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  1. Amen. Now if you really wanna see salty, someone needs to make a Castlevania topic so I can spew hate about it turning into a sexy pachinko franchise. God damnit. Thank everything for based Igarashi and Bloodstained.
  2. And I agree which is why I say that this game is going to be as polarizing as the time when RE4 came out. That was a completely new take on the franchise than the classics that came before it. As a Sonic fan, I'm sure you can see the parallels this has with the platforming classics and the boost gameplay. Games will adapt to change if they want to continue surviving in the current market. That's what Final Fantasy is doing by choosing action over turn-based in their remake. That's what Resident Evil did when it made the form of games you're a fan of. That's why Phantasy Star died off as a franchise in the west because it couldn't adapt to current demands. I'm a fan of all this Resident Evil. I was around when the originals were released and I posted about RE6 when it was the latest thing on these forums. I can understand that people want to hold on to certain aspects of a game style. Companies want to retain the mood of a game, but they will change things in order to bring in new audiences and keep the series fresh.
  3. Of course people have different preferences. I never said they didn't in my responses. What I am saying is that the game is not straying too far from what the original games were like. Furthermore, this game is about as accurate describing what the game will be like as what the FFXV carbuncle teaser was doing. This scenario will not be returning in the actual game. It is just teasing the feel of the game that is still a work in progress. Basically, I was responding to the video posted which was talking about how REVII was straying away from its roots. You seem to be taking my words out of context as some sort of strawman defense for why I can't defend a game that's being hated on for the very reasons brought up in the video.
  4. I watched the video and it brought up at least 1 point I mentioned in my previous reply. This person seems to be a big fan of the beefcake military characters. He goes on for awhile talking about how their inhumanity was a core element of making the campy horror games what they are. While I can appreciate some fan service, I'm going to have to disagree. The old games reserved those crazy rocket launchers and usually most of the best weapons in the game til the end for when you earned them. The rocket launcher usually only appeared at the very end so you can get a classy explosive finish, and it might get unlocked for in-game use later. Other weapons or costumes would be hidden by a convenient hidden zombie or a trick you had to be in the know to know about them. Everything else (except maybe shotgun) was resource management and outwitting enemies by the skin of your teeth. Or running past them, 'cause that's a totally viable strategy too. I find it interesting because his video seems to make him less of a fan of the classics and more of a fan of the motorcycle action games. The moment these characters learned how to perform inhuman stunts was the moment the horror was taken out of the series to begin with. You can't exactly be scared if you feel invulnerable to immediate threats. Being scared and being surprised are not a 1:1 comparison. Another thing he brought up was the supernatural element in the REVII demo. I'm going to spoiler box this in case anyone hasn't played the demo yet or they're waiting for more cohesive information about the game itself down the line. The final point, the one about PT, I'm going to have to assume this demo is the spiritual successor of that unlaunched title. The similarities are too numerous to attribute it to mere coincidence. However, I don't see how that can antagonize fans of horror beyond Silent Hill fans that wanted a new game. I feel like the REVII demo is getting some weird shade thrown its way for little reason beyond that it's different. This game, which is attempting to bring the franchise back to its horror roots, I feel is going to become as polarizing as RE4 was when it first released. It wasn't a bad release, just different and clearly taking the series in a different direction than before.
  5. Boop! It roughly says: The Sonic 25th Anniversary Party begins with offering goods for sale that give a sneak peak! Starting with this lovely towel! Other items are also planned! チラ見せ or chiramise is slang for sneaking a peak but it's also crude like when you're looking at a woman's cleavage. I just noticed that the towel is being pretty sneaky about the hint. It says Sonic hedgehog but after that it says what looks like "in the." I can't make out what the box above "in" is, but I'm assuming its spelling out "the" in his name.
  6. Yosh, it's just a scheduler with a customizable theme to make it fun. And for about $1.25 per skin, that isn't a bad deal I don't think. And yis, I'd also be down for a game with art like this. x3 Kinda like that old old old 07 Sketchhog game, but with color would be da bom.
  7. Boop. So while I was working on gathering info for a certain wiki, I came across this little piece of obscure Sonic art. It's for a Japanese app called Navitime. The Sonic artwork is pretty cute, and I don't really know where else to put this as it's not really 25th anniversaryish. :/ Way too cute! I wish there was one for Amy or Knux. :3 If you'd like to read a little blurb about it, 4gamer wrote an article not too long ago. They've also got wallpapers for Yakuza, PSO2 shtuff, and Puyo. Edit: And found one more, this time from one of Sega's Symphony concerts.
  8. Bleh, I've caught the mmo bug again. I did manage to finish one game today that was put on the backburner! Ys II (Steam) What's there to say besides it was a great classic rpg? Solomon Shrine can just kindly go to the same part of hell that Phantasy Star II's Dezo dungeons are at for all I care, but the bosses were terrific. They started off simple but then they got a little bit more of that bullet hell flair as I approached the end of the game. Enemies in the overworld also matter a lot more than in the previous game since you're now able to talk to them for hints. They're also a whole lot more formidable in their own right instead of just something in the way. The music too, oh man. A great rock soundtrack I've come to expect from the first game, along with a number of heroic beats and atmospheric tunes really brought the world to life. What a great way to wrap up the classic duo!
  9. My copy of the pso2 on stage drama dvd came in recently! Haven't seen too much discussion about it on english forums though which is a shame. It's pretty funny, albeit somewhat weird when you fuse real life actors with an LCD display of enemies. The running gag with Tanaka and his miserable seatless bike was gold. That ending with Milla was full of feels too. I'm a sap, pahaha. I took some vids of my favorite scenes. Mostly the op and end. I threw Dreamcasting in there too, but I'm more or less meh about the song. Love the hand waves and glowsticks tho! Arigatouuuuu! The opening song, Phantasista
  10. Sooo not really new news but it hasn't been posted here yet so here we go! Spade from Freedom Planet is apparently gonna star in a crossover indie fighting game called Indie Assault. It has been successfully greenlit on Steam. Some work in progress shots and artwork are in the spoilers below. (Warning: they are huge!)
  11. Pahah so that was fast. 100% Klonoa DtP
  12. Klonoa Door to Phantomile (PS3) (I took this pic with my phone so its huuuuuuge!) So a little story. Although I've definitely heard of Klonoa, I never actually felt like playing the games since I didn't grow up with Playstation. Amazing life decisions right there. And even though it did get a game on the Wii I just totally forgot about it. So a friend recently recommended this little gem of a series to me and wouldn't you know it, it was flash sale season! So I snagged this along with some other goodies. I have to say this game has lots of charm! It gave me feels, it made me laugh, and the sounds from the creatures make me think of Banjo Kazooie silliness. The platforming was a lot of fun, especially its creature jumping mechanic, although the bosses may have been a bit on the easy side. And that ending gave me chills. Seriously. To anyone that may have been like past me, don't ignore this great game. Especially when it's only a dollar! After I beat the story, I saw that a stage select unlocked so I guess I'm not done yet! I have a sinking feeling a lot of enemy jumping is in my future...
  13. Oh my god! That fifth mission sounds kind of like VR temple from PSO! If those quests manage to sneak some trick track in there, I'm just gonna lose it pahaha. Totally on the bandwagon that'll spam your friend's loops if they ever get around to making them!
  14. That reindeer... pfff. Oh man I really need to get back into this game. Hearing about all the fun happening in challenge mode is really pushing me to but... oh god. I'll have to go through update hell for my super outdated everything! Thank god for the tweaker but I'm sure I'll be twiddling my thumbs for awhile. :n
  15. Phantasy Star III (Steam) I got Sean's ending. I have to say that this game quickly jumped onto one of my favorite rpgs of all time! I can kind of understand why this game would be hated, but if you can at least get past Rhys' adventure the game quickly picks up the pace like a domino effect. Just hearing the music slowly build up as your team is growing, and then later on getting the aeroparts for Wren was just awesome! Great game! Sonic 3 and Knuckles 100% (Steam) Don't think this game needs an explanation! As always, it was a great time.
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