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  1. The logic is that Team heroes is generally for marketing and refers to the core 3 of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, with teams being used as recently as ads for Sonic Forces: Speed Battle (which is just after Runners Adventure). Amy and Sticks are definitely part of the main hero team in Sonic Boom, but that's not "Team Heroes"
  2. I like the way it was presented in Generations. Robotnik is basically his government name, but he prefers to be called Eggman, as if he evolved or something. I will personally always associate the classic designs with the name "Robotnik" but use Eggman for the modern outings. Hearing "Dr. Robotnik!" in generations put the biggest grin on my face btw. That's nostalgia at it's finest for me
  3. The team dynamic seems to only exist in marketing these days, and as such I'm going to go against the grain here and say no. 'Team Sonic" or as of late, "Team Heroes" is exclusively Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Just as "Team Dark" is still Shadow, Rouge, and Omega, and "Team Chaotix" is still Espio, Charmy, and Vector. "Team Rose" seems to have for all intents and purposes disbanded. The moment you add Amy to Team Heroes, it stops being Team Heroes, and is just simply "the good guys" or "Sonic and Friends". Mind you, this is more for branding and merchandising these days than for anything else. As far as plot goes, Amy has been more relevant than Knuckles since Unleashed. However, since Knuckles was in the bigger and more mainstream title, and is also a male, he is exponentially more marketable than she. You may balk at that last point as well as downvote my post to the shadow realm, but Sonic merchandise leans heavily in favor of the young boys crowd, and girl characters don't sell that well at all. It's why Amy and Blaze were always packed with a male character, much to the chagrin of many a collector's wallet (mine included) TL;DR: "Team Heroes" only exists to sell toys and Amy isn't a part of that
  4. Believe it or not, Sonic Forces is close to my dream scenario for Sonic, at least in gameplay types. I'd want levels that last longer than two minutes of course. However, the plan is boost gameplay for Sonic, Avatar's gameplay for Tails, except with a permanent hover wisp as his flight ability, and a modified werehog style for Knuckles. I've also had my fill of level rehashing. let's make some NEW memories with NEW zones and all of that. Other characters can get in via unlockable missions as well as some good ol DLC packs like episode Shadow. I don't think I ask for much tbh
  5. If they do another wave of 5, it needs to be Big, Cream, Blaze, Sticks, and Infinite. We'll be lucky to get any of those but I can dream!
  6. Ok, gonna reply to each of those because I'm retarded and can't figure out this new formatting. For the first point, your first mistake is doing the bolded. It was made clear extremely early on that these are not the originals and shouldn't be expected to behave as such. Specifically in the case of Knuckles, if either version were to start acting like the other, it'd be extremely out of character. For the second, there's a massive spike in quality with Robinson's Amy performance in comparison to what we had before, which was Free Riders, Generations, and Lost World. In a way, it's the same issue Shadow had, in which there wasn't enough screentime with GOOD direction. I'm a bit hopeful for future games on'y because I hope Forces helped prove once again that Sonic Team's Japanese writing talent was only ever good in Sonic Adventure 2, and let Pontac and Graff have some of their control back. Contrary to popular opinion around these parts, I believe our HTF guys' weakness is in concluding stories (much like Ian Flynn during pre genesis wave archie) and that character interactions are one of their strongest points. In short, they could write a good Amy if given the chance. Last point, I'll have to agree to disagree on that one. I'll admit some bias as I absolutely despised the previous voice Shadow had so anything was an improvement to me. I'm not too keen on Shadow being the series big bad myself but it's whatever
  7. I've always loved the team system, even if we had a few outliers here and there. It seems like a few characters are able to flex types as well which is neat in it's own right. That said, while Sticks doesn't strike me as a power character, if they decided to take her in that direction, I can't say I'd oppose it. Don't mess with Big though, he's great. It was his gameplay people hated. The character himself is pretty chill. He always came off as the "papa wolf" sort to me in Heroes. Like, don't mess with my kids, or I'll mess you up. That said, SEGA, if you're out there reading this, PLEASE consider adding him to Forces Speed Battle or mobile games in general. I mean we have freakin ZAVOK in there so why not?
  8. Boom is quite easily the best Sonic cartoon we've ever had and has done a fair amount of good for the brand's image. I can't remember the last time the cast has ever been written this well, bar Eggman who is consistently well done. If nothing else, I'd like to start seeing Sticks appear in main games since she seems to be a canon immigrant now. Say what you want about the show, but it has done WONDERS for our current Amy's performance, as well as Amy as a character in general. She's skyrocketed from being one of the worst voices to one of the best. If game Amy begins acting more like Boom Amy, that'll probably be the best takeaway from the series. Even Shadow got a little better, though his only true problem was lack of screentime with actual GOOD direction
  9. Seeing as the method used is Sonic beating the absolute bullstuff out of Zavok, I think I'll let this pass
  10. I'm surprised and not surprised. You'd think with there generally being less anonymity on facebook then Twitter, people would weigh their words better but nope. I think a lot of it has to do with a large part of the fanbase being literal children, who simply don't know better. I know I can attest a lot of my own past foolishness in the fandom to simple youthful ignorance, as well as a bit of bad influences. It's an interesting thing to reflect on at least, if only to try an ensure you don't repeat the same mistakes
  11. At lot of people don't know how to communicate with actual professionals in the franchise, and it really gets to be..well, cringe worthy at times. Watching Mike Pollock's twitter is a case study on such things. The man has far more patience than I do, that's for certain.
  12. Basically this. He's starting to go down Janey Springs territory, and that kind of thing was half the reason I swore off the Borderlands franchise
  13. As it stands, there isn't anything Taxman or Stealth could contribute that the dev can't already do himself.
  14. That's a bitter and frustrating pill to swallow. That means that a lot of my favorite characters were killed off in vain. Add that to the fact that there may be even more delays in Ian's LHT getting out means there won't be any closure either. What a complete and utter waste. At least Scourge is a popular subject for mods and such, so in some way, he'll live on. Julie and Lien are kinda screwed on that though EDIT: I can't figure out this new reply system, but I 100% agree with Tenko. That stuff has no place in Sonic. That's like bottom tier fanfiction stuff, and pretty insulting to actual victims of the crime as well. Probably trying to get brownie points by invoking "muh feels", but he's doing the opposite
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