grew up watching 4Kids dubs and stuffs. If there was one thing they got somewhat right it's the themes for the shows. :3 Funny I've been singing the theme under my breath for the past few days. xDD
  9. Day 20~! :3 Sonic gift huh? Mine would be when my mom got me the first two Advance games after the second copy of Advance 1 I had turned out to be a dud. And maybe when she got me Unleashed and Adventure 1. xD
  10. Day 19~! 8D Funny Sonic shenanigans huh? Well there was the time I was playing Sonic 2 and I was in Chemical Plant Zone. I reached the boss with Tails, I remember people saying how you had to be careful when playing with Tails cause if you both jump for Fatman and Tails gets the first hit you end up going through him and dying so I set myself up to avoid it and I don't know how but I think I got a hit on him first then Tails jumped but got stuck. So I'm standing to the side watching Tails just murder Eggman and laughing and cheering. It was great. XDD Then there was when I was playing Adventure 1 and I was in the Chao Garden with Knuckles. I wanted to pick up my Chao and give her cuddles but when I stepped up to her Knuckles lashed out and punched her into the camera. I yelped, "AH NO~!" And turned the camera. She was gone. I sat blinking then rushed around the garden trying to find her but she wasn't there anymore. Knuckles punched my Chao out of existence. I had to come and go from the garden to get her back. And then she was scared on me~! T~T I'm so sorry Yuna~~~! *wibbles*
  11. Fucking scientists need to like hurry up and find the damn cure to the common cold. Cause I'm getting tried of catching this shit from my cousin. >_

    1. JezMM


      The common cold is a different virus every time, just all with the same symptoms. That's why we can only cure symptoms, not the virus itself.

    2. JezMM


      I find just positive thinking helps me though. Take ibuprofen etc to subdue the symptoms, drink plenty of juice and stay hydrated, nap when you feel tired if you can, and remember your body has fought this thing and won every single time before and I usually find myself getting over it faster.

  12. Day 18~! C: Ooh~ voice actor huh? I got one! Yeah that totally counts right? Right?? So what if that's the only thing he ever says in the game I like it. He sounds so annoyed it makes me smile. So I pick Keiko Utoku! o/
  13. Day 17~! XD Uh Shadow mission huh? I never played the game but if I had to pick then I'd go for the mission where Shadow helps Amy look for Cream and Cheese. That's pretty nice of him to do if you ask me. :3 Considering the other things he gets up to in the game. . .
  14. Day 16~! Wanted Special Ability? . . . Hmmm~~~~ I want ALL OF THEM! 8DDDDD *shot* . . . Okay fine I'd use CHAOS CONTROL and teleport spam all around the country and Japan to ride trains. :3 Yesh I would use it for train riding. xDD
  15. Day 15~! ~w~ Ah voice impressions huh? Well if I try I can pull off Cream, If I try really really hard I can do Lisa's Amy. And well it seems without trying I can do Elise . . . ;w; It's pretty close to my default voice but I have to make it a little higher. Hmm.
  16. Day 14~! XD This show right here. My childhood. My reason for knowing Sonic and being a fan of him. Just everything about this show tickled me as a kid. I'm easy to entertain and I love goofy cartoons everything in this show I adore. And I still do today. Just I love this show, I love the characters, I love the silly animation, the bright colors, the jokes, the gags, the little plot episodes, just EVERYTHING. Now that I think about it, I should sit down and watch it again. 8D
  17. I will be your Deadman~~.

  18. Day 13~! owo My greatest achievement? I have a few. Making it all the way to Egg Rocket Zone with When I had Sonic Advance as I was a kid I hated playing with Amy. Slow as hell, no Spin Dash, no Spin Jump, just hated everything with her. I never touched her after playing once. Then my GBA was stolen along with the game. Years after I got Advance back, along with Advance 2 and messed around with everyone but Amy but soon got bored of playing with the others and decided, "Fuck it I'll try Amy for shits and giggles." So I sprawled out on my bed picked her and proceeded on. Somehow I made it to Egg Rocket. The thing that really got to me was that I passed Angel Island Act 2. I for some weird reason couldn't do that with Sonic Tails or Knuckles. The thing that really KILLED ME was that I perfected Metal Knuckles with Amy. On my first try. That was the greatest thing ever for me. ;A; Second thing was with Sonic Adventure and the battle with Perfect Chaos. It was a really close fight. I beat him with the very last ring I had as Super Sonic. I freaked. There might have been some crazy squealing and flailing. xD Third was getting that last DAMN Red Ring in Aquarium Park Act 4. I think it was Act 4. It was the last ring I needed for Super Sonic. So happy when I got that little bitch. :3 Then my game crashed and I screamed. But I still had the ring so it was okay. ;w; Hmm I think that's all. :3
  19. Day 12~! 83 Quotes huh? I'll give this one to~ Team Rose and Team Chaotix. Their pre-boss fight dialog. It makes me giggle hearing Vector's smooth voice being all polite only for it to become rough when Amy brushes him off. XDD
  20. Judging by how chat spazzed out the game is done! All thanks to Anne and M4~!
  21. Day 11~! 8D *sees question* . . . *curls into a wibbling ball* I has no Sonic plushies~~! T~T But I would like some. A both Sonics and Tails and Amy, that Classic Amy plush Soniko posted mah gawd that is too cute, and and a Cream plush and Cheese too. ;A; But but there are no stores here that sell them. At least I think they don't I don't look for them really . . . xDD;;;;;;;
  22. Day 10~! \o/ Whoo~ So yeah Sonic I like that guy, he has a lot of cool designs. ​Except his 06 look. I echo Verte on what she said about his Modern self but on top of that I quite love this design: Movie Sonic is much like his CD design, with his short quills and puggy tummy, though I think Movie Sonic is a litter taller than CD Sonic and his quill are a tiny bit softer looking. I like his darker blue coloring, and his more pointed ears it's just a very nice looking design. Makes me a bit squishy inside. XD
  23. Day 9! \o/ Okay uh recent fav character huh? Hmm~~~ Hmmm~~~~~~ HMMM~~~~~~~~~ *brain fart* Uh *scratches head* Damn you got Doctor. To tell you the truth I tend to like characters the moment I see them. xDD;;;; But um I guess I have to give this one to Sonic. Yeah this guy I guess. You see I've been on and off with the series. And I the reason I come back is because of Sonic~. ♥ I came in when Adventures of Sonic was on TV. It was the highlight of my day to see Sonic zip around foiling Robotnik and his goofy bots. But when the show ended I completely forgot about Sonic. =w= Then I came across this show. Randomly saw this on TV with my cousins, it all came back to me. "Oh no way Sonic got another TV show?! MUST WATCH~!" @w@ So my Saturdays were spent watching Sonic X until, once again, the show was over. And once again, I forgot about Sonic. So one night I was washing dishes, listening with half an ear to my cousin in the other room playing something when I heard: Good Great Awesome Outstanding AMAZING~! It completely brought me to a stop. Bemused I walked into the room and once more I saw that hedgehog streaking across the TV. "Heh~ that hedgehog again? A new Sonic game huh . . ." I finished the dishes and sat down to watch him play, he died alot in game so I asked if I could play. He gave me the controller and I started the level. I couldn't stop. ♥♥♥ With it's fun levels and Adventure of Sonic humor I was drawn in like a magnet to metal. And much like a magnet I stuck to him. I honestly adore Sonic. He's a mix of coolness, kindness, snark, and seriousness. There are times when his character is hit or mix but he never fails to bring a smile to my face. My favorite renditions of him is his Colors and Secret Ring self. I still need to watch the Black Knight Self. So yeah Sonic is my favorite at the moment. In a way. Lul~~ my longest post on this board. xD;;;;;
  24. Okay Day 8! And my choice is~~ Secret Base Zone! I love this place~! It starts off so cool, zip lining into Eggman's base. And the music for both acts are my top favorite Advance themes. It's fun trying to speedrun this place with my meager skills. And I like the boss here too. Fighting with Amy was always my favorite thing to do. Especially when I got a perfect against him with her. 8D
  25. *blinks* Haa~ Dr. Crusher that's a kinda hard question. I really don't pay much attention to Fatman's floating thingy. =w= But if I had to pick it would be~~ This thing from Sonic X. I like the design quite a bit. And it shoots lasers~. I think I can't remember really. xD;;; And I has a runner up. I like this one for the color. :3c
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