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  1. While development time and cameos/easter eggs are all fine and dandy, I'm not sure they should really factor that strongly into a discussion over timeline placement. After all - and I realize it's dangerous bringing one of the most infamously convoluted timelines in video game history into this discussion - Wind Waker was developed before Skyward Sword, but that doesn't mean Wind Waker takes place first. Now personally, I've always thought of Sonic CD as taking place after S3&K, mainly because of the progression of Metal Sonics. Also I never played it when I was younger, so I'm not as well versed in all the minor details of the game. But the way I see it, since the Metal Sonic design from CD is the one Robotnik now uses the most, it seems likely that Sonic CD takes place the latest. However, while scrolling through the thread I did think of a good argument for CD taking place between Sonic 1 and 2. Robotnik builds Metal Sonic in Sonic CD, but it gets destroyed. After his plan to take over Little Planet didn't work, he gets the idea for building his own spherical space fortress from scratch, which becomes the Death Egg. In keeping with the grandiosity of the Death Egg, and possibly because he didn't expect Sonic to actually get that far, he built a much larger and bulkier, and silver, Metal Sonic to guard the Death Egg and His resources are mostly focused on the Death Egg so he doesn't put a lot of effort into it (plus he knows there are no rings on the Death Egg, so why even bother?) After the Death Egg crashes, Robotnik has quite a bit of spare time on his hands, so he builts the much sleeker, but still quite tall, Mecha Sonic. He only sends this robot out, however, after he has already re-launched the Death Egg, almost as a last ditch effort to stop Sonic from hijacking the Death Egg again. So Sonic CD could fit before the Death Egg saga, but personally I've just always thought it was after.
  2. What if you play as Shadow? No! Wait... OMEGA Then again, that many weapons would be a bit crazy. Maybe if they did an on-rails arcade light gun shooter type thing, and as you advance you can upgrade and get more of Omega's arsenal... Hmmm, that sounds kind of interesting, if it were just a downloadable game. Moving on, I don't see anything wrong with them wanted to expand things. That means they're more confident about the stability of the main games. If the main chunk of Sonic Team's work is spent on making solid main series installments, then I see no problem in small teams or other companies working on spin-offs. Regarding Chronicles, I think part of the reason it ended up kind of meh was BioWare having not worked on portable games before. I'm sure if SEGA let them make the sequel then they could drastically improve on whatever went wrong with the first one. I enjoyed it, but there were definitely flaws (especially Shade's reveal... way too sudden). In conclusion, Sonic R 2. Make it happen.
  3. I don't really have a problem with Classic Sonic being mute in Generations (apart from various problems I have with the concept of a classic Sonic, but that's a lot more complicated and I don't feel like writing a small essay at the moment). Thinking about it now, having Sonic being his usual chatty self combined with a younger version of himself who doesn't talk but is still a dude with attitude could lead to some hilarious, uh, I suppose "banter" isn't quite the right word, but still, hilarity will likely ensue. However, I was never under the impression that Sonic didn't speak. I'd heard him talk in cartoons. Playing S3&K the 9001 times I did as a youngling it was apparent to me that they had to be talking to each other. So the concept of a mute Sonic is foreign to me. I can understand SEGA not giving him a voice in Generations as a throwback and also to avoid a fiasco if when purists didn't like it, but Sonic is clearly a character who is meant to talk.
  4. I suppose that's generally how people would define "main characters".
  5. It also helps that the first level he does show up in are ancient ruins (tying into his knowledge of archaeology and languages and such) which later turn out to be ancient alien airships (tying into his knowledge of giant flying things).
  6. Because dinosaurs, like hedgehogs, are creatures that shouldn't be capable of human speech. And Thomas, like Sonic, is blue. Conspiracy theories!
  7. Ekajra


    I am building Angel Island.
  8. So I was reading some shnizz on Dorkly (CollegeHumor spin off with nerd/geek type things), who, like any video game comedy site, can never miss an opportunity to bash Sonic fans, when it dawned on me. I know a perfect reason for why the Sonic fandom isn't the worst fandom there is. We're one of the fandoms who are most often mocked by gaming media. Think about it for a moment. If we were truly as bad as people within and outside the fandom say we are, then no one would want to touch us. You don't go up to a group of crazed mass murderers and start making fun of them; you don't want to get killed. So somewhere there's a fandom much worse than us and the only reason no one really knows who it is is because no one wants to mock them lest they get internet-murdered. Yes there are Sonic fans who rage at everyone who dares mock their community (I've been guilty of it on occasion), but the most they're capable of is swinging twigs around. But like others have said, I think it's also just a sign of how many Sonic fans their are. Think of fandoms like cities. The bigger the city, the more crime and bad neighborhoods and such there will be. The Sonic fandom just happens to look like Gotham half the time.
  9. I like Chronicles and all, but I think the problem with this is that it's set in some vague future "many years" after they've beaten Eggman and he didn't come back right away. The way I think about it is that it's like the end of the series, and whatever Sonic games come out until SEGA stops making them would take place before that time when Robotnik is beaten "for good" and everyone goes their separate ways. But other than that, yay Shade. What this all really comes down to is that Angel Island and the Master Emerald are at the core of what makes Knuckles who he is. For the majority of his life he lived alone on the island and the only thing he knew was that he had to protect it. So you can't just brush all that away because it will destroy Knuckles' character. It's not too hard to get Knuckles involved in the plot; you just need to get Angel Island or the Master Emerald involved somehow. The other side of this is that means he can't be in as many games, or the plot will get stale. Another option, in between him never leaving the island and him just showing up for no reason is to have him not become involved until halfway through the game or later. Something happens where they need his particular set of skills (strength, Chaos energy sensitivity, knowledge of ancient ruins/languages, etc.) and so Sonic and Tails hop in the Tornado and go ask for his help. Or he finds out what's going on himself and deems it a threat to his island and decides to get involved himself, but, once again, we wouldn't see him until later in the plot. The average time frame of a Sonic game is a few days, so it really isn't that big of a deal for Knuckles to leave the island for a bit if he knows he's already fighting the current villain. Just don't use him so often that we start to question if he's actually doing his job. Maybe only get him involved every few main games (spin-offs are a whole other thing, just throw him in there whenever), and that way his absences from the island are a bit more reasonable. Actually, an idea just came to me in the middle of that last paragraph. Knuckles gets involved in the plot because Eggman/Nega/Rogue-Doppelganger-Machines/Ganondorf are threatening a lot more damage than usual (Unleashed actually would have been a perfect game for Knuckles to get involved in, considering how much Chaos Emerald/Ancient Temple things were going on) and they haven't made any moves for the Master Emerald yet. But then, whilst Knux is off helping Sonic and being all awesome and heroic, Eggman/Nega/Rogue-Doppelganger-Machines/Ganondorf attacks Angel Island and steals the Emerald/builds an evil base. I think that would be a bit interesting, plus it would likely lead to some nice banter between Sonic and Knuckles.
  10. I've been playing me some classics whilst wearing this shirt, taking breaks between games to check out what's going on around the internets (such as right now) and listening to Sonic musics while I do that. Gonna be replaying S3&K through completely on all characters after this. And then tomorrow I'll be playing through most of the modern games (The Adventures, Heroes, at least one story of Shadow, Unleashed, and Colors for sure, I might play the Riders and Storybook games too) whilst wearing this shirt. Because those are the only Sonic shirts I own.
  11. I'll never forget the day I first played Sonic the Hedgehog. The amazing, graphics, blistering speed, and that Silver character was just amazing! And to think it's already 5 years since... Oh wait, wrong anniversary... for that matter, I've never even played Sonic '06. Alas, I can't really give a great memory of the first time I played a Sonic game, because I can't remember a time when I wasn't a Sonic fan. And while I've still never truly beaten the first two games (EDIT: Scratch that, just beat Sonic 2... though I still didn't have all the emeralds), that was probably because I spent most of my timing replaying Sonic 3 & Knuckles. What can I say, I'm a Knuckles fanboy. Still, here's to you Sonic. Happy Birthday. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some games to play.
  12. Hmmm, I must admit I hadn't noticed that. I think the reason more people are noticing/making a big deal out of it this time is since it's Generations, and it's the 20th anniversary, and thus they'll be more sensitive to/excited about little throwbacks like that. Plus this time you're actually the one making him do the pose
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