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  1. I don't like you pardner.. =U

  2. Hello I am new to the forum and many mean people here about my name ): Stop it!

    1. Nintendoga
    2. Nate


      Hey man.

      And yeah... Better change your name...

    3. Noir


      I think your name is sexy.

    4. Night on Balding Mountain

      Night on Balding Mountain


      What the FUCK!?

    5. Jetronic
    6. Nate


      ^ That is his real name...

      Don't blame him...

    7. Noir


      Wait are you people actually like bothered or something by his name?

      Welcome to the internet, enjoy your stay.

    8. Komodin


      Nate Higgers...

      ... You've gotta be kidding me.

    9. Blacklightning


      A troll playing the pity card. How swell.

    10. Rack City

      Rack City

      You must have horrible parents.

    11. NateHiggers


      That's my real name. I can't stand people who switch names around to find something offensive. You just try to hard to hurt others

    12. Autosaver


      Just provide proof that it is your real name or people will get the wrong impression. Or, you could just change your username so people don't... get the wrong impression.

    13. FlameKoetsu
    14. Rack City

      Rack City

      Can't just have a name you've been cursed with and everyone thinks you're a troll, nice.