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  1. i felt like playing 3d blast for a while, i have a cart but i have no genesis. i can kinda play it on vizzed though. but i just don't feel like playing games on vizzed for most of the time. also you should change the title a little bit, the title kinda sounds like classic-sonic fans trying to bait other parts of the fanbase. and i don't feel like linking an article i found on wikipedia on an personalty disorder to bait anyone here or some shit. especially not here where some fans in an topic are just trying to get along up until i mentioned the article iam not going to post.
  2. dbz and capcom are fine with me on paper i guess. with capcom, i guess sega could salvage sonic's repetition abit by pairing him with felicia from darkstalkers and go for romantic hinting between them if they can get capcom's ok for it(and i know that sounds strange but look more into the concept on paper) i rather not see sonic/sega crossover with nintendo anymore. the only nintendo series i want to see it crossover is with fire emblem. its bad enough people say they want nintendo should buy sonic(when they can't even make a good starfox/metroid game. also being bothered to bring back domain ip that had a impact like f-zero.) but its stupid to think they won't come up with a shitty control gimmick that has nothing to do with innovation. what about other sega series? sonic can certainly use a crossover with yakuza. it could work. heres what iam thinking. as something subtitle and funny. how about a souls series crossover. from software made an ip for sega in the past and had the tenchu license with sega published atleast two games in the series. sounds like a plan to get sonic out of the mlp/nintendo auidance and get souls series fans on board.
  3. sonic 2 feels like a special snowflake, i roll my eyes when people say its not only one of the sonic games, but also one of the best games of all time. i mean really? its apparently as good as something like shadow of colossus or half-life 2.......yeah no. don't give me a list of games you like. i would probably know what they are. ExoParadigmGamer earned a large majority of my respect with his review. i would also say 3&knuckles for wanting to feel like a troll or something, but i wouldn't say its bad/mediocre. but i say its not the best game in the series. because of bizarre things like that fucking barrell. and those memorization based special stages. sonic colors gets a honorable mention for feeling like a poor man's treasure game. for score-attacking purposes. and for feeling like a megaman/slow level design purposed game. the ds game was hundreds time a better game than the wii version. no i don't give a crap sonic 4 was a disappointment for the vocal-majority. the ds one atleast felt like a sonic game. and is overall better game to good at and trying to 100% and while its not technically sonic. ill throw smash brothers under the bus. for feeling a lame easy party game that masquerades as a fighting game using mascots making them look like sellouts to sell units. powerstone 1 and 2. and the outfoxies both put smash brothers down to waste. other than those, i feel like iam one of the only sonic fans who doesn't sound like a hipster. and actually plays other videogames that aren't the first four/five sonic games and nintendo published ips.
  4. the voice acting was never a touchy thing for me until they used the new cast, primary because their from the naruto/bleach english dub pedigree. a group of voice actors that get casted in nearly everything these days with a sense of that it feels like they have a monopoly in voice acting, feeling like their actually forcing studios to cast them while other voice actors outside their naruto/bleach pedigree get ignored and receive less publicly in the voice acting world . i never expected them to make it into a sonic game when sonic team and sega to a lesser extent. as a whole made use of less popular/unknown voice actors that probably wouldn't be heard in garden variety anime/videogame dubs i actually believe ryan not coming back had more to do with greedy voice actors wanting more publicly than they already have. rather than union problems. because isn't ryan associated with webtone? that other voiceacting studio that was used in sonic and the black knight. along with the 4kids cast. im still curious to this day about the situation where sega used two different voiceacting studios for one game simply to record different actors. the whole thing sounds like possible-whistleblowing and coverup from people outside sega if you ask me. and iam not just talking about the new cast ether.
  5. your avatar is kinda iffy, but i do happend to like blue submatine no. 6

  6. wheres the original? I MUST HAVE IT IN MY FOLDERS.


  7. as opposed to the bad reviews, i didn't expect the movie to bomb at the box office. the game seemed to build alot of hype and sell well to raise good awareness for the film. iam really don't understand it in an "curious film buff or casual moviegoer who want to judge this movie based on his own viewing" way, also why do film companies keep hiring directors with already bad track records. looking back i still kinda like the 2007 tmnt film, but dylan dog was slammed by critics horribly.
  8. as my avatar is any indication, iam in for the straight shota. in which onee-san velvet hugs her femine looking otouto. results in his face to be smushed against her breasts.....wut? theres not enough fanservice like that in games these days x3 yes i want type of thing to be in a sonic game btw.
  9. like your avatar, nice to see a sonic fan around the interwebs who is also a yakuza fan.......

  10. I Should clairfly my voice actor concern feels harsh, i do like most of the ones in the popular overused naruto/bleach-pedigree (rouge's actress is my favorite out of all of them) but its really tiredsome that these voice actors get this, this, this and that roles over equally talent voice actors outside the naruto/bleach pedigree that barely get any exposure anymore and new ones don't have a chance to shine. not to mention they make the character they voice sound to similar to a point the characters feel the same as the character as the voice actor previously voiced. the instant you recongise the voices. as such i don't want a series with a legacy like sonic to have any voice actors in the naruto/bleach. if the overused naruto/bleach pedgree voice actors really had to takeover sonic. then they should of did a main character sitution simlar to naruto. where they casted someone outside their pedigree as sonic. so they can look less greedy. and make sonic feel like his own character rather some overused naruto/bleach voiceactor's character.
  11. i actually also think phoebe from gen 3 could possibly make an reappearance in this game. considering the setting. if she was supposed to be a characterization of a hula-girl(iam not too knowable of hula-girls, do their sexy-dancing have something to do with ghosts/spirits?)
  12. -I Feel sonic does have a large following in japan. otherwise why would there be niconico videos. japanese tweets. appearance from a man in a sonic costume during a baseball game. a themepark. and vocal female cosplayer on tweeter. all exist? maybe they don't buy the games on launch-day because members of society don't like being judged. i think has something to do with "Shintoism" i think....? i think sega had an obscure game in japan that made fun of a japanese prime minister and that layed a bad image? or tom kalinske's americanization approach hurt the appeal there. i personalty don't think the games not selling there has to do with sonic being anthropomorphic. -Sonic adventure is still great to me. i also feel its the most memorable game in the series. probably one of the most memorable games of all time. -i hate the current group of english voice actors for the series because of the large familiarly presence they have in the voice acting world. i hope yuri lowenthal/troy baker/quintin flynn or any voice actor associated with them. never have a chance to voice sonic or step into the series ever again once they finally possibly leave. -i hate the humans in unleashed. i think they look even worser than the ones from 06. i rather have what the unused character "maddona" was suppose to be. or billy hatcher and the giant egg's human designs.
  13. This is the side iam on the most. it really hard to debate this whole ideology about whenever it should be good if the series was simple/serious/lighthearted/dark without considering the whole cohesion if it works. lets think back to the conceptart for the first sonic game for example. look them up, think about them. and try to tell anyone its not supposed to feel like shonen. shonen as a story. can be all types of atmosphere without leaning on just one. dragonball for all its violence, certainly doesn't feel dark. hunter x hunter is mostly serious with its situations under simple execution. jojo feels campy with a harsh atmosphere. super sentai is cheese galore with a large amount of class.
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