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  1. Don't know if this has already been mentioned in this thread. You can now order the Collector's Edition via Gamestop for all four platforms.
  2. The Sonic 3 remastered petition now has over 15,000 supporters. 

    Image result for Knuckles falls into water gif

    1. Ernest-Panda


      Come on Sega just let us have it already! Sort out whatever legal issues there are and get to it!

  3. Nick from Polygon has been tweeting a few things: It's going to be a lot more fun using the Bubble shield in Mania. Now this is attention to detail!
  4. Hedgehog flavored chili


    1. Gabe


      I see you, Mania sprites. :)

  5. Hedgehog flavored chili
  6. I had no idea there's a (King) Boom Boo theme on TSS home page...

  7. Horizon Zero Dawn launch trailer


  8. Wow, she looks repulsive :D


    1. Soni


      idk i'd swipe right on her

  9. Me too. Sonic 4's gameplay never felt anywhere near as good as the classics, but I felt Ep2 was an improvement over Ep1 and it would have been nice to have at least got some closure with Ep3. What makes me sad is that SEGA contacted Taxman (it was just one phone call) about getting him involved with Ep3 before they eventually cancelled it. To think, Taxman working on Ep3......what could have been!
  10. Oh come on, there's nothing about Sonic 4's canon worth preserving. It's messy, unfinished and quite frankly an insult to the classics. Ep1 is barely even connected to Ep2. Ep1 apparently takes place after 3&K but it could have taken place anytime and it's got virtually no cutscenes. Ep2's story feels rushed and there's no Ep3, so Little Planet is still trapped in Death Egg MkII because Sonic & Tails fucked-off and couldn't be bothered to free-it Aside from the cutscene where Eggman revives Metal Sonic on Little Planet the canon of Sonic 4 entirely forgettable, and judging by the the fact that social media seems to be completely ignoring Sonic 4's existence I wouldn't be surprised if SEGA are more than happy to forget it exists to make way for Mania the true Sonic 4. Don't forget Mania will feature Sonic CD stages, so more than likely will take place on Little Planet. Therefore, contradicting Sonic 4's canon in some form is probably inevitable anyway. I don't think an appearance by Metal Sonic-even if it's just a picture cameo like Fang, Bean & Bark (although hopefully they are more than just picture cameos) could do any harm to the canon. Considering how popular MS is I think most fans would love to see him appear in Mania. So, I'm more than happy if Mania brings in some ideas which contradict Sonic 4's canon or even Knuckles Chaotix canon. You could even argue Sonic 4's cannon contradicts Chaotix which Metal Sonic appears in, but I digress... This is an opportunity for Mania to create a worthy story - something Sonic 4 could never do - to follow on from Sonic 3&K and maybe lay the foundation for future stories; Mania 2 & 3. I hope SEGA have given Team Mania freedom to create whatever story they want.
  11. Hey SEGA, how about you bring the mobile remasters to consoles?


    1. Teoskaven


      Still waiting on all those Saturn games to be one day ported to PC/consoles like NiGHTS was.

      Like poor Burning Rangers.

    2. Ferno


      Still the best Seth MacFarlane show that's really underrated.

    3. TCB


      @Teoskaven You're gonna be waiting for a long time. Damn thing's hardware architecture and software code even makes full, proper emulation a struggle.


    4. Strickerx5


      Honestly, Sega could literally keep themselves afloat for years on ports of their old games alone.

    5. Teoskaven


      @TCB I suppose that's the same reason fantranslations of the Sakura Wars game have been so slow.

    6. TCB


      I REALLY wish SEGA embraced their Heritage Collection label more

    7. Ferno


      I feel like if Sega were still in the console business, got their act together and were focusing on more than just Sonic, (which would probably still be a great 1st party franchise to this day,) that they would've been neck and neck with Nintendo. They had an answer to Mario already, they just needed answers to Pokemon and Zelda, etc.

  12. Perhaps another epic boss battle between Knuckles and Metal Sonic Kai! The final boss fight against Kai in Chaotix wasn't exactly creative, it pretty much just copies the giant Egg-Robot boss fight in S&K's Death Egg zone, but I really like Kai's design.