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  1. What if you play as Shadow? No! Wait... OMEGA Then again, that many weapons would be a bit crazy. Maybe if they did an on-rails arcade light gun shooter type thing, and as you advance you can upgrade and get more of Omega's arsenal... Hmmm, that sounds kind of interesting, if it were just a downloadable game. Moving on, I don't see anything wrong with them wanted to expand things. That means they're more confident about the stability of the main games. If the main chunk of Sonic Team's work is spent on making solid main series installments, then I see no problem in small teams or other companies working on spin-offs. Regarding Chronicles, I think part of the reason it ended up kind of meh was BioWare having not worked on portable games before. I'm sure if SEGA let them make the sequel then they could drastically improve on whatever went wrong with the first one. I enjoyed it, but there were definitely flaws (especially Shade's reveal... way too sudden). In conclusion, Sonic R 2. Make it happen.
  2. I suppose that's generally how people would define "main characters".
  3. It also helps that the first level he does show up in are ancient ruins (tying into his knowledge of archaeology and languages and such) which later turn out to be ancient alien airships (tying into his knowledge of giant flying things).
  4. Because dinosaurs, like hedgehogs, are creatures that shouldn't be capable of human speech. And Thomas, like Sonic, is blue. Conspiracy theories!
  5. So I was reading some shnizz on Dorkly (CollegeHumor spin off with nerd/geek type things), who, like any video game comedy site, can never miss an opportunity to bash Sonic fans, when it dawned on me. I know a perfect reason for why the Sonic fandom isn't the worst fandom there is. We're one of the fandoms who are most often mocked by gaming media. Think about it for a moment. If we were truly as bad as people within and outside the fandom say we are, then no one would want to touch us. You don't go up to a group of crazed mass murderers and start making fun of them; you don't want to get killed. So somewhere there's a fandom much worse than us and the only reason no one really knows who it is is because no one wants to mock them lest they get internet-murdered. Yes there are Sonic fans who rage at everyone who dares mock their community (I've been guilty of it on occasion), but the most they're capable of is swinging twigs around. But like others have said, I think it's also just a sign of how many Sonic fans their are. Think of fandoms like cities. The bigger the city, the more crime and bad neighborhoods and such there will be. The Sonic fandom just happens to look like Gotham half the time.
  6. I've been playing me some classics whilst wearing this shirt, taking breaks between games to check out what's going on around the internets (such as right now) and listening to Sonic musics while I do that. Gonna be replaying S3&K through completely on all characters after this. And then tomorrow I'll be playing through most of the modern games (The Adventures, Heroes, at least one story of Shadow, Unleashed, and Colors for sure, I might play the Riders and Storybook games too) whilst wearing this shirt. Because those are the only Sonic shirts I own.
  7. I'll never forget the day I first played Sonic the Hedgehog. The amazing, graphics, blistering speed, and that Silver character was just amazing! And to think it's already 5 years since... Oh wait, wrong anniversary... for that matter, I've never even played Sonic '06. Alas, I can't really give a great memory of the first time I played a Sonic game, because I can't remember a time when I wasn't a Sonic fan. And while I've still never truly beaten the first two games (EDIT: Scratch that, just beat Sonic 2... though I still didn't have all the emeralds), that was probably because I spent most of my timing replaying Sonic 3 & Knuckles. What can I say, I'm a Knuckles fanboy. Still, here's to you Sonic. Happy Birthday. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some games to play.
  8. Hmmm, I must admit I hadn't noticed that. I think the reason more people are noticing/making a big deal out of it this time is since it's Generations, and it's the 20th anniversary, and thus they'll be more sensitive to/excited about little throwbacks like that. Plus this time you're actually the one making him do the pose
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  10. People do realize they don't have to use boost, right? Just throwin' that out there. Anyway, I don't think I'm tired of the 2D/3D combo style, though I will admit it seems a bit odd in Generations when you add the classic style side, considering the purpose of the current gameplay model is sort of to add some of the classic flavor to a faster 3D game. But apart from that I think they should stick with it for at least a few more games. A good chunk of the problems in Sonic games come from the fact that they keep changing up the gameplay style without spending enough time to really nail down a particular formula. So I'm hoping they stay like this until they can really get it figured out, and then just tweaking as needed without completely throwing everything out and starting over. I will say I do prefer more 3D over 2D. The 2D sections are okay, but I'd prefer that as they improve on the gameplay that they start shifting towards more 3D with a few 2D bits here and there to mix it up or for visual effects.
  11. I'll mostly be rehashing other people's points since there were a few I saw which I agreed with. More interaction with Knuckles and Shadow would be interesting, due their loner/last of their kind sort of thing they've got going on. Knuckles is the last of his tribe(/race, at least in his dimension), and Shadow, being artificially created, is essentially also the last of his kind, even if he is a hedgehog. They also seem to have both developed a similar concept of their path. At the end of Adventure, Knuckles basically says that even though he still doesn't really know everything about his past, he decides it might be better that way. At the end of Shadow, he decides that now that he actually knows just about everything about his past he's just going to leave it in the past and move on. Plus if they got in some giant chaos power fueled battle, well, that would just be awesome. Also Tails and Robotnik. The two are both geniuses, and with the way Tails has been developing more independent (beating Eggman on his own in the Adventures, subsequently losing most said development, and then getting it back in Colors) I think that there's a lot of room for potential for witty techno-banter and dueling between the two. I was thinking that more with Omega and Eggman or G.U.N. would be cool, but than I remember he's technically in stasis until he awakens in the far future to assist Shadow but then he comes back in time but then that game actually never happened so... something.
  12. Jun Senoue is definitely one of my favorite Sonic composers, but the problem with picking a favorite soundtrack by him, as others have pointed out, is he rarely works alone. The Adventure games though, are probably my favorite two. They both have a wide range of styles, and I liked how in Adventure different areas of the level would have different music, and how in SA2 different characters had (for the most part) a distinct style to their levels' music. But those games weren't composed by him alone, and I would definitely list Fumie Kumatani and Kenichi Tokoi up there as favorite composers. But I think one of the reasons why the Adventures have my favorite soundtracks is because they were made by those three together. But I'll agree with those that have said that Jun kind of gets pigeon-holed into a specific style that people expect, but that doesn't mean he isn't a good musician. And as far as Sonic 4 is concerned, I think like a lot of the other problems with that game it was more that they were so focused on making a "retro" Sonic game. I can't really think of an Ohtani soundtrack that I would choose as my favorite, so I guess I'll just go with Colors, it being the most recent. Aquarium Park is definitely one of my favorite Sonic tracks of recent games... that and the DRILL music.
  13. Why all the hatin' on "Knuckle Duster"? Oh wait, new album. Right then. Initially I was a bit disappointed with this album. Reading the descriptions on the site, I think the Green Hill Zone was a little too hyped. Maybe if they'd come out with this album a while ago it would have sounded cool, but at this point that kind of remix has been done a lot. It's not bad, but by no means is it the most amazing thing ever. Just sort of... average. The next couple tracks didn't really thrill me either, though "Subsonic Sparkle" was good. But by the time I got to "Spring Junkie" I was thinking "Is this a Sonic 1 remix album or a Labyrinth Zone tribute?". And then of course "Bubble Junkie" was next and all of that culminated in a funk-tastic mix. "Fifty Rings to Ride" was pretty good, though the whole guy-singing-really-high thing always weirds me out, in any music. Still an okay remix. And then the last half of the album cranked the awesomeness up. "Under Construction" is definitely one of my favorite tracks. Maybe I'm just a sucker for a good vibraphone solo, but I really think the style fit the song well. I know some people don't like vocals in songs, but I think the little scat bits fit in with the song, and plus the fact that they threw in Spring Yard was cool, since personally I think that song sounds good in a more jazzy style. I'm usually a fan of halc, but as hinted at earlier I didn't really feel that "Spring Junkie" had much of a Spring Yard feel to it. "Hogtied". Awesome. Boss music. Rock. Sounds menacing. Moving on. I like the style of "Caos", especially since it contrasts but also compliments the other Special Stage mixes quite nicely. I enjoyed "Clockwork Criminal", definitely another great track from Willrock, though my one complaint is he made it sound almost a little too "peppy" I guess you could say. I mean, the melody itself is still threatening, but a lot of the track doesn't feel as dangerous. If that makes any sense. Still, a good song. "Final Progression" had a bit of Generic-Techno-Build-Up syndrome, but it works in this case. Could have done with a bit less, but maybe it was just to give a feeling of suspense before fighting Robotnik or something. "A Hog in His Prime" did a good job of wrapping up the album with the Credits medley... and drowning. Also, Spring Yard Zone on recorder. That's... different. Overall, a decent album. Considering the lesser amount to songs to choose from it stands to reason that the lesser songs would stand out more. Compared to the other Sonic albums, I'd rank this this above Hedgehog Heaven (which I like, apparently more than seems to be the general consensus), but below Project Chaos (which, honestly, wins partially because there's so much more to S3&K than the first two games. Plus it's my favorite),
  14. I'm gonna go with crazy. I mean seriously Penders, must you make me hate you? I mean, I love the whole echidna society and such that he developed, and now he's just making himself look like an idiot. And it this point I think he's getting a bit delusional. A couple examples: Seriously? How would it possibly seem close to the canon without the SEGA elements? Consdiering they make up more or less 90-95% it really wouldn't even work. And it certainly wouldn't feel the same. I am of the opinion the SEGA hasn't gotten involved because they simply don't consider him a threat. I'm fairly certain that at some point in this the SEGA Licensing people are gonna come in and basically shut-up Penders' entire argument.
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