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  1. Ok. I Will wait for the play store version of the game and i also never will support piracy versions of the game and if the play store version of the game will release as an paid game i will purchase the game.
  2. Does anyone have an apk of Sonic Runners Adventure that is working? I tried the Gameloft site but they say that my device is not compatible with all games even using the SIM card on my phone. I Also tried 3rd party sites but many sites that have the apk gives the error This is not the original copy of Sonic Runners and one apk not give this error but the game crashes on 2 percent. Someone please give an link of apk of Sonic Runners Adventure that Works.
  3. I download the apk and installed the custom server apk but when i tap on play the game says connection error.
  4. Its since 3 days that the creator of custom server not says more about working of servers and not gives the apk to anyone yet and just hide the things since none asks him and because of that i not playing Sonic Runners for days ago cause servers got taken down and an youtube channel plays the damn Sonic Dash that sucks because Sonic Runners not work anymore. I want an kind of beta test to test the game with custom server before the public apk because i want to play Sonic Runners. Also can someone ask the creator of custom server that Rc battle cruiser work or no in the custom server apk?
  5. I see an weird thing the runners league are 7 days but is going to shutdown before the runners league ends and cause of that none will get the ranking rewards.
  6. The runners league it just now am shit because 7 days to reset the rankings. And if no one sigh my pettition Sega will make that shit Sonic runners shutdown the online servers. Many users of this site is just hate Sonic runners and just few users from this site like Sonic Runners. I know no one is going to help me in my shit petittion i put that petition site on otter site but none sighs it.
  7. First at all. Sonic dash and Sonic dash 2 its not good because is the same thing all time. About that players have stopped playing for am reason one of players Dss stopped playing for no reason and Dss not know that sonic Runners will shutdown. Sonic Runners is not am bad game at all its Just SEGA make the game bad on all time then updates the game. Sega still needs to fix the glitches. None of players sigh the petition that i make to Sega not shutdown Sonic Runners. Sega will make the game unplayable
  8. Because i not want to the runners league gets very hard for story mode and timed mode.
  9. They removed the Esp Silver drop rates increased. About the infinite rings trick i not going to say about that trick this is am secret.
  10. I not banned that f 1 star player is am hacker that Sega not bans from the runners league and got promoted. I still have the images of that hacker below.
  11. Weird i banned but i still getting the ranking rewards. Can someone show me am image of the world rankings of timed mode now?
  12. I know that sonic runners is closing but wait? None of players got Merlina on level 10 none of players got Carbuncle on level 10 none of players got Rappy on level 10 none of players got Nightopian on level 10 none of players got Erazor Djinn on level 10 none of players got RC Moon Mech on level 10 none of players got Kuna on level 10 none of players got Mother Wisp on level 10 none of players got NiGHTS on level 10 none of players got Reala on level 10 none of players got Christmas Sonic on 10 stars none of players got Christmas Tails on 10 stars none of players got Christmas Knuckles on 10 stars none of players got Halloween Shadow on 10 stars none of players got Halloween Rouge on 10 stars none of players got Halloween Omega none of players got Amitie-Style Amy on 10 stars none of players got Gothic Amy on 10 stars. I kinda sad of the sonic runners is getting close on July 27
  13. If Sonic runners will get am update in june this is what i want Remove events of timed mode Events are collecting things to get rewards on endless mode Make all characters buyable witn red rings Fix rc battle cruiser and rc pirate ship Remove hackers score from runners league that show on non banned accounts The devs needs to stop be lazy to update the game and add new things
  14. I know now what is killing Sonic runners its that 25th Anniversary game I know the next event of sonic runners its the same birthday event from 2015 but on timed mode Someone needs to send am email to Sega trying to kill events of timed mode because i don't want events on timed mode anymore
  15. I can't make Premy back to Sonic runners He just says to me in one of comments 've already told you I don't play Sonic Runners anymore. Its hard now to make players back to Sonic runners
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