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  1. I need a new PSP. DX

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      The price for getting what you want, is getting what once you wanted.

  2. You know I kinda see it like this: For the Bad Future race the US soundtrack is more fitting. For the Good Future race the JP soundtrack is more fitting. :3
  3. Lil'Boarbot is quite cute. With its nose sticking out~~. :3 Also why does Rotor/Steelion/Sea Lion/whatever you guys like to call it remind me of Megaman? They look cool either way. =w=
  4. Hmm~~ yes I suppose I do, if only because of Sonic Colors, that being the first Sonic game I've ever played fully. The cutscenes in that game gives me such Adventures of Sonic vibes it takes me back to being a kid watching the show with my cousins over in their house. Snarky Sonic is my favorite Sonic ever~. ♥
  5. I know its been done in Advance 1, but a zone kinda like the Egg Rocket Zone would be cool. Making your way to the top of Eggman's base/ship for a final battle and after you beat him everything goes to shit. Then this happens~. ^
  6. Hmm~ have you guys talked about momentum jumping?
  7. Well actually about that rail at the start. I find it easier to boost, jump, then air boost. I always land on it like that.
  8. All this hate makes me want to play it more. =w= I have the first two, I need to complete the collection. Wish I wasn't lacking in money. >.>
  9. Uh I think I kinda fit what you're saying. XDDD;;;;; I do play the games, but not in a hardcore way, I like to waste time messing around in levels and stuff~. But yeah I'm into shipping and the like, though most of my focus deals with yaoi cause I'm oh so very sad like that. XD;;; Although I have no problems with Sonic being with anyone, I'm not picky if the story is good I'll read it. And I think Sonic is cute, but also badass, you know he does the coolest shit without even trying. I just love the opening cutscene of the Heroes story in SA2. Just watching that sends me into a mild fit of squealing. XD I'm quite the odd Sonic fangirl. :3
  10. Hmm~ I consider myself an odd case. I've been on and off with the series for years. When I was a kid I watched Sonic on TV, with Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, the crazy one not the serious one, never knew he was a game character until I saw Sonic Heroes. Then I got out again until Sonic X, I watched that when it first aired and forgot again until Colors. That was the first game I ever played. But~~ anyway as for me. Can I have both?? :3 I honestly love them both, their game play style and looks Through I'll leaning just a bit on Modern Sonic~. I love me a pair of bright green eyes~~~. XDD
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